I guess I’m not sure what I expected.

This is only my second Trade Deadline Blogathon, and I don’t know that one prior experience is sufficient to build expectations.

And, yet, here I sit – struggling to form sentences – and I find that the expectations I didn’t form have been wildly exceeded. I’m speaking not of the Cubs’ deals, but instead, I’m speaking of your participation. And support. And contributions. And fun. Things like this don’t just happen all the time, and, forgive my sleep-deprivation-induced sentimentality, I think it was quite special.

Thank you for your comments, for your tweets, for your eyes. I had an incredible time, and I hope you found the process both fun and useful. It was hard, but it was worth it.

As for the Cubs’ Trade Deadline, this is just about what should have been reasonably expected. Without Matt Garza’s injury, he probably gets traded. But, once that happened, moving Ryan Dempster and Paul Maholm was probably the best the Cubs could do. They also got a nice piece for Geovany Soto, a guy they probably weren’t going to keep beyond this year, and used Reed Johnson to enhance the Maholm return. You can’t argue that the Cubs didn’t do well, generally-speaking, in their deals. Indeed, the Dempster return ended up being far better than I expected, given how things deteriorated since last Monday. No, it isn’t Randall Delgado, but that world ceased to exist probably before it was even born. We’re best not thinking of it. Well, or, at a minimum, we’re best not thinking that the fact that Delgado isn’t here is somehow a failing on the part of the front office.

Let me sum up the Deadline this way: two months ago, would you have ever envisioned this haul of prospects for Ryan Dempster, Paul Maholm, Geovany Soto, and Reed Johnson? I will say candidly, I did not.

I will have much, much more on the deals of the last two days (including quotes and reactions), and on the prospects the Cubs received, over the coming days (I suspect Luke will have a word or two on the prospects, as well). We’ll also talk about where the Cubs’ trade strategy stands now that we’ve entered August – trades can still happen, and we’ll get to that.

And, to the extent it isn’t obvious, although I’ll get a Pre-Gamin’ up in a little bit, the Enhanced Box Score will be all kinds of delayed.

Now for the final tallies.

Total Posts During the Blogathon: 

39. In case you missed any of those 39 posts, I tried to place them all in the “Cubs Rumors” category. Click there to flip through them all.

Total BN Tweets During the Blogathon:

Ha. Not even reasonable to count. Many, many hundreds. Check out the #BNBlogathon tweets, too. You guys are amazing.

Total Comments During the Blogathon:

3800+ and counting.

Total Visitors During the Blogathon:

180,000+ (and counting).

Total Cubs Transactions at the Deadline:

Three, assuming you’re counting last nights’ deals, which I am.

Total Caffeinated Beverages Imbibed:

Two Coke Zeroes.

One Extra Large Mr. Spokacola.

Two Starbucks mocha frappuccinos.

One Rockstar Energy drink.

One chai latte.

Hours I Plan on Sleeping Now:


Total Times I Scooped the Litter at the Request of The Wife As Soon As She Woke Up From a Good Night’s Sleep


  • HoustonTransplant

    Great job, Brett. Great coverage. You made my drive from Dallas to Houston FAR more entertaining as I checked my twitter regularly.

    Thanks for all you do.

    • http://bleachernation loyal100more

      30 hr blogathon by our own brett “ace” taylor= priceless!

  • http://It'searly Mike F

    great job as always Brett

  • Mysterious4th

    And all 30ish hours of busting your tail to make diehard cubbie fans: priceless

  • IndyCubsFan

    Great job, Brett! Have a good sleep, man!

  • HawkClone

    Thanks Brett and thanks to The Wife as well!

  • Ben

    If you go to sleep now you will wake up at like 3am….you should watch the game and pass out during it…..advice from a major insomniac!

  • SFC_Cubbies Fan

    Brett, well above expectations. Great job you deserve your eleventy-billion hours of sleep. Looking forward tp the next few days of follow-ups.

  • CubsFan4Life

    Brett, You did a great job of keeping us informed. The popularity of Bleacher Nation will continue to grow thanks to your hard work and dedication. Next year you should have a goal of 250,000 visits to this site during the blogathon.

    • Ogyu

      Only if the site is on a much bigger server. 😉

  • MichiganGoat

    and a calm has settled on the BN family and site, this was a crazy 30 hrs and Brett you deserve all the praise and thanks and then even more, great job my friend

  • Tyson

    Just wanted to say thanks for all your time and effort. This is the best site for Chicago Cubs news/rumors. I followed every tweet, post, and update all blogathon!

  • Mrcub1958

    Thank you sir. Well done

  • Chase S.

    What a wicked neat dude, eh? (I went New England and Canadian in once sentence…) I really enjoyed your coverage, Brett. Made the rest of the season that much more tolerable. Thanks, too, to “The Wife” for putting up with your caffeine and baseball binge on her birthday.

  • http://www.albuquerquerealestatebuzz.com Rich Cederberg

    Awesome job, Brett. That is an amazing amount of tweets, posts and comments! I’m tired from just reading everything, and I got to sleep during it.

    I think overall the Epstein/Hoyer team did really well with what they had to work with. If they had better timing with Garza and Dempster things could have been better, but maybe one or two of these prospects will become impact players.

  • curt

    wtg brett awesome job it was appreciated and very enjoyable ty again.

  • Matt

    Greqt job Brett! Thank you for your efforts!

  • http://Eyecanseeinc.net LeotheCub

    Thanks from an old Cubs fan with renewed excitement

  • scorecardpaul

    Thanks, and more thanks

  • http://deleted Mr. Gonzo

    Best Cubs and trade coverage on the interwebs! Brett, you make this site feel like a big old bowl of home. Thanks for all the sacrifices you made both physically and maritally!

  • GeorgeHermanLaHair

    Fantastic job Brett. It was a lot of fun to be along for the ride

  • Robbo

    Great coverage as always. It was hard to watch MLB network or listen to chicago AM raidio in reagrds to Cubs trades as no other sources seemed to be as up-to-date or as informed as Bleacher Nation not only in regards to rumors but also in regards to Cubs long term plans.

  • MadisonCub

    Brett, long time stalker, first time commenter here: Your Blogathon was amazing and you were downright hilarious! Thanks for all the hard work. You’re much appreciated.

  • mak

    enjoyed the ride! thanks!

  • SirCub

    Well done, sir. I enjoyed it thoroughly.

  • anotherjp

    Best deadline coverage on the internet, great job. Regarding what the Cubs received, Vizcaino could be a Rizzo-type acquisition when all’s said & done, and it seems like Chapman, Kendricks, and Villanueva all have a chance to make a major league roster. Brigham appears to be organizational fill & I’m hoping the PTBNL turns out to be a keeper, but Theo traded four 30 year old guys without any future with the team for a bunch of young 21 & 22 year old studs with their careers ahead of them. Soriano and Marmol have the last of the bad contracts to deal with (btw, who’s paying Demp’s salary for the remainder of 2012.. I assume the Cubs are)

    • nkniacc13

      Another thing they did in getting those 21-22 year olds is matching the players with what they have and at the level that they are in so they can play with some of them together and come up around the same time.

  • Chef Brian

    Sleep was never more earned. Great job, after that all nighter you may not wake til you have a Tidrow stache.

  • beerhelps

    Great job Ace, thanks for everything man, now have a beer and go to bed!

  • JoeyCollins

    Thanks for all the work Brett it is much enjoied.. I’m spreading the BN word to every cubs fan I know

  • MichiganGoat

    Okay here are my lingering questions:

    1-Where is BJax right now, is he being called up or back at AAA if he is coming to Chicago where will he play?
    2-How did Camp not get moved, there had to be a team that was interested and any prospect would be a good pick up or does the FO see him as a valuable piece to keep
    3-Is it worth trying and trading Soriano this year, I really wish we’d just get him the surgery to fix his knees and then see if he returns next year healthy… that should bring a better return than moving him now.
    4-Oh Dempster how quickly one man can go from being a fan favorite and long term Cub great to someone that is hated and despised. I thought I’d be happy if he’d get a chance at a WS ring now I’m just pissed he has a chance.

    Great job everybody it was fun to see the madness unfold

    • hansman1982

      1 – I believe he is playing in todays game at Iowa – although from the sounds of it Sappelt didn’t get called up either so weird.
      2 – Low priority guy – may still clear waivers (God, what am I smoking?)
      3 – Tigers have interest but after the deadline
      4 – Give up hating on Demp – there is a reason Atlanta almost gave up on Delgado and he may still be had.

      • MichiganGoat

        1-Yes BJax did start and play today but we still have an open spot on the 25 roster
        2-Camp won’t clear waviers someone will claim him
        3-Yes, Sori will draw interest but not sure if trading him now is the best option
        4-I’m cool with Dempster now but I just wish this played out better, he has destroyed his reputation as a Cub favorite and i’d still prefer to have delgado but the return we got for Maholm/Johnson was nice.

  • Arkansas Cub

    Brett, you are the man.

  • thejackal

    great job buddy n great job cubs FO