It’s Thursday: Do You Know Where Your Ryan Dempster is? (UPDATE: Cubs and Dodgers at a Stalemate for Now)

Thankfully (or not, depending on your perspective), today’s been a relatively quiet Ryan Dempster day. Don’t get me wrong: I know we’re getting close to the Trade Deadline, and, yes, I definitely fall on the please-trade-him-and-get-quality-prospects side of things. But, man, I’m glad to have gotten a day largely off from the frustration, obsession, an acrimony that has followed this story.

It wasn’t a completely silent day, however, and I don’t expect it to be a completely silent night. Right now, things are pretty much underground (here’s last night’s set of updates, with the latest until now). We know that Dempster has not officially, formally rejected the Atlanta trade (which would have sent Randall Delgado to the Cubs), and we know that the Braves have not completely and irrevocably said that talks with the Cubs are dead. But we also know that Dempster isn’t crazy about going to the Braves, and we know that the Cubs are scrambling to try and work out a deal with the Dodgers that doesn’t require a subsequent hospital visit. For his part, Dempster says he’s thinking things over today, but we don’t know that there’s anything to think about right now.

Here are the latest tidbits on the Ryan Dempster Saga (with updates, if applicable, to follow below) …

  • Jayson Stark reports that the Dodgers remain optimistic that they can get Dempster from the Cubs. I could be perfectly satisfied (more than) with a Zach Lee deal, or an Allen Webster/Garrett Gould/Chris Withrow type return. But, right now, I don’t see any reason the Dodgers would give up that much, given how things have played out. Maybe if they can get an extension out of Dempster?
  • At least one executive tells Ken Rosenthal that there’s “no way” the Cubs will keep Dempster through the deadline, and then make him a qualifying offer after the season, for the reasons I’ve said before. For one thing, the return in that scenario is merely one pick, after the first round (a pick you have to then sign), and it requires Dempster actually turning down some $12.5 million for 2013 from the Cubs. That’s a risk that I doubt the Cubs want to take. Hence my doubt that the Cubs can extract quite as much value out of the Dodgers as they were about to get from Atlanta.
  • For what it’s worth, I’ve heard that the Cubs haven’t totally given up on the Atlanta deal, and instead hope to be able to convince Dempster to head there, if they can’t work things out with LA. There could be very little there, though.
  • Joel Sherman cites an exec who wonders whether the Cubs might “kick in $1M extra to convince Dempster to go to ATL.” Does he mean, give Dempster $1 million as, like, go-away money? If the Dodgers’ offer is Garrett Gould and Chris Withrow, and the Braves’ offer is Randall Delgado, of *course* that difference is worth $1 million. But, I mean, can you do that? Can you just give a dude $1 million, not as salary, just as a one-time bonus, to forgo blocking a trade?

UPDATE (at 3:43pm CT): Ken Rosenthal reports that the Cubs and Dodgers “might” be getting close on a deal. (Which necessarily means they might “not” be getting close, which is kind of like saying nothing at all.) If true, here’s hoping the Cubs have been able to persuade the Dodgers that the Braves’ deal is still on the table, and, if the Dodgers don’t match it, Demp will go there. Probably a really, really tough sell at this point (unless it’s true, that is).

UPDATE 2 (at 4:57pm CT): The Brewers’ GM just confirmed what we all already knew – the Brewers are going to be trading Zack Greinke by the deadline. The Braves are very interested, so your rooting interest on Greinke is that the White Sox somehow magically pull the pieces out of nowhere to land him.

UPDATE 3 (at 5:10pm CT): Dave Kaplan says the deal with the Dodgers is getting close. Various options are still being discussed between those teams, and they’ve even talked about the possibility of bringing in a third team (which always sounds like a great idea, but complicates things exponentially). I’m still suspect that the Cubs can get even close to a Delgado-like deal here, but we’ll see.

UPDATE 4 (at 5:26pm CT): Here’s a more complete take from Kaplan, which goes into a bit of the backstory on the Braves’ deal. The gist is, the Cubs thought they had an understanding with Dempster that they could negotiating with either the Braves or Dodgers, and then they got a better offer from the Braves. When Dempster through up a roadblock (albeit possibly temporary), asking the Cubs to try once more with the Dodgers, the Braves pulled their offer so they could explore other options. Theo was apparently furious. And that’s where we stand, as the Cubs try to get an acceptable deal from the Dodgers. The Cubs, Kap says, are trying to net a “handful” of pitching prospects, which suggests they will generally be of a lesser tier than Delgado.

UPDATE 5 (at 7:12pm CT): A really, really crappy update. Jon Heyman reports that the Cubs resorted to offering Dempster to the Dodgers for Allen Webster straight up. And the Dodgers said, “no.” Two weeks ago, that would have been an understandable offer and rejection. Webster, a fringe top 100 guy, is in the range of what the Cubs could have hoped for, we thought, but it wouldn’t be unreasonable to have that offer rejected. But after the way things have played out? Knowing that Dempster’s value in this market is considerably higher? I can almost taste the balls that were just kicked up into my stomach. To date, Heyman says, the Dodgers have stuck to offering lesser prospects who might project as relievers (Gould and Withrow, perhaps?). Part of the reason the Dodgers are lowballing the Cubs – in addition to their extreme leverage, of course – is the fact that they still prefer Matt Garza. But don’t think the Cubs can just deal Garza to the Dodgers and then force Dempster to go to the Braves – Heyman reports Dempster TOLD some Braves players that he was going to come there, and then changed his mind. Now, the Braves are upset, and view Dempster as a guy who doesn’t want to be there – and the Braves culture doesn’t really look kindly on guys who don’t want to be there. What a crapshow.

UPDATE 6 (at 7:20pm CT): Big surprise, Buster Olney says Dempster is holding firm on his desire to go to LA. Increasingly, I’m growing irked not only that Dempster rejected the trade to Atlanta after apparently telling everyone that he would go, but also that he apparently – literally – will go nowhere but LA. It’s a complete 180 from everything he’s said this year about what would happen when the Cubs looked to deal him. I’m not saying there might not be a good reason – a personal, family reason, for example – but, as a fan, it’s deeply frustrating. And saddening.

UPDATE 7 (at 7:26pm CT): Something else from that Heyman article that bears particular mention – maybe it isn’t just that LA is making crappy offers because they have all the leverage. Maybe, as Heyman suggests, they don’t actually want Dempster all that much.

UPDATE 8 (at 7:32pm CT): Still stewing about this latest report. At this point, a few things are apparent, and I’m ready to adopt them into my official narrative. The Cubs negotiated with the Braves AND the Dodgers for a while. Dempster was aware. The Dodgers offered crap, consistently, because they don’t love Dempster. The Braves got desperate, and offered Delgado. The Cubs leapt to take the offer, and informed Dempster, who spoke to some Braves players and suggested that he’d be taking the deal. Then he changed his mind. We don’t know the reasons (blaming the media leak is so totally bogus at this point). Now, the only reason he hasn’t formally rejected the deal is because he knows that, if he does, the Cubs can’t even *pretend* they have an offer on the table from the Braves when they negotiate with the Dodgers, which makes his chances of going there even less.

UPDATE 9 (at 8:39pm CT): And now Kaplan goes back on his earlier report, and essentially adopts the Heyman line: “Just spoke with a great source who told me that the Dodgers are balking at including what the Cubs need to make a Dempster deal.” Kap adds that Theo and Jed aren’t looking to appease Dempster here – they’ll only make the deal if it makes sense for the Cubs.

UPDATE 10 (at 8:52pm CT): Kap tweets out a few more things that are identical to the Heyman story (I’m not saying Kap lifted them, I’m saying Kap is obviously hearing the same thing as Heyman, which makes it more likely to be true). In sum, the Dodgers don’t want to include Webster in the deal, and the Cubs won’t do it without Webster (well, or, presumably, Zach Lee). Kap calls the Dodgers’ offer “very suspect,” and says the Cubs aren’t going to cave. He adds, though, that it would be very uncomfortable for Dempster to still be on the roster come August 1 (you think?), and neither side is going to want that. But, like I asked Kap, at this point, what choice do the Cubs have?

UPDATE 11 (at 9:52pm CT): Kap expands on that tweet with another article, basically explaining that the Cubs and Dodgers are, presently, at a stalemate (look, you can rip on Kap all you want for quick changes in his stories, but at least he’s covering this – and, here’s the thing, sometimes the story DOES change rapidly, as we saw on Monday).

Brett Taylor is the editor and lead writer at Bleacher Nation, and can also be found as Bleacher Nation on Twitter and on Facebook.

621 responses to “It’s Thursday: Do You Know Where Your Ryan Dempster is? (UPDATE: Cubs and Dodgers at a Stalemate for Now)”

  1. MichiganGoat

    Head back in sand, this time because I can’t take another Dempster story. I also don’t want to be around if Theo decides to go on a rampage… I just want Theo to know I HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS, SEE IM NOT EVEN WATCHING.

  2. Bubby

    We have been shanghighed.

  3. PKJ

    The conspiracy theorist in me thinks that the deal for Delgado/Dempster was in place, the Braves realized what they were doing and leaked the info to the press, which put the wheels in motion for them to land someone bigger like Greinke for Delgado. But that’s crazy talk, right?

    1. Leroy K.

      no. I’ll buy that easily!

    2. Bubby

      No it’s not crazy! Where has Boy Wonder been during all this?

    3. Sandberg

      It was likely completely innocent, but part of me now thinks it’s possible Theo/Jed leaked this to the Atlanta media because Dempster started going back on his word. What better way to get back at him then to show his true colors?

      1. dudeski

        except in doing so they killed all leverage they had with LA

        1. Sandberg

          Yeah I forgot about that part. They would have leaked it afterward not during.

    4. 34275

      Yeah, but I doubt the Braves figured Dempster would act like a spoiled baby and veto the deal, and if he didn’t, was it worth the Braves burning bridges with the Cubs by saying “LOL JK we traded Delgado for Greinke”?

      1. Evan

        I am just waiting for the braves to trade for Grienke and give up Delgado and he domninats the NL Cenral for the next 10 plus years.

  4. Fastball

    White Sox, Angels, Rangers, A’s, Indians, Braves all looking for starting pitchers. Dempster wont go to any of them. I think Dempster is scared to play for a winner and have to pitch under pressure of a pennant race. I yhink he is a chicken sh*t. I think Selig needs to step in force Dempster to accept a trade to whomever we can deal him too. sj

    1. Toby

      I could see the MLBPA going for Selig forcing one of its own members to accept the trade.

    2. Bubby

      You make a good point that I totally agree with. Dempster would be a bust on a high calibur team. Probably the worst of a good rotation. But, I don’t like Dempster, so my opinion is biased.

  5. poot007

    drew 7 Felix Pie is a perfect example. And even if a prospect comes through, we’ll trade him the first year or two as soon as the team is under 500.

  6. Sosascorkedbat

    I normally just come to this site and get my updates and read the comments and stay silent but i have to admit this site has some of the best Cub fans out there!! I just have to say i also was one of the foolish people that actually believed dempster and thought he would do what is best for the Cubs, but the way i feel right now is like someone just slapped all loyal cubs fan right in the face!! I would hate to be in his shoes if he were to stay in chicago and step on that field on Tuesday!

  7. Leroy K.

    the roster is going to look virtually the exact same on the 1st.

  8. W_Francisco

    The more this saga plays out, the more the Cubs suffer. The whole point of trading Dempster earlier was so they could focus on moving other pieces such as Garza and others…I reckon Theo and Jed wont sleep until august 1

  9. Jimbo

    WHATEVER, Dempster is just yet another Cub who could not get us to the promised land, we have moved on, his legacy is subjective at best.

  10. Sosascorkedbat

    I am just curious but has anyone heard or seen anything saying what kind of return we would be getting if we were to trade Garza to the Dodgers because from what i keep hearing there interests have now shifted from demoster to Garza?

    1. Bubby

      I would not put any merit into a Garza trade rumors.

      1. Sosascorkedbat

        Oh ok thank you for clarifying that

        1. Bubby

          What I have heard is there is no interest from the Cubs FO in trading Garza at this point. Rumors are floating though. Actually, the FO is contemplating an extension.

          1. Sosascorkedbat

            I wouldn’t be surprised if they did offer Garza an extension he has actually been a stand up guy through this whole process and has not made empty promises, unlike Dempster which i believe has deeply angered the FO and really shown his true colors!

            1. Bubby

              The Dempster thing is what they called a “LOW BLOW” back in the day. There are many within the baseball community baffled by what has transpired.

              1. Evan

                What I don’t get from what I have been reading over the last month and Brett summed it up was the the Dodgers were never really that high on him and the only way they would grab him if it didn’t cost that much . Where as the Braves gave up a person that could be a bright spot in their future for him because they thought so highly of him. So my question is why is Dempster holding out to go to a team that never really wanted him in the in first place instead of going to a team that actually wanted him? I just don’t get it I guess im am wierd and would actually want to be part of a team and culutre that actually wanted me rather then going to a team that i was their 2nd or maybe 3rd option and grabbed me because i was cheap.

  11. Serious Cubs Fan

    If the cubs do hang onto dempster and give him a qualifying offer, I dont see a team picking him up and giving a 1st round draft pick for him. Plus I dont see anyone giving him him over $10 mil a year sign him to a multi year deal. He is just to old. yes hes performing now but idk if a team would take a chance for a multi year deal. Someone probably would but wouldnt want to also give up a draft pick. and we would have to offer him around $12.5-$13 million qualifying offer which I just dont think he could refuse. I feel like we are just stuck

    1. Sosascorkedbat

      I was wondering this myself what options do the Cubs really have if this guy decides to just be a tick and just latch on even though because of his latest actions he must know that he will definitely not be respected or welcomed into the friendly confines anymore?

    2. gutshot5820

      I can see the FO offering him arb and daring him to accept. Dempster would go nuts after getting the Bartman treatment for a year. They better have a lot of extra Gatorade coolers on hand.

      1. Bubby


      2. 34275

        You’d think half a year of Bartman treatment would be enough for him to say “no thank you” to that and the Cubs go and collect their draft pick.

    3. Serious Cubs Fan

      I hope dempster gets the Bartman treatment, and he feels the hate

      1. Serious Cubs Fan

        Actually the one thing I wont be able to stand is when he gets booed and when Len and Bob defend him. It will just make me so mad. Love Len and Bob but Bob ALWAYS sides with players on those issues. I mean he gets on players for lack of effort on stuff but I see him being disappointed in fans for booing, but I feel dempster deserves every ounce of no love and boo he gets

        1. Sosascorkedbat

          I can already hear it now from Bob, Demoster has earned the right to veto any trade and also has to to whats best for his family and i can already feel my blood pressure rising and screaming at the tv !!

          1. Evan

            Yea, although I agreee with you they’re public figures. Especially with Bob who probably wants to get back into managing since he interviewed for the Reds job before Baker got it. It would look bad for him if he were to talk bad about a player. Most ownership groups and gm’s wouldn’t want a manager that would openly discuss their displeasure about a player look at how it ended up in Boston wth Valentine bitching about Youk.

      2. Evan

        The rational side of me is saying we should trade him if we can get a halfway decent deal and mov on. However, the fan side of me is thinking that we should keep him just so he can get booed for 2 months.

  12. Serious Cubs Fan

    Anyway the cubs could just pay Dempster to go to Atlanta? Give him $3 mil, i mean we would spend $3 million for a good prospect in the Dominican Republic if there was no spending limit, why not just pay a dempster to accept the trade? Its not like the Cubs or ricketts is hurt for money, they have been selling quite a few tickets for such a bad team.

  13. thejackal

    very true if we dont get good return for demp keep him and lettem suffer through year and see how unfriendly these confines are dont get me wrong im a cub fan and want wat is best for cubs but i think demp has his right to chose where he wanna go have that bein said he sure in the hell shouldnt have said he would go then turn around and say never mind but i appreciate all demp has done ffor us and community and wont bad mouth him i dont turn my back on cubs that fast

    1. CubsFan4Life

      Man, I think you just broke the Guiness world record for the longest sentence ever written.

  14. gutshot5820

    If Sveum flat out lies like he did on Tuesday trying to protect Dempster, as far as I’m concerned he can kiss my ass too.

    1. Bubby

      Did you really think these guys tell the truth all the time? Not pouncing on you, because I thought that way once too.

      1. Shawn H

        No, I didn’t, as any athlete is going to look out for himself. He has the right to exercise his 10/5 rights as he chooses. What has me disappointed is the reports that he mislead the Cubs and Braves.

    2. dudeski

      i’m going to assume theo and jed told him to tow the the company line

  15. Mike F

    People, Dempster didn’t make anyone drink the kool aid. Many did that from the media and pr pitcher on their own. I will not apologize for him either, he’s like most of us, selfish and flawed and it speaks for itself.

    He’s not going to have a better position to bargain from than the Atlanta offer and they are highly unlikely beat out the Rangers for Greinke. So in the end, Dempster’s best option is likely to still revive the Atlanta deal. And here’s a news flash LA doesn’t want him like they want Garza. So unless Dempster wants to repeat the experience of a better arm in a year younger form of Qswalt he’s going to ultimately work to revive the best position he has with Atlanta, they’ll probably extend him and sweeten the offer slightly and all will be forgiven. Or maybe LA steps up a little if the Cubs don’t move Garza I don’t think the Dodgers are a good partner for that.

    In the end though, the more you study the history of the last offseason, the more obvious it becomes Brett is right the Cub’s aren’t going to offer Dempster 12.5 M to garner a sandwich pick, he’s not worth it to them in this situation and the risk he’d accept it given his competition at that time with Greine and Hammels on the market is all on Dempster so he’d likely take it.

    1. Bubby

      I’m not sure what your point is here.

    2. Sosascorkedbat

      It would take something close to a miracle to revive this trade offer after Dempster came out and said he did not want to go to Atlanta, the GM also has came out and said they are moving on and there fan base isn’t to happy with Dempster either, he basically screwed all of us Cub fans and himself out of a great deal. Besides if there were any chance that Theo and Jed could revive this trade they would still have to get it through Dempsters thick skull that this is the best outcome for him and the Cubs but for some reason he does not see it that way

      1. Bubby

        Trades for Dempster are done. He stays the rest of the year.

    3. 34275

      Why is everyone so convinced that a 12.5M offer is too dangerous? I think it’s a risk worth taking and I bet that Theo and Jed would much rather have a prospect of their own choosing via the draft than any of the crapola the Dodgers are offering up. Theo is clearly not that risk-averse.

      He is not going to want to come back to pitch half his games in an extremely toxic home field environment. And he is not going to take a $12.5M one year offer when there would likely be multiyear offers worth more overall on the table. He knows just as well as anyone else that he’ll probably get worse over time, not better, so he has no better time than this offseason to negotiate for what is likely his final big payoff. Not only that, the free agent market is looking to be thinner than last, which means an even bigger payoff.

  16. Brad

    And the saddest part of this fiasco is that the white sox will end up with Greinke…. So dumb question, could Dempster just be sent to aaa ball and the cubs bring up a kid to get some experience? As far as I am concerned that would be helping the ball club more than him pitching.

    1. dudeski

      the sox don’t have the farm system to land greinke and even if they did how is that the saddest part of this?

    2. Leroy K.

      besides also, it’s not like Dempster is having a bad year, he’s actually having a great year, just have him pitch the rest of the season and then let him walk—THAT’s the worst case scenario….

      1. calicubsfan007

        I wouldnt mind that Leroy K. Demp is really starting to piss me off!

  17. Kevin

    In an effort to help eliminate private leaks and rumors from getting out, all Cubs employees including the Front Office, players and their family(s), scouts and players agents should be required to sign a statement of confidentiality, if something gets out, it could lead to their termination. We need to keep the information in-house as much as possible. I’m not saying this situation was caused by a member of the Cubs family but it could prevent news and rumors from spreading too quickly on a potential new deal.

    Thanks again to Brett for such wonderful coverage of this unfortunate situation.

  18. art

    what if he’s traded to the Dodgers and then they turn around and trade/release Lilly? lol. i’m just tired of this BS. trade Garza, keep Dempster for 2012 then say Bye.

    1. calicubsfan007

      Art: That is probably what Theo will end up doing.

  19. Mike F

    First it’s not Dempster’s fault anyone drank the kool aid so maybe it’s time to grow up and yes he’s a selfish ass, but if that’s news to people it’s on them, He’;s a flawed person who is selfish, so are most of us. Second, they are still working hard to trade him and Atlanta is still available until they add another player. Third, Atlanta is a quality organization that wants him unlike the Dodgers, and even that isn’t closed. Third, Dempster hits market like Osawalt where is unlikely as we seeing to be the top attraction and his age works against him anyone care for 2 years of Sori at 18 M. As Brett said the Cubs are unlikely A) to want to risk paying him 12.3 M as he doesn’t fit their plans and B) yes they do apparently feel betrayed. But they have been brilliant quietly still working to make something happen and not embarrassing the poor Manager by a tirade.

    The point Dempster is an ass and selfish player and most of us are flawed, and suddenly realizing he isn’t what he said he was, well don’t be an ostrich and ask the Media and PR people to spoon feed you mush. I think Theo has handled this well and will end up moving more than people think, quite possibly even Garza….

    1. Leroy K.


    2. calicubsfan007

      Good points Mike F. I agree (I know I was one of those who were suprised, eh, as you said, none of us are perfect.) (=

  20. KWD22

    Wouldn’t it make sense to just take the best deal the Dodgers are offering for him. I would rather have Gould and Withrow than have to watch Dempster accept the qualifying offer next year if they do keep him. You never know, one or both could turn into quality pitchers. I mean that would be better than paying Dempster the $12+ million next year wouldn’t it? Right now Theo and Jed need to take what they can get and move on.

    1. 34275

      I see no situation barring serious injury (which would drop his FA stock) to where he’d take the deal. It would be ludicrous for him to go back to a place where he’s persona non grata amongst fans (and likely management), and it would be ludicrous to accept a one year offer when he could easily get a multiyear, more money deal on the market.

      I don’t know why people are so convinced he’s going to accept after all of this unless he’s THAT vindictive to where he’d sacrifice money (and pride, who wants to sit through boos for another year) to ruin Theo/Jed’s plans.

      1. KWD22

        I don’t see him getting more than 2 years $20M in free agency. He will be 36 next year, name one other pitcher that has never been a true ace in his career, that was offered more than a 2 year contract at that age. He would be stupid not to accept it. The other thing is if he does just walk the Cubs get absolutely nothing for it.

        1. 34275

          Yeah, but you have to consider the market.

          Zack Greinke is the only true ace on the market…..

          then you have Edwin Jackson and Anibal Sanchez as the only decent under-30 (barely) pitchers on the market. And they may not even hit the market.

          The rest is pretty much garbage. I could see Dempster getting 2 years/22-24M with an option of some sort by some team desperate for pitching, and he would be crazy not to take it. This is his last chance for a big payday and I don’t see him rolling the dice on having another good season.

  21. Jonski

    We could send his ass to Toronto ,but then he would reject that because it would be to close and they wouldn’t get his lame ass pranks or Harry Carey impressions.This guy is a tool and to think he was 1 of my favorites on the team.

  22. florida Al

    i hate that assbag even more now… i hope he gets what he wants and falls flat on his ass.

  23. beerhelps

    Has anyone listened to an interview with Gordon Wittmeyer on Mully and Hanley show on the 25th? I’ve never liked Gordon much before but he really grinded my gears this time. Hanley basically says what we have all been saying, like shouldn’t Cubs fans be a little pissed at Dempster for all of this. Gordon says “whoa whoa whoa here” and then goes on about how Dempster is doing the Cubs a favor by going anywhere at all. Which is true, but, the problem everyone has is he says he would go to a team and then changes his mind. And I know Wittenmeyer wants to stay on the player’s good sides but come on.

  24. Other other JP

    I missed his “hammer and nails” comments, what was that all about? What was he referencing?

  25. TheJDawg

    This whole situation is staining Dempsters legacy in Chicago. Not that he was some “great” ballplayer, but it seemed one of the genuine ones. Plus this damages the Cubs in the long haul and is screwing them in the trade process.

  26. Steve

    Me = Tired of this.

  27. Brandon - AA Correspondent

    Here’s a thought…..why not offer Demp a 2 year contract extension for $16M? I believe Demp is holding out for a trade to a team who will immediately extend him. If the Cubs are running short on dance partners, why not simply sign him yourselves?? It’s not like we have any arms knocking on the door who would be better…..I think he will give the team a hometown discount and we can get cost certainty. The new CBA has scard off teams and I believe that players like Demp are perhaps a little uncertain about what free agency will bring to a 36 year old. Demp is a Cub….why not do what many teams do for their vets…sign them to a team friendly price, and allocate resources elsewhere. I bet this deal could get done over a Burger and Fries with Theo today.

    1. fortyonenorth

      Not a bad line of thinking. I would insist RD waives the 10/5 protection.

    2. aCubsFan

      I guess you haven’t been reading the comments that Theo & Co are livid. Dempster has burnt a bridge with the Cubs and the fans. There’s no way he comes back next year or ever.

  28. Fastball

    That’s not a bad a idea about 7 days ago. Right now I don’t think Theo would offer Dempster a kick in the nuts. I would say that Dempster has become extremely limited with his options after this season ends. He won’t be welcome back in Chicago and most Owners and GM’s are watching this behavior and will look at him as a bad apple and not want him in their clubhouse. Dempster’s true colors are shining through. I think his stupidity and his stubborness are going to cost him a great deal more than a two month stay on the Braves. He may very well have a tough time finding a job for next year. I think Theo should hold onto Dempster and send him to the BullPen and ensure that he has minimal appearances the remainder of the season. You won’t help us then we aren’t helping you.

    1. PKJ

      Everything I’ve read about him is that his teammates love him. I think that for the right price, most teams would want that. Players with as much experience as him have the right to determine their own fate.

  29. BeyondFukudome

    Can’t wait to see what kind of new irrational mental gymnastics the Dumpster defenders come up with today to try to salvage his reputation from the truth.

    1. PKJ

      The truth is he has the right to negotiate for the sake of his family. People forget sometimes that there are more important things than baseball.

      1. Edwin

        What is the truth, but a lie agreed upon.

        1. BeyondFukudome

          Maybe, but if you put it in bold font, then it MUST be really true.

          1. Edwin

            I don’t even know what it means, it just sounded like some cool shit. My other option was “You can’t handle the truth!”.

      2. Sandberg

        Nobody denies that he has that right. They’re mad because he’s a liar.

        1. Edwin

          I don’t know. Players lie all the time. So do teams. Most of the time people don’t seem to care. I think people are mad because they expected trades to happen, and for the Cubs to get good prospects, and now that probably won’t happen.

  30. Other JP

    Brett/Luke, where are the other trades? Why is Reed Johnson still on the team? Jeff Baker? It seems the focus has been on Demp and Garzaand it is holding all other trade optiosn up? Are we expecting some kind of firesale on Monday (3-5 Cubs players traded within an hour kind of thing)?

    1. EQ76

      There’s still 5 days until the deadline.. that’s a ton of time.