Beyond that, we know nothing. But, obviously, the details will be forthcoming soon. This could be great. It could be meh. Dude, we just don’t know.

UPDATE: Sounds like the Cubs are getting a couple minor leaguers. Ken Rosenthal says they’re A-ball pitchers.

UPDATE 2: Rosenthal corrects, and says one is an A-ball pitcher, one is an A-ball positional player.

UPDATE 3: Dallas Morning News’ Evan Grant says the players are third base prospect Christian Villanueva and pitching prospect Kyle Hendricks. Digging up the quick-reaction details now.

UPDATE 4: Obviously I’ll have a full write-up on ALL of the new Cubs prospects, but here’s your quick take on these two. Hendricks is a 22-year-old righty with superb numbers at High A this year, but was on the outside of the Rangers’ top 20ish prospects, thanks to the system’s depth. But he’s clearly legit. Villanueva is a very legit third base prospect (a fringe top 100 type before the season), who is playing good defense, and putting up good (not great) numbers at High A this year. He was blocked by Mike Olt (not to mention Adrian Beltre), so the Rangers could move him. This is a very good return for Dempster, if you can divorce your mind from what happened last week.

  • KidCubbie

    WOOT WOOT! I dont really care what we got. Just glad the saga is over.

  • ColoCubFan

    expecting more meh than great. Hope I’m wrong!

  • someday…2015?

    Buckel or Perez. Buckel or Perez. Buckel or Perez. Please god let has have one!!

  • ISU Birds

    I was hoping we could ship both him and Garza down there but I guess one is ok.

  • TonyP

    Sweet we will know if we got good players in 3-4 years!

  • Njriv

    So much for Dempster being the first chip to fall.

  • cubs217

    I would like Will Lamb. 6’6 Lefty, seems like possibly some potential there.

  • Nick

    At least garza still has plenty of trade value in the off-season….or maybe this gives them time to work out a long-term deal still??

  • Timmy


  • Mdel78

    Well, they moved the pieces they had to. Soriano is definitely a waiver deal opportunity, and if they want to move Garza, there is the winter still. Obviously the arm ‘cramp’ impacted the market a bit.

  • anotherjp

    Dempster would rather go to Rangers other than Atlanta… maybe his ex’s family being there did matter. Hope we didn’t get some lame consolation prize in return for him. Glad that guy is gone.

  • Featherstone

    I just hope we wiped the smug grin off of the Dodgers face.

    • KidCubbie

      I agree. F’ the Dodgers in the A. They got enough already.

  • Austin

    RHP Roman Mendez and/or C Jorge Alfaro.

    • Ralph

      My thought too Austin. Roman Mendez is a former Red Sox minor leaguer and the Cubs could desperately use catching depth in the minors. However, do the Cubs get luck enough to land 2 of the Rangers’ Top 10 prospects? I guess we’ll find out soon.

  • cubs217

    Do we know for sure whether it was just Dempster that was dealt or if the Cubs threw in anyone else?

  • Mike

    If Neil Ramirez or Cody Buckel is in it im Happy

  • cubmig

    Tooooooo Late……………………….I peed my pants………………………………….[jk—-LOL]

  • Rebuilding

    Kyle Hendricks?

  • Spencer

    If Demp/Geo went to Texas as a package instead of individually, would the return have been greater? or does it not matter since the deals happened so close together?

    • Mike

      I thought i heard something earlier that with the Money sent with Soto and the PTBNL included that it could increase the take in another deal.

  • atfinch

    Christian Villenueva for the position player? 21 year old 3B, 10 HR, 59 RBI, .285 AVG/.356 OBP. Probably not this caliber but I can dream.

    • atfinch

      Ha. Nailed it.

  • Flashfire

    Alfaro and lottery ticket?

  • Austin

    Remember when we could’ve got Randall Delgado?…

    Thanks Ryan.

  • cubzforlife

    Glad LA didn’t get him. I now have a reason to root for Texas. He and Gio can spent the lonely days with Gio’s bong.

  • RY34

    how long before volstad is called back up??

  • Njriv

    So we go from Delgado, pretty much a MLB ready pitcher to two class A position players, thats rough, let’s hope these guys have higher upsides.

    • Njriv

      *i mean players, I realize they received one pitcher and one position player.

    • cubmig

      If they got the nature, staff will provide the nurture. Here’s hoping…..

  • Sheppard

    Delgado was a steal that never happened..Thanks Ryan…

  • Steve

    Good luck Ryan…

    Please don’t judge your fans by the words of a few. You didn’t have to go anywhere…but you ultimately did, arguably for the betterment of the Cubs.
    Go and get yourself a ring Mr Dempster. Also I wish the best for Riley and may her challenges be few in the future.

  • Alex

    I hope one of the prospects isn’t Rougned Odor. That would stink.

    • Austin

      I see what you did there

  • Idaho Razorback

    Awesome. Casey Coleman starts tonite!!!!!!

    • RY34

      oh goody, it will consist of watching a ton of pitches miss outside, inside, down, up and then when one finally gets close, it will be launched onto sheffield and waveland. i predict he will hit the 60 pitch mark midway thru the third inning.

  • Jesse

    Well…That sucked.

  • Tony

    No Garza movement…blahhh. Traded in the offseason….we’ll see.