The first of two sets of Bullets which will come during the BNBlogathon …

  • Given his walk-off, two-run homer in the 10th, you can understand that almost everything written about yesterday’s win over the Cardinals is a lovefest for Anthony Rizzo. And that’s fine with me. Here’s a good example from Doug Padilla, in which you get a good sense of Rizzo’s youthful enthusiasm, which is awesome. “This is the best,” Rizzo said. “This is something I’ve always dreamed of doing since I was a little kid. I’ve never done it before. Not in the minors, not in Little League, not ever …. This is awesome.”
  • Bryan LaHair knows he’s been struggling for quite some time, and obviously he’s not too thrilled about it. “It gets frustrating,” LaHair told reporters. “You try to tell yourself over and over again that (you’re better). Sometimes you try to do too much. It’s not a good feeling, but at the same time I know the kind of hitter I am and it takes time. I feel like I’m starting to see the ball a little better.” Here’s hoping.
  • Dale Sveum on closer Carlos Marmol’s ugly success over the past few months – strictly speaking, he hasn’t blown a save since April 24: “Look, he’s done the job. You look at every closer, you look at every night no matter if a guy is throwing more strikes or whatever, the winning run is going to get to the plate no matter how it is. One-two-three innings in the last couple of innings, they’re very, very difficult to find. I don’t care if the guy on the mound never throws balls at all. He will give up a hit. It’s just the way it is.”
  • A Matt Holliday quote that will, at first, piss you off, and then will make you smile: “We can’t be playing well and come in here and lose to the Cubs,” Holliday said. “We can’t lose this series. But we did. The only way to get better is to play better. We didn’t get the result we were looking for.”
  • A few Iowa moves: Blake DeWitt (back) and Rafael Dolis (sore knee) have been placed on the disabled list at AAA Iowa. The Cubs picked up former Tigers outfielder Jeff Frazier to make some time in Iowa.
  • The MLBullets at BCB are, surprise, surprise, trade focused.
  • Sosa23

    Everyone will be hating him when he slumps, thats how it is for majority of fans…

    • cubmig

      We’ve been primed for disappointment……’s always in the mind. The only way to cure that is for the heroes we anoint is that they not undermine that with frequent or prolonged slumps. We’re Cubs fans. What are we to do?

  • fearbobafett

    Holliday’s comments didn’t tick me off, just like the White Sox comments didn’t tick me off. But he has to realize that the Cubs/Cards and Cubs/Brewers records really mean jack when these teams play each other.

    Overall he is correct, the Cubs suck and they should have at least taken 2 of 3.

  • Jackalope

    Random but hilarious video. Bronson Arroyo and Ardolis Chapman’s pitching and musical abilities are inversely proportional:

  • Max Miller

    Man, I am so jetlagged and ready for bed, but I know the minute I put my head down, the Cubs are going to announce a flurry of trades in a three hour period completely reshaping our future team. I don’t want to miss it, but I’m soooo tired.

    • Fishin Phil

      Max, please put your head down for a minute. The rest of us would like to watch the flurry of trades.

      Thanks, and sleep tight.

      • Max Miller

        If I knew it was that simple, I’d have been out three hours ago.

    • Brett

      If you know that you going to sleep is going to trigger some trades, I implore you to go to sleep.

  • Norm

    So do people now see why some were saying that the Cubs should trade LaHair before his true talent shows?

    • Ted



      Lesson: Sell low. On everyone.

    • hansman1982

      Darwin Barney

  • PKJ


    • DocPeterWimsey

      When somebody explains to them the difference between the athletic elite and the athletic illeist is, I suppose…..

  • johnny kelroy

    Unfortunately Lahair looks to be the definition of a classic 4A hitter. I can’t speak for his production from age 22-27 in the minors, but classic 4A guys do eventually start having success in the minor leagues because they’re there sooooo long. Think about it, he probably didn’t always have the talent, but after several years of playing 3A ball, he got used to pitchers and learned what to expect at that level, eventually he started putting up impressive numbers. Now that he moves up, and has no experience, he is struggling. Pitchers have found a few holes in his swing and until he makes adjustments, it’s not going to get any better….hopefully I’m wrong.

    • johnny kelroy

      I guess to add to this, this is why Rizzo is so exciting….he came up early, (early 20’s) had success at 3A, struggled some last year in the bigs, went back down, made adjustments, and the kid is 22 and improving with every at bat. He is still going to have low points in the future, but right now, he looks to have talent to keep him afloat during those points, and the ceiling to be a great everyday first basemen for a long time.

  • rbreeze

    Rizzo gets it. He tried to lay down a bunt the other day because the infield was back. But he didn’t get it on the ground and Berkman stepped ont he bag for an easy out. But still he is trying to do positives things with his at bats. I like the way he carries himself.

  • cubfanincardinalland

    I just love Hollidays comments. Really enjoying seeing the Cardinals starting to wet their pants. Have you ever seen a team that has such a consistent high opinion of themselves? Reality check for the dead birds, they are 34-37 in the last 3 months of baseball.
    Even better, here was Wainwright’s quote Saturday from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. “With us, you are talking about a team that knows how to win and get things done.”
    And here was the legendary Skippy Schumaker. “What is frustrating is we are a championship team, and we know we are. We’re just not playing like it. We would never lose a series like this if we were playing like it”.
    Reality check number two. This is an old and over the hill team, who had the best player in baseball carry you boys for 11 years. As the Hawk would say,” He gone.” Squirm little birdies, squirm.

  • stillmisskennyhubbs

    “Squirm little birdies, squirm.”
    Couldn’t happen to a finer bunch of hubristic has-beens.
    Reminds me of the old baseball adage, “The dirty birds get to squirm.”