Kevin Goldstein Talks Cubs Trade Rumors and Prospects on the Score

Baseball Prospectus’s Kevin Goldstein was on the Score this morning with Mully and Hanley, discussing all manner of things relevant to the Cubs’ Trade Deadline activities. A summary, replete with paraphrasing where appropriate …

  • The Cubs got a great return for Paul Maholm and Reed Johnson. Maholm’s decent, but he’s just been really hot. Arodys Vizcaino is a smaller guy, who’s been shut down for arm fatigue at various times. He’s probably gotta be viewed as a reliever going forward, but he could be a very, very good one. Possibly a closer.
  • Jaye Chapman will probably be a useful middle reliever, so that’s nice, too.
  • The Cubs are not going to get a Randall Delgado level return for Ryan Dempster anymore, but they can still get a decent starting pitching prospect. Delgado would have been a mistake by the Braves. We just have to forget that, and act like it never happened.
  • The Dodgers absolutely have the leverage here, and, genuinely, Goldstein is not sure how much the Dodgers actually want Ryan Dempster. Speaking to sources around the league, he gets the sense that they’ll take him, but they’re not itching to get him.
  • Holding Dempster and making a qualifying offer in the offseason is a risky strategy, because we still don’t know that Dempster won’t accept.
  • Dempster shouldn’t have said he was going to do the best thing for the Cubs, but he doesn’t owe the Cubs anything. He has 10/5 rights, and he is entitled to exercise them.
  • It’s a great move to throw in money to get a better player, generally speaking. We’ve believed this to be true for the Cubs for some time now, so, good.
  • Jake Brigham is a really nice return for Geovany Soto. He was a slow-developing prospect, his numbers have improved, and he has good scouting reports. He could even be a back of the rotation type in the bigs. Scouts say, “that’s a big leaguer.” He’s not an impact guy, but he’ll probably make the show.
  • The Cubs were always going to sell off like this. It was always going to be a full-on rebuild, starting with a gut job. And it’s going to last through 2013, at least.
  • There’s still plenty of time for trades to go down, and Goldstein expects Dempster to go. Soriano is a really nice fit for Los Angeles, and his inclusion could lead to the Cubs getting someone like Zach Lee or Allen Webster in a package deal with Dempster.
  • If a Matt Garza trade doesn’t happen today, there’s going to be a great market for him this Winter.

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46 responses to “Kevin Goldstein Talks Cubs Trade Rumors and Prospects on the Score”

  1. Tim

    Why does Dempster care that much where he goes? It’s 8 weeks someplace and he’s getting paid millions! I’ve taken 8 week vacations out of my own pocket.

    1. Beer Baron

      I think they officially refer to those 8-week vacations as “semesters”. And technially you’re supposed to go to class, but that’s really just optional…

  2. hansman1982

    Dempster shouldn’t have said he was going to do the best thing for the Cubs, but he doesn’t owe the Cubs anything.

    THIS, A MILLION TIMES THIS. Want to know why fans are pissed at Dempster – THIS.

    Had he publically kept his trap shut in June, fans would not be this upset.

    1. Grant

      Also the fact that he changed his mind about one of the two places he said he’d be willing to go. And the fact that he’s using his 10/5 rights to force a trade with one and only one team, which completely removes any leverage the Cubs have.

      10/5 rights are meant to be a veto, not a way to force a trade with one and only one team.

    2. Steve

      People are upset, because….wait for it…..

      He didn’t publicly keep his mouth shut.

      1. Wilbur

        Well played …

  3. Sosascorkedbat

    Brett, any word yet on why Brett jackson was pulled out of the lineup last night? And can you see him being included in some package deal the FO is putting together?

    1. LWeb23

      My theory is that the Cubs had a deal for Soriano to the Giants ready, and they were planning on calling him up after Soriano was dealt. The Cubs pull Jackson, ask Soriano if the deal is cool, and then nothing happened.

  4. Fastball

    with Victorino going to the Dodgers and League going to the Dodgers I don’t see them going after Dempster or Soriano. Good Hope they end up 10 games out of the Wild Card. I think the Rangers or YankLee’s will get Dempster now. Maybe the Braves can still sneak back in on Dempster. Nothing says they can’t get two of our starters in separate deals.

  5. Nick

    If Dempster is not traded the we the fans should make the remaining few months miserable for Demp that way Theo and Co and make that qualifying offer to Demp with confidence he wont accpet and get a pick for him.

    1. DocPeterWimsey

      The vast majority of Cub fans almost certainly are oblivious to all of this.

      1. Jack Weiland

        Could not agree more. And that’s cool … to each their own.

    2. Sosascorkedbat

      I hope he gets traded and i hope its to an al team so we dont have to see that guy again, out of sight out of mind! If not i agree he is going to be given hell everytime he takes the mound at wrigley

    3. oswego chris

      We all wanted Delgado…but if Dempster is NOT traded…it’s not the worst thing in the world..we already recieved more for soto, reed and maholm than we thought…three quality arms into the system…I was pissed at the whole Delgado thing…but we gotta let it go…

  6. Fastball

    I’m back from the dead. Stayed up way past my bedtime. 0400 I was on the clock but useless. Fell asleep and woke up with an oh shanikiaz what did I miss.

  7. Fastball

    I have no doubt that Dempster will get traded before the day is over. I think the Garza is going to be gone as well. I remember the Sveum comment that all 3 would not be traded. Madden of the Rays made those comments about Garza not being traded last year. So I don’t believe what the Mgr says cause the don’t control the purse strings. But god our rotation is going to suck big time if they do. We might look like a slow pitch softball team (our opponent scores). Volstadt, Germano, Coleman and Wood along with the Shark. My oh My.

  8. Leo

    Coincidence or superstition all trades went down when everyone started wishing Brett’s wife happy birthday so let’s start wishing her a happy belated b-day to get the ball rolling again.

    1. DocPeterWimsey

      We like to call it afterbirthday…

  9. Yeamon

    Dempster has the rights to veto the trade. No debate about that. But why wouldn’t fans be pissed that they missed out on Delgado because of his decision? So KG says it was a Braves mistake that should be forgotten. I don’t think that is realistic. If Cubs fans are to accept the fact the team is in rebuilding mode, then they have a right to also be pissed when a valuable piece in that effort is missed because one of the old guard won’t move on. Plus the fact that Dempster’s position has totally sh*tcanned any leverage the FO would have in obtaining a decent return. Dempster is entitled to his position. But fans are entitled to be unhappy with that position.

  10. Jared

    do we know if there was anything to brett jackson being pulled yet?

    1. Mick

      I was just wondering the same thing. I wonder if Jackson being pulled last night was because they had a deal on the table with SF with Soriano. I’ve heard Brandon Belt’s name being tossed around a bunch lately.

    2. Beer Baron

      Kaplan just reported that Jackson is starting today for Iowa

      1. hansman1982

        could it be that the manager at Iowa was messing with everyone by pulling Jackson at that time?

  11. North Side Irish

    David Kaplan ‏@thekapman
    I just spoke with Brett Jackson. He is NOT getting called up. Told me he is playing today in a day game for Class AAA Iowa.

    1. Mick

      And this could be because Soriano nixed any deal to SF and now Jackson’s back in the lineup.

    2. Jared

      thanks man.

    3. hansman1982

      11:30 start time so it will be interesting to see who is out on the field.

  12. Fastball

    I am past being pissed at Dempster. I think Theo will make a good trade of Dempster before it’s all done. I think he played the Dodgers better than they were playing him. Here we are at the end and new teams are in on Dempster which is exactly what needed to happen. His return could get better in the final hour.

  13. Wester

    Brett, the only thing I know about Webster is that people seemed very angry at him being the return once the Delgado thing fell through. Was that more of a “Webster is no delgado” angry, or a “Webster is not a good return for dempster under normal circumstances” angry?

  14. Matt

    Keep Dempster. Send him out there every 5th day with a AAA line-up behind him and let his 2nd half stats tank.

    Do NOT offer him jack after the season.

    Let him sign a 2-3 year deal with some other team for far less than he could have gotten with a trade/extension now.

    1. Wester

      How does this help the cubs?

      1. DocPeterWimsey

        It satisfies the bloodlust of some of their fans in that “Hunger Games” sort of way.

      2. Matt

        If the Dodgers don’t want to pony up then don’t make a deal with them just to satisfy Dempster.

        Theo needs to show he’s fine with not making a deal, sometimes that’s the best move if only to establish you won’t be pushed around.

  15. Fastball

    I was pretty confident that Jed wasn’t bringing Jackson up when he was pulled last night. He was probably being discussed in a trade and was pulled for safety reasons. He has not produced at AAA at a level that warrants his being called up. He may get a look in September but if he doesn’t improve greatly he won’t be up til next year if and when he ever improves. I am hoping he gets traded as my opinion of him is that he has peaked at AAA and will never be a reliable OFer at the plate in the Bigs.

    1. IACubRob

      I’ve had the chance to watch Brett Jackson play several times this summer. He has made some very mediocre AAA pitching look like the second coming of Nolan Ryan. I can only assume he will K at an even higher rate at the big league level. I hope he is traded away before he becomes another name on the cub;s list of highly touted center fielders that were a bust.

  16. North Side Irish

    Paul Sullivan ‏@PWSullivan
    Since the Cubs are already paying part of Soto’s salary w/ Texas, they’d get a refund on some if they don’t choose PTBNL.

    Didn’t realize Cubs were getting another player. Can’t be much if there’s a “cash refund” option, but it’s always interesting.

  17. Curt

    dempster cost the cubs Delgado , forget it happened not likely hope next yr he ends up with the marlins and loria how would he like that . As long as he’s not here . does make u wonder about keeping Guys for too long so tht they get these rights . Just sayin.

  18. DCF

    If the Cubs really thought of Vizcaino only as a bullpen guy I doubt they would have pulled off the trade. No sense in dealing away a perfectly fine and relatively cheap SP for some bullpen prospect.

  19. Curt

    I do agree demps 10/5 rights gave him the right to excersize them he also had the right to excersize his right to be quiet and not explain to the world he only wanted to go to la not only did he kill the atl deal he messed up the deal to la as well now he may not owe the cubs anything but why couldn’t he just be quiet .

    1. DocPeterWimsey

      Dempster did not keep quiet because people kept asking him to explain himself. Of course, that is the sports media’s job, so we cannot blame them. That is just life in the teens…..

  20. Dan

    Vizcaino is going to have a chance to start.