A sneak-attack, pinch-hit bunt by Reed Johnson was the difference today, as the Cubs finally took down the Cardinals. Dale Sveum, usually rather reserved, got the boot today on an obviously blown call at first base, which cost the Cubs an additional run.

Jeff Samardzija gave up just three hits and struck out seven in his six innings of work, which is awesome. But he gave up an incredible six walks over that stretch, so it wasn’t all good.

Carlos Marmol got the save (his ERA is under 5!), and once again, someone else stepped up.

  • willis

    I love Reed Johnson.

    • Jason

      He’s one of my favorites too, mainly because he ALWAYS gives it everything he’s got.

  • kirby

    I _heart_ S. Camp. He possesses some stones.

  • JNasty

    I’m surprised teams haven’t been lining up for Camp. He has been one of the more reliable relievers all year and the Cubs are probably willing to trade him for very little in return.

    • FromFenwayPahk


  • anotherjp

    Yes we should. Camp has been money all year and we have to be getting calls about his availability. Marmol too, ever since Bosio prohibited him from shaking off signs he’s been very good.

    • Brad

      Why should we trade him, seems like a solid piece for future. Deals just to make deals aren’t smart. Don’t get caught up in mind set of trading everyone, cubs are supposed to be good within a few years not in 10.

  • rcleven

    Samarj came out like a man who just drank a case of 5 hr. Energy. Just too pumped. With all the walks got to call him the magic man to escaping with minimal damage.

  • Matt

    Marmol has also been pretty good of late. I wonder if a team would want him if the Cubs pick up most of the money he’s due next year.

    • JNasty

      I thinks plenty of teams would take a chance on him if the Cubs picked up his salary. They just aren’t willing to give up much. So do they cubs really want to pick up his salary and get nothing in return? I think he has more value staying with the cubs unless somebody ups their offer.

      • Matt

        If the Cubs can get somebody to take Marmol and get a guy that would end up in their top 30, I’d move him and pay the money. Marmol is pointless on this year’s team and next.

        • JNasty

          Essentially you are saying a top 30 prospect is worth Marmol’s salary. 13 million for a top 30 prospect is pointless.

          • anotherjp

            I agree… Marmol actually has a great deal of value when he’s pitching like he is now. I’d think if the Cubs are willing to eat salary you should get one prospect of a team’s top 15 and another in the top 30. I’d love it if the Cubs could do a deal with San Fran and get Kyle Crick &/or Clayton Blackburn.

            • JNasty

              That sounds a lot more realistic. So many people want to trade away everyone that is struggling and you don’t get value for those trades and too eat salary on top of that is just dumb. If you eat salary you have to get something in return. Top 15 and a risky throw in with high upside sounds fair for Marmol and salary relief.

            • quintz

              Remember for guys like Marmol and Soriano their trade deadline is not Tuesday, it’s August 31st. Those two cats will easily pass through waivers.

              • JNasty

                If someone claimed Soriano off waivers I would Jizz in my pants.

                • quintz

                  For so many uncomfortable reasons I’m glad you have nothing to worry about.

  • Dylan

    Samardzija with 7 strikeouts and 6 walks. Sounds like another Marmol in the making to me, doesn’t it?

  • cubmig

    Why is it that every time I read about a (proposed) trade, it includes “if the Cubs pick up most of what owed ___player’s name___ “? I am having a hard time even remembering if I’ve ever read where Team X was willing to pick up salary for a player headed our way. Am I way off base on this, or can someone cite instances where that has been the case?

    • rhino70

      In the case of Marmol and Soriano, it’s because the contracts are so terrible that nobody would even consider taking them if the Cubs didn’t foot most of the bill.

      In the case of a guy like Dempster, it’s a way for the Cubs to get a better return from the trade.

    • quintz

      Big market teams like the Cubs are going to more times than not end up picking up salary in a trade compared to small market teams. Small market teams have a smaller revenue stream and in place of cash they will use prospects (or draft picks, now). Big market teams usually are the ones handing out the big contracts that turn bad (read into that what you may) and thus ending up paying big chunks of bad contracts more than smaller market teams who can’t afford to make Soriano like deals. I believe the Cubs rank like 6th in market size.

      It’s a good observation that I never really thought about until you brought it up.

      • cubmig

        Thanks to you and rhino 70 for the responses. I remain a bit puzzled, but that is probably because of my lack of fully appreciating the business givens and dynamics under which all this trading stuff operates. Thanks again quintz and rhino 70.

  • gutshot5820

    Another day, NO TRADE. what’s going on? Now it’s just getting anti-climatic. Trade SOMEBODY, ANYBODY please, so we can read about something besides Dempster.

  • anotherjp

    Word has it that the Giants are looking closely at trading for Marmol and they might have some young arms that would interest the Cubs. Carlos has an 87% save rate this year (81% for career) and the league average this season is 68%. And half of Marmol’s 17 runs given up have been in mop-up duty during 3 road game blow-outs (1 @ NY & 2 @ MIL)– consider that and his era is very respectable. I think the chances are better than 50/50 that we deal him before the deadline.

  • thejackal

    i dont givea damn if we trade lester the bullpen coach or how bout len or bob LETS JUS TRADE SOMEONE PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

  • Luke D

    Anthony Rizzo was the enemy today.

  • Doug

    No Dempstergate updates?

  • John (ibcnu2222)

    If the Cubs do not trade Camp, do you see him returning next year?

    • quintz

      I’m sure they’d welcome him back, but he’ll be a FA. He should be in line for a modest pay hike and who knows if the Cubs would want to pay a 37 year old market value on a rebuilding team.

  • calicubsfan007

    No additional trade rumors? Camp is a helluva reliever, I am truly suprised that no one (as far as we know) has gone after him.

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett


      • J-Nasty

        He should be one of the easier players to trade. He doesn’t make much money and has performed quite well.

      • calicubsfan007

        Awww…. I always get yelled at for my patience (Or lack thereof)!! (= I keep thinking that, if I stare at the BN page long enough, that trades will magically appear. The 5 hour I just drank is making me impatient. (;