In a post that’s sure to be met with jokes and a million updates, Jim Bowden reports that the Los Angeles Dodgers are getting Ryan Dempster, and the final i-dotting and t-crossing is all that’s left to do.

I don’t have a good feeling about the Cubs’ return based on what we’ve heard for days, but we’ll see. Theo and Jed weren’t about to be strong-armed on this one, unless they had no other options. Maybe they didn’t.

UPDATE: Phil Rogers says on MLBN that the Cubs really want Allen Webster, and the Cubs might be including multiple pieces to get him, including guys like Shawn Camp or Jeff Baker. And then he said something about Trey McNutt, and I burst into flames.

UPDATE 2 (at 11:49am CT): Kevin Goldstein suggests that James Russell could be involved, to which I’d note that I hope he’s not just a sweetening throw-in. Considering his effectiveness and his contract status, he’s got a lot of value.

UPDATE 3 (at 11:50am CT): George Ofman says the deal is indeed close, and involves multiple players. I’m nervous that it was the Cubs who capitulated, not the Dodgers.

UPDATE 4 (at 11:55am CT): Doug Padilla with a tweet that reinforces my fear: “As Dempster deal to the Dodgers closes in, maybe this ends the idea that Demp & Theo/Jed are on bad terms. Cubs bent over backward for this.”

UPDATE 5 (at 12:15pm CT): Kevin Goldstein hears the same thing as Phil Rogers, but he’s also been saying Dempster and Russell for Webster would be a “steal” for the Cubs. I just don’t see that, given how the starting pitching market has played out, but I get that he’s saying Webster is legit.

UPDATE 6 (at 12:18pm CT): From Jon Morosi: “No agreement yet in Ryan Dempster negotiations. Hardball going on with less than 3 hours before deadline.” Natch.

UPDATE 7 (at 12:30pm CT): Bob Nightengale says that the Cubs and Dodgers are talking, but other teams remain involved with Dempster. Is that posturing by the Cubs, or did Bowden jump the gun?

UPDATE 8 (at 12:52pm CT): Aaaaaand, take-back-sies. Jim Bowden now says Dempster to the Dodgers isn’t a sure thing, but you might be happy about the reason (you’ll have to forgive the frightful way he tweets): “Serious game of chicken between the Dodgers& Cubs on Dempster right now…Cubs believed to have found another team..LA blinks or loses him.” That one doesn’t feel like a shill for the Cubs.

UPDATE 9 (at 12:56pm CT): Tom Verducci reports on MLBN that the Cubs and Dodgers have disengaged, and the Cubs are in talks with the Yankees and a mystery team (Sweet Jesus…) on Dempster.

UPDATE 10 (at 1:07pm CT): Ken Rosenthal says that the Cubs have indeed talked to the Yankees about Dempster (and it was the Yankees contacting the Cubs). This is all very preliminary. At the same time, the MLBN crew is suddenly speculating that the D-Backs are in play for Dempster. Head = spinning.

UPDATE 11 (at 1:25pm CT): Jon Heyman cites a source who tells him Ryan Dempster has told the Cubs he’ll accept a trade to the Yankees. Dave Kaplan reported that earlier today, by the way.

UPDATE 12 (at 1:30pm CT): Joel Sherman, who’s a Yankees reporter, and who always seems to be right, says that although there have been talks, he can’t see the Yankees giving up much to get Dempster, who isn’t much of an upgrade. I just don’t agree with that, but, hey, he knows his stuff.

UPDATE 13 (at 1:35pm CT): Jim Bowden says it’s now or never for the Dodgers. Either they blink (presumably on Webster), or Dempster goes to the Yankees. Here’s the thing: I’m not so sure the return from the Yankees is going to be any good, either.

UPDATE 14 (at 1:45pm CT): Ken Rosenthal hears that Dodgers don’t even want to give up anyone in their top 7 or 8 prospects for a rental like Dempster.

UPDATE 15 (at 2:26pm CT): MLBN report has the Dodgers probably not getting Dempster, and him going to either the Yankees or Rangers. I still think he goes *somewhere,* but I don’t think we’re going to like the return.

  • hardtop

    it’s kind of too bad, this last month of baseball was fun. i know its probably in the long term best interest of the team to unload demp, maholm, geo… but it was fun to see us playing with confidence and winning some games.

    watch out houston/colorado…. here we come

  • czechxican

    I have faith, believe in The Theo and The Jed— we will not be “had” by Ned Colleti

  • JP cubed

    We got a gift cards Disneyland and 1st dibs on dodger playoff tickets in the nose bleed seats

  • WGNstatic

    I do think it is interesting how irate folks seem to be about this trade, with, exactly, NO information on what the return is.

    • Internet Random

      If he’s not going to the Braves, we know that we’re not getting Delgado. That’s not “NO information”.

  • Edward

    I can’t blame him for wanting to go to LA. Just sucks the way it went down. He deserved his 10-5 rights. This will really sting if Delgado has a nice career in Atlanta.

  • IACubRob

    Theo and Jed get all you can eat popcorn & soda at any of Magic’s movie theaters.

  • anotherjp

    If we have to get a less than stellar return for Demp better now so that he’s off the market. Leaves Garza as last available starter for contenders for the last several hours until deadline.

  • Ryno123

    Everyone get off the blame Dempster train… the leak and loss of leverage was the Braves fault, not his…He did a great job for the Cubs and hopefully will do well with the Dodgers.

    • Kevin


    • BeyondFukudome

      The leak had nothing to do with it. In the future, please don’t post immediately after paying no attention to anything relevant for a week.

      • Internet Random

        tee hee hee

    • anotherjp

      The leak wasn’t Dempster’s fault but the loss of leverage was. He did a great job with the Cubs and I hope he flops with LA.

      • Cooper

        And if we are to believe the other info floating around the interwebs, the deal with the Braves was in place for several days before Dempster was “blindsided.” Can’t blame him for invoking his 10-5 rights, but I really hate the way he went about it. At least he could have kept him man-crush on Theodore Lilly private, so we could have maintained some leverage. Braves definitely screwed us on the leak, but then Dempster compounded it.

  • LWeb23

    My day is about to get shitty, isn’t it?

  • josh

    MULTIPLE PLAYER TRADE im starting to feel better about this

    • Cyranojoe

      Oh? Encouuuuuraging…

  • Beer Baron

    I’m just glad I don’t have to get mad at everyone booing him tonight. I think it would have gotten ugly. Now we can focus all of our anger where it belongs – on Casey Coleman as he strives to break Travis Wood’s record for homeruns surrendered in a game.

    • Steve

      Funny ^

  • Patman

    What other teams had interest before this report? I’m hoping his value when a bit from the weekend

  • Craig Ruesch

    If Demp had gone to the Braves we would not of picked up Vizciano who is considered a better prospect. Maybe Demp did us a favor in the long run.

    • dudeski

      vizcaino’s most likely a closer while delgado’s a starter. if the cubs get a guy like webster for demp then i guess it would have worked out better

      • Austin

        Vizcaino would have been a closer for the Braves but given the caution this FO takes I’m expecting him to take his time to recover and will be a SP. a #2 potential SP at that.

  • EvenBetterNewsV2.0

    Why do I have the feeling this will be equally as bad for us as the Braves trade was good?

  • Teddy Ballgame

    I hope we DO get 1 of the “Big 3”, so everyone can know what their foot tastes like. Have faith in Theo/Jed!!

  • Jack Weiland

    “and I burst into flames.”

    Brett, I love you man. Keep on keeping on.

    • Flashfire

      I’d give McNutt for Webster. The Cubs seem to have decided that he’s a bullpen guy, and we have better potential closers than McNutt right now. Webster would, sadly, be one of the top 3 — if not the top — starting prospect in the Cubs organization.

      Still — Randall Delgado…

  • fortyonenorth

    Looking at it pragmatically, 10-5 rights are just another factor to be taken into consideration by the FO. No different than a pitcher’s ERA, W-L, general health, age, etc. I wish RD luck wherever he ends up. And, on the bright side, while we’re waiting for this “new” club to come of age and compete, we have a whole lot of teams with ex-cubbies to root for. At least one of them will be a shoe-in to make the post-season and maybe the ring.

    • Jack Weiland


      But my rooting interests will go with Soto to Texas.

  • Edward

    Really hoping we can nab a top 5 Jays prospect for Garza. Still need some starting pitching prospects! Sounds like we have gotten only potential bullpen guys so far in the Soto and Maholm deals. Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

    • lance dickson

      Vizcaino will start for us.

  • CrockettTM

    I’m sitting in an internet cafe in Killarney, Ireland. My WiFi won’t connect on my fucking phone.

    When is the actual deadline? 4pm EST?

    Stupid freaking technology.

    • dudeski


    • Spriggs

      Yes. About 3 hours to go…

  • Spriggs

    Something had to give. I think maybe they wanted this trade to go down before Garza does. Bracing myself….

  • BleedingCubbieBlue

    I am ok with Dempster, Camp, and Baker. But no top 20 Prospects!

  • Ogyu

    I’m starting to wonder if the Giants’ acquisition of Pence may have lit a fire under the Dodgers to meet the Cubs’ demands for a package of Dempster and Soriano.

    • Austin

      They just got Shane Victerano so that wouldn’t make sense to add Soriano as well.

      • Ogyu

        Yea, you’re prolly right. :)

        • Austin

          I would think if they want to add another bat and it is a Cub, then Jeff Baker would be the name to watch. I don’t see Sorriano getting traded today unless the Tigers decided he is the best option left out there.

    • anotherjp

      I’m with you on that one. If there was ever a chance to deal Soriano this is the time.

  • Todd

    I don’t mind throwing in some marginal minor league talent to get an upgrade in the prospect we get back. The cubs have plenty of “marginal” minor league players (especially pitchers). What they lack are impact pitching prospects!

    • Bric

      Totally agree.

  • IACubRob

    Does anyone ever feel like Phil R. sometimes draws names out of a hat to complete his stories?

  • Tim Mo

    MLB Radio says it Russell is involved in the Dempster trade.

  • Flashfire

    Brett has a tweet up that James Russell may be headed West. That’s the only name I’ve seen that doesn’t make sense. But, I trust them to do right here.

  • Cyranojoe

    Russell? Holy crap. I want Zach Lee and Webster for Russell and Dempster. Goddamn.

    • Jack Weiland

      James Russell is a decent, not great bullpen arm. If it takes him to upgrade prospect wise, go right ahead.

  • Edward

    The lineup card will be interesting tonight…

  • Webb

    If you follow Brett on twitter it only takes about three Dempster updates for your brain to start looking like his at the 27th hour.

  • kubphan82

    I didn’t want Webster, wanted Reed all along… If this deal includes Demp/Russell for a package with Webster and not Reed we have to look at this in the same light as the Rizzo. Theo/Jed REALLY wanted Rizzo. They must really want Webster and I have to concede he was the better option because of how awesome Rizzo izzo…