Beyond that, we know nothing. But, obviously, the details will be forthcoming soon. This could be great. It could be meh. Dude, we just don’t know.

UPDATE: Sounds like the Cubs are getting a couple minor leaguers. Ken Rosenthal says they’re A-ball pitchers.

UPDATE 2: Rosenthal corrects, and says one is an A-ball pitcher, one is an A-ball positional player.

UPDATE 3: Dallas Morning News’ Evan Grant says the players are third base prospect Christian Villanueva and pitching prospect Kyle Hendricks. Digging up the quick-reaction details now.

UPDATE 4: Obviously I’ll have a full write-up on ALL of the new Cubs prospects, but here’s your quick take on these two. Hendricks is a 22-year-old righty with superb numbers at High A this year, but was on the outside of the Rangers’ top 20ish prospects, thanks to the system’s depth. But he’s clearly legit. Villanueva is a very legit third base prospect (a fringe top 100 type before the season), who is playing good defense, and putting up good (not great) numbers at High A this year. He was blocked by Mike Olt (not to mention Adrian Beltre), so the Rangers could move him. This is a very good return for Dempster, if you can divorce your mind from what happened last week.

  • od

    Evan Grant ‏@Evan_P_Grant

    Sources: Rangers send 3B Christian Villanueva and RHP Kyle Hendricks to Cubs for Dempster.

    • Rebuilding

      Hendricks is 22 in Hi-A ball at Myrtle Beach. SO/BB ratio of 112/15. Great pick-up

  • Cooper

    RHP Kyle Hendricks and 3B Christian Villanueva

  • ETS

    brett how’s your web traffic right now? This site keeps crashing on me 😉

    • Chad

      Same here. I hit refresh at the deadline and it has basically taken me unitl now to get back on.

  • TonyP

    Sources: Rangers send 3B Christian Villanueva and RHP Kyle Hendricks to Cubs for Dempster.

    • someday…2015?


  • itsgameday

    So who is the starting pitcher for the Cubs, tonight?

    • Dan

      Casey Coleman

      • Bric

        It’s the zombie apocalypse…

    • atfinch

      Casey Coleman

    • cjdubbya

      Sounds like Casey Coleman

    • AssMan_Cometh


  • anotherjp

    Villanueva & Hendricks to Cubs for Demp

  • beerhelps

    evan grant says hendricks and villanueva

  • cjdubbya


  • atfinch

    He’s still young, but I like Villenueva.

  • Greenroom

    Brett, Great work the last 30 hours. Long time reader, first contribution. Here is the link from Baseball Prospectus. peace~

  • Ben

    Villanueva is ranked 7th in their system! nice

    • Josh

      Where do you see this? Not ranked on

      • AB sucks

  • Austin W

    Neither are even in their top 20 wow.

  • Cyranojoe

    Kyle Hendricks:

    Gotta like that WHIP this year (1.056). His other advanced numbers look decent. Obviously the scouts dictate the value more, though.

  • Frankum

    Wow. We got shit. We could have had Delgado. I hope dempster never wins another game and blows out his arm.

    • Ryan

      Yeah, that’s not an overreaction at all…

      • Doug Dascenzo

        I think the Cubs and Dempster are Even-Steven. Dempster didn’t get what he really wanted (going to the Dodgers) and the Cubs didn’t get Delgado. So in that case I don’t wish ill-will on the man, but after all that drama and disappointment, I would rather he not come back if there is a chance.

  • Jeremiah
  • atfinch

    go to baseballreference and look at the stats for these 2 players…this is not a bad haul whatsoever!

  • Rebuilding
  • DarthHater

    I can now combine my hatred of the state of Texas with my contempt for Dempster. A win-win situation.

  • Oswego chris

    Villanueva tenth best prospect in system

  • KidCubbie

    Doesnt look like either of those guys are on the Rangers top 20 postpect list.

    • MaxM1908

      Villanueva ranks in the top ten.

      • KidCubbie

        Ah i see that looking at is a waste of time. Thanks guys. I would say this is good haul.

    • Beer Baron

      Kevin Goldstein had Villanueva at #7 pre-season: . That’s as good as I could have hoped for at this point.

    • Steve

      10) Christian Villanueva, 3B, Grade B-: Signee out of Mexico plays above his tools but does it very well, produces power and speed, sharp defensive skills at third base. Will have to see if plate discipline holds up.

  • Jeff

    Just remember, if we had gotten Delgado, we wouldn’t have gotten Vizcaino. Who knows what another team would have given us for Maholm- it might not have been more than we got from Texas.

    • scorecardpaul

      i’m still pissed at dempster

  • Ralph

    2 good looking prospects… man, the Texas system is deep with talent.

  • Drew Nash

    I have no problem sounding petty and little when I look at all of Dodger Nation and say… “HA”.

    Some teams rub you the wrong way. It probably has more to do with Manny’s smirk in the ’08 playoffs when he hit that HR off his shoelaces. So this is what laughing last feels like. The competition in the NL west got better and you got Shane Victorino.

  • atfinch

    Villenueva = 100th overall prospect prior to 2012 per baseball america.

    Hendricks is 22, 5-8 record in 20 starts, 2.82 ERA, 123H/16 BB in 130 IP (ONLY 16 BB!) 112K, 1.056 WHIP, 7.47K/BB ratio. I know he’s not 20 years old, and against single A but those numbers do not make him look like a bum at all

  • T Wags

    I think we just robbed the Rangers.

  • Rizzofanclub

    whats a good site that ranks mlb prospects? I always use but it does not update

    • North Side Irish

      If you want to pay, or

      For free stuff, Jon Sickels isn’t bad.

      Here’s what Sickels said about Villaneuva:
      10) Christian Villanueva, 3B, Grade B-: Signee out of Mexico plays above his tools but does it very well, produces power and speed, sharp defensive skills at third base. Will have to see if plate discipline holds up.

      Hendricks was in the “Others” category…just outside Top 25.

  • Spencer

    Still not as good as Delgado would’v been. oh well.

    • Smitty

      I think this is a great return considering how the Dodgers were playing their hand. Just yesterday, many of us were becoming resigned to just keeping Dempster and trying to get that supplemental pick. These two look better than that supplemental pick to me.

      I like the deal and am impressed that the FO didn’t back down to the Dogers.

  • michael mc

    I have to say Delgado would have been nice. But Demp may have done us a favor. Vizciano is going to be better and this whole slew of trades i dont think happens if he accepts last week.

  • Eric

    Looks like Villenueve was blocked by Olt. Good 3b prospect.

    • cjdubbya

      And Adrian Beltre, right?

  • jeremy

    Villaneuva is tenth best prospect..blocked by Olt

    Hendricks doesnt throw hard..tops out at 89..but has amazing control and strikeout numbers. 112 strikeouts and only 15 walks

    Worth it not to give in to the dodgers..Theo made good given the hand he was dealt with.

    • atfinch

      Yeah, this seems to be a better haul than what LA may have offered. It was rumored that if Cubs did end up with a positional player, it could be a 3rd baseman.

      I’m happy with the trade. I expected junk in return, these 2 kids both show promise!