As you know, I am foolishly attempting to blog for 30 hours straight leading up to (and slightly past) the July 31 non-waiver trade deadline. There’s almost always a flurry of rumors and moves – both by the Cubs and around the rest of MLB – so hopefully it won’t be without action. You know, like last year. (Hopefully you still enjoyed.)

In anticipation of staying up for 30 straight hours, I’m about to hit the hay for as long as I can. Ideally, I’ll sleep until just before the Blogathon begins at 10am CT, but something in your body changes when you turn 23. Suddenly, you can’t sleep in as late as you once could. Hell, in college, the only time I was ever up before 10am was for class (when I went). Times change, and now I have to, like, make an effort to sleep past 7am.

That is all to say, you aren’t going to see me around until late tomorrow morning. And then the 30-hour Trade Deadline Blogathon begins (hash tag #BNBlogathon if you want to join in on Twitter). It’s pretty much just like regular BN, but on PEDs. And for 30 hours straight. Hope you enjoy.

In the interim, should any juicy rumors or big news break, please post them here in the comments, and, by all means, discuss them to the limits of your heart’s desire.

See you in a bit.

  • daveyrosello

    First. Yay for me. Trade Dempster plz.

    • Jungledrew

      By replying to this post it looks as though I am second, bwhahaha

      Does anyone else think the lack of trades from the Cubs could be a sign that Epstein actually wants to keep some of his pieces. I mean if he really wanted to be rid of Soriano he would have just Zambranoed him. If he isn’t getting what he thinks Dempster is worth for a trade, why piss him off and not be able to re-sign in the off season (which lit ooks like a very good possibility that he will re-sign). Maybe, just maybe, Epstein has had the chance to really evaluate what he has and thinks that he can contend next year with some of what we have already got (e.g. Garza pitching and Sori no-longer-so-slowly patroling left).

      That all said I still think some of the utility guys and relievers are gone for trade along with Dempster and maybe Maholm. But Soriano and Garza will stay because they’re better than anything else we have planned for next year. Soto wil probably be given one more year to turn it around, so he stays.

      Frankly I think the trade we’re going to see is Dempster and LaHair to the Dodgers for Zach Lee at the last minute. And maybe Maholm and Baker combined to some team needing outfield/infield utility help (Mets?).

      And some advice for Brett on staying up… Starve yourself… Mammals (which we are) can easily stay awake for longer periods of time with a lack of nutrition, because our bodies know they need the food that small part of survival instinct kicks in saying stay awake until you eat or you will die. Also, if you decided to take a nap, drink something caffinated just before a 15 minute nap and you’ll wake up more refreshed…

      Good luck

      • Carew

        I think they wouldnt mind keeping Sori because he is having a great year. If he was doing poorly, he definitely would have been Zambranoed by now. I think.

      • dob2812

        I doubt Theo suddenly thinks the Cubs can contend next year. He clearly didn’t think so two weeks ago and he doesn’t strike me as the sort of person to let small amounts of information influence well-founded beliefs. Dempster is 35. You don’t want to be resigning him to a multi year contract unless its for peanuts. He’s not coming back. Imagine if it didn’t quite work out and they decided to trade him once more. Would you go through this again?

        Garza would be extended if the price was right but it obviously isn’t at the moment. Again, something I’m all for if they can get a value on him but if he’s gonna hold out for 80m+, no thanks.

        And as for Soriano, well this might just be the last flicker of life we see from him. Two/three hot months is still no reason to throw out 4 years of declining performance. I don’t know what you mean by Zambrano’d. He was wasn’t just dumped on the side of the road. They did get Volstad back and while that hasn’t worked out, it’s clear that the FO are not willing to hand cash and assets over without something back in return. My guess is that no GM has decided yet that he wants to be the one remembered for giving something up to take on the big, bad, Alfonso Soriano contract. They’ll come around. With Thoyer, I’m happy to believe that they always will.

        • Jungledrew

          I checked there are 2 definitions of Zambranoed:
          1. To be be traded away while your original team eats most of your contract, not necessarily because of ineffectiveness.
          2. To be beat like a gatorade machine.

          I think I was using the second definition, I can’t remember now…

          • CastrotoBarneytoRizzo

            Nicely Done !!!

        • Scotti

          If Theo eats the vast majority of Soriano’s contract (both the meaning of Zambrano’d and the recent scuttlebutt) then exactly WHY would any GM be concerned about Soriano’s “big bad” contract that doesn’t exist? Simply put, Soriano has more value now that he has re-established himself. Theo isn’t under the gun to move him and should only do so if he gets a good return or very serious financial relief. The issue of his “four years of declining performance” is 100% health related and, since he’s healthy this year, he is performing both with the bat and with the glove. He’s got real value and, for that reason, you don’t just give him away.

          • Flashfire

            I think his career .562 OPS in the postseason is a bigger factor than the contract — and the Cubs aren’t going to just dump him, so it would require a real prospect to get him.

            • Drew7

              I doubt GM’s care much about that postseason OPS, given that it consists of only 186 PA’s, with only 29 since 2003.

      • Flashfire

        I think it means, other than Garza and Dempster, the Cubs pieces aren’t particularly tradeable. Who would you rather have: Hunter Pence or Bryan LaHair? Hanley Ramirez or Alfonso Soriano? The only one that surprised me was Wandy Rodriguez going instead of Paul Maholm, and it’s probably Theo and Co. didn’t like Colton Cain enough to pull the deal.

      • Spriggs

        No, I think the lack of trades is probably due to the front office waiting too long. Bad timing. Unlucky timing. Whatever. They waited to get best possible value (a risky move) and it backfired. Probably wanted to move Dempster ahead of Garza to better set up Garza’s value. Dempster messed that up, then Garza gets hurt. LaHair just keeps on struggling every day and now his value is at it’s lowest. Same for Soto.

        So, they’re probably left with Johnson, Camp and maybe Maholm none of which will yield the type of assets we (and the FO) were all expecting – and even drooling over. Welcome to the Wrath.

  • Tennessee Cub

    Keep Garza , extend him. What place am I? 2nd

    • willis

      I totally agree.

  • thejackal

    i agree tennessee cub

  • Nick

    You CAN do it!!!!

  • Karena

    At this point, I just hope the Cubs make some sort of move prior to the deadline. When Theo took over this was circled on his calendar as the 2nd biggest event under his watch. The 1st being the draft. What a disappointment the trade deadline has been.

  • Tennessee Cub

    What you guys think about getting Sweeney to play right field? I have lost faith in LaHair. He was a good stor but the season has caught up with him and so have NL pitchers. Sweeney is only 27 and is a 4th outfielder with Boston, so he is trade bait and they can’t be expecting much in return.

    • djriz

      Sweeney = wasted roster spot. I know he has a big K issue, but it’s time to bring up Jackson. Time to bring up Vitters too.
      Unless they are traded before the deadline, bring them up and see what thay can do.

  • Featherstone

    I say ride the year out with Lahair see how he does with a full season under his belt. He’s dirt cheap to the club right now and hes certainly not blocking anyone in the minors.

    • Featherstone

      FYI Lahair is still batting .270/.351/.472 with an OPS+ of 123. Yes he is way down from his ridiculous start, but give him a shot to make an adjustment to the league

    • fortyonenorth

      I’d send LaHair back to AAA. He obviously has a real confidence issue. Let him regain his chops down there. In the meantime, give someone else a shot.

  • CubbieBlue

    Slacker. Who ever heard of sleeping before a blogathon…pfft.

  • cubfanincardinalland

    Brett, pop in a tape of some old Steve Traschel pitched games for the Cubs. You will sleep like a newborn.

    • Leroy K.


  • JK

    Keep: Garza, Wood, Maholm, Shark Trade Demp for either AA high reward pitcher or corner outfielder or 3b that can be a run producer. It is possible that Ian Stewart could be that guy. You add a run producing RF. Don’t think LaHair is the answer. We can’t go into 2013 with both LaHair and Stewart as a big part of our offense. One maybe but not both and see what happens.

  • Heath

    Trade dempster, extend garza, trade sori for anything, trade soto, move lahair to left let him work through his batting slump worse case is next year he is backup slash ph specialist insurance if Ruiz gets hurt.

    • White Sox Nation

      Who is Ruiz ? Rizzo?

  • Derrick

    Prepare for the same roster come Aug. 1st, sorry fellow Cubs fans. This season is going to get longer. On the bright side Dillion Maples pitched today.

    • Vladimir

      I really don’t agree with this. Just because Theo and co require a great package before they will trade, does not mean some team won’t buckle on the last day and say “ok, here you go”. I know it’s hard as a fan, but actually the fact that we haven’t traded anyone yet means when we do trade somebody, it’s going to be an exciting guy coming back.

  • thejackal

    i like laair mor than sweeny i think lahair jus n a slump rite now

  • Derrick

    Theo & Co don’t seem to love any of the hold overs from the last regime, Vitters, Jackson, or any of the pitchers. That’s why we keep getting these no name guys Germano, Ascenio, Lendy Castillo, Valbuena etc. We need to figure out if Vitters can play 3rd or if BJax can stop striking out so much.

    • Drew7

      Bringing Jackson up wont cause him to stop K’ing so much. Vitters won’t develop into a great defender by getting called up, either. If a player has a flaw in the minors, it is further exposed in the Bigs. The holes don’t just disappear.

      • djriz

        With Vitters fielding, yes it needs work, but the the 3rd baseman with the highest range factor fields less than three balls per game. Our combined OPS at 3rd this year is less than .600. Would Vitters increase in oWAR offset his defense? I think it would.
        Jackson strikeout rate is problematic, I agree, but with our RF OPS @ below .600 since Rizzo arrived I think Jackson would be better than that. Then you get the bonus of extra stolen bases and much better defense. If he doesn’t cut it, he starts next year in AAA (after he gets with Rizzo’s hitting coach).

        What do we have to lose?

        • celebratelikeits1908

          We don’t have anything to lose, but Vitters and Jackson do, which in turn could hurt the team long term. If they are rushed to the Majors it could hurt their development. If management thought they were ready they would be in the Bigs.

          • djriz

            Or the FO guys have such an ego they don’t want Hendry guys to succeed.

            Giving players ML experience in a low pressure situation is always the best. It could give them an idea what they need to work on to get better, or they get their ‘adjustment’ period out of the way so they are ready to open the next season in the bigs.

            Good players recover from poor Big League debuts (see Rizzo, A or Trout, M). If they don’t recover, then they weren’t good players.

            • Scotti

              If your theory were true then why did Rizzo get held back in AAA this year? He wasn’t a Hendry guy, was he? No, he’s a Theo/Jed guy. And, before you say Theo’s “We like to see a guy get 162 AAA games” was all about money and not development, guess how many AAA games Pedroia saw? 162 over two seasons.

              Now, while I don’t (whole-heartedly) subscribe to the You Will Ruin Him If You Bring Him Up Too Early bit, it doesn’t make ANY sense to bring up a kid who you know isn’t ready.

              Hey, kid. You have bad habits and suck so… Congrats–you’re going to the show! You didn’t earn it but, like everything else in your short life, we’re just going to hand it too you on a silver platter. Hey, we just feel like winging it.

              That makes no sense. No strategy sense. No player development sense. No fiscal sense. No childhood development sense. It’s nonsense.

              On the other hand… If you want Vitters to continue to improve his offense and defense then tell him the reward if he develops the habits that lead to improved play. Include a September call-up if he improves sufficiently. But don’t call him up while he still has so much to work on. Same with Brett Jackson… He’s doing something differently this year than in years past. Let him work it out where there is truely no pressure.

            • dabynsky

              And how did Castro developing his defense at the major league level work out? Calling Vitters up now is only about making fans happy to see something else. There are clear flaws in both Vitters and Jackson’s game that can be worked on in Iowa. September rolls around and we ought to see at least Vitters if not both.

        • Drew7

          The Cubs’ RF OPS has been bad since then, but that’s an incredibly small sample. If you use Dejesus’ numbers (.743 OPS as the primary RF before the Rizzo callup), it’s not so clear Jackson would be an upgrade at this point, especially if he’s K’ing 40% of the time (which is certainly possible, if not probable).

          I’d be much more OK with Vitters being given a shot this year, but really just to see how he can do on offense (I tend to agree with your point on his defense), since the PCL can mask a lot of flaws and inflate numbers.

          • djriz

            First, please understand I’m not saying these two moves will work out. I totally respect your opinion, and sadly, you are probably right. My point is, depending on what happens during the trade madness, we don’t have anything better, so why not try it. Plus, I’d love to go into the winter knowing what we had with our two most ready prospects. That really could influence what the FO does duing the winter. Let’s say Vitters does well, handles 3rd fine, hits well, with some power. Then the FO can focus on other things before they waste resourcs on a stopgap 3rd baseman.

            Plus, since I have Adult Attention Deficit Disorder, bringing up new players may keep me interested in games more. Right now, all I care about is how did Castro, Rizzo and Shark do. (gets boring).

            Anyway, great debate and have a good morning.

            • Scotti

              djriz, if you call them up to figure out what you have (like SD did with Rizzo), and then you make your winter moves as a result of their performance, you will likely wind up like SD–without a top prospect who you rushed in the first place.

              • djriz

                Scotti, was the trade San Diego made caused by Rizzo’s poor debut? Or was it caused by their desire to get what they thought was a high ceiling pitcher?
                I’d just hate to see the Cubs give up some of their other prospects, or pay premium free agent prices, to fill those positions if we have adequate ‘bridge’ talent in the system already.

            • Mike

              Id honestly say at this point, Baez, Soler Sczcur and Almora would all have more success being called up now then Bjax would. There is a hole in his swing that he cant seem to figure out. Would the speed and defense be nice, yeah maybe it would but until he can figure his hitting out in AAA he doesnt need to further hurt his confidence with a call up. Also, I am not sayin Baez Soler Sczcur, or Almora should be called up, just that they would prob have more success with one then Bjax.

              • Scotti

                Couldn’t disagree more. Baez has a BB/K ratio of something like 9-45–WAY worse that Jackson and he’s all the way in single A. Even Szczur (the most likely to succeed from that group) is scuffling since his recent promotion to AA. Soler and Almora are just hyperbole. They’re in rookie A. Jackson has some issues to work out but he would dominate those levels and any of the above mentioned players would be slaughtered at AAA much less MLB. While Jackson isn’t ready for MLB there is way too much made of his K’s.

                • Drew7

                  I’ve been in Jackson’s corner for a long time, but his K’s are a major, major issue. There just arent any examples of a guy K’ing at that high a rate in AAA and going on to have success in the Bigs.

                  Some guys blow the issue out of proportion – he is still an extremely talented hitter- but that doesnt mean he would be anything close to productive in Chicago

                  • Bret Epic

                    Dunn is around 42% this year. Crazy huh?

                    • Cubbie Blues

                      Jackson doesn’t have anywhere near the power that Dunn has. If you are going to K that much you must provide power.

                    • Scotti

                      Cubbie Blues, Jackson has twenty-five to thirty HR power. He has legit HR power to all fields. That’s more than plenty. In terms of BABIP, he is left-handed, runs fast, works the count and hits the ball hard when he connects–all pluses for keeping a high BABIP.

                    • Cubbie Blues

                      I didn’t say he wouldn’t make it to the MLB. However, I see him as either your 3rd or 4th outfielder. I also don’t see 30 HR coming from him. He does have some pop, but 30 is pushing it a bit.

                    • Cubbie Blues

                      It is also what Sveum is calling for.

                  • Scotti

                    Would he be “close to productive”? Of course he would. Is his development completed? Of course not. Taking his partial AAA season and comparing it to others with complete AAA seasons (or even incomplete seasons) just isn’t apples to apples.

                    And speaking of apples, Brett Jackaon K’s because he goes deep into counts (walks)–period. Unlike the vast majority of dudes who “K’d too much in AAA” Jackson could K less by simply swinging earlier in the count.

                    • Drew7

                      Saying that he Ks because he goes deep in counts definitely doesnt tell the whole story. I love his approach and believe every hitter should use it, and utitilizing the approach will result in elevated K’s, but elevated enough to explain away a 33% K-rate.

                      A better way to put it would be, “Jackson K’s because the approach he uses to maximize his best skills (pitch-recognition, power, speed) also exposes his biggest flaw (making contact).”

                    • Drew7

                      *should read, “not elevated enough to explain away”

                    • Scotti

                      Drew, nothing to explain away. Simply put, he would K at a rate found “acceptable” by “Internet commenters” if he ditched said approach. That would also be detrimental to his game but it is what the pitchfork burdened locals are screaming for–less K’s.

                    • Drew7

                      I completely agree that ditching his selectively-aggressive approach would lower his K’s to an acceptable level, like I said before:

                      “Jackson K’s because the approach he uses to maximize his best skills (pitch-recognition, power, speed) also exposes his biggest flaw (making contact).”

                      Ditching that approach would have a pretty detrimental effect on his OPS. What I’m saying is, I think the only way Jackson can be productive is by using his current approach, since he cannot just “swing earlier in the count” and still maintain his other numbers,.

                    • Scotti

                      Drew, you’re simply saying what I have been saying since before we drafted him except for the “acceptable levels” business. Dunn (and many others) have proven that phrase way too elusive.

                    • Drew7

                      Right.I think we are in agreement with everything accept that.

                      I don’t want you to misunderstand me: I am very much in Jackson’s corner and remain very optimistic that he can turn into a good player in the bigs. With his speed, power, and defense, a 30% or even 35% K-rate would probably translate into acceptable numbers.

                      The biggest question is, with a full season of PA’s in AAA with a K-rate at nearly 33%, can he keep it there? There just isnt a comp out there to ease my worries.

                • Flashfire

                  Szczur has been in AA for two games. It’s not unusual for players to have a rough first couple games in a new league. Heck, Torreyes had a rough first couple months after his promotion to A+.

                  On Baez, yes, the K-to-BB ratio is a touch disturbing. He’s also a lot younger than Jackson, OPSing a lot a higher than Jackson, and nowhere near ready for the big leagues. The walks are something they will work on as he progresses. If he has that same ratio in AA/AAA, then there is a problem.

                  • Scotti

                    Context, Flash. I probably have Baez #1 and Szczur #2 on my Cub top ten list. Certainly no one here is higher on Szczur than I am. The question was whether any of those mentioned would out perform Jackson. Given that none have any positive accomplishments above A ball, and Jackson has 30+ 2B, 10+ 3B and 25 HR in under 150 games at AAA, his statement was obviously hyperbole. In no way am I putting down our A ball guys by saying they would fall flat on their respective faces if they were facing MLB pitching…

                • Ryan G

                  Scuffling? Szczur has played 2 AA games!

  • Tennessee Cub

    I like LaHair, but one HR, and 3 RBI’s since the All-Star break don’t cut it for a right fielder. Alos, his batting AvG and on base % is way way down the second half. We also need someone who can hit righties and lefties. If they give him a chance the rest of the year no problems, but we need someone for the future.

  • thejackal

    true i agree he isnt the long time slution but if i had to pk him or sweeney might as wellmlet our guy try honestly i think we should try another option down i triple aaa give them a chance might as well now while wee in a lost season

  • thejackal

    i believe only reason he in there is so teams hopefullty make an offer for him once dead ine passed heprolly goin to triple a

  • Cheryl

    Good luck, Brett. I know you want to do 30, but it’s not required by us.

  • Vladimir

    Well atleast it will be exciting trade deadline. If you have to blog for 30 hours, atleast you’ll have alot to talk about if the Cubs trade a few guys during your marathon.

  • Toby

    Even though we haven’t heard any Cub rumors, sans Dempstergate, does not necessarily mean that there aren’t any deals in the works. The Cubs might end up trading Dempster after all that has gone down, but I can see the following players most likely moving onto other teams: Reed, Camp, Baker, Maholm and the following that possibly could be moved: Soto, LaHair, Corpas, Valbuena, and Campana. I believe that Soriano could be moved during the waiver trade period.

  • @cubsfantroy

    I want to hear something about dragons in a post, Brett.

    • MichiganGoat

      Dick Tidrow once kill a dragon with just a popsicle stick

      • Wilbur

        Dick Tidrow was once a dragon …

        • J R

          Tidrow also used that power stache to star in 70’s adult films. Man of many talents…

  • IAcubbyfan

    Lahairs in a major slump, I haven’t lost confidence in him yet. Every player, even the greats have gone into slumps. Excited for the next couple days, hopefully way more exciting than last season.

    • dudeski

      lahair has been pretty bad since the end of april

      • czechxican

        gotta believe he won’t adjust this season. I keep seeing the same hole in his swing (down and in) that Colvin had. He’s an old kid, plenty of heart, but can he adjust? doubt it, and FO knows it. (Seriously, an All-Star this year? Did the guy do anything after June 6th to warrent that spot?)

        • Brad

          I don’t know about you, but to me Colvin seems to be someone that theo might have been better off not dealing.

          • czechxican

            He was crazy hot in June, but once he started getting regular at bats he slumped again, and last 2 weeks: 4/33 with 0 extra base hits, 0 HR and 1 RBI but the real problem: 15 Ks in those 33 ABs. Don’t know what his home/away #s are, but if he’s striking out have his ABs, he’s just shining the pine more and more. I’m pulling for him though

  • Jeff1969

    How about the White Sox being interested in Reed Johnson & Shawn Camp? How many backup IF do they have left to send us?

    • djriz

      Camp is too old to be a Sox Relief Pitcher. I think they have strict age limit of 22.

    • Karena

      Reed would be a nice fit for the Sox. It would allow Jordon Danks to go back to AAA for additional ABs.

      • Jeff1969

        And Camp could add a veteran reliever to their pen & one who had success in te AL. It’s the kind of minor/major deal that could be good for both. The Sox have some pitchers in the minors that could be had. Petricka & Leesman come to mind. Reed would give them a vet OF & bat who could play every OF spot.

  • supergeek24

    I think hunter pence just got sent to the giants

  • Serious Cubs Fan

    Rumor: Red sox looking to dump josh beckett. I think cubs shuld buy low on him, and hold onto him and then try and sell high on him at the trade deadline next year. Think about it. The cubs give a couple marginal prospects for beckett. Have him pitch his stock up, he’ll be rejuvenated to be with theo/jed, yes he’ll be on a bad team but he really supposedly wants out of the drama in boston. he pitches well the first half of next season and then we trade him for a good return and then kick in money to trade him to a poor market team who needs pitching and they’ll give us an even better return. Yes its risky and highly unlikely but its sounds like a buy low, sell high situation that might be able to work out. And as always the theo/jed connection.

    • AdolphoPhillips67

      No way Cubs interested in Beckett. That would be a u-turn in their whole plan. Beckett has declined big-time over the last couple of years and doesn’t figure to improve. IMHO, his arm is running out of bullets. He was ridden like a war horse starting at age 22 and it shows. The last thing Theo/Jed will do is help Boston rid themselves of an aging, overpaid, under-performing SP. Now if Boston offers a Big Z Dumpster Deal, maybe…

      • Scotti

        While Beckett isn’t the pitcher that he thought he was coming out of h.s., he DID have his second best year just half a year ago. If the Cubs MLB scouts think he’s still got gas left in his tank, and BOS would pick up some of the risk (there is about 36 or 37 million left over 2 1/2 years), then this would fit into their stated plans of getting future talent. I’m not sure why Beckett would agree to this type of trade, though. There would have to be zero other takers…

    • Scotti

      Same “buy low, sell high” applies to Garza and Soto except that’s just “keep low, sell high.”

    • baldtaxguy

      Would depend on the “marginal prospects” and the amount of cash sent by the Sox. Not a bad thought.

  • AdolphoPhillips67

    No Pence deal per AGM Evans…but denial is part of the process, so who knows?

  • supergeek24

    I hope the pence deal goes through. That might make the dodgers over pay for dempster and sori

  • Serious Cubs Fan

    Whats the rumor on Pence? Where is possibly going?

    • AdolphoPhillips67

      Local sports guy in SF said deal in place for Pence pending ownership approval. Rumored to be sending Tommy Joseph among others.

      • Serious Cubs Fan

        What are the chances the Pence deal goes through you think? Possibly makes dodgers step up the offer dempster you think?

  • DCF

    At this point, I’m honestly kinda worried if the Cusb are really able to pull off any significant trade at all. The best we can hope for seems to be that the Demp-to-Braves trade is miraculously resurrected or that some team will bite on Soriano. Other than that we pretty much lack any trade chips that would warrant more than a yawn and some roster filler type of prospect.

  • Assman22

    Good news and bad news….Good news is Cubs are announcing a trade this afternoon, bad news is the source wouldn’t name the player(s). FO keeping things close to vest….

    • Bret Epic

      Got a source?

      • Luke

        This guy has been right on with the predictions this season. He nailed Soler, the timing of Almora’s signing, and a couple other things. For the time being, you can probably assume he is a source.

        Until he proves to be horribly wrong, that is. That’s the downside of being an anonymous source on the Internet. You only get to be badly wrong once.

        • dabynsky

          Didn’t he call the Paniagua signing as well?

          • hogie

            Well in advance.

          • dabynsky

            That is the one that was impressive to me, but this one is kind of like something I think most of us could call. It would be awesome if true especially if it was more than Reed Johnson or Shawn Camp.

      • Ogyu

        Do not doubt the Assman. :)

    • baldtaxguy

      Thanks for sharing – any deal is good news, since its likely to bring a prospect.