T-minus 16 hours until the Trade Deadline Blogathon commences …

  • Interest in Alfonso Soriano may be trending upward, with reports that even National League teams – in this case, the Dodgers and Giants – are considering making a move for the surprisingly-still-kind-of-effective-on-defense outfielder. Long thought to be an AL-only possibility, if Soriano’s market expands to a few other NL teams, and if Jayson Stark’s report yesterday that the Cubs are willing to eat all but $2 million of the $36 million he’s owed in 2013-14 is true, the chances of moving him become fairly strong. That said, because of that money issue, and because of Soriano’s no-trade rights, I still don’t think a trade happens.
  • On that no-trade thing, Soriano said this to Bruce Levine: “It will have to be a good city with a good team,” he said. “I would give the team the opportunity to trade me, but as I said the team and city would have to be good. Nobody has come to me about a trade yet, so we have two or three days left. We will just wait and see what happens.”
  • The Mets spoke to the Cubs about Geovany Soto, but the talks didn’t get very far. I’m guessing the Mets were looking to buy low on a guy they figured might be non-tendered by the Cubs at the end of the year anyway. I suspect the Cubs won’t move Soto unless they get a legit – not great, but legit – prospect in return.
  • Doug Padilla’s sense is that Ryan Dempster will still be traded before the deadline on Tuesday, and he expects teams other than the Dodgers or Braves to jump into the fray as the deadline approaches. Peter Gammons, for what it’s worth, was on MLBN today saying that the Dodgers “need” to get a Dempster deal done, and that they should part with either Allen Webster or Zack Lee to make it happen.
  • Ken Rosenthal offers a source who confirms that the Cubs are not going to be giving a team a “discount” when trading Matt Garza, simply because of his minor arm injury. If a team wants Garza, they’ll have to pay full price, and I can tell you, that price is extremely high. The chances of a Garza trade remain remote.
  • All eyes were on Josh Johnson today as he started in San Diego, his last start before the trade deadline. He failed to impress, though he wasn’t awful. He managed just five innings thanks in part to six walks. He gave up two hits, two runs (one earned), and struck out four. I doubt it was the blowout start the Marlins were looking for, and interest in meeting their asking price was already waning. I’d now be modestly surprised if Johnson is dealt, which is good news for the Cubs.
  • The other big, non-Cub starting pitcher possibly on the market is James Shields, though teams are apparently starting to wonder whether the Rays will actually trade him before the Winter. Although he hasn’t been at his best this year, he comes with relatively cheap options in 2013 ($9 million) and 2014 ($12 million), so he’s got a lot of value. The Rays are said to be asking for more than what the Brewers got for Zack Greinke (as they should).
  • The Astros made yet another move, trading 27-year-old third baseman Chris Johnson to the Diamondbacks for a couple quality outfield prospects. It’s interesting, but the Cubs don’t really have a comparable piece they’re planning on moving, so I don’t really see a ton of relevance here. I suppose it will help continue the Astros’ pathetically awful slide into awfulness this year, but that was clearly the plan.
  • The Mariners are discussing free-agent-to-be Brandon League in trade talks. He’s a solid reliever, but one who’ll make a couple million over the final two months of the season. I’m not saying I’d *prefer* Shawn Camp if I were a contender, but I’m not sure I wouldn’t, depending on my money situation.
  • If you’re wondering whether the lack of Cubs rumors in the last few days are due to your own lack of attention, it is not. An exec recently asked Kevin Goldstein, “Have you heard anything on the Cubs? They seem to have gone underground.”
  • daveyrosello

    I have no interest in trading Soriano, none. The guy is very productive. He’s having his best year with the Cubs since 08. No, he’ll never justify that big contract, but if the Cubs had him signed for 2012-14 at say, 3/15, everyone would think it was a great FA signing.

    Hell, DeJesus makes $5MM a year, is anyone seriously going to argue that Soriano is worth less than DeJesus?

    So no AL wants Sori, fine, Cubs can keep him and pay triple what he’s worth, but at least they have a productive power bat in the middle of the lineup until the kids arrive in a couple of years. I’m totally pro-Alf at this point.

    • Jimmy james

      B/c of the amount they would eat the cubs may be able to get something pretty good for sori…that’s the only way it makes sense …..it’s not like he is playing poorly, or blocking anybody

  • MichiganGoat

    12 hours to go before the #BNblogathon (the hastag to follow) begins, the pre-party is already taking place on Twitter. Stop in and give place your bets on when Brett will crack.

  • thejackal

    hell michigan goat hopefully hell have at least one trade to write about ….. this goes out to everyone on BN something to do name the 3 CUBS LIKELY TO GET TRADED AND TO WHERE ……..

    • MichiganGoat

      Prediction 1-Dick Tidrow visits Dempster and the Braves and makes the trade happen
      Prediction 2-Dick Tidrow then visits Rangers and forces them to give us their top three positional players for Matt Garza
      Prediction 3-Dick Tidrow gets Matt Kemp from the Dodgers for Reed Johnson and Jeff Baker and the Dodgers thank us for allowing them to live.

      All things happen when Dick Tidrow wants them to happen.

      • hansman1982

        Pfft. Tidrow trades himself to the cubs for Soriano and gets the marlinsto pay all of his salary.

        Cubs go on to not lose another game his year and my softball team dominates the playoffs.

  • Tennessee Cub

    I believe there are lots of things developing. Dempster will be traded and we will get a better package than the Braves proposed. Time is on our side, we aren’t trying to make the playoffs or win the division like the Braves, Dodgers, Rangers, etc. Also, the front office isn’t leaking any details because of the Dempster mishap. They will not announce a deal until it is final. T always does a good job at the dead line and I have faith in him.

  • jim

    OK EPSTEIN. Where are all these deals the CUBS
    were going to make? WHAT have to CUBS “really”
    done OTHER than getting RIZZO? Basically, they
    have pretty much the same team that they started
    with, Nice infield, SOTO needs to go bye-bye!
    MARMOL could give anyone on earth an anxiety
    attack. You can have that dude. SORIANO is getting
    old & I am very tired of him, even though he IS a
    really “nice” guy. This team will probably win
    70 games this year. IT’S TIME FOR FOOTBALL!

    • Vladimir

      They are here for the same reason you are spouting your rant at Epstein for. They are not very good and no one wants them. Jesus Christ you cannot build a powerhouse baseball team in 10 months especially considering the Cubs don’t have any amazing players in the minors when Epstein first got here. And some of the really promising guys are about 3-4 years away. Patience my son, patience.

    • wv23

      I’m convinced jim is a master of parody.

    • MichiganGoat

      Um getting Rizzo was a huge trade and if Dempster went to Atlanta that would be another huge trade and if Garza was healthy there would be offers. I’m tired of all the WTF THEO DO SOMETHING NOW crowd, he is trying to deal our crap for prospects but also not willing to just give something away for nothing. Hendry was infamous for trading his friends to teams for absolutely nothing and everyone complained about those moves and now that our FO is being surgical with their moves and not just trading to trade people are screaming for them to do something. Haters be hating I guess and this goat keeps drinking delicious Michigan brewed beer.

      • Yohler


      • Scotti

        Hendry didn’t trade any friends to get Aramis or DLee or Nomar or Garza… Each of those trades brought talent in return. When Hendry traded Lilly it was a forced salary dump right when the league was recovering from a recession. When he traded Maddux he was pitching poorly and didn’t desirve a big return.

        There is no reason to blame Hendry for the moves that Epstein will, or won’t, make. Those are Epstein’s moves. Similarly, if you blame Hendry for what Theo inherited, then why not blame The Trib, Zell and Tom Ricketts for giving Hendry all of one off-seaon to spend on the team (to bolster the sale of the team) and two years to spend on the draft (one year to bolster the sale of the team (Samardzija) and one after he was fired).

      • Ash

        Saugatuck Brewery or New Holland Brewery?

  • thejackal

    demp to braves maholm to nats sori to giants

  • thejackal

    lmao michigan goat when u aim high brother u shoot for the starz lol

    • MichiganGoat

      I wouldn’t question Mr. Tidrow, he sees and hears all and now he is looking squarely at a Jackal, and the only way you see Dick Tidrow staring you down is in the afterlife.

  • HR Trucker

    My best guess is first, Brett is power napping now until go time, then will be slugging a five hour energy every hour on the hour.

    As to trades, I’ve got three

    Demp to the Braves…….the Dodgers have never been serious
    Johnson to the Jays and I can see getting a couple decent high risk high reward guys
    Baker to anyone who is a contender needing a guy to kill the lefties and play all over the field again a couple guys high risk

    Plenty of prospects to talk about.

  • Tennessee Cub

    The Cubs have some nice pieces in place. 1st, 2nd, SS, and as of now two front line starters in Shark and Garza. Need all OF spots filled (Jackson, Soler, Almora) and a 3b (Vitters?), and catcher (Castillo?) I believe this is the plan by 2014. We will get more pitching prospects besides (Concepion). We are going in the right direction to be good for a sustained period of time. All of this will make that World Series that much better when we win it.

  • Tennessee Cub

    Wake up Brett!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      I’m about to do the exact opposite of that. The Blogathon doesn’t start until 10am CT tomorrow.

      • MichiganGoat

        There is a pre-party over on the Message Board

  • thejackal

    well were all lucky we were all around wen the and jed built this empire to be, from ground up we should be thankful lol

  • Tennessee Cub

    Just messing with ya man, hope you get a quality night of z’s……looking forward to tomorrow, unfortunately I teach school and we start back tomorrow too. I will be on throughout the day.

  • thejackal

    thumbs up mr tidrowwwww llol

    • MichiganGoat

      I hope your not making fun of Mr. Tidrow, are there some veteran BN’ers that can explain the power Mr. Tidrow has around here. Dick Tidrow only gives thumbs up in one place… his victims intestines.

  • thejackal

    i think mr tidrow needs to leave the beer alone

  • donnie kessinger

    I wonder if Maholm is the real deal or just a fluke… Maybe we should keep this guy. I wouldn’t give anyone away unless we could get a “piece” of the future in return.Let’s not deal just to deal, unless we could save some bucks. Also, I have been a big Soriano detractor in the past, but I have to take my hat off to him, he has had a solid year. Hear’s to you ALFONZ!

  • Andy

    Hey Brett…One of those solid OF prospects going from Arizona to Houston is Marc Krauss, a proud OHIO BOBCAT.