I guess I’m not sure what I expected.

This is only my second Trade Deadline Blogathon, and I don’t know that one prior experience is sufficient to build expectations.

And, yet, here I sit – struggling to form sentences – and I find that the expectations I didn’t form have been wildly exceeded. I’m speaking not of the Cubs’ deals, but instead, I’m speaking of your participation. And support. And contributions. And fun. Things like this don’t just happen all the time, and, forgive my sleep-deprivation-induced sentimentality, I think it was quite special.

Thank you for your comments, for your tweets, for your eyes. I had an incredible time, and I hope you found the process both fun and useful. It was hard, but it was worth it.

As for the Cubs’ Trade Deadline, this is just about what should have been reasonably expected. Without Matt Garza’s injury, he probably gets traded. But, once that happened, moving Ryan Dempster and Paul Maholm was probably the best the Cubs could do. They also got a nice piece for Geovany Soto, a guy they probably weren’t going to keep beyond this year, and used Reed Johnson to enhance the Maholm return. You can’t argue that the Cubs didn’t do well, generally-speaking, in their deals. Indeed, the Dempster return ended up being far better than I expected, given how things deteriorated since last Monday. No, it isn’t Randall Delgado, but that world ceased to exist probably before it was even born. We’re best not thinking of it. Well, or, at a minimum, we’re best not thinking that the fact that Delgado isn’t here is somehow a failing on the part of the front office.

Let me sum up the Deadline this way: two months ago, would you have ever envisioned this haul of prospects for Ryan Dempster, Paul Maholm, Geovany Soto, and Reed Johnson? I will say candidly, I did not.

I will have much, much more on the deals of the last two days (including quotes and reactions), and on the prospects the Cubs received, over the coming days (I suspect Luke will have a word or two on the prospects, as well). We’ll also talk about where the Cubs’ trade strategy stands now that we’ve entered August – trades can still happen, and we’ll get to that.

And, to the extent it isn’t obvious, although I’ll get a Pre-Gamin’ up in a little bit, the Enhanced Box Score will be all kinds of delayed.

Now for the final tallies.

Total Posts During the Blogathon: 

39. In case you missed any of those 39 posts, I tried to place them all in the “Cubs Rumors” category. Click there to flip through them all.

Total BN Tweets During the Blogathon:

Ha. Not even reasonable to count. Many, many hundreds. Check out the #BNBlogathon tweets, too. You guys are amazing.

Total Comments During the Blogathon:

3800+ and counting.

Total Visitors During the Blogathon:

180,000+ (and counting).

Total Cubs Transactions at the Deadline:

Three, assuming you’re counting last nights’ deals, which I am.

Total Caffeinated Beverages Imbibed:

Two Coke Zeroes.

One Extra Large Mr. Spokacola.

Two Starbucks mocha frappuccinos.

One Rockstar Energy drink.

One chai latte.

Hours I Plan on Sleeping Now:


Total Times I Scooped the Litter at the Request of The Wife As Soon As She Woke Up From a Good Night’s Sleep


  • LEO R.


    I’ve been enjoying the site for a while. Great job on the blogathon. Appreciate all of the updates and keeping us well informed. An excellent site for a die hard Cub fan. Thanks very much and get some sleep.

    Leo R.

    • http://bleachernation Ferris

      totally agree..its like cyber crack.lol

  • mrmeyer2144

    Great job with this everything you have done in the last 30 hours is very much appreciated. I just got married last sat. and had to show my wife your dedication to this and the work you put in…With your wife’s approval. I will be on this site for many years to come.

  • CM

    Far fetched conspiracy theory: With Dempster and Garza both potentially in play for the Rangers, is there any chance Soto had an influence on the Ranger’s decision making being as though he is familiar with both?

    • J R

      Maybe them having Soto made Dempster want to go there and waive his ntc.

      • CM

        Quite possible. I was thinking more, did Soto have anything to say regarding the two? As in, was he instrumental in convincing them throwing a couple lower level prospects was a better investment than a haul for Garza because he’s ahead case or something.

        • CM

          Head case I should say.

  • Njriv

    Now that the draft and trade deadline are over with, what is there to talk about now? Soriano and Marmol being traded through waivers? Are the Cubs going to extend Garza or trade him during the winter meetings?

    • Njriv

      What other ways can they acquire prospects?

      • J R

        By signing players like Maholm in the offseason and trading them at the deadline next year. I am sure that’s why they signed Paul in the offseason. And I bet they do it again this year..

    • baldtaxguy

      Six teams in the minors full of prospects to follow

  • Patman

    Thanks Brett, I enjoyed it all including the outcome. Im really hopin’ the new prospects are sent to Peoria so I can catch them against the River Bandits during the three remaining in the four game set. Working for a team in the Cardinals organization is worth it when the Chiefs are in town, I try not to be obvious when cheering for them.

  • Timmy

    nice work — i checked back like 40 times.

    one word for the rest of this season:


  • Contempl8life

    Nice work, Brett. You grinded out an eventful few weeks, days and final hours of trade drama involving the Cubbies. Bleacher Nation is the first place I check for all Cubs related news.

  • Chase S.

    Will you please, please replace Jon Greenberg’s sorry ass at ESPiN? If you get a chance, please read how “great” his new write-up of the trade deadline is. Clearly he has no basis of research. He’s the anti-Brett. But it’s ESPN after all…

    • Chase S.

      Also, for what it’s worth, Tim Kirchen says the Cubs are losers at the deadline, siting mainly trades that they didn’t make. To each their own I suppose.

      • Njriv

        Yeah I saw Buster Onley say the same thing. He really criticized the Cubs for not trading Dempster earlier (like last week or so) then use the rest of the time to listen to offers for Garza. IMO, I think the FO did the best they could dealing with Demp rejecting the trade to ATL and the Garza injury. I think the FO did a good job handling the whole situation. Buster also criticized for not getting rid of Soriano, but you can’t really blame them for that.

        • Chase S.

          Agreed. Also, I’ve heard very little about the Maholm and Johnson trade. That was a HUGE haul for what the Cubs were giving up, injury or not. Two high upside players, one being (up to his injury) a cream of the crop pitching prospect for a bench player and a groundball lefty. Very underrated in my opinion.

        • DocPeterWimsey

          Jayson Stark also lists the Cubs as deadline losers. He jokingly blames cosmic forces, although he tacitly blames Dempster for sabotaging the FOs gameplan of dealing him first and then Garza, and the bad luck of Garza’s injury.

          Personally, I thought that the Cubs did ok: I do not remember them ever being this aggressive about selling off parts at the deadline.

          • Jack Weiland

            Same. I’m not sure what more they could have/should have done. It would have been nice to deal Garza for some massive haul, but the timing of his injury probably sunk that plan at the worst possible time, and it’s not like it was now or never for him. To me these “deadline winners and losers” are nonsense pieces. Evaluating trades the minute they happen is a function of their job, I understand, but I don’t put much value in statements like those.

            And I’m totally cool with hanging on to Garza to deal with in the offseason. Or next deadline. Or sign long-term. In a bubble if you’d told me before the season that Paul Maholm, Reed Johnson and Ryan Dempster would net Vizcaino and Villanueva plus some spare prospect parts I’d have been totally content with that. They didn’t kill it, but they certainly didn’t mangle it up, either.

      • Lou

        I’d have to agree here. The Cubs are waiting too long to get good value out of Matt Garza. Spare me the injury….if he’s injury he’d be DL’d and the FO would not have sent meds to other teams. Also, would have like to see James Russell, Shawn Camp, Bryan LaHair, and Jeff Baker go. Some can be done in Aug waiver deals, like Sori, but not all.

        • Njriv

          Why James Russell? I understand the rest, but why would you get rid of James Russell, the only case I see them doing that would be a throw in to get a better return, but not someone to get rid of.

        • Chase S.

          The beauty with Garza, though, is that it isn’t imperative that he be moved. It would have been a good time to do it, yes, considering what some deals were looking like, but some people seem to be forgetting that he’s a proven commodity and still in his prime. The FO did a fantastic job of setting a price, and if it wasn’t met then there’s no need to trade him.

          • Njriv

            I agree

      • Can’t think of a cool name

        Rosenthal thinks Cubs received a reasonable return for Dempster. Obviously would have been better if we would have gotten Delgado but IMO can’t blame the Cubs for that.
        “Landing a solid prospect in Christian Villanueva was a reasonable return for the Cubs considering that their leverage to move Dempster was limited by his 10-and-5 rights, writes Keith Law of ESPN.com (Insider sub. req’d). Villanueva was blocked in the Rangers organization but should have a chance to shine with the Cubs”

  • donnie kessinger

    Garza extension?

  • Jack Weiland

    Yesterday was fun. Thank you Brett, and all who made the comments thoughtful, engaging and fun.

  • Jack Weiland

    Kevin Goldstein put out his Midseason Top 50 today … Baez #15 (ahead of Sano), Soler #24.

    • JB88

      On what site? BBA?

    • Jack Weiland

      Baseball Prospectus

  • rbreeze

    Yesterday was kind of like a surprise party but the guest of honor never shows up. But with all things considered I like what the front office did. They added what they like to call “long term assets” in exchange for “short term assets”. This team is going to get younger still. They will find a couple more Maholm types for next season and watch the kids in the minors develop into major leaguers.
    I listened to the SCORE last night on the way home from work and the guys explained that during the last couple of hours before the deadline, the FO had Dempster in their office while the calls were happening with the other teams. So as they gathered the deals, they explained to him first hand what they had and liked and what they didn’t like. So Dempster totally knew what was happening as the FO was trying to make a deal somewhere and Dempster said I’ll go to Texas and try to win a WS.
    This FO keeps things close to the vest. They bring a whole new dynamic and perspective to player evaluation that Hendry never had and it wasn’t Hendry’s fault at least not all of it. This FO has no loyalties to players as Hendry seemed to have. We knew this year was going to suck. But I like what’s going on. Tear it down and build it up from scratch. Kudos to Theo and Jed and Jason!!! Go Cubs!!!

  • https://twitter.com/cubsfantroy @cubsfantroy

    Totally disappointed, I seen nothing about dragons or wizards.

    Seriously though, thanks for doing this. It helped to see all the updates via Twitter as well since I was at work.

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