In a post that’s sure to be met with jokes and a million updates, Jim Bowden reports that the Los Angeles Dodgers are getting Ryan Dempster, and the final i-dotting and t-crossing is all that’s left to do.

I don’t have a good feeling about the Cubs’ return based on what we’ve heard for days, but we’ll see. Theo and Jed weren’t about to be strong-armed on this one, unless they had no other options. Maybe they didn’t.

UPDATE: Phil Rogers says on MLBN that the Cubs really want Allen Webster, and the Cubs might be including multiple pieces to get him, including guys like Shawn Camp or Jeff Baker. And then he said something about Trey McNutt, and I burst into flames.

UPDATE 2 (at 11:49am CT): Kevin Goldstein suggests that James Russell could be involved, to which I’d note that I hope he’s not just a sweetening throw-in. Considering his effectiveness and his contract status, he’s got a lot of value.

UPDATE 3 (at 11:50am CT): George Ofman says the deal is indeed close, and involves multiple players. I’m nervous that it was the Cubs who capitulated, not the Dodgers.

UPDATE 4 (at 11:55am CT): Doug Padilla with a tweet that reinforces my fear: “As Dempster deal to the Dodgers closes in, maybe this ends the idea that Demp & Theo/Jed are on bad terms. Cubs bent over backward for this.”

UPDATE 5 (at 12:15pm CT): Kevin Goldstein hears the same thing as Phil Rogers, but he’s also been saying Dempster and Russell for Webster would be a “steal” for the Cubs. I just don’t see that, given how the starting pitching market has played out, but I get that he’s saying Webster is legit.

UPDATE 6 (at 12:18pm CT): From Jon Morosi: “No agreement yet in Ryan Dempster negotiations. Hardball going on with less than 3 hours before deadline.” Natch.

UPDATE 7 (at 12:30pm CT): Bob Nightengale says that the Cubs and Dodgers are talking, but other teams remain involved with Dempster. Is that posturing by the Cubs, or did Bowden jump the gun?

UPDATE 8 (at 12:52pm CT): Aaaaaand, take-back-sies. Jim Bowden now says Dempster to the Dodgers isn’t a sure thing, but you might be happy about the reason (you’ll have to forgive the frightful way he tweets): “Serious game of chicken between the Dodgers& Cubs on Dempster right now…Cubs believed to have found another team..LA blinks or loses him.” That one doesn’t feel like a shill for the Cubs.

UPDATE 9 (at 12:56pm CT): Tom Verducci reports on MLBN that the Cubs and Dodgers have disengaged, and the Cubs are in talks with the Yankees and a mystery team (Sweet Jesus…) on Dempster.

UPDATE 10 (at 1:07pm CT): Ken Rosenthal says that the Cubs have indeed talked to the Yankees about Dempster (and it was the Yankees contacting the Cubs). This is all very preliminary. At the same time, the MLBN crew is suddenly speculating that the D-Backs are in play for Dempster. Head = spinning.

UPDATE 11 (at 1:25pm CT): Jon Heyman cites a source who tells him Ryan Dempster has told the Cubs he’ll accept a trade to the Yankees. Dave Kaplan reported that earlier today, by the way.

UPDATE 12 (at 1:30pm CT): Joel Sherman, who’s a Yankees reporter, and who always seems to be right, says that although there have been talks, he can’t see the Yankees giving up much to get Dempster, who isn’t much of an upgrade. I just don’t agree with that, but, hey, he knows his stuff.

UPDATE 13 (at 1:35pm CT): Jim Bowden says it’s now or never for the Dodgers. Either they blink (presumably on Webster), or Dempster goes to the Yankees. Here’s the thing: I’m not so sure the return from the Yankees is going to be any good, either.

UPDATE 14 (at 1:45pm CT): Ken Rosenthal hears that Dodgers don’t even want to give up anyone in their top 7 or 8 prospects for a rental like Dempster.

UPDATE 15 (at 2:26pm CT): MLBN report has the Dodgers probably not getting Dempster, and him going to either the Yankees or Rangers. I still think he goes *somewhere,* but I don’t think we’re going to like the return.

  • MaxM1908

    Oy vez. Well, everyone pucker up. We’re about to kiss some Dodger…

  • Kevin

    Tell me they got one of the big 3!

  • cjdubbya

    There’s still time, you can still back out!

  • Nomar’s Left Glove

    I’m glad that he sucked it up and did like he said he would do and “do what’s best for the team”.

  • Jim

    Yes, I am expecting the Cubs return to be crap-tacular! I hope I am wrong!

  • SFC_CubbieFan

    Fingers crossed!

  • cubmig

    First question: How solid is the source to believe Dempster is “gone”?

    • Kubphan82

      If I’m not mistaken he’s the same source to first leak Dempster was going to the Braves.

  • Engine 78


    Good luck.

  • Master Dan

    I’m with you, I have a bad feeling. The return is going to suck! But meh.., the Cubs lost leverage last week! Thank you Dempster!!! Can’t wait to root against you!

  • Whiteflag

    Get ready for major disappointment from most fans. Delgado like trade isn’t going to happen.

    • Jack Weiland

      I’d be okay with Gould/Withrow, which was tossed around before that Delgado stuff.

      • Whiteflag

        me too.

  • magilljl

    very very nervously waiting.

  • John

    yahoo- hopefully the dominos start to fall- all of this trade stuff is bad for biz- no one buying- too busy checking here for CUB updates- lol- thanks again for all the good stuff and bad related to the Cubs- hopefully you are still feeling good??

  • Cooper

    Ugh. I fear the worst. At least the paring makes it easier to boo away – I hate the Dodgers and have grown increasingly disgruntled with Dempster and his act.

  • Austin

    Jst wondering, is Luke going to do a run down on all the Prospects that the Cubs get after the deadline is over?

    • MightyBear

      Probably he already did one on Vizcaino in the daily report.

    • Ted

      Very much this.

    • Atfinch

      Meant to reply earlier but a list of where they are assigned to in Cubs org., and which prospects in the Cubs org moved up based on recent moves. That would be nice reading.

  • lukers63

    hope demp gets lit-up in his next start….

  • CubsfanKevin

    drum roll please………………………….

  • Cyranojoe

    Does *anybody* have a good feeling about this?

    • SFC_CubbieFan

      Not really!

    • Cyranojoe

      The one hopeful sign I have is that this is happening early in the day. That means the FO and Dempster both got on board quickly. Maybe the return won’t be so bad after all…

  • Wilbur

    I’m no Dumpster lover, but you’re getting a body for someone you didn’t want to keep. Anything is better than keeping him …

    Find some positive to hold onto and forget about him.

  • Curt

    bends over and says Ty mr.dodger may I have another.

  • Atfinch

    And where they are playing, and which prospects in the Cubs org moved up based on recent moves. That would be nice reading.

  • josh

    brett just dont tell us the return please

    • Internet Random

      A half-eaten bag of Skittles and a bucket of warm piss.

      • josh

        probably better than what were getting

  • Leo L

    that really sucks! Happy for dempster but pissed off for the cubs. he earned the right to choose but i wish i knew the behind the scenes. Did he tell Theo he really would go to atlanta then changed his mind? it seems so. Got to be pissed if I were Theo because it made him lose leverage.

  • Flashfire

    Theo and Jed should pull the plug at the last minute and claim they changed their minds.

  • Doc Evans

    Who would have thought that by the deadline the Cubs would have (I assume) gotten a more exciting prospect for Maholm than Dempster?

    • WGNstatic

      I am not surprised that the return on Maholm would be more than for Dempster. Obviously Dempster has a higher upside and a bigger name. Both are hot right now and Maholm is controllable for another season.

  • CubsfanKevin

    Thank you Ryan Dempster for your time in Chicago.
    Now he will be closer to Will Ferrel and will be able to impersonate Harry Caray together

  • logan

    please be chris reed and my hometown buddy jerry sands!!!

  • Brian

    This might go down as what could have been, what wasn’t, and the only winner is Dempster. The FO might be po’d enough to take a hit just to get him outta here.
    We will see soon enough.

  • Cubbie Blues

    One of the dots to an i fell off, rolled in front of Dempster and tripped him. He claims he was blindsided by it and will now only go to the Braves.

  • Curt

    just in rosenthal says we’re getting 2 dodger dogs and a box of balls.

    • LWeb23

      I bet Hendry would accept a trade for two Dodger Dogs.

  • JB88

    Given the timing of the deal I am hopeful that the Cubs acquired something of value for Dempster. And given the front office we have, I frankly would be somewhat surprised if they didn’t land one of Webster, Lee, or the other stud kid that has been mentioned.