As if things haven’t been intense enough over the last four days, they tend to pick up even more fasterer and furiouserer in the final days before the Trade Deadline. With that in mind, a few reminders:

1.) The 30-hour Blogathon kicks off on Monday, July 30 at 10am CT (that means what it sounds like it means – I’m blogging 30 hours straight with no sleep and no breaks). Here are some of the details, and here’s the wrap-up from last year, but you’ve gotten a tiny taste with the Ryan Dempster Saga. It’s kind of like that, except much longer, with more posts, and more players involved. You all very generously donated to make this happen, and I plan on going nuts. Tons of comments, tons of posts, tons of updates, tons of Tweets, tons of caffeine, tons of Facebook posts, and no breaks. Brace yourself: your medium of choice will be clogged with news and rumors on Monday and Tuesday. You’ve been warned.

Thanks again to everyone who donated, including the following folks who donated even after we’d reached the goal to cover site costs: Andrew, Mitch, Samuel, Rick, Joseph, David, Brian, Jason, Matt W., John, Scott, Juan, Rob, and another Matt W. You folks are awesome. If the spirit moves anyone else to turn out their pockets, who am I to deprive you of that opportunity simply because we’ve already reached the goal (donations at this point are supremely appreciated, but not at all expected) …


2.) You want to follow BN on Twitter in advance of the deadline. I mean, you want to do it anyway, but especially for the deadline. Stuff flies ridiculously fast at this time of year, and there is a ton of stuff that simply can’t make it onto the site. The most important stuff, of course, ends up here at BN, but there are a lot of other tidbits – and random Cubs thoughts – that don’t make here. I started using Twitter way back when because I thought it might be an interesting way to converse with new folks about the Cubs. It turns out I was right. And then some. It’s an entirely different experience, and one that you should check out if you’re not already on The Twitter.

3.) You also want to “like” BN on Facebook. This is especially true for those of you who are more casual readers, who want to pick and choose what you read here at BN. New stories are posted at Facebook, occasionally show up in your feed, and that might prompt you to think, “Oh, yeah, I do want to read about why Reed Johnson is gaining interest from the Tigers.” I also do random stuff over there that never winds up on the site. I am certain that will be the case during the Blogathon.

  • Dan

    Good Luck Brett.
    May God have mercy on your soul.

    • Brett

      Thanks. I have pulled exactly one other all-nighter in my life: last year’s Blogathon.

      • someday…2015?

        Brett, you going with Coffee or 5 hour energy? :)

        • Brett

          As MG said, I’m not a big coffee fan. Thought about 5 Hour Energy, but don’t want to risk it – not sure how my body will react. It will probably be a mix of soda, energy drinks, and maybe a coffee or two.

          • calicubsfan007

            Brett: 5 hour energy is great, but you should try to have at least one beforehand to figure out if you can handle it. I recommend it though.

            • Ben

              I took it before a biology test in college and the teacher let me make the test up because I was shaking so bad…..I am not a fan of 5hour energy

          • Daniel

            The best way to have 5 hour energy is to use a flavor that is good when diluted (example: lemon makes good lemonade). Dilute it in a bottle or cup of water. Then drink it over a couple hour period.

            Works well for me on bad days at work.

            • Ben

              Yeah, I just drank it like a shot it made me crazy jittery…..i prefer coffee….i don’t even drink caffeine unless i need it for work related reasons though i prefer water or beer…….mainly water

              • calicubsfan007

                Ben, 5 hour works great for me. If it makes you jittery, get the Costco version of it. Just as effective, less side effects.

          • hansman1982

            you don’t want to risk a 5-hour energy but you are going to drink energy drinks?

            • leroy k.

              we drink it with red gatorade all the time (5 hour energy…)

            • Brett

              I’ve had an energy drink before, that’s the thing.

          • JulioZuleta

            I see you’re not above the use of PEDS. Shame.

            • Brett

              Everyone in this era of the blogging game is using ’em, so I’m just trying to keep pace.

      • spearman

        Dang, I won’t start my midight shift till Tuesday night.

      • D.G.Lang

        Back during my working days, I worked triple shifts (24 hrs) seven weeks in a row.

        I had to follow each of those adventures with a 1 hr and 15 minute ride home.

        Arrival home was immediately followed by a long crash in bed.

        • Brett

          Yikes. I can’t fathom driving after all of this.

      • Picklenose

        The hard part is between 3 and 5. As sun starts coming up you will find your energy returning, although it will still be a bit hard to concentrate as normal. I used to pull all night shifts at Northwestern. Try to keep sort of a constant sipping of coffee (caffeine) rather than bursts of it, that will help as well and make sure to get into the early morning sun for a few minutes. And most of all, remember, it is not worth killing yourself for this blogathon – we will still like your work even if the story is a couple of hours late.

      • Nick Kappel

        Only one all-nighter? Didn’t you go to college?

        • Brett

          Yup – law school, too (and then four-ish years of lawyering). I’m not sure why I never had to do it. It just didn’t come up. I’m sure I had plenty of times with just a couple hours of sleep, but I always got something.

          • Cheryl

            I’ve heard that mate’ is a good energy drink (It’s a form of tea.) without the caffwine and is drunk quite a bit in South America. I tried it once or twice at a tea shop in the suburbs. It’s not bad.

  • Barry

    Free samples of Red Bull are being given out at the confines…

  • fester30

    Wow that’s an idea. You should get with the makers of 5 hour energy, Red Bull, Monster, and Coffee and see if anyone will sponsor you! You could say “And now on the 27th hour of the blogathon brought to you by delicious Coffee, keeping me up and alert all night so I can bring you the latest trade news!”

    • MichiganGoat

      Brett doesn’t like coffee not sure about the energy drinks, last year it was all about the milkshakes.

    • ProfessorCub

      You’re suggesting that Brett get with the makers of Coffee?

      • fester30

        PC: I was using Coffee generically in place of any random brand of coffee. It was meant to be sort of funny, but my sense of humor often feels a bit like an atheist taking communion; I find it funny, but I imagine most people don’t.

        MG: A person doesn’t have to like something to endorse it.

        • ProfessorCub

          I’m with you man, I thought it was funny.

          • fester30

            WOOHOOO! Finally I have found encouragement for me to try out open mic night at the local comedy club. If I fail I’ll blame you.

        • Picklenose

          I love the atheist taking communion image. Just watch out for the thunderbolts.

  • Brad

    Brett great job with the site and what a sacrifice to blog 30 hours. Maybe you can come out of
    the doghouse with your wife after trade deadline lol. Odd question? Is BN your only job?

    • Brett

      BN is my job, unless you count husband and father (which I do not).

      • Brad

        Thats awesome you need to show me how to make a blog that generates revenue :) I would love to blog about the Cubs and/or MLB in general for a living. Jealous.

        • Brett

          Step 1: Start blog.

          Step 2: Work on it obsessively in your spare time for two and a half years.

          Step 3: ???

          Step 4: PROFIT!

          • Brad

            Hahaha yes! Besides donations wonder how you make enough $$$ to live on (don’t see any ads on here). Unless you have wealthy contributors!!!!!

            • hansman1982

              if you don’t see ads then you have some form of adblocker software. I even occasionally click on the ads just for fun

              • Brad

                Always on mobile so no popups

          • FromFenwayPahk

            When the interweb starts monitizing quality (rather than quantity), then Brett will be a gajillionaire. But, of course then he won’t talk to any of us poor slobs.

            • Brett

              I’ll still talk* to you.

              *Talk = point and laugh.

  • Alex

    I’ll have three tabs open on my browser starting Monday morning. First will be the main Bleacher Nation site, then the BN Twitter feed and last but not least the BN Facebook page.

    Positive energy thoughts are coming your way Brett.

  • Cerambam

    You gotta set up a live video feed from your computer camera so we know your not cheating and dozing off

    • Brett

      You’re going to be able to tell…

      • Nick Nesler

        Brett, I love your site but i definitely don’t need to look at you for 30 hours! No offense…

  • Rich

    Guys, I am / was a Chip Carray fan…I love times I like Len…very nice guy, good voice and professional..just so boring…he dose not seem to be much of a fan…
    just wondering if anyone else feels that way….?

    • quintz

      I think there is just the right amount of fandom in the booth with Len and Bob. Too much and I begin to feel dirty (see Hawk), too little and they piss me off.

      • ProfessorCub

        Agreed. I think Len and Bob root just enough, but not too much (Hawk is an unprofessional clown). Chip Caray, as much as I loved his grandfather, is just plain awful.

        • fester30

          I agree. Much of Chip’s broadcasting just felt forced, like “Swung on, BELTED!” I often heard him say things that sounded like he was searching for a signature call in the mold of Holy Cow, but nothing really stuck. I remember one game where Steve Stone even made fun of him after a home run. “Was it ‘swung on, belted,’ Chip?” The tone of voice certainly suggested he was making fun of Chip.

          • Brad

            Stoney was one of the best, hate to see him doing white sox games.

            • Serious Cubs Fan

              I love stoney, to but the one thing about him that bothers me is he is a little arrogant sometimes. Kind of a know it all. Don’t get me wrong he is a very smart baseball man, but if anyone questions what he says he kind of gives the reaction, “what are you stupid?” but other then that great broadcaster and very knowledgeable

              • Serious Cubs Fan

                But Hawk Harrelson on the other hand… words to describe him, obnoxious, homer, annoying, pathetic, makes you want to throw your remote at the tv, awful broadcaster all around and that is not just me being a die heart cubs fan, he literally is almost unbearable to listen to

                • Serious Cubs Fan

                  I just wish broadcaster these days had the balls Harry Caray did. He had was loveable but dead honest. He had no filter, but in a good way (not like hawk), he was passionate. Len I wish be more critical and a little less professional, dont just wait for Bob to be critical and call guys out. Bob is a good guy, fun easy going, and not afraid to call guys out for effort.

                  • Brad

                    So kinda strange question why hasn’t Bob landed another manager position yet? Seems winning a ws with a team 3 years after it was created is a pretty amazing feat. Any theories?

                • RicoSanto

                  You are so right, Ther night Verlander faced Sale I wanted to watch part of the game.Love Stoney on WSCR, but I could not take Hawk. Reinsdorf keeps him there.
                  Whoever thought the Bulls were gong to match the offer for Asik that would put them in the luxury tax.Did not know ReinsdorF.He would not pay Jordan he certainly is not going to pay a tax for Asik

  • jungledrew

    So is Luke getting in on this blogathon too? With all the prospects that will be rolling in we’ll need up to the minute top 10 prospect lists…

    • Luke

      I will be as available as I can be for Brett during the blogathon, but I will not be in on the 30 straight hours thing. As prospects are inserted into rumors or acquired by the Cubs, especially in the evening, I’ll be hanging around to add what input I can.

  • @cubsfantroy

    I’m waiting for one of Brett’s last posts near the end of the 30 hours to look something like this:

    Player A traded for player B,C,D, is that a dragon? There is a dragon in my house… oh wait, it is a T-Rex. I am running for my life. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Rich

    thanks….I think the webcam is a good idea….
    live feed to Brett during THE BLOG-A-THON

  • Turn Two

    You’d think by the afternoon of the 28th of July, a team that started off two weeks ago as one of just 2 or 3 sellers, would have managed at least 1 trade. We are out of time to trade the majority of Baker, Johnson, Camp, Russell, Dempster, Garza, Soto, Lahair, Campana, Soriano, Dejesus, Barney, Marmol, Maholm. I understand we have had some complications and that some of these guys you want to keep in hand as a throw in to entice a deal, but we were THE seller a couple weeks ago and we haven’t sold anything with the clock nearly expired. If we wait to do waiver wire deals, outside of Baker, Johnson, Camp and maybe Russell- the time elapsed will lower the return. This rebuilding project has confused me since last years completely inactive trade deadline.

  • nick cafardo

    There is talk of the cubs reaquiring carpenter from the sox for garza and junior lake.

    • Joker

      These fake Carfardo comments are already past expiration.

  • Joker

    I think Turn Two brings up what everyone is thinking, but we really didn’t want to breathe into existence – a dull, dead, disappointing deadline for the Cubs. Surely this can’t happen…or can it?

    At this point of the roller coaster ride, I am beginning to believe that anything is possible. I’m still dreaming BIG but fearing small. Maybe it’s the collected negativity amassed in my years of being a Cubs fan that’s creeping around all corners of my brain, but…

    (staying positive for now…)

  • Oswego chris

    In game second guess…

    Why did Svuem let Valbuena bat against Fuentes with one out?

    Pinch it Barney, Baker goes to third

    Reed bails them out

  • R.E.S

    i would like extended replay on that one

  • Jason “Thundermug”

    On the 7th inning stretch commercial on comcast who is the lady with the big circle earrings ?

    • Jimmy james

      Thought it was shania twain

  • cubmig

    “…and I plan on going nuts. Tons of comments, tons of posts, tons of updates, tons of Tweets, tons of caffeine, tons of Facebook posts, and no breaks.”

    Brett. Make sure you have a potty can handy.

    • rhino70

      Laptop and wifi.

      • Brett

        What he said.

  • jim

    WATCH: NOTHING good will happen for the CUBS
    by the Trade Deadline! If I was a betting
    man (NO. I don’t have that kind of money!),
    I would bet against the CUBS doing what
    they said they would do. SAME team that
    will get 4th place in their Division at best!
    MAYBE, just Maybe, after the season, they
    will “actually” do something. I believe the
    crickets are in the background signifying
    another boring CUBS debacle. LOL!

    • TonyP

      Optimism Jim optimism

    • TonyP

      We have all suffered through this “Deliverance- squeal piggy” of a season so that the team can be rebuilt. They better get some freaking good pieces by the deadline.

  • cubmig

    a bit off topic: Anyone know what might happen to Lendy Castillo? He’s rehabbing from groin injury(?). Cubs have a decision to make on him.

  • mudge

    Slow deep breaths will keep you energized. the last thing you need is to overdrive the adrenals. get and move around some.

  • RicoSanto

    When Barney was out of the game today,Everyone needs a day off, it cost them the double play in the 1rst.Luckily Jeff pitched out of the jam. The game could have been over in the first if they scored 3 or 4. He is tremendous defensively.And helps the cubs win.
    I cant believe Wood, a lefty, has no curve ball. He better learn one in the off season or he can not be in the rotation

  • JP

    Brett/Luke – tell us some Cubs will be traded by Tuesday? Give us 10 theories why this is playing out this way and this is good for Cubs nation. Please.

    • Brett

      Every year, 50% of the league-wide trading activity takes place ON the day of the Trade Deadline.

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