And, so it begins. A 30-hour journey into the depths of insanity, depravity, and baseball rumors.

I am currently blogging – here, on Facebook, and on Twitter (hash tag #BNBlogathon for those who want to jump into the fray themselves) – for 30 hours straight, until slightly past MLB’s July 31 non-waiver trade deadline. I’ll be doing recaps on the process throughout the day, but you’ll also see normal posting (Bullets, Series Preview, Pre-Gamin’, EBS), as well as an uptick in rumor/trade posts.

This will give you a taste of what the recaps will look like, and also

News and Rumors Since the Last Recap:

None. This is the first recap, so there’s nothing to recap. Fortunately, or unfortunately, nothing much happened while I was taking my pre-Blogathon sleep, which went well, by the way.

Most Interesting Tidbit Since the Last Recap:

It’s not since the last recap, but Ken Rosenthal just reported it – if you’ll recall, there was some confusion about whether a deal involving a 10/5 player was subject to a 24-hour waiting period (giving the guy plenty of time to think about the trade). If that was true, deals involving those guys – think Dempster or Soriano – would have to be agreed upon today, so they could be finalized tomorrow. Rosenthal says that changed in the new CBA, and there’s no longer such a waiting period, which is good news for the Cubs.

Current Thoughts About the Chicago Cubs’ Trade Deadline Strategy/Execution:

There isn’t much to analyze at this point, other than the Cubs’ apparent desire to be patient, and keep asking prices sky high. For now, it seems like a fair strategy, given that the deadline is still 30 hours away. Then again, trades already seem to be favoring sellers, so maybe it’s time to get on with it.

Current Beverage/Stimulant of Choice:

None yet. About to have a bowl of caffeine-free cereal.

Strangest Thought Passing Through My Mind:

None yet. I am refreshed, focused, and not at all crazy.

Current Mood:

Nerd-level excited …

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  • Crockett

    Im awesome. So are you, Brett.

  • Packman711

    +1 for the picture.

    • Brett

      Which one …

      • Packman711

        Ha the “who has two thumbs and is ready to get my blog on”

    • Spriggs

      Nice picture of Dale snoring, but it would be more accurate to put a couple “uh”s and “ya know”s in between the Z’s.

  • dabynsky

    So ready to spend 24 hours analyzing a Reed Johnson deal.

    • Spriggs

      don’t forget about the big Camp deal

  • MightyBear

    And so, it begins…..

  • Carew

    I’ll be with you in spirit, seeing as I’ll be out and about for awhile. Good luck

  • Kyle

    I can’t believe we are at 28:55 until the deadline and not a single Cubs move. I would not have predicted this two months ago.

    Right now, this is deadline is turning into a huge disappointment. Our two best trade chips have developed major complications that compromise their value.

    But, nothing is over until it’s over, so I’m holding out hope for a miracle. Our front office has produced two truly amazing trades in their time here, and was Dempster’s approval away from a third.

    • Crockett

      Let’s put it this way. I am glad I’m in another country when the deadline occurs, because the utter disappointment will be somewhat softened by the number of extremely cute Irish girls in very tight tights.

      • Diesel

        Is that standard attire or is there something special going on?

        • Crockett

          It appears to be the standard. All these girls with amazing figures are wearing tight tights…some where short skirts or shorts over them. And because Ireland is a walking society, not a driving one, every single chick has amazing legs/ass.

          I heart it here.

          • Cyranojoe

            You make me ponder leaving southern California. YOU HAVE DONE THE IMPOSSIBLE.

            • Crockett

              I literally just spent 10 minutes talking to a “ten” in the lobby of my hotel. She was gorgeous, from Galway, 26 and single.

              DO I GO HOME?!?!

          • Diesel

            I love ass and legs and breasts and the female form in general. And listening to Irish girls talk is so hot. I might have to use my travel benefits to come over there and see these women.

      • Cyranojoe

        Now I know why you said you were awesome in an earlier post. 😉

  • RICH

    ++ on the pic…this is AWESOME

  • Tim

    Brett, you sir are a badass.

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  • DocPeterWimsey

    Brett: music! You need music! (When I decide that I am going to “finish” a manuscript [read: it’s me or the manuscript, and I’m not leaving the computer until it’s me!], I always set up several hours of music that pushes me…..)

    • Cheryl

      Curious Doc, What kind of music? Opera, country classical, pop, rhyhm and blues – then you could always try Spike Jones to break the hours,. What keeps you going in your statistical world?

      • Carew

        Thrash screamo metal

        • Cheryl

          But metal sometimes deadens concentration. How about drum solos or bugles to keep awake?

          • Jackalope

            Punk rock is definitely the way to go when trying to stay awake.

            • Cheryl

              Now, I can agree with that. It definitely gets your attention,

            • Max Miller

              I’ve got a recommendation: Gogol Bordello. They’re a Gypsy Punk band from NYC. They kept me up many a night studying in law school.

          • Carew

            Nice smooth jazz or soft rock

            • Cheryl

              How about the oldie but goodie, Sing, Sing Sing?

            • Smitty

              If it makes you want to dance, then it will keep you up. So knowing Brett has a little girl, I’m betting that Cartoon theme songs are what will keep Brett moving/awake all night long.

            • cubchymyst

              My vote is for jazz or something else that has no lyrics. I enjoy background music when I’m typing and sometimes lyrics be distracting because the words to the song are running through your mind instead of the words want to type.

              • DocPeterWimsey

                Jazz can be great, but a lot of it gets kind of moody and dissonant, which isn’t the “boost” I need when it’s me or the science….

                However, for more casual late night programming, jazz is great.

      • DocPeterWimsey

        Opera (particularly Mozart) or movie soundtracks (I love Lord of the Rings) when I’m programming or writing; lyrics I can understand distract me in those cases. When I’m doing figures for papers (graphs, etc.), then it’s “classic” rock (Beatles on the old side through R.E.M. on the young side: I still think of the latter as a bar-band from my college days, which dates me!)

        I’d recommend the Nibelung Ring for Brett, but: a) he’s not going to be awake that long, and b) there really are only about 5 hours of groovy tunes there…..

        • Cheryl

          Unfortunately Spike Jones ruined opera for me. But I’m still trying to develop a taste for it. Mozart or in a completely different venue – Jack Williams.

          • Cheryl

            If you haven’t heard of him, he’s one of the best guitarists I’ve heard but he writes lyrics that would probably take you away from your papers. Some of the old jazz cross overs like A Quiet Jungle or Cherry Pink and Appple Blossom White still stand the test of time.

        • cubchymyst

          You posted while i was typing. Completely agree about finding music without lyrics for typing and anything goes when making figures.

  • Twinkletoez

    I will have to be following from the iphone for the few hours! Lets hope for some good trades. Should we all send Brett some 5hr energy?

  • hansman1982

    good luck Brett…

  • @cubsfantroy

    I want to see at least one post about dragons near the end of this blogathon.

  • Jackalope

    Rock and roll!

  • stlcubsfan

    Brett, can you please also post pics along the way? Something tells me they may change as we get further into this 30 hours of madness…… 😉

    • Brett

      Why do you think I posted that first one … :)

      • ReiCow

        I am already amused at the prospect of pictures chronicling Brett’s descent into sleep deprived madness!


        • stlcubsfan

          me too! super excited to watch a man descend into madness. is that wrong? thanks for entertaining us, Brett! 😉

  • Fishin Phil

    Good luck Brett! Here’s hoping this year’s blogathon actually involves some trade action.

  • Rizzo44

    I think the Cubs have about 4 or 5 trades in them. Dempster, Reed, DeJesus, and Soto. I think Marmol, LaHair, and Baker could be gone as well. I also think the Cubs will give up some possible A, AA, AAA players to get back better players in retrun. I think they have one big trade in them either Garza or Soriano. Soriano could go now or next month or this fall. I just hope they do something. Rizzo was a great trade this past winter and it shows that Theo and Jed know what they’re doing! Give them time and by 2014 we will be a playoff team!

    • djriz

      The trading of our minor leaguers is what has me worried. I understand it if it nets us ‘impact’ talent, but I always get sad when a prospect I’ve been following for years is no longer a Cub.

      And, have FUN Brett!

      • Cheryl

        You’re not alone. Sometimes wonder if because a player was drafted by a previous regime he may not be thought as being as good as those drafted by Theo and Company.

      • DocPeterWimsey

        Ah, but if you have been able to follow a prospect for years in the Cubs system, the maybe that’s a sign that he’s not going to help much down the road!

        • Smitty

          Not to mention, these prospects are meant to grow into players we can follow for years in Chicago. Try not to get too attached to these young players until they get to Chicago and life will be a bit easier for you.

          Easier said than done since I’m already dreaming about “Bosom Buddies” Soler and Almora manning the outfield in late 2014/ early 2015

  • J R

    U da man Brett! I am looking forward to following. Thanks.

  • Karena

    I’m very excited to be following along. I love this site!! Is this strictly going to be Cubs or any and all trade talk? ex. Are you willing to talk about the Pirates? I’m curious as to what moves they should/may make.

    • Brett

      I’ll definitely be talking about more than the Cubs – generally, I’ll cover/talk about anything that is either tangentially related to the Cubs (i.e., could impact the Cubs’ market), or is a really big deal. For example, last year I did a write-up on the Ubaldo Jimenez trade, which had nothing to do with the Cubs, but was very interesting.

      • Karena


  • MichCubFan

    And here goes my Blogathon virginity…Hope it is as good for you Brett as it is for me.

    Let’s hope something good happens!

  • Max Miller

    Good luck, Brett. I arrived in London for work at midnight last night, Chicago time. It’s 4:15PM here now. So, I’ll probably be one of the few commenting when you’re up at the wee hours tonight since it will just be regular morning hours for me over here. Someone has to keep you engaged while you’re burning the midnight oil.

    • Brett


      • DocPeterWimsey

        I’m still on Australian time, so I might be joining Max…..

        • Max Miller

          I had a lot of fun today explaining the Ryan Dempster fiasco to an Swede-Brit Arsenal fan. We were talking soccer transfers and how a player (in this case, Van Persie) can really screw over a team. So, of course, it reminded me of our own little soap opera going on…

  • anotherjp

    It’s not just the Cubs that aren’t trading… league wide there’s been a lack of deals this year. Teams just don’t want to mortgage their futures and are holding onto their prospects, so we might not see much movement this season. There might be more action during the waiver period.

    • DocPeterWimsey

      Some people have suggested that the new wild-card format is going to discourage “go for it” trades. Even though there are now 2 slots, the thought was that because it is a 1-game playoff, even the least stats-savvy teams know that it’s a complete crap-shoot for the two WC teams. So, why waste valuable prospects when all they get you is a single game shot at advancing to just the first 5-game series?

      • Max Miller

        I don’t understand why the new format is only 1 game. Wouldn’t it make it more competitive to have a 3 game series? Then, the rounds would go 3-5-7-7. I really wish they’d implement that. Leave the 1 game playoffs to the WC and division tie breakers at the end of the season.

        • WGNstatic

          I would love to see a 3-7-7-7 format. Sadly, this would likely take too long and would push the season well into November. My particular pet peeve is the # of off days in the post season. I wouldn’t have anymore than 1 per series with 1-2 between series. To me, that would make the post season more like the regular season with 5-man rotations. Oh well, not going to happen. End rant.

        • DocPeterWimsey

          I think that there would be two objections to that. One, the division winners have to take several days off: and the first time that a division winner lost to a WC team, people would blame the down-time. Two, it’s tough enough to finish the WS before November as it is. Add in the extra 4 days needed for a 3 game set, and it becomes that much tougher. (Yes, returning to a 154 game schedule would alleviate that: but neither teams nor owners are going to agree to give up 8 games of revenues for the sake of the minority of teams making post-season.)

        • tim815

          Otherwise, division winners have to wait 3 days or so to begin. Any weather problems, and you’re finishing on November 10th.

        • cjdubbya

          I don’t think they want to give that much down time to division winners…that’s just spitballin’ though

        • dabynsky

          I like it personally because it finally gives division winner an advantage with the wildcard teams having to burn their ace before the start of the playoffs.

          • DocPeterWimsey

            Often times, the winners of weak divisions are worse than the WC teams. Why should those winners be given an advantage just because of geography?

            • dabynsky

              If divisions shouldn’t matter then we shouldn’t have them, but that is a different discussion. As long as we have divisions, they should count for something.

      • WGNstatic

        I have seen that suggestion as well – that the 1 gamer is a crapshoot. That is true.

        On the flip side, that just increases the need for front line starting pitching. Assuming that the WC teams are able to line up their starters (e.g. they don’t need to start their ace in game 162), they will go with their #1 pitcher in the sudden death game. This will almost certainly eliminate the possibility of that #1 pitcher making two starts in the ALDS/NLDS, which could be huge.

        Even more, it seems entirely likely that some team will pitch their #1 starter in game 162 then their #2 pitcher in the sudden death WC game. this will leave them to start their #3 starter against the opposition’s #1 starter in game 1 of he D.S. round, and have that #3 starter on schedule to make 2 starts in the first round. If that isn’t an argument to bolster your rotation I don’t know what is.

  • SirCub

    So. Pumped.

  • EvenBettersV2.0

    And we are off… I think…

  • Sweetjamesjones

    Yay for madness!

  • notcubbiewubbie

    go brett go thanx for a great way for cubfans to have some fun during a dismal season. hope the trades are many many many!!!! all jim hendry bumbs available i hope!

  • ichabod

    birthday today. rizzo delivered yesterday, so dont let me down front office management.

  • Pistol Pete

    Make something happen or else…..

  • Polar Bear

    Good luck!