ESPN’s Jayson Stark appeared on Mike and Mike this morning, and stated flatly that, “It looks like Matt Garza is going to get traded today.” There was no hedging (other than the “looks like”), and the information came straight from an executive.

Stark, you may recall, was saying Garza was not going to be traded as recently as two days ago. He’s come around something fierce, which tells me he’s basing this on pretty solid info. He mentions the same teams we’ve been hearing – the Reds, the Rangers, and the Blue Jays – but stops short of suggesting the details of an actual deal.

In related Garza rumors, Ken Rosenthal reports that the Rangers aren’t actually all that enthused with the starting pitching options right now (which would include, probably at the top, Matt Garza). They may instead wait to see how things shake out in August, though they won’t be getting Garza then, as he’ll never clear waivers (or even make it to them on the waiver priority).

Multiple sources, and my gut, say the Reds are an odd fit at best for Garza, for a variety of reasons (tough fit in prospects, in division, money for Garza, full rotation, etc.). That said, Jon Heyman chimes in that Garza is believed to be in play for the Reds.

UPDATE: Nick Cafardo reports that, “at this hour,” the Red Sox are not involved in Matt Garza talks. I don’t really understand it, myself, as they are still very much in contention, and could really use a guy like Garza. But, then again, some Red Sox personnel were saying a week ago that Garza wouldn’t really be an upgrade over what they already have …

UPDATE 2 (at 11:12am CT): Hooray for simultaneously updating posts. Jon Heyman reports that the Rangers are in discussions with the Cubs about Garza, and he says there’s a chance of a deal, but a source told him it was “doubtful.” The Cubs are almost certainly insisting on one of the big three – Mike Olt, Martin Perez, or Jurickson Profar – and the Rangers are, understandably, blanching.

UPDATE 3 (at 11:17am CT): Wow. Nick Cafardo followed up his earlier tweet by saying that the Red Sox were one of a few teams that dropped out of the Garza race because of the triceps injury, but that “Garza will go though.” Wow.

UPDATE 4 (at 12:00pm CT): Ken Rosenthal reports that the Diamondbacks’ brass is at an all hands on deck meeting, and he speculates it’s about picking up a pitcher to counter the moves of the Dodgers and Giants. No indication that it’s Garza, mind you, but they definitely have the pieces to make it happen.

UPDATE 5 (at 12:33pm CT): Buster Olney drops the Justin Upton bomb, which you had to know someone would do at some point. “Diamondbacks working hard on something big, and a Garza/Upton framework makes sense for both Cubs and Diamondbacks.” Before you get nutty, remember: the Cubs are reportedly one of four teams on Upton’s no-trade list. That would be a big hold-up.

UPDATE 6 (at 12:39pm CT): Jon Morosi says the Rays and Rangers have re-engaged in James Shields trade talks. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that the Rangers prefer Shields to Garza, even though you could make the case that Garza is presently the better pitcher.

UPDATE 7 (at 12:46pm CT): A baseball source tells Steve Gilbert that there’s nothing to Garza/Upton. There never was.

UPDATE 8 (at 1:03pm CT): Ken Rosenthal just reported on MLBN that Diamondbacks pitching prospect Patrick Corbin has been scratched from his start today, and the panel went nuts speculating that it’s Matt Garza related. Nothing firm there in the least.

UPDATE 9 (at 1:17pm CT): We suspected it, but Bruce Levine confirms: the Blue Jays and Rangers were on hand to scout Garza’s bullpen session yesterday.

UPDATE 10 (at 2:30pm CT): Danny Knobler confirms that the Diamondbacks have considered Garza. Things have gone awfully quiet on the Garza front, though, obviously.

  • Atfinch

    Sounds like demo deal is all but done…

  • Atfinch


  • #1lahairfan

    Demo to the dodgers.

  •!/Shawn_Oetzel Shawn

    Stark was all over ESPN earlier saying Hunter Pence would not be traded because of the Victorino deal…I have my doubts about his sources

  • bbmoney

    Hear Profar’s name mentioned in update #2 made me giddy. Not that I think there is any chance of that….but still.

  • Adam

    I’ll take one of Bauer, Skaggs, Bradley, plus throw in a high risk high upside arm and call it a day.

  • BlueHorizons

    Maybe the Theo plan is to send Dempster to LA (bending over backwards, and all) in order to put pressure on the Diamondbacks so that they will present a bigger package for Garza? THAT might be the only way that I could forgive the rumored “sweetening of the pot” to make Dempster look acceptable to the Dodgers, and even then, I’m going to be big-time pissed if the Dempster deal includes Camp, Russel, McNutt – God forbid more than one of them.

    • quintz

      Your going to be pissed if the Cubs trade Camp? Are you a restaurant or dry cleaner that Camp frequents and he is keeping your business above water?

      • Jack Weiland


        • quintz

          I’d trade him on the “weird facial hair” principle first then the fact that he is a 36 year old journeyman reliever (having a nice year).

  • Dustin

    Who would be ideal in a dbacks trade?

    • Gabriel

      Something headlined with Tyler Skaggs (possible) or Trevor Bauer (very doubtful, but they may be down on him from earlier this year).

      • Gabriel

        this said I still think its too much to give up for Garza. D’backs might be a poor match given that they can get elite level SP for these guys (Lee/King Felix)

  • Gabriel

    This is quickly turning into a best-case scenario for us: D’Backs/Rangers/Jays/Reds fighting it out for Garza, plus Demp just about gone (waiting on return) plus the trades last night!

    LOVE this – honestly I’m confident we will be ecstatic with a package from any of those teams for Garza.

  • Edward

    I thought the D-Bags were gonna go after somebody like Cliff Lee, John Lester, King Felix, etc. Garza is quite a step down from those fellas.

    • Matt

      He also won’t cost them as much and is under control for a year at a reasonable salary.

  • dabynsky

    Ken Rosenthan directly shoots down Matt Garza saying he wasn’t elite enough for the type of move the D’Backs are considering.

    • Brett

      No. That was his overnight (posted about it in the wee hours) rumor. Now he’s not sure if that’s over, and not sure if maybe they’re in on Garza.

      • dabynsky

        I literally just watched him 5 minutes ago on MLB Network answer a direct question whether Matt Garza was elite enough and Rosenthal say no.

        • Jack Weiland

          Five minutes ago? OLD!

  • Richard Nose


  • donnie kessinger

    I dont see a Garza deal getting done… this is all hype from national media

  • Engine 78

    Rosensquirrel has a full write up on this.

    Lee unlikely, as I would think Felix is. Hold on to your butts because as Brett said, the pieces are there (Bauer, Jupton etc.)

  • WGNstatic

    WTF??? It has been 10 minutes since an update! I am starting to think that my constant refreshing isn’t the best way for me to be spending my time…

    ahh never mind.

  • Cooper


  • Cooper

    Brett, this blogathon has been great fun, but it is really starting to impact my productivity at work…

    Here’s hoping that these deals wrap up fast so I can get back to business…

    • cjdubbya

      I’m there with you in spades today.

    • BlueHorizons

      Ditto… especially now that it’s coming down to the wire. I have NO concentration left for working on WORK related things, and besides, they are just not nearly as fun to think about!

      Dang, work sure does get in way of enjoying baseball (and football, hockey, basketball….)!!!

  • quintz

    I love that three days ago 50% of the people on here were 100% sure the Cubs were making no trades and were ready to run the FO out of town for not being active enough.

    • #1lahairfan

      So true

  • Alex

    Jonathan Mayo has updated his Cubs prospect list and put Vizcaino 3rd on the list behind BJax and Baez,

    • Jack Weiland

      He has BJax ahead of Soler and Almora?!

      • Alex

        Soler and Almora aren’t on his list yet. I’m sure he’ll update his lists to include 2012 draft picks and international signings soon.

        • Jack Weiland

          Ah, good clarification. I’m too busy hitting F5 here to click the link.

      • cubs217

        Neither is on the list.

      • quintz

        Yea, why has he has left Almora and Soler completely off that top 20 list? Not sure what that means. Maybe he has some criteria that they don’t meed time wise?

        • hansman1982

          seems like prospect lists this time of year either do or don’t include guys who just became professionals. He could be one that waits until the winter to include noobs.

        • Alex

          Mayo hasn’t updated his lists to include the 2012 draft and international signings yet. I just looked at the Astros prospect list and Correia isn’t there yet either. I’m not sure when he will update the list to include the new prospects.

          • Jack Weiland

            Offseason, I guess, which makes sense. Otherwise it’s a slippery slope to updating that thing ALL THE TIME.

            • Alex

              I agree.. He probably wants to get a feel how all the top picks are doing the rest of the season before he adds the to his prospect lists.

    • Flashfire

      Jackson ahead of Baez seems like a stretch at this point — but I think he just ordered everyone 1-200 or so at the beginning of the year and rankings come off of that higher list. I have to think after this season BJax drops and Baez rises, perhaps substantially for both.

      • Alex


  • donnie kessinger

    Yee haw! Another update… go Brett! I changed my position – GARZA to ZONA! I hope it happens…

  • Rizzofanclub

    The A’s are searching for a ss, I wonder if Barney to the A’s has anything to it.

    • CastrotoBarneytoRizzo

      Nope. Barney, who should win his first gold glove ths year, will be our secondbaseman for years to come…

      • Flashfire

        The way Torreyes and — much further away — Amaya are hitting, not too many years to come.

        • CastrotoBarneytoRizzo

          Agree to disagree…

  • Rebuilding

    Please, please include Adam Eaton with Skaggs. Love that kid and he would quickly become a fan favorite

  • Edward

    Wonder if a three team trade could work:

    Red Sox get Justin Upton and Matt Garza
    DBags get John Lester and Brett Jackson
    Cubs get a bunch of prospects.

    • Flashfire

      I can’t see the DBacks giving up Upton and only getting Lester and Jackson in return. That would be a little like giving up Castro for Lester and Jackson.

  • CrockettTM

    I don’t see Garza moved today.

    I see Dempster going to the Dodgers for significantly less than Maholm went to the Braves and that is AMAZING.

    Ireland is rainy.

  • RoughRiider

    I’d like to see Dempster traded to the Dbacks for three reasons. 1. They have a better farm system than the Dodgers. 2. Screws the Dodgers. ( I hate the Dodgers more than the Mets fro resons that go back decades) 3. Dempster lives in Phoenix in the off season.

  • Jeremy

    Give me Tyler Skaggs please!

  • North Side Irish

    Buster Olney ‏@Buster_ESPN
    Diamondbacks working hard on something big, and a Garza/Upton framework makes sense for both Cubs and Diamondbacks.

    It’s not nice to tease…

  • Fastball

    Buster Olney ‏@Buster_ESPN
    Diamondbacks working hard on something big, and a Garza/Upton framework makes sense for both Cubs and Diamondbacks.

    • Norm

      No F’n Way…

  • Freshness21

    Buster talking about Garza/Upton in swap? How would Upton fit into our plans?

    • Matt

      No idea, can’t imagine he does.

      • Freshness21

        3-team would be great since he has more value to other teams. But running out of time here…

    • Jeremy

      Has to be a 3 team deal with Upton involved IMO.

      Skaggs and Upton to the Cubs! GET IT DONE!!! (I can dream right)

      • dreese

        Cubs are on Uptons no trade list

        • gocatsgo2003

          Upton is under contract through 2015, which is about the time that we would start to anticipate our top young OF (Soler, Almora, etc.) to really start making meaningful contributions at the big league level.

          Of course with the Cubs being on his no-trade list he would probably want some kind of extension, but… in Theo we trust!

    • dudeski

      i’m not getting my hopes up

  • Dan