Right after Reed Johnson was pulled from tonight’s Cubs game, and did the handshake-and-hug-thing in the dugout, catcher Geovany Soto – also known to be on the block – was pulled, and did the very same thing in the dugout.

We know that Johnson is being traded, so it’s a pretty fair guess that Soto is, too. Whether it’s the same deal, or a separate one, we’ll have to see.

As with Reed, I’ll do updates here as soon as we learn more. Now *this* is how I envisioned the BNBlogathon…

UPDATE: Ken Rosenthal says there is indeed a deal, and it’s a separate one from the Reed Johnson trade. That’s fine and all, but it makes my duel posting more difficult!

UPDATE 2 (at 9:45pm CT): Tim Brown of Yahoo Sports says Soto has been dealt to the Rangers. No word on the return yet, but keep expectations low.

UPDATE 3 (at 9:50pm CT): Danny Knobler says Jacob Brigham is in the deal, or may be the entire return. He’s a 24-year-old pitcher at AA, with decent K numbers, and improving walk numbers. Not overwhelming on a first look.

UPDATE 4 (at 10:46pm CT): Like the Maholm/Johnson deal, I’m leaving this one for now while I turn to other stuff. I’ll have more on it later today/tomorrow.

  • Cubs82

    to the braves?

  • cincycubfan


    Maholm and Johnson close to being traded to #Braves.

    • Cyranojoe

      Is there a chance that brings us Delgado? I don’t want to be too focused on one guy, but he sounded like a nice return. Maholm’s low-cost contract probably nets us at least that much, don’t it?

  • TheJDawg

    Hearing Reed and Maholm to Atlanta
    Soriano and Demp to Dodgers…

  • Tommy

    6th round draft pick with good K/9 numbers!

  • ChiTown

    Good return for Soto, eh?

  • marc

    sori is pulled…if only

  • Assman22

    Reed and Maholm to Atlanta

  • anotherjp

    If it’s Brigham there better not be much in the way of salary relief going with Soto

  • Serious Cubs Fan

    Jacob Brigham, seems to eh ok, strikeout guy but i never had my hopes up

    • T Wags

      Seems like a good candidate to move to the pen if starting doesn’t work out. Strikeout pitcher with slightly high walk numbers.

  • Jake M

    Maholm and Johnson to Braves according to MLB Network

  • Serious Cubs Fan

    I think it seems pretty clear now that brett jackson is going to be called up with all these moves, but i hope he stay in the minors for the rest of the year for development purposes

  • Mysterious4th

    I think ill like this Brigham for soto deal. He seems like he could be a pretty good fit in the future. . .now the dominos are starting to fall. Cubs 2 trades the rest of the MLB 0

  • Assman22

    Return on Reed/Maholm is sick!!!

    • djriz

      the good kinda sick, or we’re gonna be sick kinda sick?

    • http://bleachernation.com someday…2015?

      Ok now I can’t wait for a real SQUEAL! Im guessing Delgado and Bethancourt??…

      • chirogerg

        lolololol not happening

        • bbmoney

          Yeah, would be great…but i really really doubt it.

      • Mike

        Fingers are crossed youre right, thats what im hoping for too!!!!!

        • Assman22

          You’ll be pleased with the return. Btw, Crasnick’s rumor is false…

          • Jimbo

            In Assman We Trust. IAWT till the deadline baby, Lets get our 2014 on biatches!!

  • Tim

    brett jackson packaged with johnson and maholm. lahair spotted receiving hugs in dugout also

    • Cyranojoe

      Holy moly… this could be epic…

  • Austin

    I don’t think the website will beable to stand this trade deadline, getting lagy(SP?) every second.

  • thejackal

    its for delgado and autographed bat by chipper jones ….. theo jed u guys r the best

  • Jake M

    Big trade talks for Soriano and Dempster to the Dodgers as well as Garza to the Rangers or Blue Jays

  • Cub Style

    Tomorrow is going to be no fun now…

  • cking

    Just did a quick look at Brighams #’s not bad but i found this scouting report highly intriguing. http://www.bbtia.com/home/2010/5/12/highest-ceilings-in-the-rangers-system-jake-brigham-14.html. Sounds like he has a high ceiling also, like that the rangers left him as a starter.

  • Jake M

    Soriano did get pulled as well but it is a 14-4 game and there was no shaking of hands yet.

  • http://twitter.com/SouvenirCity Engine 78

    Sounds like maybe an upside reliever. Wasn’t in Sickels Top 25 for Texas.

    • Cub Style

      He was in the honorable mentions

  • MichiganGoat


  • Jeremy

    I would bet money bjax is included in deal to help get pitching prospects, he isn’t getting called up. He doesn’t fit it with the Cub Way….Cubs are loaded with outfield prospects..don’t need somoeone that strikes out 1/3 of his at bats…

    • Drew7

      How does he not fit *The Cubs Way*? His skill set is exactly the type of player this FO is looking for. I just cant see them shipping him out quite yet.

      • Jeremy

        He is an older player in Triple A that hasn’t developed and has a poor approach at the plate. He strikes out a ton. I kind of hope they keep him because i don’t like giving up on left handed power/speed, but they are desperate for pitching prospects and are good with outfield ones. Trade from strength to build weakness…

        • Scotti

          Typo. You typed Jackson. Who did you mean?

        • Drew7

          Either you are confused on what an “approach” is, or we’re talking about different players…

          • Scotti

            No, no, no. Just a typo I’m sure. Jackson has a good approach and he isn’t old…

            • Drew7

              Who would he be talking about then?

              • Scotti

                Well it couldn’t have been Jackson!

      • DocPeterWimsey

        I agree. BJax is a classic “selectively aggressive” batter who is competent at a skill position; he’ much closer to a Jedstein draftee than to a Hendry one.

  • nkniacc13

    I think Jackson could get dealt just like Lake and Vitters to sweeten the pot in a trade. I still think LaHair and Baker get traded as far as position players still on the cubs roster

  • JP cubed

    I would say BJax isn’t getting called up hitting about .250 but seriously are we really talking about Sappelt was going to get the callup?

    • cubz23

      cubs.com says BJax is probabley getting called up

  • Lou

    Torrealba designated for assignment from Rangers so there you have it.

  • Spencer

    Any word on when Koyie Hill will be arriving in Chicago to back up Clevenger?

    • JP cubed


  • Jeremy

    Scouting report on player coming back for Soto. Old report. Sounds like a decent middle
    relief prospect

    Arm action: Good; loose
    Delivery/Mechanical characteristics: Good; some deception; high three-quarters delivery
    Physical characteristics: Tall and athletic with string proportioned frame; physically mature

    Abilities: Prototypical size and athleticism. Throws plus FB in the 91-94 range and can sit higher in short bursts. When thrown low in the zone, the pitch has some arm-side run and bite that will ride in on RH. The pitch is effectively thrown on a downhill plane with good angle and easy velocity. CB is another major league quality pitch, thrown in the 76-80 range. When he stays on top of the CB, it can be a true plus pitch, with a tight rotation and late, 12-to-6 movement.

    His CU will flash average at times, with good velo separation and fading action. His command/control shows league average potential and his delivery offers some deception with a late-hand break. An aggressive pitcher, Brigham has seen his stuff play up across the board in short bursts, and could easily transition to a late-inning power arm.

    Weaknesses: Playing developmental catch-up after missing entire ’08 season with Tommy John surgery. Has some release point inconsistencies, which affects overall command/control and effectiveness of off-speed pitches. Has good balance in delivery, but struggles some to stay constant in arm-slot and doesn’t always stay in-line to the plate. FB has plus velocity, but lacks above-average movement, staying true, especially when elevated in the zone. His CB flashes plus, and should reach that level, but only grades out as average at the present because of arm-speed inconsistencies, causing the pitch to occasionally slurve, rather than show a sharp break.

    CU is below-average at present, with good velocity, but a slower tempo, which doesn’t disguise the pitch. Struggles against LH because of underdeveloped CU and less-than-stellar present command/control. Despite excellent FB/CB projections, can be quite hittable at present; doesn’t dominate High A hitters like his stuff suggests he should.

  • Jeremy

    From Rotoworld. Soriano told Giants that he would not accept a trade to them. Great..another possible deal thrown out the window..

  • Assman22

    Vizcaino to the Cubs!!!