It was a largely uneventful off-day for the Cubs, who come back to Wrigley Field today to host the Cardinals.

  • Today’s game is a tribute to Ron Santo, which should be pretty awesome. On the heels of an ugly week for Cubs fans, it will be nice to come together about something we can all get behind: honoring and remembering Ron Santo, who this past weekend finally reached the Hall of Fame. More on the Santo celebration and tribute here. Speaking of that Santo tribute, the Cubs have had a special “10” placed in the grass for this weekend’s series, and here’s a picture tweeted by the Cubs:

  • Jon Greenberg and Melissa Isaacson take opposing viewpoints on whether the Ryan Dempster Saga has damaged his reputation in Chicago. You might think the answer is an obvious and resounding “yes,” but, according to the poll that’s attached to the article, the answer is actually a solidly majority “no.”
  • Yesterday, the Cubs outrighted pitcher Jairo Asenscio to AAA Iowa. The reliever, whom the Cubs picked up on waivers from the Indians earlier this year, was designed for assignment last week to make room for Justin Germano. He must have cleared waivers this time around.
  • Anthony Rizzo says he’s all about not getting too high, and not getting too low. Pitchers are adjusting to him, but he’s got to simultaneously adjust right back, but also stick with what works for him.
  • I was once again on the Midway Madness podcast, discussing all things Cubs rumors. You’ll have to ignore any Dempster-related bits, because things have almost certainly changed dramatically since that was recorded … you know, yesterday.
  • John Sickels revisits his pre-season top 20 (or so) Cubs prospects, and looks in on how they’re doing. There have been some pleasant surprises, but, for the most part, the disappointments outweigh the successes, especially on the pitching side.
  • A nice piece on Cubs’ pitching prospect Austin Reed, who just happens to be the brother of White Sox closer Addison Reed.
  • The MLBullets at BCB look at Jerry Reinsdorf’s recent comments about contraction. He’d like to dump two teams, though he won’t say which ones.


  • Spencer

    I’m glad Rizzo isn’t getting high.

    • hansman1982

      no, hes getting high, just not too high. Soto has several varieties of “product”

      • Chris84

        *rim shot*
        Well played sir.

      • Nomar’s Left Glove

        It’s for his glaucoma….

  • Leroy K.

    Of course it’s no. I am telling you the Majority Cubs’ fan does not realize everything that happened with Dempster. It is more of a trade that didn’t happen. That is it. No one outside of Bleacher nation (Majority) has any clue about all the major things that happened.

  • Oswego chris

    Jerry can start with his own team….

    I don’t think that poll is still a good thing for Dempster…if you look at it like politics, before Monday he would have had a favorabilty rating in the high 90s….no he is a little over 50

  • Fishin Phil

    Watch for the Celebrity Bat Kids today, one of them is my nephew Henry!

    • beerhelps

      Very cool

  • MichiganGoat

    Okay head out of sand for Ronnie, he really should be here for this still mad at the HOF for what they did.

    • Fishin Phil

      I was mad at HOF for what they did to Ron, but then they topped that by giving the Ford C. Frick award to the Tim Douchenozzle McCarver.

      • HuskerCub

        Don’t hate on the Douchenozzle. Turns out the Frick award is for the announcer that can consistently state the obvious in an incredibly annoying, repetitive and condescending manner. Quite an accomplishment

        BTW – Is that his mother’s surname or his middle name? Sounds German to me.

        • BeyondFukudome

          It’s his middle name. If it was his mother’s surname, it would be hyphenated: Tim Douchenozzle-McCarver.

      • Polar Bear

        ^^ THIS^^

      • cjdubbya

        Case in point – the year Ryno was inducted, the frickin’ Frick award went to Peter Gammons.

  • Fastball

    I hope the Good Spirit of Ron Santo is at Wrigley today. This is a day to honor one of the great Cubs of all time. It’s not Ryan Dempster Day. We should not give him the satisfaction of being mentioned on Ron Santo Day.

    • BD

      Umm, too late…. 😉

  • Fastball

    Is Jerry Reinsdorf the self appointed co-commissioner of baseball?
    He certainly has exacted quite a bit of change in baseball in the past couple of years.
    I think he and Bud are butt buddies or something. The other owners don’t run their mouths like Jerry does. I’m sure they are all wondering who Jerry has on his list to get wacked. Nice way to endear your ownership peers. How does baseball improve with contraction? Some of the smaller markets have more professional baseball history than the bigger ones. Maybe each city should only be allowed one team. Chicago, New York and LA would be in favor of that right Jerry? There’s your contraction. The Whitesox, Mets and Dodgers get eliminated from Major League Baseball. How do you like your idea now Jerry.

  • Steve

    Finally…something good about the Chicago Cubs. This last week has been exhausting.

  • ETS

    I don’t think Sickels gives vitters or candelario enough credit (and it’s possible he gives jackson too much)

    • Drew7

      I agree on Vitters – he’s certainly exceeded expectations.

      As for Jackson, I don’t understand how someone that leads the league in SO by 40(!) can be given a B+ for the season, while Baez can be given a B.

      Im not as high on Candelario as most, so I don’t really have a problem with his grade.

      Quick question: Are the grades he assigned merely judging their season thus far, or are they an overall grade, just updated?

      • Jackalope

        Those were pre-season grades. They will be updated after the season.

  • BeyondFukudome

    The FO should tell Dumpster to stay home today, so the appearance of his ugly face in the dugout doesn’t cause booing at Wrigley on Santo’s day.

    • Kevin

      If I was Dempster, I’d shave my ass and walk backwards.

  • Fastball

    I am 100% on board with that idea.

  • TonyP

    Is there a stat (like BABIP) but shows how many times the ball put in play was hit hard, squared up, or whatever you want to call it? To me a low BABIP could mean you are unlucky or you hit a lot of weak ground balls and pop ups because you are not a good hitter.

    • ETS

      Typically to compensate for what you are talking about people look at ratio of line drives to fly balls or ground balls.

  • aCubsFan

    I don’t buy the poll results because it is a highly flawed polling system. First, they have both answers in red. Second, if you click the button to make it go black does that mean that’s the answer I choose. Third, these types of polls typically have no scientific basis behind them because they allow multiple inputs from the same person. Lastly, I believe the ESPN poll and point-counterpoint came out before all of the news about Dempster saying he would go and than ‘getting cold feet.’

    Additionally, if this poll was put on website of every media outlet in Chicago, I believe you’d get a different result because demographics for each is quite different.

  • Jared

    Santo wasn’t just important to the Cubs, he was also an outstanding member of the entire MLB community! Its a shame that he isn’t here to enjoy this thanks to some errors in HOF voting…truely a class act that ahould be remembered in all of the ballparks today, but I will be happy to see that HUGE 10difference in center at Wrigley!!!

    • Jared

      I dont know how the word “difference” even got into my post…ignore that part please…thank you…

  • Turn Two

    I’m not a fan of people who do what I’m about to do, because we have no control over trades. But the Brewers desperately want a ss for Grienke and the Rangers reportedly will give Olt for Greinke. What if we sent Castro to the Brewers for Greinke and then flipped him to the Rangers with Vitters for Olt and a couple pitching prospects? I am a big Castro guy because of his defense, but his plate approach does not mix with the philosophy of the “Cubs way”.

    • Norm

      So Castro and Vitters for Olt and a couple pitching prospects?

      That doesn’t make very much sense.

      • Turn Two

        The Rangers have some of the best pitching prospects in all of baseball. Vitters would be a non factor with Olt.

  • quintz

    They would probably have to be overwhelmed by the pitching prospects.

    • quintz

      ….let me rephrase; they’d have to blown away by the pitching prospects.

  • Ben

    Castro for Greinke would make me want Theo fired by 5pm that is just crazy….you sound like Jim Bowden cooking up the fake trades….I do realize you mean then flipping Greinke but Castro has 13839339x more value than a rental pitcher with anxiety issues

  • J R

    One of the few thing that fans and Thed had to look forward to this yr. was deadline deals to improve our crap minor league pitching. The fact that Demp acted as if he would be willing to give the Cubs leverage by allowing at least a couple teams to bid for his services, and then go back on his word is bullshit. I am sick of people stating, well he has a NTC so we should feel lucky he’s going anywhere. He’s the dude that started all this crap with comments the last 2 months. It’s all his fault. He’s a douchenozzle who only pitches well in contract yrs. If you’re at the game boo his dirty ass.

    • Ben

      I couldn’t have stated it more eloquently if I had written it myself!

  • North Side Irish

    Doug Padilla ‏@ESPNChiCubs
    MRI shows fluid still in Garza’s triceps. Won’t pitch until after trade deadline.


    • spearman

      We need another God Wrath post. Damn this is unreal. A freaking nightmare of a trade deadline. Other teams are doing good and we can’t do squat.

  • RoughRiider

    Leave it to the Cubs to honor a great player like Santo on a day when the game is not broadcast on WGN TV. What a bunch of ignorant jerks.

  • Mick

    Hey Brett, nice interview. If and when you do your next podcast please share again. You gave a great “intellegent speculation” as to what went down with Dempster. In the end, I just don’t think the Dodgers really want Dempster all that badly, otherwise they’d be offering up better prospects. If you break down their rotation, they have:

    1. Clayton Kershaw – under team control for years to come
    2. Chad Billingsley – signed through 2014 w/an option for 2015
    3. Ted Lilly – signed through 2013
    4. Chris Capuano – signed through 2013 w/an option for 2014
    5. Aaron Harang – signed through 2013 w/an option for 2014

    Is Demp that much better than Capuano or Harang that the Dodgers would feel it necessary to move one of their top prospects? Before you answer, look at their numbers from this season:

    Dempster: 2.25 ERA 1.04 WHIP 83/27 K/BB
    Capuano 3.13 ERA 1.21 WHIP 113/38 K/BB
    Harang 3.39 ERA 1.34 WHIP 95/52 K/BB

    And then you factor in the playoffs. Do you feel that a rotation of Kershaw, Lilly, Billingsley (if healthy), Dempster, and Capuano matches up favorably to any contending team? I like Kershaw in the one-game Wild Card playoff but the Divisional Series begins the very next day!

    Realisticly, the Dodgers need to find another top of the rotation starter to match up with the Giants, Nationals, Braves, and Cardinals and Dempster isn’t it. That’s why the Dodgers are rumored to be after Garza, Greinke, and Shields while giving the Cubs low-ball offers for what they feel is just an innings eater/injury fill-in w/Demp. Theo needs to sitdown face-face w/Demp and explain to him that the Dodgers don’t want him, won’t sign him to an extension, and he needs to pull the trigger on the Atlanta deal because the Braves actually do really want him demonstrated so by their offer.

    In conclussion, my gut tells me, I’m right about all of this and Dempster will announce he’s going to the Braves today and we all lived happily ever after. The End.