Is this on the level with the Ryan Dempster Trade Saga?

Alfonso Soriano has long told the Cubs – and the public – that he would consider accepting a trade to a contender, if it was a good team, in a good city. Like Dempster, Soriano has no-trade rights, so ultimately, accepting a deal is up to him.

According to Jim Bowden, Soriano has told the Cubs he won’t accept a trade to the San Francisco Giants. Based on that fact, although not a certainty, it’s fair to assume that the Cubs had put together the parameters of a deal with the Giants, not unlike the Cubs and Braves for Dempster.

But, whatever that deal might have been – how much money would the Cubs have saved? What would the Cubs have received in return? – we’ll never know, because it seems to have been squashed by Soriano in his infancy.

Are you angry? Does not knowing what might have been – unlike with Dempster, where we knew Randall Delgado would have been coming to the Cubs – make you less angry? If so, is that fair?

Initially, I wasn’t all that angry with Ryan Dempster. It was only after multiple reports said he’d originally told the Cubs and the Braves that he would accept the deal, and then changed his mind, that I grew perturbed (though I’m not sure I would say I ever reached “angry”). And, I can’t say I’m all that angry with Soriano. Yes, I’d like the Cubs to be able to move him if they want to move him. But, rejecting trades is his right, and he can do it for whatever arbitrary reasons he decides.

But it’s hard to argue that the Giants aren’t a good team (they’re in first place in the NL West), and it’s hard to argue that San Francisco isn’t a good city (though, candidly, I’m not a huge fan). So, I wonder what Soriano didn’t like? Does he not want to stay in the NL?

Multiple reports have the Cubs still in discussions with the Dodgers about Soriano, though, as a part of a Ryan Dempster deal. We’ll see what, if anything, happens.

  • DarthHater

    If you really want me to hate Soriano, as well as Dempster, I suppose I can pull it off…

  • MichiganGoat

    I still think if BJax is coming to the bigs somebody has to be moving (perhaps BJax himself) as of right now BJax would be on the bench, we would do that would we?

    • Oswego chris

      Hey MG…good to see you…in your new job, are you off now?

      • MichiganGoat

        Start Aug 20th school reports after labor day

        • Oswego chris

          Same day I start…still three weeks….

    • SalukiCub

      Agreed… I’ve heard both BJax AND Sappelt called up… that means one of the current starting OFs are definitely on the move

      • Jesse

        Padilla tweeted BJax isnt coming up.

  • Pistol Pete

    DFA him if you can’t find any suckers, er takers, that he finds acceptable.

  • bbmoney

    I’m not nearly as frustrated, althought still a little frustrated. Soriano has the right, and didn’t appear to say he’d do just about anything the Cubs thought would make the team better. Maybe Dempster didn’t quite say that either, but it seemed like he did. Maybe I should be more mad at the reporters who made it seem that way.

    • D.G.Lang

      I believe that San Fran is a much colder and damper climate than L.A. and it would not be helpful at all to his hurting legs and knees.

      I have severe arthritis in my spine and knees and I fully realize how bad they hurt when cold and damp.

    • Scotti

      BINGO. Both said they would accept a trade but that they still held their respective ten-five rights. Both have reasons for prefering certain cities and both should be respected.

  • Danny

    Soriano has multiple years left on his deal, Dempster only has this season. I feel like Soriano needs to be much more in tune with his choice because he is stuck there for two more seasons, maybe he doesn’t see the Giants competing past this season, or he doesn’t see himself getting his at bats after this season. Soriano is a guy that loves the game and doesn’t want to give up playing time if at all possible. So yes I am a little upset, but not angry like I was with Dempster’s 180 degree change.

    • Cooper

      Danny hit the nail on the head (with dempster as the hammer?). I feel much less angst, frustration, or anger towards Soriano because he would be with his new team for multiple years. And he hasn’t been talking for weeks about helping the team get a good deal.

      • Scotti

        When asked they both said they would be open to a trade that helps the Cubs. Neither ever said they surrendered their 10-5 rights (and both brought up those rights in every interview). The idea that Dempster ever said anything more than he wanted to help the Cubs maximize return (by playing well, by not publicly demanding just one team, by being open to a trade in the first place) is just bunk.

  • DCF

    Oh WTF, I’m just too slow these days.

  • Todd

    One thing with Soriano is that he CAN BE TRADED AFTER THE DEADLINE because of his contract. He would certainly clear waivers.

  • Nomar’s Left Glove

    The reason why I’m not mad is because I’m sure that the Cubs are getting scraps for Soriano. Everyone knows that the Cubs got a legitimately good prospect for Dempster. Also, Dempster came off a bit selfless until he torpedoed that deal, Soriano isn’t going to do anything that could be confused as selfless. Would he want to go to Texas and would they want him?

  • adam

    Soriano makes so much money and plays for a loser (ilovethecubs.) Im tired of watching sports for this reason.

  • Patrick W.

    I wouldn’t want to subject my achy knees to that ballpark.

  • Josh

    I’d wait until someone other than Bowden reported this before I got angry. He’s been wrong too many times before.

  • thejackal

    lmao i bet theo n jed never hand out a no trade clause to any player

    • Scotti

      Theo handed out no-trade contracts (and extended contracts passed 10-5) like he was throwing candy from a parade float while he was in Boston.

  • MightyBear

    To me one of the big differences is soriano still has 2 years left on his contract. Not as angry with Sirius because he has to be there next 2.5 years. Sempstresses was 2 months

  • Lou

    Oh, I’m angry all right. Soriano might have more years but I still buy family considerations as a factor for Dempster. I don’t at all for Soriano. Consider me pissed.

  • MaxM1908

    I cut Soriano slack because he’s playing hurt. I’m sure right now, his main objective would be to become a DH. He doesn’t get that with SF. Of course, that doesn’t explain his aversion to the O’s earlier this year.

  • Matty Ice

    I think he wants to stay East and go to the AL. The ball park in San Fran also probably has something to do with it. Could you imagine Sori chasing a ball in the gap in AT&T, let alone Chase and Coors?

    • Lou

      Could you imagine Ryan Dempster facing an AL lineup every five days? Well, I’m not sure he’s so keen on it, either.

      • MaxM1908

        ???? If Demp had gone to ATL he wouldn’t have been facing AL lineups.

        • Lou

          Back again, eh? Not every time out. Love the justification for Soriano and AT&T Park as his alibi, though.

  • Ron

    I think he wants to go to the AL and am not mad at him, he knows his knees will not last. So, I give him a pass. If he did accept he plays this year and is probably released net then has to find another place to live. Not very much security in the NL for him with the Cubs picking up the bill for the next couple years.

  • Featherstone

    I thought this rumor was proved false by another source later on. I remember reading that somewhere, unless I am wrong.

  • Flashfire

    If the story is true, for all we know the Giants called the Cubs, “Hey, can we have Soriano?” The Cubs asked Sori, “Will you go the Giants?” Sori: “No.”

    The only way I’m as angry at Soriano — and I would be angry here — is if on Saturday he told Hendry he’d go to San Francisco, then changed his mind today.

  • Vladimir

    I wouldn’t be angry with Demp if he had just said you know there are only a few teams I will go to and I will leave that private between me and the FO. But he went around on his media tour hinting at how much he cared about what the cubs got in return. It’s about being a liar, about being a hypocrite, about being two faced. It has nothing to do with his RIGHT to veto trades, it’s about wanting to be the good guy in the limelight but selfish in the shadows. IE: like all republicans.

  • Timmy

    Not angry because he’s earned his trade rights and he’s upfront about what he’s willing to do. Very annoyed by how many years of high contract low productivity he’s put out there though. Won’t miss him if and when he’s traded.

    And just for the record, San Francisco is a world class city for climate, culture, and food. So who knows what his deal is.

    • AJB

      Hasn’t exactly been low productivity. I get that people think he is overpaid but its not like he’s been even close to bad since he has been with the Cubs

  • dudeski

    meh. the cubs wouldn’t get much anyways, and he at least told them before it was a done deal

  • MightyBear

    Less than 14 hours left to go.

  • Vladimir

    sorry bout that last bit, I try to keep politics out of here but I can’t help myself.

    • daveyrosello

      Typical bombthrower like all Democrats I see. Sorry, I try to keep politics out of it, couldn’t help it.

      • Vladimir

        lol and republicons aren’t bomb throwers? Let’s just say all polititians are nasty traitors and are dividing america.

        • Vladimir

          it’s just that republicons are much much more vile and nasty and hypocrites.

          • Ron

            Not the place for this!…..

    • Spriggs

      Better yet…Try keeping stupidity out

  • Oswego chris

    Soriano nixes deal for Bumgarner…


    • MaxM1908

      Ha. Now, that would definitely raise some ire.

    • Brett

      Ha …

  • Sosascorkedbat

    I can’t be angry with soriano for blocking this trade we all know his knees are about to go any day now and he is probably hoping that he can be dealt to an american league team so he can be used as a DH… If not were really not gonna get much of a return for him anyways and no team is really going to eat much of his salary anyways so we might as well keep him

  • Ben

    I don’t really want him moved if the return is modest. unless they take a significant portion of his contract…..he is one of the best players on the team and is in the midst of a decent season….I at least enjoy watching him during his hot streaks……he is a frustrating player no doubt but I wouldn’t want to see him leave for a Tim Wallach type

  • MichiganGoat

    I just want to know what Dick Tidrow had to do with all this

  • DCF

    Coming to think of it, I can understand that Soriano probably prefers an AL team. I mean, being a potentially really good DH vs. being an chronically hurting 5th outfielder for the Giants? Pretty easy choice.
    And I’m doubtful about how serious the Giants interest really is/was, I mean do they really want pencil in someone like Soriano as an everyday outfielder for the coming years? Of course not, so why would they give up anything for it?

  • Shawn H

    I am more upset with the Dempster turn down. What made me mad was the reported flip flop. Add what could have been and its an easy choice for me.

    Speaking of flip flops, I have come around on Soriano. In the offseason I would have been for dumping him the first chance they got. Now I am not so sure. He has worked hard on his defense. The change in bat has helped his production. There is no one pushing him. Leaving him in the middle of the order is not the worst thing heading into next season. If the return was something significant I would say do it. But just to get him off the roster has lost some of its appeal to me.