Beyond that, we know nothing. But, obviously, the details will be forthcoming soon. This could be great. It could be meh. Dude, we just don’t know.

UPDATE: Sounds like the Cubs are getting a couple minor leaguers. Ken Rosenthal says they’re A-ball pitchers.

UPDATE 2: Rosenthal corrects, and says one is an A-ball pitcher, one is an A-ball positional player.

UPDATE 3: Dallas Morning News’ Evan Grant says the players are third base prospect Christian Villanueva and pitching prospect Kyle Hendricks. Digging up the quick-reaction details now.

UPDATE 4: Obviously I’ll have a full write-up on ALL of the new Cubs prospects, but here’s your quick take on these two. Hendricks is a 22-year-old righty with superb numbers at High A this year, but was on the outside of the Rangers’ top 20ish prospects, thanks to the system’s depth. But he’s clearly legit. Villanueva is a very legit third base prospect (a fringe top 100 type before the season), who is playing good defense, and putting up good (not great) numbers at High A this year. He was blocked by Mike Olt (not to mention Adrian Beltre), so the Rangers could move him. This is a very good return for Dempster, if you can divorce your mind from what happened last week.

  • Larry Bittner

    Hendriks is 6’2 165lbs. If that’s right, a strong wind will blow him off the mound

    • duck

      two words
      Chris Sale

  • J R

    I really dislike Dempster. He is such a dbag. I hope he gets shelled in Arlington.

    • St Anger

      Oh grow up.

      • KidCubbie

        Like. What if this whole thing was a ploy from dempster and the front office to net these awesome prospects all along?

        • Sosa23

          i hope he gets shelled in texas and they lose first round, dempster is always known in my book as dumpster

      • J R

        Whatever St. Anger.. Your probably Demp’s nanny.

        • Sosa23


      • notcubbiewubbie

        why dumpster is a total jag

  • Bill

    Meh. Neither guy is closer than 3 years from making the big league club. That’s not rebuilding, that’s surrendering.

    • Frank

      I don’t think you could expect much more than that for a rental player, unless the Rangers could’ve gotten an extension as part of the deal. Yes, the Delgado deal would’ve been better, but when you have no leverage, it’s awfully hard dictating a price.

  • Larry Bittner

    Vitters is a horrible defensive first baseman who is extremely slow. Thank god you arent a baseball scout Austin.

    • Austin W

      A least I know what position Vitters plays, and I never said I was a scout. But obviously I know more about Baseball than you if you think Villanueva is better tha Vitters.

      • Whiteflag

        Villanueva probably has the potential to be better than Vitters. Currently of all third base Vitters and Villanueva are only one apart.(14th and 16th) Vitters leaves a lot to be desired with his defense. While Villanueva is considered capable of taking over shortstop. Both are at different levels so its hard to directly compare. It’s never a bad thing to have multiple quality prospects at a position. You never know who is going to pan out for sure.

        • Sosa23

          I firmly disagree, I know for a fact Vitters is better and I have never even seen him play. But his past stats and him being a top prospect automatically makes him better. Valbuena doesnt even start full time at 3rd..

          • Sosa23

            Actually completely discard the last comment. But vitters will be better then villinueva

          • AB

            Its clear you don’t even know who we are talking about.

          • Whiteflag

            Valbuena and Villanueva…different people. Maybe you just typed in the wrong name.

  • fromthemitten

    Ok bye dude… good move in case Vitters doesn’t develop

    • Josh

      Not many see Vitters as the long term answer anyways. Just because he is the best 3B in our farm doesn’t mean he is going to do well at the major league level

  • BluBlud

    Pretty good return, looking at the stats. Just glad we didn’t bow down to the Dodgers.

  • Spencer

    Kevin Goldstein really doesn’t care for either of these prospects, from the stuff i’m reading from his twitter.

  • Ab

    Personally I still love dempster. He earned his no trade rights and he has been great for the cubs and the city of Chicago. If it works out an they can resign him this offseason i would love that.

    • Sosa23

      Yeah.. because that would be great, im sure fans would love to have a guy that screwed us over so bad back.

      • Flashfire

        I’d love my chance to boo him good and proper. Let’s re-sign him to a two year deal and trade him to the Astros next July.

  • Ralph

    Brett, get some sleep tonight, “pal”

  • nkniacc13

    I wonder what his reception would be if he resigns this offseason

    • Spencer

      so we can go through the same shit next July? Pass.

      • nkniacc13

        he wouldn’t hav 10-5 rights next july

  • Larry Bittner

    Vitters is done in Chicago. His 3rd BASE, defense will not be worth whatever his bat offers. His speed will always be, well, his speed–SLOW. These are not the tools that the Cubs need for the everyday, young, 3rd Baseman of the future. Sorry to say.

    • DocPeterWimsey

      Fielding and base running speed are not high on Theo’s and Jed’s list for appraising position players. As they stress, fielding can be improved with work and slow guys can become decent baser-runners. They like power and OBP. The latter is where Vitters might run into problems, although his walk rate (and OBP) have improved in the small sample size that is 2/3rds of a season.

      That being written, Villaneuva is a bit closer to a Jedstein type player than is Vitters. It might also be possible to move Villaneuva to 2nd, given that he seems to be quick (some playing of MI and a few SB).

  • MightyBear

    What a shitty disappointing day.

    Thanks Brett. Great job man.

  • someday…2015?

    3 pitchers and 2 positional players picked up through trades. Not exactly the “waves of pitching” Theo said he was looking for. Im guessing Theo and Jed are some what disappointed with the total outcome.

    • Frank

      Maybe true–to an extent anyway. I’m sure they would’ve liked to get more–but I’m also sure when they said “waves” of pitching, they didn’t think they’d acquire them all at once. Remember, they just drafted 16 or so pitchers as well.

  • Andy

    Hendriks has 21 walks and 148 strikeouts in 165 innings in his pro career. Yes please.

  • gutshot5820

    Look at it this way. I was happy if we kept Dempster if the Dodgers were unwilling to give up anything valuable. At leat we got one top 100 prospect out of the deal

  • Brian Peters

    If the Cubs resign Dempster, I will give serious thought to the idea that Theo is crazy. I’m sure the FO is joyous to have dumped him. Plus, how would a36 year old look on a team trying to go young??

  • Njriv

    I think the FO did a good job. They got two young high-upside guys for Demp and I’m glad they didn’t just settle with a deal for Garza just to trade him. If teams weren’t giving up good offers why just trade him for the sake of trading him? We can still trade him in the offseason or extend him, a win-win scenario.

  • RWakild

    You can’t really blame the front office for this one. You can blame Dempster though. They had a great deal in place that he nixed. Am glad at least we didn’t cave into the Dodgers lowball offer.

  • calicubsfan007

    Sweet! He’s gone!!

  • Fastball

    We got pretty good ball players from a better organizations with regard to depth. These High A players are probably Double A in our system. They are very young which is exactly what we need.
    We have some issues to address this off season. Get 2 more Maholm’s for next year. Build a better BullPen and find a few more OF players at the DeJesus level to sign on 2 year deals.
    I don’t see LaHair fitting in the plan going forward as he is a non contributor at this point. Sveum needs to get him turned around quickly.

  • Mdel78

    I’m happy with how this day played out. We are in a better position to win a World Series today than the start of yesterday. It’s amazing how many fans have such unrealistic expectations. Olt for Dempster? Seriously? This is a team that’s close to a 100 loss pace, meaning there isn’t much talent right now.

    This process is going to be slow, and the last couple days were about building organizational depth. It would be great if one of these guys makes it, and from reading the scouting reporting there are a few that have major league upside. Getting a pitcher who could be a #4 for a catcher batting .220 who won’t be around in a couple years? Great move. Getting a guy who was a top 100 prospect on some boards coming into the year for a rental player who you weren’t going to re-sign? Great move.

    I think we need temper expectations here and realize today wasn’t as disappointing as it was inevitable. Let’s hope some of the talent that was acquired in the past 6 months starts to develop into something we can build around.

    Thanks for staying on top of this Brett, and looking forward to you review of the prospects coming this way.

  • Fastball

    Germano serviceable for now
    Coleman vs Volstadt YUK

    • quintz

      Wow, it looks worse in text than it did in my head:)

  • morgan

    its tough to see the cubs not get any major league ready talent back, you cant keep trading for guys that are 2-3 years away all the time, the mlb club wont be worth shit, also very tough to see this dempster deal knowing the atl trade that could have been, if cubs are trading and signing players years away then why keep garza, think the theo and comp messed up big time on the garza trade, should of traded him in the offseason instead of letting him get hurt. will have to trade him this offseason or were just wasting his years in the bigs away like the mariners are with king felix.

    • quintz

      I’m sure Garza liked the comparison, but Felix Hernandez just vomited in his cap.

    • nkniacc13

      They set a price and no one met it now they can keep him and trade him this offseason to a team that needs a starter and now they have all 29 teams instead of the teams that are going for the playoffs. Another thing this does because they didn’t lower their price is it allows the cubs to not have to just put someone in the rotation that doesn’t need to be there. It also allows them to watch Sharks innings a bit more because they don’t basically have 4 starters that are new at the Majors level

      • Ogyu

        No reason to take chances on Garza now. Put him on the DL. And limit Samardzija’s innings. Cubs don’t need quality starts for the remainder of this season, they need losses and better draft picks.

  • Harry Ramirez

    This is what John Sickels of had to say yesterday about Christian Villanueva in his mid-season prospects review: “Often gets overlooked in the Rangers system and is blocked behind Olt, but if I were trading with the Rangers I would ask about this guy”, He’s considered right now as the 10th best prospects in the Rangers farm system according to minorleagueball and was a 100# BA pre-2012 prospect and 9th best in the Rangers farm system. Texas has pitching prospects Justin Grimm and Tanner Scheppers outside the top 10 list, so really there is nothing to complain about. The Rangers didn’t pay much, they kept their big 3 (Jurickson Profar, Martin Perez and Mike Olt) and managed to bring a rotation filler without surrendering Cody Buckel, but still nice haul for us, and I like Hendricks much more than that Lindblom guy that the Dodgers offered.

    Also, stop saying that we lost Delgado. That’s irrelevant. The Maholm trade brought Vizcanio, and Vizcanio is at least as good as Delgado, most scouts say he is better. “Viz” is only 21 and has 2# potentiol, and worst case he’s a right handed Aroldis Chapman who can replace Marmol in CL duties. If you trade Demp to Atlanta you’re stuck with Maholm, this way Theo managed to get “Viz” (40# on BA pre-2012 list) AND Villanueva (100# on BA pre-2012 list), while adding two more arms. I agree that Demp really killed any chance of getting Webster, but in the end we managed to add depth to the farm, and knowing that Garza is the grand prize anyway, the rest is pretty much irrelevant.

  • CityCub

    Kinda funny how it comes out that after the Dempster deal is done the rangers release their hidden info that neftali feliez is having tommy John. Wonder how much more or who else would of been given to the cubs had this info been public

    • quintz

      I think the Braves did kinda the same thing with Tommy Hansen today.

      • quintz

        ……he’s out with tendinitis. Not supposed to be serious.

        • CityCub

          Espn reports Feliz is having tommy John. It’s not just the tendinitis

  • Earl Cunningham

    Shocked no team took a flyer on Camp… Overall im satisfied, it’s all about accumulating as much talent as possible and laying the foundation of for consistent winner. I’m glad Theo isn’t trying to plug holes with short term fixes to try and satisfy the short sighted portion of the fanbase. Hopefully we can get something for Sori and Marmol next month.

  • nkniacc13

    I think Camp and Corpas could both get through waivers if they wanted to trade either.

  • nkniacc13

    I think this offseason your going to see a bunch of minor leaguers Lake, Vitters among them that may get traded and I fully expect Garza to be traded as well. I wouldn’t be shocked if Marmol get traded and LaHair as well this winter. This offseason Theo/Jed will have a full year in the system understand exactly what they have and what they need and will be in a better situation to make moves than they were last winter

  • Ogyu

    Camp only makes $550K prorated for the rest of the season. Any team that might be willing to trade for him would just claim him off waivers.

    • nkniacc13

      then the cubs could pull him back and try to trade him to the team that claims him

  • HateDemp


    Great work and enjoyable following the action and fun. The FO has a plan and seems to have the willingness to not blink – should have good long-term implications. Only downside is I now need to route against Texas.