Right after Reed Johnson was pulled from tonight’s Cubs game, and did the handshake-and-hug-thing in the dugout, catcher Geovany Soto – also known to be on the block – was pulled, and did the very same thing in the dugout.

We know that Johnson is being traded, so it’s a pretty fair guess that Soto is, too. Whether it’s the same deal, or a separate one, we’ll have to see.

As with Reed, I’ll do updates here as soon as we learn more. Now *this* is how I envisioned the BNBlogathon…

UPDATE: Ken Rosenthal says there is indeed a deal, and it’s a separate one from the Reed Johnson trade. That’s fine and all, but it makes my duel posting more difficult!

UPDATE 2 (at 9:45pm CT): Tim Brown of Yahoo Sports says Soto has been dealt to the Rangers. No word on the return yet, but keep expectations low.

UPDATE 3 (at 9:50pm CT): Danny Knobler says Jacob Brigham is in the deal, or may be the entire return. He’s a 24-year-old pitcher at AA, with decent K numbers, and improving walk numbers. Not overwhelming on a first look.

UPDATE 4 (at 10:46pm CT): Like the Maholm/Johnson deal, I’m leaving this one for now while I turn to other stuff. I’ll have more on it later today/tomorrow.

  • Toddleevon

    I just cut the line to Koyie Hills phone

    • atfinch

      Maybe best line of the night so far.

    • JP cubed

      Todd that is f’n hilarious!;). Funniest cubbie one liner I’ve seen in a while

      • DocPeterWimsey

        Too bad nobody under 30 gets the joke ….. 😉

        • JP cubed

          Please say K hill is still in the lineup at Washington’s AAA affiliate’s game…. Wait you think he was even starting there?

        • cking

          23 and I totally get it awesome Todd awesome

    • Ol’CharlieBrown

      Ha! That’s classic!

      No, but really, I hope you called his cell phone provider posing as him and promptly cancelled his account.

  • Sosa23

    Soto to giants from report

  • ferrets_bueller


  • ProfessorCub

    According to the Twittersphere (too lazy to list all the @s), Reed not going to Pirates or Giants

  • EB

    Alright now just a triple from Castro, a double from Barney for 2 cycles toile this night just a little wilder!

  • Joel

    hey somebody go tell rizzo to hug soriano! then maybe jed/theo will trade him

    • Austin

      I was going to say the same but also go Hug Dempster and Garza.

      • Joel

        go hug marmol and maholm too

        • Austin

          Hell, hug everyone besides himself (Rizzo (That would be awkward now I think about it)), Castro, and Shark. Everyone else can go.

  • Vladimir

    I wonder what kind of guys the magic men can get for soto alone and johnson alone. I’m guessing some real young guys, in A, A+ ball but that have some promise?

  • atfinch

    We were reminiscing on the other post about Reed Johnson’s great catches, anyone got a great memorable play for Soto? Bueller? What about that time he-? No, oh wait, that one game that he had that great – no, not him…Oh how about that awesome-nope, not him…


    In all fairness, he was great in 08′ and that was about it. Got too stoned too many times and gained weight and became a shell of his 08′ self unfortunately.

    That 08′ team was great though, and surprisingly has dwindled to Dempster, Marmol, and….???

    • Austin

      Yea he didn’t have any amazing single plays but I think his Rookie campaign makes up for not having any of those WOW plays.

    • Sandberg

      He hit a HR against Arizona in the playoffs in ’07.

    • Drew7

      How about a career. 786 OPS from a solid defensive catcher? He’s gonna be much harder to replace than people think.

      • CubbiesOHCubbies

        The best thing about Soto was the fact that he WASN’T koyie hill.

      • djriz

        Yep Drew, the Soto trade is a ‘be careful what you wish for’ situation.

    • Kurt

      April of 2008 he hit two 3-run homers against the Brew Crew.

    • DocPeterWimsey

      His inside-the-park HR in Houston that actually was a blown call: the ball left the yard!

    • celebratelikeits1908

      his face mask got kicked once. best soto memory.

  • bmorecubsfan

    Brett I have been a long time follower of the site this is my first comment I love being able to get all my cubbie info on one site keep it up!!! I am glad to finally see some action and hopefully we will get some decent prospects in return for these guys but I do have to admit I have a lot of good memories of these guys Reeds catch against Prince a few years ago is one of my fondest cant say that I have so many of Soto recently but there was a time I did not think I would see Soto traded.

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  • http://bleachernation.com IAcubbyfan

    They should bring up vitters. Look what happened with rizzo. Brought up got some experience didn’t hit worth a crap. Got sent back down. Figured out what he was doing wrong. Got te call back up this year, and is killin it. Sry to see reed go he will be missed, soto too good luck on your new teams fellas

  • dudeski

    soto to rangers according to tim brown

  • nkniacc13

    Reed to Balt? Soto to TB?

  • Assman22

    Soto to Texas

  • TheJDawg

    No more Soto.. the Clevenger/Castillo tandem has begun..

    • Drew7

      Thanks. Now I’m gonna have nightmares…

  • aaron

    rangers got soto.

  • Cubs82

    @TBrownYahoo Soto has been traded to Rangers

  • Luke D


  • atfinch

    Soriano pulled?!?!?! traded??? lol. I know, just trying to keep the ball rolling here.

  • Joel

    hey campy is in left maybe soriano is hugging people in the clubhouse

  • anotherjp

    On a day that Soto, Johnson, and perhaps other Cubs are traded, Rizzo, Castro, and Barney all have 3-run homers. A prophetic look into the future of our team IMO

  • TonyP

    Brigham coming back to cubs

  • anotherjp

    And now Soriano’s out of the line-up… could it be?

  • czechxican

    Rangers did need a bat, but they also REALLY need a starter. Too bad we couldn’t send them Garza or Maholm, they are stacked with young talent

  • Serious Cubs Fan

    I hope soto doesnt get traded for comlete crap

  • TheJDawg

    Just saw someone said Soriano got pulled and him and Demp are moving on???

    • Serious Cubs Fan

      You see soriano and Dempster not in the dugout anymore!!?!?!

      • bbmoney

        I was surpirsed these deals happened before demp. Assumed they wouldn’t want to hurt his market…maybe that explains it….or not.

  • nkniacc13

    I just hope they get an interesting arm or 2 out of these deals

  • Cubs82

    Maholm and Johnson close to being traded

    • Serious Cubs Fan

      where u hear that? source?

  • Adam

    It appears we got Jacob Brigham in return for Soto. Looks to be a decent strikeout pitcher, Mid-Season All-Star selection.


  • TheJDawg

    just heard Jacob Brigham for Soto..