If you came to the Bullets to escape the Ryan Dempster Saga (I’ve been wanting to call it the Ryan Dempster Hostage Crisis, but (1) that doesn’t seem quite fair or accurate, and (2) it seems kind of insensitive to, like, actual hostage situations, which are quite bad), I must apologize to you for what follows …

  • I’ve had Randall Delgado’s Twitter feed open in a tab for three days now, because I’m a huge loser (in case you’ve been in a bunker, Delgado is the 22-year-old Braves pitcher for whom the Cubs had an agreement to trade Ryan Dempster). There wasn’t much to see, until … OMG! Last night Randall Delgado tweeted “Abt go to Chicago.” Dempster accepted the deal! It’s going to happen! Hooray! Er, well, not sure about that. In the same tweet, Delgado – for whom English is a second language, so be kind – he said “Nothing happened.” In the immediately previous tweet, he said “in the way to my home.” He followed the Chicago tweet with “i’m still in Atlanta,” and “They don’t did a trade.” So, is there anything there? Probably not. But I’ll concede this – I can’t think of a reason Delgado would be headed to Chicago for reasons unrelated to the Cubs. He’s currently on the Braves’ AAA roster in Gwinnett, and they don’t play anywhere near Illinois. The Braves have an off-day today, and then host the Phillies in Atlanta. Given the off-day, I’ll allow the reasonable speculation that a reason for Delgado to go to Chicago would be for a physical. That’s not unreasonable of you. And maybe Delgado quickly realized that his “nothing happened” admonition didn’t make sense to folks when he said he was going to Chicago, so he said there was no trade. It’s possible. But it’s also possible that string of tweets has nothing to do with anything, or is Delgado screwing with folks in his second language. In sum: I really wouldn’t put too much into this. (UPDATE: Indeed, check out BN’er Omar’s comment below, which is a pretty darn good interpretation. Like I said: I really don’t think there’s anything here.)
  • Ryan Dempster, on his dugout “tantrum” (seriously, he shoved a cooler and threw a Gatorade bottle – it was so not a big deal), which he conceded was in response to being pulled from the game before he felt he should have been (though he later added that he was also upset that he gave up the lead): “No, I’m OK – I’m fine. I’m allowed to be upset. I respect [Sveum] a lot. It’s his decision. That doesn’t mean I have to be happy about it. At the end of the day, he has to do what’s best for the ballclub, and I have nothing but respect for that. I’m just a competitor and want to stay out there and pitch.”
  • Remember when Dale Sveum made Alfonso Soriano drop his bat size a bit, and then Soriano went off on a tear? Well, Sveum isn’t willing to claim the credit. “He only went down half an ounce,” Sveum said. “I haven’t talked to him about it. He might have gone back up, for all I know. All I know is since that day, he’s been one of the more productive players in all of Major League Baseball.”
  • Shocking poll results: Illinois residents, when asked in the abstract, don’t want pro sports teams to get tax breaks. Kudos on the poll. Useful stuff.
  • Jeff Passan absolutely kneecaps Jeffrey Loria and David Samson, the owner and president of the Miami Marlins, respectively. It’s very much worth a read.
  • A site note: Since time immemorial (ok, since last year), and time there is very big news in the Cubs world, the volume of comments here increases exponentially. Most new commenters are genuine Cubs fans, who just want to share their thoughts about the team they love. Most comments are totally fine, even if there is … an adjustment period to feeling out what the community here is like. Some folks, however, just want to be raging jerks. This is not a problem unique to BN, or heck, to the Internet. It’s an unfortunate part of life. I encourage you to ignore those folks, because they’ll be gone soon, one way or another. When you really sit back and look, they are an extraordinarily small percentage of the participants around here. And, as for you regulars, just know that your participation in – and efforts to preserve – this community are not unnoticed by me. You’re good people, and thoughtful Cubs fans. I appreciate it, and, more importantly, I enjoy being a part of it.
  • Polar Bear

    I read this site about a hundred times a day and comment from time to time when I feel I have something to add on an intelligent level. Brett, I just want to thank you again for your hard work and perseverance through this whole mess. It kinda feels like the inmates are trying to take over the asylum every now and then, but you always gain control before it gets too far.

    • SoCal Cubs Fan

      Ditto for me! I am so glad to find a site with so much info on the Cubs. Thanks Brett. I also would like to thank Luke for all the info on the minor leagues. You guys are doing a great job!

  • BD

    I admit, I was definitely upset- but I feel I displayed it with good reasoning and support. I don’t think everyone on here has to feel the same way about everything, and not everyone who was upset with Dempster was a knucklehead about it, as it is being portrayed. Some if it seems a bit like “we are better than the rest of you, since we didn’t complain.”

    I actually find myself coming to BN more for the comments than the actual news (sorry, Brett- usually the news itself is broken by you on Twitter or in the headline), and thing I like the most about it that we don’t have to agree. Just because you deem somebody as “off the deep end” doesn’t mean that’s how they see it. Not one of us is involved in the FO or decision-making (unless Theo is hiding behind some random user name), so it’s really just our opinions floating around in internet space. If there weren’t different opinions, I wouldn’t be here.

    Thanks Brett for the coverage (and 20-something updates!) and community for the banter!

  • HuskerCub

    Family and I willl be at Wrigley for two of the Cards games this weekend. Who has the best Chicago style pizza in Wrigleyville?

    • MaxM1908

      I think you’ll have to venture out of Wrigleyville to get the best Chicago-style the city has to offer. Of course, “best” is always open for debate, but I think there are three chains half-way close to Wrigleyville that are recognized Chicago establishments.

      1. Giordano’s — 1040 West Belmont Avenue
      2. Gino’s East — 2801 North Lincoln Avenue
      3. Lou Malnati’s — 958 West Wrightwood Avenue

      I live near a Lou Malnati’s and always appreciate it. By the way, I’m a “HuskerCub” too. I grew up going to Husker games and currently control the family’s season tickets in North stadium (been in the family since 1963).

      • Drew7

        “Giordano’s — 1040 West Belmont Avenue”

        This place gets my vote. Their pizza certainly fits into the *feline-sleepwear* category.

      • Patrick

        My vote is always for Lou’s, although it may put you to sleep

      • Scott

        Try D’agostino’s right down the street from Wrigley. Great Deep Dish

        • Ash

          You read my mind Scott. D’Ag’s is the best, although it’s their thin crust that I love. Although Giordano’s is solid as well. There’s a Giordano’s on Belmont near Sheffield, maybe a 20 minute walk from the park. D’ Ag’s is on Southport and Addison, 5 minutes west of Wrigley.

      • Toby

        I moved from Chicago to the SF bay area years ago, but I used to swear by Leona’s on Sheffield off of Belmont.

    • Internet Random

      If you want ultra-deep dish, go to Giordano’s.

      Anything else, go to Lou Malnati’s.

      Nothing else compares to those two.

      • TWC

        ^ This. ^

        • mak

          My favorite is Pequod’s. Clyborne and webster, so a bit further than Lous and Giordano’s, but not much more than 2.5 miles from the park. They use burnt cheese as their crust, enough said.

          Art of Pizza (Ashland and Wellington) is another under the radar spot and pretty close to the park, but I wouldn’t go there over Lou’s.

          • HuskerCub

            Thanks everyone for the recommendations. I think we will give Lou’s a try.

            • MaxM1908

              If you do Lou’s be sure to get an order of the Malnati Salad to go with your pizza. I love the dressing that comes with it.

      • MichiganGoat

        Yup those are the best, man this feels like the good ole days when we could off track and discuss non sequitur topics like this. Cheers everyone.

        • TWC

          There are two placed near where I grew up (Ledo’s in Countryside and … balls, I can’t remember the name of the other place in Brookfield) that really define pizza for me (regular crust, party-style slices (none of that triangle-cut crap, thankyouverymuch)). We had a Giordano’s nearby, too, but that was always more of a fancy event for us, growing up.

          Crud. It’s 9:45 am and I’m starving already. Thanks, all.

      • Internet Random

        D’Agostino’s and Pequod’s are both respectable, and Art of Pizza is solidly in “outstanding pizza” territory. But if I’m directing a visitor who wants to know what Chicago pizza is all about, it’s going to be to Giordano’s or Malnati’s every time.

        Leona’s used to be really good, but every time I’ve gotten a pizza there for the last three or four years, the crust has tasted freezer burned to me and my wife. Also, they somehow run out of “large pizza” sometimes… which seems to confirm that they’re using frozen dough. (I can go to Dominick’s for frozen pizza. Thanks anyway, Leona.)

        Carmen’s (at Loyala) was awesome (now closed). For dining in, I like Brick’s… good atmosphere, unique specialty pizzas, and respectable beer selection.

        • Internet Random

          I should clarify that the Brick’s atmosphere is best during off-peak times… given it’s location, it can get a little douche-thick past happy hour.

          • Internet Random

            … and Piece is damn good, too, but if you go anywhere near peak hours, you better be prepared for it to be packed with the Bro Patrol (a bunch of college kids with popped collars and backwards caps calling each other “bro”).

    • Sosa23


  • quintz

    Dempster themed advertising….via Darren Rovell


  • #23

    would Garza for Lee, Webster, and Reed with some throwins be a fair trade?

    • MightyBear

      I personally would love that trade. Throw in Dempster as far as I’m concerned.

  • Nomar’s Left Glove

    Do you think that the Gatorade bottle “incident” had a bit to do with Ryan knowing that he looks a bit like an ass-bag right now. I understand family issues, and I know what everyone is saying about backing out of a trade to a team that he had agreed to go to, but he’s looking a bit like an ass-bag.
    I forget who, but someone here commented a little while back that Dempster (and I would imagine all public figures) care a lot more about people’s perception of them than they let on. With that logic he was probably mad because he knew people would be all over him for everything including losing yesterday (although he really didn’t pitch bad).

  • #23

    throwins from both sides I mean

  • MightyBear

    I also wanted to mention that if you want some good information on items other than the current thread ie Dempster, go to the message boards. They are terriffic, very civil and you can ask questions and get great responses from Brett and Luke. I ask about minor league players quite a bit. Just a suggestion. Take it at face value.

  • quintz

    Jim Bowden on ESPN Insider. “Five blockbusters that make sense” article. His Cubs angle.

    Chicago Cubs send Matt Garza to the Atlanta Braves for Randall Delgado, J.R. Graham and Zeke Spruill

    “The Braves would control Garza beyond this year, and he would join Tim Hudson and Tommy Hanson at the top of their rotation. The Chicago Cubs, who wanted to get Delgado in the Dempster transaction, would get Delgado in this deal instead, along with two other good arms in Graham and Spruill. Getting three young pitchers for their future staff is exactly what the Cubs want to do to carry out their long-term plan. The Garza acquisition puts the Braves in a much better position to contend with the Nationals or try to hold on to their thin wild card lead. Spruill has a 92-94 mph sinker with an above-average change and developing slider. Graham has a power arm and could start or close. He has a 95-mph fastball and a hard slider that has a wipe out break on occasion.”

    • Sosa23

      garza for randall and those other guys would be great but we may have to give up baker or campana or some other fielder for the other guys.

      • TWC

        Give up Campana?!?! Oh noes! If Reed goes to Detroit, too, our scrappy factor will be reduced to nearly zero.

        • Sosa23

          Campana is worthless he would be in triple a on any other team even the stro’s. He’s only good for his baserunning. We better not give up reed.

          • hansman1982

            Woe is Cubdom. Without Reed we will not succeed and who will we ever get to be out 4th OF????? I can’t believe the frog office would trade an aging bench player with an expiring contract.

          • TWC

            We’d “better not give up Reed”? Seriously? That’s adorable.

          • Njriv

            He’s a free agent at the end of the year anyway, at least get something for him.

            • Toby

              Cubs could always resign him after a year away from Chicago. Reed could become the new Glenallen Hill.

  • supergeek24

    I just hope everything turns all right for the cubs its going to be a huge week? And Brett have you thought about doing a app for the site so updates can go stright to my phone bleacher report let’s me something goes down but I come to you for the truth

  • Ogyu

    My boss gave me a new assignment this morning. I didn’t like it, so I threw a water bottle at the door. She was not amused. 😉

  • paul

    just trade dempster he hurt the cubs down the road big time like we need him the next two years what a big time ass TRADE ME I WILL HELP THE CUBS thanks DEMPSTER

  • Curt

    very insightful article on Jeff loria and Samson makes you want to go take a shower after reading about them lind of like dealing with the red sox how could Miami give them money did no one check what hes done before was the city that desperate to keep the marlins judging by the fans showing up their not real worried about the team.

  • Ralph

    That Passan article is crazy. Thanks for the link Brett.

  • Whiteflag

    This is an older article on Marlins President David Samson. Say what you will about the Ricketts family but at least they have never publicly bashed the city and its fans.


  • Chase S.

    Brett, thanks for addressing the commenting situation. It’s unfortunate that a small portion of these viewers believe it is necessary to be hostile and vulgar for just the sake of being jerks. I very much enjoy your blog and the community. this is the only site where I make it a point to view the comments below the story.

    Back to baseball…
    It absolutely amazes me how seemingly little talk there is about teams looking at Soriano. Honestly, he’s been pretty consistent over the last 4 years; he’s had at least 20 homers in every season with the Cubs (and nearly for his career) so it’s surprising teams to go after him. He’s beyond just having a “hot streak” at this point this season. Listening to Len and Bob during yesterday’s game, they absolutely had it right when discussing his defense this season. Working with McKay has definitely improved his defense, and on a bum knee to boot. Thoughts?

  • TheJDawg

    New to the site Brett. Reader for a while, but new commenter. Love the continual updates and hope I can contribute as a regular to good conversation. Thanks again for doing what you do!

  • Dan

    Delgado just tweeted “Yes.. I still in atlanta” so much for the theory that he was going to Chicago for a physical on his off day.

  • Kraz


    I’ve been lurking on BN ever since Theo and Jed were hired. I felt the urge to comment after the last bullet. For what it’s worth, your time/energy, professionalism, attention to detail, and expectations in commenting conduct is both impressive and greatly appreciated. Well done, and I look forward to all future posts. Go Cubs!

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      Thanks, Kraz.

      (And thanks to the other folks who expressed similar sentiments. I appreciate it.)

  • steve

    Do the garza deal with atlanta for delgado & the other two pitchers. Swap dempster to the dodgers for webster, & reed, end of story. Reed, soto, & baker will go for youth. Soriano may just go as well, but not for a big return.

  • steve

    Also we might trade Maholm, I wouldn’t do it for next to nothing. KC was looking into him, maybe we can get Orizzi, can’t remember the right spelling, but if we could get him & another prospect, leap on the deal

  • MaxM1908

    I’m curious, if the unthinkable happens and Dempster goes to Atlanta for Delgado, do fans forgive him? Do we try to send him off respectfully and give our support to him in his new home?

    What if he stays in Chicago the rest of the year? Do we swallow our disappointment and anger and cheer him on as we would any other member of the team? Do fans boo him each start and cheer when he messes up?

    What if he goes for B prospects to Dodgers? I’m bracing myself for all possibilities, but I’m not sure how to respond to each. If he goes to Atlanta, I’ll have to think it was at least partly to appease Cubs fans and management, in which case, I’d feel he’d earned a proper send off as he would have gotten if he initially accepted the trade. In the other two scenarios, I have a hard time feeling anything positive toward him in spite of all he’s done with the Cubs. However, I’d probably refrain from booing him. I don’t know if I’d be upset with others who choose to, though. Anyone else having a crisis of conscience with these three scenarios?

    • PJ

      I think fans should forgive him no matter what. In fact, if we all step back and look at the situation a minute, perhaps we realize that Dempster needs to forgive the fans more than the fans need to forgive Dempster. We have let our desire for top prospects to build a winning organization cloud our judgement on the situation. It may be nice to have Delgado and another prospect in the fold. But it is also nice to have as a part of our team a veteran like Dempster who has been such a big part of the team in the past 8 years and who has been an immeasurable influence on pitchers such as Szmardja. If we have him for the rest of the year, I think it will not only help our current team (which is not particularly relavent other than we have a better product on the field) but will also help our future due to his continued influence on young pitchers. If we are able to trade him for prospects that are of the liking to Theo and Jed, then great. We don’t lose whether he stays or goes. Theo and Jed’s job is to make sure we can get the biggest possible win given the situation. Dempster has done nothing wrong by exercising his rights as a 10/5 guy and will continue to help the team if he stays. The only one I’m mad at in this situation is whatever Atlanta person leaked the trade to the media before it was a done deal. If it is not leaked, then no one is mad at Dempster and we just continue to listen to rumors wondering if the Cubs will be able to make a deal or not.

      • MaxM1908

        We would disagree on the level of culpability that Dempster has in this situation, and therefore, we disagree on who should forgive whom. But, I understand your sentiment. I just can’t get behind “It’s his right and he’s done good things in the past, so we can’t be mad at him.” Lot’s of people have rights that they choose not to exercise because of its affect on our reputation or legacy. He risks his standing with fans in choosing to block a trade. That’s just the reality of the situation.

    • Tony S

      I’ve been having the same thoughts Max. It will be very interesting to see the reaction. I’m thinking the Dodgers B prospects scenario is currently the most likely in which case I dont think the reaction will be all that positive. I cant see anyway he plays out the season in Chicago given the way its all gone down.
      Its a pity that RD’s time in Chicago could end with him getting a portion of the fanbase offside. I still have hope that he’ll agree to the Atlanta trade and that they are still willing to do it.

  • steve

    I’m wonddering if the front office just makes a deal, if that would finally open things up on the other trades. I got a bad feeling we’re not gonna make any moves but little ones, none that would jump start the rebuild. Their rebuilding plan hinged partly on being able to move Garza and Dempster for good returns. Now with Dempsters baby act, and Garza leaving his last start, its kinda leaving me with a bad feeling. Theo and co have done a decent job refilling the minors with some good talent, however we can use more, we need more. Delgado may have jump started the rotation a bit like Rizzo did when he came up. Plus it would have given us a fine young pitcher in the rotation to go with Wood and Shark. Now we’re not likely to get him, and be stuck with guys not ready for major league service this year, if ever, thank you so much Demp for screwing us out of a nice player. Please don’t feed us the line of how you care about this organization anymore, cause it looks phoney as hell to me. If I was Theo, I’d put the order down to sit him, or throw him in the bullpen if we can’t move him. It’s not like he didn’t know he could be moved anywhere besides LA, he’s known this since the winter, even had atlanta as one of his desired places. We accomadate him, get a good return, and he pulls this, screw that.

  • http://www.twitter.com/laughhammer Bill In Plainfield

    I just want to say that I have only been coming to Bleacher Nation for about 4 weeks, and I really like it. The Trolls don’t bother me, sometimes they can be as funny as they are ignorant. Anyway, I just wanted to say that I enjoy coming to this site because other than work, coaching my son’s little league team, being a color commentator and announcer for NAPW (independent wrestling federation out of Elburn, Ill)watching the Cubs, Bears, Bulls, and Blackhawks, I’m a lazy old guy who likes to watch sports and be on the internet.

  • http://bleachernation.com #1lahairfan

    I love that Lou malnati’s have been going there since I was a toddler.

  • calicubsfan007

    If Demp was a truly good guy who loved the Cubs, wouldn’t he have at least apologized for what happened? Maybe he did and I just missed it. If so, can someone send me the link to that apology?

  • Jonski

    This blog is awesome I also know that this is your lively hood and anytime Ive felt like I said something wrong its followed by apology.Having said that ever since Theo and company have came to town everybody here wants to be just like him.While the whole money ball thing is interesting it is not the only tool to judge players.To be honest I find it less stress full to follow you on twitter or facebook.Yes the core of your members are good little soldiers ,but to some how value them over everybody else is shitty.If your numbers are up on your blog its because people enjoy what you have to offer and see the effort you make in keeping Cub fans imformed.If your going by all the drama in the last week or so well that’s simple Dempster.

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      I think you completely and totally misunderstood that final Bullet. I was referring not to people having disagreements (people have done that here for *years*). I was referring to drive-by jerks who drop f-bombs, rip on everyone, and then take off.

      • Jonski

        Sorry for reading more in to it then I should have .The Dempster should I stay or should I go has me shocked and convinced that in sports their is know such thing as good guys anymore and its a shame because the fans suffer.

        • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

          The fans have really been the ones kicked in the crotch by all of this.