This flies in the face of a great deal of what we’ve heard, but I’ve been told by a source to trust Dave Kaplan’s sources, so, by that game of telephone, I trust the following …

Dave Kaplan reports that, not only have two additional teams – aside from the Los Angeles Dodgers – emerged as suitors for Ryan Dempster, but also that Dempster is willing to approve a deal to any of the three teams. From Kap:

Baseball sources have confirmed to me that three teams are in play for Ryan Dempster and he will approve a deal to any of the three teams if the Cubs can agree on a suitable return in exchange for the veteran right-hander who is enjoying one of the best seasons of his career. The Los Angeles Dodgers, who have long been Dempster’s preferred destination will have to increase their offer as the Texas Rangers and New York Yankees have stepped up their pursuit over the last 48 hours.

Kap adds some quotes from baseball sources, who reiterate that Dempster is willing to go to a number of teams besides the Dodgers.

Once again, this smacks of an attempt to pressure the Dodgers into increasing their offer (heck, Kaplan even says it), but that doesn’t mean it isn’t also true. Why wouldn’t the Cubs want the Dodgers to feel pressured to increase their offer?

UPDATE: I know you’re going to go nuts thinking about the Rangers possibilities, but allow guys like Mike Olt, Jurickson Profar, and Martin Perez to fall far, far from your minds. Probably even the next tier of guys, too (that’s how good the Rangers’ system is).

UPDATE 2 (at 8:56am CT): Multiple reports have Shane Victorino going to the Dodgers for reliever Josh Lindblom and another pitcher. You’re wondering, why is this a Ryan Dempster update? Well, if the Dodgers land Victorino, they’re out on Alfonso Soriano. And, without Soriano’s inclusion, the Cubs may not be able to swing a decent deal with the Dodgers. Maybe it won’t matter if all of the above is true, but more bidders is always better, even if one of them is LA.

UPDATE 3 (at 9:25am CT): And, quickly, the national guys swoop in to say the Yankees have no interest in Ryan Dempster. Clearly someone in the Yankees’ front office wanted to get that word out quickly. Why exactly, I’m not sure. Danny Knobler suggests this entire angle is, indeed, just a ploy to gain leverage with the Dodgers (which has been contended for days).

UPDATE 4 (at 9:29am CT): Kaplan quickly comes back, “Yankees have talked about Dempster with the Cubs. They are not as motivated as Texas and the LA Dodgers.”

UPDATE 5 (at 9:46am CT): Phil Rogers describes the Rangers’ interest in Dempster as “at least tire-kicking.” That’s not altogether encouraging.

UPDATE 6 (at 9:54am CT): In the most transparently bogus leak of the season, which could apply to both Dempster and Matt Garza, a source tells Ken Rosenthal, “Rangers consider quality of available starting pitchers to be ‘minimal.’ May wait until August waiver period to see if that changes.” Come on, Rangers. Do you really expect us to believe you think the starting pitching market is going to go appreciably up in August?

UPDATE 7 (at 10:00am CT): Ken didn’t agree with me, saying that more teams might fall out of the race in August, and make more players available. That’s all well and good, but those players have to clear waivers to be dealt in August (or can be dealt only to the team who claimed them). How many big-money pitchers are out there, not currently available, are much better than who’s out there now, and who would clear waivers? That Venn Diagram looks awfully small to me.

UPDATE 8 (at 10:03am CT): Ken concedes that he probably could have worded his originally tweet better, saying that his source told him that the Rangers see “minimal attractive talent” right now. So, the Rangers weren’t necessarily saying there might be better talent in August, they were saying there might be more talent in August. Which could be true.

UPDATE 9 (at 10:59am CT): Tim Brown says Shane Victorino to the Dodgers is done for reliever Josh Lindblom and AA starter Ethan Martin. So, Soriano to the Dodgers is toast. Interestingly, that package was briefly rumored a few days ago to be the offer for Ryan Dempster. I think someone got their signals crossed.

UPDATE 10 (at 11:06am CT): Now this is interesting. Ken Rosenthal says the Dodgers “remain focused” on getting Ryan Dempster, and want him even if they acquire another pitcher. That cuts against various reports that the Dodgers don’t even really like Dempster that much. Hmm.

UPDATE 11 (at 11:15am CT): Multiple additional sources say the Dodgers are now pushing hard for Dempster. Does that mean they will finally put one of their three untouchables – Zach Lee, Allen Webster, or Chris Reed – back on the table? The pessimist in me doubts it.

  • TheJDawg

    any word on trading of DeJesus? If so, they can trade him, but as part of the deal the Cubs get to keep his wife to put on display at Wrigley…

  • HateDemp

    Hope it happens that way

  • J R

    Hi my name is Dempster. I want to got to a place that wants no part of me (L.A.) so I can sit next to my bff (Ted Lilly) in the dugout on my off days. But I like to act like a hero by saying I will do whatever I can to help the Chicago Cubs. That’s how I roll.

  • CastrotoBarneytoRizzo

    Brett: I know you’re busy with all the updates right now, but would you say we came out better with the Vizcaino trade versus Delgado? In other words, which one is the better of the two?

    • CastrotoBarneytoRizzo

      I posed this question before I read your K. Goldstein post. No need to respond. I got it…

    • mak

      I’d rather have Delgado, but the Cubs did great in the Maholm trade. So, assuming the Cubs do alright with Dempster, this is the best case scenario (as opposed to Delgado plus very little return on Maholm/Johnson).

  • TonyP

    I hope we don’t trade Dempster to the Dodgers until we get an A prospect in return.

  • hansman1982

    Why exactly, I’m not sure.

    Because Cashman doesn’t want to be used by his former top rival?

  • SFC_CubbieFan

    That kind of sucks was just looking at the Yankmee’s propects.. Like RHP Montgomery, LHP Banuelos and C Ronin…

    • SFC_CubbieFan

      Looking at the Rangers there projection for 2015 they do not see Olt in the line-up.. What about him along with some B, B- pitching?

  • Ryan G

    Man. Was hoping LA didn’t get Victorino. Wanted Dempster/Soriano package there, so as not to take Rangers out of the Garza race.

  • Hawkeye

    If the brass is able to trade Demp and Garza today, what does our rotation look like in the next week. We know Coleman is a lock for Maholm. Germano will continue to get starts along the way as well. Any thoughts as to who the final spot would go to? Volstad?

    • Brett

      Volstad or a pitcher the Cubs get back in a trade.

      • Hawkeye

        Thanks. I think we will be back in the hunt for the number one pick next year in short order. Hopefully everybody enjoyed this last month of success (Cardinals sweep withholding) as it may get very ugly for the rest of the season.

        • North Side Irish

          Astros will be tough to catch, but with enough Casey Coleman and Chris Volstad, and I think the Cubs will have a shot. No doubt they at last “pass” the Rockies.

          • dreese

            We might have me make some more trades to catch them. The Astros have been the best for a long time in the central.

  • Fastball

    I think if the Reds miss out on Garza they will be right back in on Dempster at the end. They want a solid veteran pitcher to put in their mix. Arroyo is the only vet with any kind of experience. They are very young. I can see Demp pitching in Cinci. They are a serious contender and Demp should approve of a trade because he will get to the playoffs for sure.

  • BN Virgin

    Brett, the Cubs obviously will be able to get better prospects out of Garza than Dempster. Will trading Garza, and not Dempster, have any effect on Dempster accepting the Cubs qualifying offer after the season? If the Cubs get rid of a lot of their ML ready talent he may be more inclined to go to a better team, even if it is for less money. Cubs then get much better prospects out of trade plus compensation pick. Your thoughts?

  • Toddleevon

    Texas would be awesome for Demp. Plus they have Spring Training in Arizona.

  • Fastball

    Soriano would be a potential good fit in Cinci as well. But only if Votto is going to be a little longer than expected coming back. Bruce can play 1B and Sori could shuffle into the OF and he would hit a whole bunch of HR’s in Great American Ballpark. I don’t like the Reds that much but if our division has a chance to go all the way I want it to be the Reds over the Cardinals for sure. * This won’t happen but I am never amazed at this point.

    • LWeb23

      LaHair would be an even better fit. Play 1B now, play OF when Votto comes back. I don’t think LaHair is going anywhere though. And when I say that, I’m not entirely sure if I am referring to today’s deadline, his career path, or both.

  • SirCub

    Rangers consider quality of available starting pitchers to be ‘minimal.’ May wait until August waiver period to see if that changes.

    Fine, I didn’t want your stupid minimal quality starting pitchers, anyways.

  • Steve

    I want Cody Buckel…and a throw in for Garza. The kid is that good.

  • Ogyu

    Looks like Phillies are calling up OF Domonic Brown, which may mean that Victorino has been traded.

  • Chad

    Per mlbtraderumors – the Tigers are looking hard for a middle of the order bat…..could Soriano fill that role?

  • BD

    Can we just trade Garza for Olt, straight up? It shows how much I would like to see him come to Chicago, but is that getting too little for a SP like Garza?

  • Fastball

    He could but where is Detroit getting the $$ to pay for all these Hi Price Tag Players? Will they become the new Marlins and have a massive sell off if they fall short in playoffs? Tigers would have to pay a real stiff price for Soriano at this late juncture. They are not going to get him for a bag of balls. either make them pay a lot of his salary or we get something exceptional back in return. When you have a commodity that becomes a serious need and only a few hours left to deal. The price tag gets marked up big time. Capitalism at it’s finest.

    • dudeski

      Mike Ilitch is loaded

      • Smitty

        Loaded,and VERY interested in winning in the next two years.

  • Jack

    Love the updates! Not really liking how this is all going down so far with the deadline a few hours away. Why are more teams not all over Demp and Garz; Wouldn’t they be a great addition to a rotation come playoffs and give a contending team that extra boost over the field? How serious are talks between the Reds and Cubs for Garza?

  • http://BeacherNation TobaccopouchinIvy

    Victorinio to the Dodgers for Ethan Martin & Jogh Lindblom[MLBTR]

  • Fastball

    I think the Dodgers are going to be the 1st to flinch in the game of chicken. They are entering desperation mode. They are saying that they really want Dempster now. Couple days ago it was they aren’t that interested. Ha… Theo you need to shut the door on Coletti and leave him outside in the cold. Screw the Dodgers. Take less if you have to for Dempster but don’t send him to the Dodgers. They want to play games for days on end. They can go play with themselves as long as they want.

  • lukers63

    Great work on all the updates Brett! When I woke up this morning for work, I wasn’t worried about getting ready for work, but seeing if you were still alive and breaking news. To my pleasant surprise, tons of updates/posts. I keep waiting for the big Demp for Webster….

  • socalicubsfan

    So here’s a thought… Garza gets traded, Dempster stays. Demp holds down a slot in the rotation and attempts to build up value as a FA. In the meantime, the boobirds around Wrigley make that warm fuzzy feeling fade by the end of the season. Opportunities come up in the offseason for RD and Cubs make their qualifying offer. Demp heads West where he’s more comfortable and the Cubs get their pick. Tah-dah!!!
    “You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one..”

  • Master Dan

    Update 1069 (at 11:11am CT): A source from above has told me that Dempster is tired of all these Dempster updates and has decided to remain with the Cubs. Dempster said, “I would like to thank Brett for annoying the heck out of me about all these rumors and decided to remain with the Cubs because of that. May God have mercy on your soul.”

  • Serious Cubs Fan

    Idk how chris reed is in the class of zach lee or Allen webster even. personally I would take zach lee over all them. Highest ceiling

  • Ralph

    Dempster would approve a trade to the Yanks? I thought that he wanted to go to a team that had Spring Training facilities in Arizona… or is he just gonna build another house in Tampa… how much have the Cubs paid him?

  • Rizzofanclub

    I could seriously seeing the reds pulling the Garza and Dejesus trade. Its been forever since the Reds have had this type of team with the Cards hurting at the moment and the Cubs in full rebuilding mode. Offer the cubs this and Garza and Dejesus would join the reds and they would have the best rotation in the NL and a great shot at going to the world series:Billy Hamilton, Daniel Corcino, and Kyle Lotzkar.

  • Cubbie Blues

    Did the Cubs outlast the Dodgers bluff? Let’s hope so.

  • Dustin

    Demp to Dodgers!! about..damn..time!!!