It feels like I’m doing Bullets at night, which just isn’t right. I might take flight. Ew. I’m sorry for that.

  • On last night’s moves, the Paul Maholm/Reed Johnson trade has been announced by the Cubs, but the Geovany Soto deal (to the Rangers for AA pitcher Jacob Brigham) hasn’t yet been officially announced (it involves a threshold amount of money going to the Rangers, so it requires Bud Selig’s perfunctory sign-off). When everything is said and done, on the roster move front, you can expect Casey Coleman to come up, as well as Welington Castillo. The Cubs will probably bring up a 4o-man roster outfielder, which may or may not be Brett Jackson. He was pulled from last night’s game at the same time the Maholm/Johnson deal went down, but apparently the Cubs have suggested he’s not getting called up just yet. Instead, you might look for someone like Dave Sappelt to come up.
  • Ryan Dempster says there are no hard feelings between he and the front office over last week’s failed trade to the Atlanta Braves (about which GM Jed Hoyer laughed a bit with reporters late last night). “Not at all,” Dempster told reporters. “They’ve got a job to do. They’re trying to do what’s best for the Chicago Cubs and I understand that. They’ve been honest with me, it seems like. I’m just trying to do what I can to continue to do my job as a player, and that’s to get ready to pitch.”
  • Dempster further humanized himself, discussing the trade season’s impact. “The thing is, there are tons of rumors and tons of speculation all the time,” Dempster said. “This is something that I have tried to keep very close to me just so that it gets handled the best it can. Sometimes there are rumors that are true and sometimes there are rumors that aren’t, but I can’t control that. I can just control what I can do that that’s be as prepared as I can to do my job and try to handle things the best I can. I’m not perfect. I’m a human being and will make mistakes. I won’t handle everything the right way every time, but hopefully I can learn from any mistakes I do make and try to be better for it next time.”
  • Darwin Barney has won the “Heart and Hustle Award,” which I can only assume is another name for the “Scrappy Award.” I’m not saying he doesn’t deserve it, of course, because he’s been all kinds of full of heart and hustle this year.
  • I mentioned it last evening, but here’s Dale Sveum’s full quote on Matt Garza’s bullpen session yesterday: “It was better than I imagined. It was a normal bullpen. He threw all his pitches, [had] velocity, extended himself with his slider and curveball and changeups. It went extremely, extremely well.” Extremely!
  • Jeff Passan – have I mentioned I like reading this guy? – draws up a nice Theo/Cubs/deadline/fire sale/rebuilding piece for your perusal throughout the day.
  • SCarlosenfreude: Carlos Zambrano has been moved to the bullpen in Miami. There isn’t a Gatorade cooler within 45 miles that is safe.
  • cjdubbya

    Found this in the Passan piece – “Center fielder Brett Jackson will join the team today, and the Cubs can only hope he pans out better than their last two similarly touted outfield prospects, Corey Patterson and Felix Pie.”

    Any word on if this is legit?

    • Brett

      I think he was making an assumption. I wouldn’t put anything more into it than that.

  • ColoCubFan

    Good morning Brett. Keep up the good work. I’m enjoying this a bunch!

  • TonyS

    “they’ve been honest with me, it seems like”……so at one point he suspected the FO wasnt being honest with him. I’m torn between cutting him some slack for his personal issues but at the same time I am filthy that he has handled this as poorly as he has. I heard on an ESPN podcast that the Delgado trade was in place 3 days before it got twittered so how could he claim to wake up from a nap claiming that was he first he knew of it.

    • Jack Weiland

      Suggestion: let’s not analyze every little thing like a high school girl would. Fair?

      • TonyS

        Ha ha. Sorry Ryan.

    • CubFan Paul

      “so how could he claim to wake up from a nap claiming that was he first he knew of it.”

      He lied. Plain and simple. He’s not the guy we thought he was. But harry carry impersonations are so cute

      • lukers63

        He is who we thought he was, and we let him off the hook!!!

  • CubFan Paul

    Another day, another excuse for Dempster squeezin the Cubs: I’m human

    Excuses are like assholes, everybody has one

    • Jack Weiland

      Seems like a rock solid excuse to me. He, like everyone else, is human. More than anything it seems like the admission of a mistake, an apology if you will, and at this point I’m ready to forgive and forget. Guy messed up. It happens. Time to move on with our lives.

      • gutshot5820

        I was upset as anybody when Dempster killed the trade, but you know what? If he doesn’t get traded, so what? Life goes on. He made an idiot PR mistake and he is paying the price for it with his popularity and probably/possibly future earnings. He earned his 10/5 rights and he can do whatever he wants. If he wants to approve any trade, consider it a gift, not to be taken for granted.

  • Jack Weiland

    Man I slept great last night. How about everyone else?

  • ChiTown

    So any news on if B Jax is a part of a trade? Or will he debut with the Cubs today?

    • Brett

      The best odds right now are that it’s neither of those things. But nobody seems to have heard boo about him to this point (other than Assman, that is).

      • Jack Weiland

        When Assman speaks people listen.

        • Smitty

          What did Assman say about Jackson. I missed that somehow.

  • JP cubed

    I’m done giving him slack at this point as well. He does seem like he may be owning up to have not handled this the right way at least. I love how his out during this was using the scapegoat he’d “consider” all offers. Whether that would be for a microsecond or legitimately consider it.

  • Justin

    Wow. You really are exhausted if you’re going Good Morning Starshine for the article headline. If you start seeing talking critters, it’s probably best to put down the caffeinated beverages.

  • Joey Jo Jo Junior

    Hey–the upside is that the Cubs got Vizcaino from the Braves for Maholm. That wouldn’t have happened if Dempster went to Atlanta. Now if they can get something good from the Dodgers, it’s a win. I’m a glass half full kind of guy I guess.

    • gutshot5820

      It would be awesome if he ends up having a better career than Delgado. You can thank Dempster for that if it turns out that way.

      • Brett

        And we will absolutely remember it, too. (We’ll remember if it goes the other way, too, of course.)

        • hansman1982

          I wonder if this trade is going to become the stuff of Josh Hamilton-esque Legends!

      • Kyle

        Delgado is a safer bet, but Vizcaino has a ton more upside. I’m not disappointed at all now.

  • cjdubbya

    I remember this quote from the Pre-Gamin’ article (about 20 articles ago at this point…

    “It’s a night game for the Cubs at Wrigley, and I’m appreciative, as it gives me a nice buffer during the 30-hour Trade Deadline Blogathon.”

    About that…

    • Brett

      Haha. Yeah, that did not happen AT ALL.

  • SFC_CubbieFan

    Darwin is the only Barney I care to watch and look forward to watching.

    • Ian Afterbirth

      What about Barney Fife????

  • ReiCow


    Have there been any rumblings about the Cubs going after Chase Headley?


    • Brett

      None since January.


      • hansman1982

        not sure we have the tradeable talent to get it done outside of Castro and Rizzo.


  • Flashfire

    It’s annoying for Dempster to imply that killing the Braves deal was a mistake at the same time the report leaks from Rosenthal that he will only approve a trade to the Dodgers. He really needs to stop digging.

  • donnie kessinger

    I hope we keep Barney… I think he is the type of player Theo & company are wanting to build with – solid fundamentals, hard-nosed hustler, improving at the plate…. oh yeah, and potential gold glove.

  • Nick

    I’m back with ya after getting 7 hrs sleep. On vacation and wanted to go the distance but I’m battling a cold and just couldn’t make it the whole way. Thanks for doing this and keeping us updated. YOU DA MAN!!!!

  • ETS

    that gatorade cooler comment was great lol

  • oswego chris

    Nothing new? I am going back to bed…

    in all seriousness, I would not be surprised to see Dempster stay…perhaps there has been dialogue about a team friendly short extension…I know he has the 12.5 for next year, but if he really wants to stay…I would rather that than take Dodger crap….

    I know we want more action, but I would be happy with this as is…you acquired a top-line pitching prospect…a young power bullpen arm…things are looking up…

    now bash me for not saying “trade these guys now!”

  • Wilbur

    “It feels like I’m doing Bullets at night, which just isn’t right. I might take flight.”

    While the analysis continues to be top notch, poetry is not vehicle you should explore to express yourself …

  • Ben


    With all the action last night, and possible action today, where do you think the Cubs rank in MLB in terms of age 22 and younger talent? What about the farm system in general? I would think adding Soler helped quite a bit, and we should be getting into the top 5 range with all the trade action.

  • dreese

    Morning Brett,
    You should get the your awesome for giving us all this great info by sacrificing sleep award!

  • Karen P


    I think TWO extremely’s on that Sveum re: Garza quote deserves a photo to be captioned… Just sayin.

    • Brett

      I agree …. someone get on that. :)

      • hansman1982

        uh-oh, Brett is in the comments – rumors dying down a tick…someone GET HIM COFFEE AND CRACK!