Is this on the level with the Ryan Dempster Trade Saga?

Alfonso Soriano has long told the Cubs – and the public – that he would consider accepting a trade to a contender, if it was a good team, in a good city. Like Dempster, Soriano has no-trade rights, so ultimately, accepting a deal is up to him.

According to Jim Bowden, Soriano has told the Cubs he won’t accept a trade to the San Francisco Giants. Based on that fact, although not a certainty, it’s fair to assume that the Cubs had put together the parameters of a deal with the Giants, not unlike the Cubs and Braves for Dempster.

But, whatever that deal might have been – how much money would the Cubs have saved? What would the Cubs have received in return? – we’ll never know, because it seems to have been squashed by Soriano in his infancy.

Are you angry? Does not knowing what might have been – unlike with Dempster, where we knew Randall Delgado would have been coming to the Cubs – make you less angry? If so, is that fair?

Initially, I wasn’t all that angry with Ryan Dempster. It was only after multiple reports said he’d originally told the Cubs and the Braves that he would accept the deal, and then changed his mind, that I grew perturbed (though I’m not sure I would say I ever reached “angry”). And, I can’t say I’m all that angry with Soriano. Yes, I’d like the Cubs to be able to move him if they want to move him. But, rejecting trades is his right, and he can do it for whatever arbitrary reasons he decides.

But it’s hard to argue that the Giants aren’t a good team (they’re in first place in the NL West), and it’s hard to argue that San Francisco isn’t a good city (though, candidly, I’m not a huge fan). So, I wonder what Soriano didn’t like? Does he not want to stay in the NL?

Multiple reports have the Cubs still in discussions with the Dodgers about Soriano, though, as a part of a Ryan Dempster deal. We’ll see what, if anything, happens.

  • Jesse

    Muskat’s tweeting that Castillo is coming up.

    • Jeff

      Carrie stepping out there on a limb??? lol

  • Tony S

    I think I’m all angried-out at Soriano and his good play this year actually has me feeling quite happy with him.
    I think my expectations for RD and Soriano were different as well. I’ve never expected Soriano to waive his rights unless the situation was absolutely perfect and I was resigned to the fact he’d never get traded, and if he did, the return was likely to be just salary relief.
    From Dempsters words on the wireless and in reports I’ve read, my expectation was that he’d be far more willing to waive his no trade rights and given his contract and the Cubs willingness to eat salary, we might get some good prospects in return. When the Delgado deal came along we all lost our minds with happiness and RD crapped all over it.
    I think the majority of us bought into the ownership/FO’s ideas that we are focussed on restocking the farm and in my mind, only RD (and not Soriano) has cost us the chance at doing that in a meaningful way this trade period.

    • Bret Epic

      110 million percent agree.

    • bluekoolaidaholic

      110 million and 1 percent.

    • Flashfire

      One of the better posts on the subject I’ve seen anywhere on the Interweb. Good work.

      • Scotti

        Excellent point.

        • Scotti

          That was actually to the post from Josh below about Soriano clearing waivers…

  • Josh

    Also remember Soriano would slip through waivers so they can still trade him after today.

  • Dan

    Meh… Kind of warmed up to Soriano this season…

  • Ron

    I am checking out, good luckBrett. If the kiddos wake me up I will check in in a couplehours

    • Brett

      WEAK! (I kid.)

      • Matt Emigh

        gotta be only about 20 people left at this point cause i see the same names coming up in the comments bar

        • CastrotoBarneytoRizzo

          I’m watching the replay of the4th inning to see Barney’s home then gotta go to bed. Don’t think much more will happen tonight…

      • Ron

        I am actually pretty awake yet but know better…

  • MichiganGoat

    Sigh getting tired, no new Dick Tidrow news,

    • Brett

      Good call. Time for a Dick Tidrow post…

  • Spriggs

    Not surprised Soriano would not want to play in cold, spacious ballpark. Don’t blame him with his legs. Plus he made less promises than that other guy

  • adam

    The kat reported that brett jackson might be a callup! Holla

    • dabynsky

      Cubs are poo pooing it, and having watched the game situation he wasn’t just pulled from the game. He was double switched out, and the Cubs looked to be trying to conserve arms used tonight to give as many fresh options to be called up, imo.

  • kubphan82

    I wouldn’t want to go to SF either… If not for Joe Montana’s Irish connection I may have never cared about SF at all… As for Soriano, SF harbors the least amount of HR’s in the league, runs scored in the park is the least of all… I don’t blame someone, a hitter in his twilight, not wanting SF… I’d be mad if he turned down a competing team in a hitters park NEXT year. Until then, I’m good.

  • daveyrosello

    Ugh. Casey Coleman returning to Wrigley to replace Maholm on the roster, Castillo also coming up. No confirmation on an OF to replace Reed.

  • Dan

    Bryce Harper for Jeff Baker

    Book It!

  • scorecardpaul

    This is very different than what the guy named dempster did. The other guy was all over talking about goofey stuff like I want to do what is best for the Cubs, and just so they get a good return crap. This guy has been about himself and his family since the very beginning. He has also blocked trades in the past. I also think it was very litle comming back in the trade. I am one of the ones who would be surprised if he garnered any decent offers in the first place. I have felt stuck with him for a long time, but we will see. Soriano also did a decent thing by answereing no when he was asked. The other guy still hasn’t said no (well maybee, I think ?)

  • http://It'searly Mike F

    I guess I’m in minority, I don’t drink the kool-aid on Soriano. He’s has a good year, but he is still not a winner and bluntly don’t think he relishes a chance to win or produce. He’s comfortable which is why he sees no need to go get himself a chance at a ring. I don’t think it matters if they package him to LA with anyone, he’s not that competitive a cat who thinks it’s all about rings. This is second time he’s turned down a trade. I don’t fault him with Baltimore for a lot reasons, but it’s not that bad. But SF is a world class city and the team has a legitimate shot at a ring. That’s what you get when you overpay and the guy has something of a turn around, often they quickly forget.

  • Jeff

    Breaking News….Soriano traded to the Yankees for a triple A outfielder.

    • Jeff

      Kosuke Fukudome….just kidding

    • Brett

      … is that a joke?

      • Jeff

        Sorry, 3 am humor, but Kosuke Fukudome is at their AAA team. A sort of where are they now moment for former Cubs, something we might be thinking more about in the near future. Isn’t Mark Prior going to start in place of Josh Beckett once he gets traded to Texas?

    • mikaylaaa

      dude sooo not laughing right now…

      but really i am at the ridiculousness of this and the dillusionalness of my lack of sleep.

  • CarneHarris

    Number 1 related post – Alfonso Soriano Would Almost Certainly Not Block a Trade. Now is the time for innocent whistling, my friend.

    • Brett

      That was from June of last year, but, yeah, his quotes certainly had that ring to it.

      • CarneHarris

        I’m surprised if he really turned down SF. Baltimore preseason I can understand. SF 1st place at the end of July, not so much.

  • Jay

    As many have stated already, this might be Soriano’s best all around year as a Cub. I really have enjoyed watching him play. What I don’t understand is why he wouldn’t want to play for a contender.
    He isn’t going to have a chance to make the playoffs with the Cubs before his contract expires. Is he just content? No pressure playing with the Cubs the few years? I am not mad at him at all though . He has earned his no trade clause.

  • J R

    Why don’t the Cubs talk to Soriano before discussing trades for him with other teams? Don’t you want to know EXACTLY who you can and cannot trade him too?? By the way F*** u Dempster..

  • http://www,whyb2,com Bryce

    When you say “in his infancy” I’m assuming you mean in the deal’s infancy not Sori’s infancy as in he’s acting like a baby. Right?!?!

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  • @cubsfantroy

    Just like with Demp, I’m not mad at all about it. It is his right on whether or not he wants to go. Really, if the Cubs just want to move him or get “rid” of him, by releasing him, they’re not losing a whole lot of money by the release vs. the trade. All they would be losing is a low level prospect who would have no shot at making the big league club anyway.

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