As you know, I am foolishly attempting to blog for 30 hours straight leading up to (and slightly past) the July 31 non-waiver trade deadline. There’s almost always a flurry of rumors and moves – both by the Cubs and around the rest of MLB – so hopefully it won’t be without action. You know, like last year. (Hopefully you still enjoyed.)

In anticipation of staying up for 30 straight hours, I’m about to hit the hay for as long as I can. Ideally, I’ll sleep until just before the Blogathon begins at 10am CT, but something in your body changes when you turn 23. Suddenly, you can’t sleep in as late as you once could. Hell, in college, the only time I was ever up before 10am was for class (when I went). Times change, and now I have to, like, make an effort to sleep past 7am.

That is all to say, you aren’t going to see me around until late tomorrow morning. And then the 30-hour Trade Deadline Blogathon begins (hash tag #BNBlogathon if you want to join in on Twitter). It’s pretty much just like regular BN, but on PEDs. And for 30 hours straight. Hope you enjoy.

In the interim, should any juicy rumors or big news break, please post them here in the comments, and, by all means, discuss them to the limits of your heart’s desire.

See you in a bit.

  • CubFan Paul

    Dempster’s latest excuse for dragging his feet and costing Theo&Co Delgado: he’s getting divorced

    Excuses are like assholes, everybody has one

    • Ogyu

      Do you have a link to a source, Paul?

      • Cubbie Blues
        • Ogyu

          You are correct. When I am looking for a source of information about assholes, I come here. 😉 (j/k. folks)

      • CubFan Paul

        Chicago sun times

        • Ogyu

          Paul, the Sun Times articles does not say that Dempster is using the divorce as an excuse. On the contrary, it says: “Dempster and others close to him insist that it [the divorce] has played no role in his greater desire to go to the Los Angeles Dodgers.”

          • CubFan Paul

            Damage control or we wouldn’t even know about his divorce. Yesterday we thought he was happily married as he hid behind his family using them as an excuse. That’s my point. Of course he would say it has no effect

            • J R

              It’s all speculation at this point. I am sure his family does have something to do with it. I am sure pitching in the NL West in a contract yr has something to do with it. And I am sure his enormously weird affection for Ted Lilly has something to do with it…

              • andrew

                perhaps his weird affection for Ted lilly has something to do with the divorce O.o

    • RoughRiider

      It’s apparent from the last few days that every Blog has them too.

  • Scotti

    Paul. Not true. Dempster has stated that his divorce has nothing to do with the situation… So, again, that is not his “excuse.”

  • Cheryl

    Any idea what the first trades might be that Tom on Dubs Den said might be in the offing?

  • dreese

    Im so excited!! I dont think the cubs will make any big moves but I still had fun last year

  • Jackalope

    Apologies is someone posted on this, but Vitters is Sickel’s prospect of the day today.

  • B_Scwared

    I’ve been waiting to hear news on a deal for LaHair since he was pulled in the 7th yesterday.

    • Chef

      LaHair is frequently pulled for a defensive replacement in late innings, but I would like to see him moved for his own sake so he can have a chance to really succeed somewhere as a 1B.

      • Spriggs

        I would like to see him moved for the Cubs’ sake.

  • OlderStyle

    There was already rumor of Dempster’s divorce a few weeks ago. Well before the Atlanta trade fiasco.
    It sucks but life gets messy sometimes, he’s just a guy like anyone else. I’ve seen divorces really screw with people’s minds, emotions, decision-making. I’m disappointed about the non-trade but he still gets a flyer from me.

  • Curt

    this is to jr and Andrew now while I as a cub fan don’t like wht dempsters actions hve done to the cubs ability to trade him, I do however have some compassion for the man a divorce can and usually is a traumatic and brutal thing to go through especially when children are involved I’m sure in his eyes he has much much more important concerns in his life besides pleasing cub fans, so cut the guy some slack.

    • J R

      I wasn’t saying anything bad about Demp. I do think him wanting to play with Lilly so bad is very weird. But if that’s his deal, so be it. But I didn’t bash Demp at all, nor did I bring up any of the damage he could have done to the Cubs by his waffling.

      • Scotti

        There is nothing odd about a pitcher going into free agency wanting to pitch in Dodgers Stadium.

        • J R

          No that’s not weird at all… But the whole Ted Lilly thing is very strange in my opinion.

  • Turn Two

    Giants were reportedly scouting our minor leagues a short while ago. They also are shopping Brandon Belt. They also have shown interest reportedly in Soriano just recently. Any chance we went to San Fran to work out a Belt deal and they looked at our prospects and we wouldn’t give anyone decent up. So now they see a chance to trade Belt for an almost fully paid for Soriano?

    • J R

      Belt has potential, but would we get him to flip him for another another piece/pitcher. Maybe add him in for the Dodgers to up their price for Demp? 3 team trade.. I don’t see how Belt fits into the Cubs longterm picture?

      • Crockett

        Belt fits in LF? He plays a very decent LF, in fact.

        I’d much rather have Belt than Jackson in the OF for 10 years if given the choice.

        • Drew7


        • J R

          OK, that makes sense. I didn’t realize he was solid in the outfield defensively. I thought he was a LaHair type out there.

    • dabynsky

      I kind of thought about Belt when the Giants scouting AAA teams of the Royals and Cubs came out. It seems like it would make some sense since his skillset is unappreciated by the FO and manager of SFG, but I am not sure I see the fit. Sign me up for Soriano and paying all of his salary for Brandon Belt, though I doubt that will happen.

      • J R

        No doubt. I would much rather get pitching, but begger can’t be choosers. If we were to get Belt in a deal for Sori that would be amazing!

        • Turn Two

          Pitching won’t be coming for Soriano. The Giants are DESPERATE for a hitter. We can provide them with a free one for 2 years. They have already soured on Belt. Which is understandable, because a contender can’t wait for growing pains. So we give them free power to go along with their amazing pitching and they give us a project. With bsaically the entire cost on us of course.
          Could explain why the report came out of us paying so much of his salary and yet no interest. Maybe we only made that concession with the Giants.

  • fromthemitten


  • Crockett

    Live from Limerick!!!

    I’d J in my P’s if the Giants would do a Soriano for Belt deal. More likely, if it were in the realm of possibility, it’d be Soriano + another guy (prospect or MLB’er) for Belt. Can’t see a 1 for 1, but weirder things have happened I guess.

    PS – Ireland is awesome…but where’s the rain?

    • DocPeterWimsey

      The water was appropriated for the Guinness breweries…..

      (Ireland is a great place: it’s been too many years since I was there!)

  • Spriggs

    I’d be stunned if the Cubs could actually swing any type of Belt/Soriano deal. Absolutely stunned.

    • DocPeterWimsey

      Me, too, but…. the Giants seem to genuinely under-appreciate Belt. He didn’t hit immediately last year, so they basically gave is position to the “proven veteran” (i.e., known mediocrity) Huff. They have not really just stuck him in the lineup and let him play this year, either. Given that the Giants seem to love “proven veterans,” one that is actually good might tempt them to give up a young guy on whom they have (seemingly) given up already.

      But his AAA numbers (at the age of 23) are really strong. I’d love to have the MLB projection of that in LF for the next few years.

  • Evolution

    It would also be interesting to find out whether or not Garza’s side-session in being scouted, at all.

    People at the game should go over near the bullpen to look for fat white guys with straw hats, and hemorrhoid cushions for their seats.