When The Wife last year agreed to let me blog for 24-hours straight leading up to the Trade Deadline, she was making something of a sacrifice.

You see, her birthday is July 30.

So, while I was obsessively opening and closing tabs, reading Tweets, writing posts, and tearing my hair out, she was turning 29. I think I might have gotten her a cake that she probably ate by herself.

Sorry about that, dear.

Once again, here it is, her birthday – it’s a big one this year – and I’m holed up in the office pecking away at a keyboard while she takes care of the Little Girl. While I can’t rightly neglect my duties here, I can use this platform to share just how much I appreciate her partnership, her support, and her love. For so many reasons, I am lucky.

Without her support, I couldn’t be doing what I do here at BN, let alone a 30-hour Blogathon over her birthday. She’s as important to the existence of BN as I am, or as any of you are. I consider her the sole member of the Board of Directors of BN. So, I reckon she deserves a thanks not only from me, but also from anyone who likes this community we’ve created on the back of her flexibility (that didn’t sound right).

Happy Birthday, Wife. You are the best, and we all appreciate it. Maybe next year MLB will move the Trading Deadline to mid-August.

(If you haven’t figured it out already, this is your birthday card, which I didn’t have time to go get. Best. Husband. Ever.)

  • Gcheezpuff

    Happy b-day Brett’s wife. 30 sucks, you were better off celebrating still being 29 before you actually turned 30. When I turned 30 my wife threw me a surprise b-day party on my actual b-day, only problem was I decided to send 29 off with a bang the night before and was so hung over my party was a bust. No Regrets.

  • Derek

    Happy Birthday Mrs.Taylor

  • AD

    Justin Germano – One Start, One Win
    Chirs Volstade – 5+ Starts, Zero Wins

    • Bret Epic

      I despise Volstad. I’m not even sure if that’s how you spell it, but I dislike him so much that I really don’t care.

      • Internet Random

        How do you feel about Barney the purple dinosaur?

  • Cheryl

    Happy Birthday, Brett’s Wife, Now you know that the secret to not go beyond 30 is to count backwards. Next year you”ll be 29.

  • Master Dan

    Reed Johnson leaving the game!!!!

  • EB

    Reed coming out! Trade time!

  • AD

    Carrie Muskat ‏@CarrieMuskat
    Reed Johnson shaking hands with players in #Cubs dugout.

  • MaxM1908

    Happy Birthday, Mrs. Taylor! You are a real trooper putting up with Brett for our benefit. Brett, you should consider putting a donate button on this post for us to chip in something nice to thank her for being such a good sport.

  • sosa23

    reed and dempster to the giants for prospects

    • stillmisskennyhubbs


  • Mysterious4th

    Happy birthday to ms bleacher nation! This was my 3rd year of celabrating my 25th birthday!

  • rhino70

    Thanks for everything Reed! Go get yourself to the playoffs!

  • Cubs217

    Im assuming Reed Johnson for Dylan Bundy until I hear otherwise

    • Whiteflag

      funny :)

    • Zach

      Positive thinking. I like it.

  • Tim

    Reed has been a teriffic player. definitely a classy guy. we all love you reed

  • Toddleevon

    A Reed Johnson Trade ?

  • Iceman

    Bring up Sapplet.

  • http://Yes Dude

    Umm Jed, you do know the Cubs have 0% chance of making the playoffs and we have about 10 tradeable players on our roster including the era leader? Ummm Kay, thanks. This is worse than Hendry

    • Mike S

      really dude?

  • notcubbiewubbie

    reed johnson classy guy now there’s a guy i will miss. hope dumpster goes with him.

  • abe

    we finally have a ball player RIZZO

  • JP cubed

    Congrats to your Wife Brett, can I capitalize wife since I don’t know her name? Also if she’s turning 30 I hope she’s taking it well, my wife’s bday is in 4 days and she’s about to be 30. She’s been kind of depressed about it, maybe its the 6 month pregnancy hormones kicking in. My wife btw doesn’t really care about baseball but I’ve been obsessing so much the last month over trades she asked me “hey what happened to Ryan Dempster trade thing?”. I was like ugh it’s not over yet.

  • Rev. Bud Green

    A buddy of mine took a tour of Wrigley,said Reed had a pix of Ty Cobb in his locker. Will miss one of my fav Cubs

  • Whiteflag

    What is going on? I’m twitter and facebookless.

    • Derek

      Theo and Jed are getting ready to drop a bunch of hammers and they don’t want them leaked.

  • Serious Cubs Fan

    Kinda disappointed, lot less rumors and posts during the blogathon then i thought there was going to be. pretty slow day, hopefully the cubs got a lot going on but are being tight lipped

  • CubsFan4Life

    Happy Birthday Mrs Taylor. Brett is a very lucky man to have such a great wife. The Cubs just scored 9 runs in the 5th inning for your birthday present. The Cubs never scored 9 runs on my birthday. (That might be because my birthday is in December). I hope you have a very happy birthday Mrs. Taylor

  • cubsin

    It’s pretty obvious after the Dempster-for-Delgado fiasco that leaking trades to the media too soon can negate the trade. That leak obviously came from the Braves organization, not from ours.

  • Luke D

    Maybe you could find a way to let contributors and members here get more involved, you know, making their posts and comments more prominent on the website so you’re not the only one doing the boatloads of work. Just my two cents. I sympathize with you for putting yourself through this 30 hour mayhem, and hope the results are fruitful. But really, spend time with your wife, a little bit. Appreciate her and everything she does with what time you have.

    And wish her a happy birthday from all of us at BN.

  • cubsin

    Happy Birthday to Wife Taylor!!!!

    • Internet Random

      If she were turning 40 instead of 30, we could safely assume that her name is Jennifer.

  • Ralph

    Thanx The Wife for supporting BN!

    • Ralph

      ….and happy birthday of course! Looks like Garza and Soto were also born in 1983… neat huh?

  • ProfessorCub

    So, Kapman mentions that Garza is in play after clean MRI in the same tweet as the Johnson trade? Hmmm…..

  • Joker

    Happy birthday, Missus Ace!

  • Drew7

    Thanks for being so understanding, Mrs Ace, and Happy Birthday.