When The Wife last year agreed to let me blog for 24-hours straight leading up to the Trade Deadline, she was making something of a sacrifice.

You see, her birthday is July 30.

So, while I was obsessively opening and closing tabs, reading Tweets, writing posts, and tearing my hair out, she was turning 29. I think I might have gotten her a cake that she probably ate by herself.

Sorry about that, dear.

Once again, here it is, her birthday – it’s a big one this year – and I’m holed up in the office pecking away at a keyboard while she takes care of the Little Girl. While I can’t rightly neglect my duties here, I can use this platform to share just how much I appreciate her partnership, her support, and her love. For so many reasons, I am lucky.

Without her support, I couldn’t be doing what I do here at BN, let alone a 30-hour Blogathon over her birthday. She’s as important to the existence of BN as I am, or as any of you are. I consider her the sole member of the Board of Directors of BN. So, I reckon she deserves a thanks not only from me, but also from anyone who likes this community we’ve created on the back of her flexibility (that didn’t sound right).

Happy Birthday, Wife. You are the best, and we all appreciate it. Maybe next year MLB will move the Trading Deadline to mid-August.

(If you haven’t figured it out already, this is your birthday card, which I didn’t have time to go get. Best. Husband. Ever.)

  • Kevin

    Mrs. Taylor, from all of us in the BN family, Happy Birthday and thanks for playing your part making BN such a wonderful site for us all to enjoy! You rule!

  • Jim Wilgenbusch

    For your wife I am sorry to hear her B-day falls on such a busy day for us Baseball fans, my wife has to deal with it as well, hers is tomorrow…..

  • Kurt

    There goes Soto!

  • Cyranojoe


    We love you!!! 😀

  • Lynne Hansen-Salak


    Your wife is “your” wife, NOT “THE WIFE”, dufuss! You’re a wordsmith; show some class!

    • bob

      Brett has too much class to imply that he owns her. He knows it’s the other way around…

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      If that’s what you took from this post, I think you probably missed the primary focus.

      She’s “The Wife.” That’s here name around here. She’s on board with it.

  • TonyP

    Happy Birthday The Wife. Thanks for sharing our husband with us!

    • TonyP

      Can we get an edit button please please please???

  • WiscoCubbie

    Thanks for everything, wife of Brett Taylor. If it wasn’t for your husband, I would be a very clueless Cubs fan (not a good thing). Happy birthday!

  • AP

    Much thanks to “The Wife”! Happy Birthday and best wishes!

  • Dustin

    Hope you had a GREAT BIRTHDAY!! Thanks so much for letting your crazy husband blog for 30 hours lol.

  • PRcajun

    alright…so some beef for the blogathon, finally!!! …and congrats to THE WIFE of course!!! we appreciate the support and promise that Brett will be a stallion after he wakes up on Friday…wink wink…baby number 2, maybe??? Sorry, Brett, just thinking out loud. I have two lil’ girls myself and couldn’t imagine how BN would run in that scenario. Either way…30hrs straight on her 30th bday…coincidence????? perhaps 31 hrs next year, 32 the next…and on and on it goes…it could be the BN “THE WIFE” trade deadline tribute….hmmm again, not sure how that is something she’ll throw on her wish list. BUT from ALL OF US @ BN….you deserve a WS ring (don’t we all), dear first lady of the BN.

    Good job, Brett!!! Keep it up…should be thinking 5 hr energy binge by now.

  • Tony S

    Happy Birthday Mrs Taylor. I think a lot of us would be less happy with life if Brett wasnt providing this website so with that in mind, I sincerely thank you for supporting him.

  • Matty V

    Happy birthday, Mrs. Taylor! You’re an extremely understanding and supportive wife. Thanks for standing beside Brett as he pursues his dream!

  • Hee Seop Chode

    damnit, now I really want some birthday cake. In bed. What are we talking here? Chocolate with some white icing? The colorful dot kind?

  • Dougy D

    Happy birthday Brett’s Wife. Thanks for the sacrafice.

  • fester30

    Happy Bday Mrs. Taylor!