Pausing temporarily on what you know is coming …

Once again – for the sixth straight start – Paul Maholm pitched out of his mind. He allowed just one run on four hits and four walks over 6.2 innings to a healthy Cardinals’ lineup. And two of those walks came in his final inning, when he was clearly gassed. I generally think Dale Sveum has done a good job with pitcher management this year, but leaving Maholm in to walk two consecutive batters when he was already well over 100 pitches was a bit of a Quade.

Shawn Camp gave up a rare run late, allowing the Cardinals to tie the game. But that only set the stage for …

  • Luke D

    At this pace, a favorite for Rookie of the Year.

  • J R

    Check the guy for a Rizzinator during his next drug test. He must be on something!!

  • Dylan

    The first of many to come…. :-)

  • Shawn H

    What a swing. Love it!

    • MichiganGoat

      Rizzo has one the the most relaxed and comfortable AB stance I’ve seen in a long time, he just looks he is playing backyard baseball.

      • baldtaxguy

        Agree. His post-game comments of simplifying his mechanics really show how smart this kid is. Fun to see him look for an outside pitch to drive.

      • MoneyBoy

        Agreed MG … I’ll repeat what I said a couple days ago. Brenly commented RizzOMG had gone 2-11 on the roadie until Wednesday. I thought he squared the ball up real nicely on his ABs and thought he might be on the verge of a hot streak.

        He absolutely crushed the ball all four ABs on Friday !!!

        He looks like he’s on it with nearly every swing. Absolutely fabulous, by the way, that this one was to left field!!!

  • Lafhert

    Fully prepared to rip on the two CS, but all’s well and good

  • Mysterious4th

    I got home from work and flipped on WGN just as the pitcher was setting up for that 3rd pitch and watched RizzOMG win it. I just wish I could have seen the smirk smacked off Berkmans face!

    • bluekoolaidaholic

      Hear, Hear

  • Brent

    Good for Rizz. I hate the Cards so much.

    • Mysterious4th

      I don’t care how bad the cubs are anytime they beat the cards its one of the best days of the year!

  • wernert

    Is anything sweeter than sending the smug Cardinals and the best fans in baseball home unhappy?

    • Diesel

      But the best baseball fans in the world went home happy. Cubs fans!

    • cubmig


  • Dan


  • anotherjp

    Cards just got a dose of our version of A. Pujols… hope that self-satisfied bunch suffers as much as we did the in the past.

    • Joshua Edwards

      I wouldn’t mind seeing the Cards lose to the Cubbies for the better part of the next decade. It’s time for another franchise to take over the Central.

  • Joshua Edwards

    I hope it’s the start of a new era now that Rizzo whacked those birds from St. Louie all weekend.

    I would love to see Tony LaRussa wake up with the head of the Cardinals’ mascot in his bed.

  • Njriv

    Man, can you imagine Rizzo and Olt playing the corner IF together?

  • Polar Bear

    Someone must have told Rizzo it was my birthday today and that I wanted a walk-off win against the Cardinals. Thanks, Rizzo for making my dream come true!!!

  • Toddleevon

    Peter Gammons thinks Dodgers will eventually give in on Webster for Dempster.

    • Falselife

      My daughter likes popcorn.

    • Sandberg

      That’s a shame. :( Gammons is always wrong.

      • Jackalope


  • someday…2015?

    Damn its too bad Rizzo is ineligible to win NL RoY. I know it’s only one month but for people jumping and going crazy for Trout and Harper, those people need to come watch Rizzo. If Rizzo had better speed I’d take him over Trout any day… I’ll admit that’s a bias opinion. :)

    • gutshot5820

      Eh…I like rizzo but it’s not even close. Trout is worth two or three of Rizzo.

      • Kevin

        Trout is not worth two or three of Rizzo. Seriously? Trout is better for sure, but look at the lineup in which Trout hits. The Angels have much better hitters and the pitcher must also labor through a DH.

        • DocPeterWimsey

          Trout’s lineup has zilch effect on his hitting. The old “throw balls vs. throw pitches he can hit” dichotomy is a false one; Trout is great at laying off of pitches he cannot drive, and he would not start swinging at bad pitches in a bad lineup.

          • Kevin

            The lineup does have an effect. If the lineup is producing more hits or taking more pitches this will elude to the pitcher having a higher pitch count. Pitchers tend to have a higher BAA as they get higher into their pitch count.


            Take a look at someone like Cole Hamels for instance.

            • DocPeterWimsey

              True, but that is more an effect on individual pitchers rather than whole lineups and more of an effect on whole lineups than on individual batters in that lineup. That is, it will affect fewer than one AB per game for Trout, whereas it affects every game for starters with poor control.

              That being written, being in a good lineup helps team stats (runs, RBI) but that is a borderline tautological statement. Being in a good lineup is worth a few extra PAs each year, which also elevates raw numbers. However, in any given PA, Trout is going to be dangerous regardless of whether he is batting for the Yankees or the Giants.

              • MoneyBoy

                tautological? OMGGGGG!!! wink, wink kudo’s Doc!!

        • J R

          I love Rizzo and still have no idea why the Padres liked Alonso more than him. Just weird… But Trout is doing stuff that no one in the history of the game has done. I don’t even think it’s close. Trout blows Rizzo out of the water with all the stuff he brings to the table.

          • art

            Trout is special but, back in 75 a guy named Fred Lynn was ROY, MVP, 331 BA, 21 homers and played CF.

            • gutshot5820

              Wasn’t Soto rookie of the year way back? So what’s the point? Trout’s talent level is off the charts and it is stupid to come up with some ROY award to compare two very different ballplayers.

              • art

                my response was to J R saying no one else in history has done what Trout is doing. just pointing out that Fred Lynn did it. i think Trout is special, Mickey mantle special. i could care less what Soto did.

                • Cub Style

                  Fred Lynn didn’t start the season in the minors. Though Trout would have been up if they hadn’t been a little shy of putting Wells on the bench.

            • art

              oops, he played with Boston.

            • J R

              only one other player in major league history had as many hits (111), runs batted in (49) and stolen bases (31) as Trout in his first 77 games of a season: Ty Cobb in 1911.

              Trout is 20 and Lynn was 23. Lynn had a great rookie year, but Trout’s on another planet.

        • gutshot5820

          Let’s put it this way. Not one GM would trade Trout for 2 Rizzo type players. Three and maybe you have a conversation and even then I don’t know if many GM’s would pull the trigger.

      • anotherjp

        Well, Trout’s better right now but not by as much as you suggest. He’s currently at 5.9 WAR and Rizzo 3.8 pace for equal ABs… plus Trout’s younger than Rizzo. You can definitely build a ball team around either guy.

    • Jackalope

      Gutshot is right. While Rizzo’s off to a great start, he’s not near the player Trout is. For starters, Trout is only 20 while Rizzo is 22. Trout is a stud defender an up-the-middle position while Rizzo is on the far end of the defensive spectrum. While Rizzo may have more raw power, Trout’s speed is ridiculuous.

      • art

        from all reports, Rizzo is a top Defender. he does lack speed, and yes Trout is special.

    • Jan Forty-Two

      It’s good all the rookie hype is still about Trout and Harper, so Rizzo can mature without all that additional attention.

  • LeotheCub

    If Cubs can get 3rd baseman before next year who is good, Cubs infield will be set for a decade. Oh and a catcher who can hir .275 would be nice.

    • @cubsfantroy

      I’d settle for a catcher who can hit .250.

      • LeotheCub

        I agree. 250 would be good

  • Picklenose

    Another good outing for Marmol. I’m not sure what happened on his rehab stint, but I am beginning to believe in him again. Now if we could get Travis Wood down to Iowa for the same treatment.

    • someday…2015?

      T.Wood or Volstad. Pick your poison.

      • Bender

        5th starters on bad teams generally arent very dependable (in a good way). At least Wood has had games where he’s looked like he belongs. Volstad shouldnt see the bigs again with the Cubbies.

  • Jason

    The cool part, is that I called his shot after he took that first strike! I said to my wife “now would be a good time for him to hit one out of here”…It was simply awesome when he did it.

  • SportsDanny

    Rizzo is good but he’s NOT in the same atmosphere as Mike Trout – there is being biased and being a little stupid and that was stupid.

    • DocPeterWimsey

      Rizzo has the making of a really good firstbaseman. That’s saying a lot. Trout has the making of being that guy you tell your grandkids you saw play. Hell, if you are into Keep League fantasy baseball, he’s the making of the guy you still keep on your roster in case of come-back after your grandkids appear!

      • J R

        That’s a very fair analysis. I am in a keeper league now and no joke a manager who is only building for the future traded J. Hamilton, Verlander, Weaver, Joe Nathan, and Konerko straight up for Trout…

      • gutshot5820

        Trout is the closest thing you have to the perfect ballplayer. He is probably the MVP in baseball going forward for the next decade. He is playing a premium position with elite defense, elite hit tool, elite power and elite speed.

        LOL. Rizzo plays good defense for a first baseman and looks like he is going to be very good. He may possibly be an All-star but there is no guarantee he will continue to hit this well after the league adjusts. Comparing the two in the same breath is pure Cub homerism.

        • anotherjp

          Wow. Is this the same Trout that had a .220 average during his cup of coffee last year? The guy with less than a full season under his belt in the majors? Maybe before we anoint him the next coming of Ted Williams he should have a few more seasons under his belt. If he continues to put up these numbers three years from now then I’ll admit he’s the real deal… until then he’s far from the perfect player. That guy would still be Babe Ruth.

          • Cub Style

            And in his pot of coffee this year, he’s the unquestioned MVP. It’s fair to prop him up on a pedestal because he is just that good.

          • DocPeterWimsey

            Wow, this is the “I love small sample size” special-pleading winner of the year!

            • gutshot5820

              Doc, I respect your opinion, but you sometimes come off as a know-it-all. There is a difference between someone who does not have ability and performing well over a small sample size and someone who has a once in a lifetime talent performing to his expected level of play.

              • DocPeterWimsey

                You misunderstood where my comment was directed. I was ridiculing the suggestion that Trout’s poor performance in a small sample-size last year (I.e., the cup of coffee) should cause us to be leery of his performance this year (I.e., the pot of coffee).

          • Njriv

            I don’t even consider Babe Ruth as the perfect ball player, the best home run hitter of all time, yes.

            • Turn Two

              I’m gonna agree with the camp that says calling Mike Trout a perfect ball player after only one year is ridiculous. A lot of players have had the tools and a great start- part of this game is mental and until you have hit your first rough period you can never really see what a player is made of. Please don’t count the aforementioned cup of coffee as his down period. I mean the first time he begins to question his ability at the pro level after having some success.

    • mjhurdle

      Interesting thread.
      But count me among the people who desire to see Trout perform next year before I proclaim him the next Mantle or Williams.
      Baseball is littered with flash in the pan players.
      I know he has the tools, and for now looks to be great. but baseball is a game of adjustments, and if (another assumption) he cannot adjust, then everyone will be right off his bandwagon faster than they followed ESPN to jump on it.
      He may end up being great. What is wrong with leaving it at that until we see? Why must everyone be in a race to see if they can proclaim the next “great one” first? Stop pontificating and let time prove your case.

  • Myles

    All hail the Rizzard!

  • RY34

    love rizzo!! on a different note lahair and valbuena have absolutely no clue at the plate right now and again why the hell is joe mather still on this team???? great job by maholm!!

  • Cub Style

    Now that was a gem of a game to go to.

  • Mysterious4th

    Really Tho and Jed get major points for pulling off the Rizzo/cashner trade! I think we won that by a country mile! I would have never given up my top prospect for a pitcher coming off an injury and one that didn’t have that great of a track record!

    Theo and company are -5 points for the stewart trade but get 10-15 points for the Rizzo trade!

    • Jackalope

      Yeah, it’s hard to believe they would trade Rizzo for a pitcher with injury concerns. I guess they thought his poor showing last year in the bigs was more reflective of his talent than his mashing of AAA.

  • N8theGr8

    Anybody else notice that the box score doesn’t add up? Just simple math, but I thought we scored in the 2nd. Same thing on

    • Diesel

      It’s because the first inning is not visible where they scored their first run.

    • Brett

      The first inning is cut off in extra inning games.

  • OCCubFan

    Great ending to the game. But the scene was nearly identical to one a bit more than 2 years ago in Anaheim. Kendry Morales hit a walk-off grand slam in extra innings. His ecstatic teammates gathered around and on top of home plate. Morales leap into the air and came down into their midst. But he stepped on someone and snapped his ankle. The Cubs need to learn how to deal with walk-off home runs by surrounding home plate, but leaving a clear path to the base—and no jumping into a crowd. And hopefully the Cubs will get a lot of opportunities to practice this.

    • Diesel

      We should ask the A’s man. They seem to have it down this year.

  • die hard

    Teams are pitching around Castro to get to Rizzo…Has exposed weakness in Castro’s game. Cubs need to find a way to fix this or Castro’s BA could fall to .250 by season end.

  • calicubsfan007

    I love beating the Cards. Hate those pompous jerks!! Yeah! (=

  • IACub

    I was fortunate to attend today’s game…amazing! I was very impressed with Barney and Soriano as well. Too bad Barney didn’t have runners on with his two doubles in the game. Soriano really doesn’t get enough credit. The place blew up when Rizzo’s shot went out to left and those poor Card’s fans couldn’t do a damn thing about it. Love it, Love it, Love it!!!

  • fester30

    I know home runs don’t mean as much to winning and losing ball games as OPS and other such things. However, I was just curious and looked up Rizzo’s AB/HR. He’s at 15! Just for some perspective:
    Adam Dunn leads baseball at 11.4.
    Ryan Braun has 13.1.
    Giancarlo Stanton has 15.
    Soriano has 18.3.
    Mike Trout has 20.
    His OPS would be 13th in MLB if he had qualifying ABs.

    • DocPeterWimsey

      Homers are the single biggest factor responsible for high OPS: each adds 1 to the numerator of OBA and 4 to the numerator of SLG. Net OPS does a great job of predicting winning percentage: and among the constituent components of (net) OPS, net HR does the best job of predicting winning percentage. So, Rizzo’ high HR/AB rate is the single best thing he can do for the Cubs.