In a post that’s sure to be met with jokes and a million updates, Jim Bowden reports that the Los Angeles Dodgers are getting Ryan Dempster, and the final i-dotting and t-crossing is all that’s left to do.

I don’t have a good feeling about the Cubs’ return based on what we’ve heard for days, but we’ll see. Theo and Jed weren’t about to be strong-armed on this one, unless they had no other options. Maybe they didn’t.

UPDATE: Phil Rogers says on MLBN that the Cubs really want Allen Webster, and the Cubs might be including multiple pieces to get him, including guys like Shawn Camp or Jeff Baker. And then he said something about Trey McNutt, and I burst into flames.

UPDATE 2 (at 11:49am CT): Kevin Goldstein suggests that James Russell could be involved, to which I’d note that I hope he’s not just a sweetening throw-in. Considering his effectiveness and his contract status, he’s got a lot of value.

UPDATE 3 (at 11:50am CT): George Ofman says the deal is indeed close, and involves multiple players. I’m nervous that it was the Cubs who capitulated, not the Dodgers.

UPDATE 4 (at 11:55am CT): Doug Padilla with a tweet that reinforces my fear: “As Dempster deal to the Dodgers closes in, maybe this ends the idea that Demp & Theo/Jed are on bad terms. Cubs bent over backward for this.”

UPDATE 5 (at 12:15pm CT): Kevin Goldstein hears the same thing as Phil Rogers, but he’s also been saying Dempster and Russell for Webster would be a “steal” for the Cubs. I just don’t see that, given how the starting pitching market has played out, but I get that he’s saying Webster is legit.

UPDATE 6 (at 12:18pm CT): From Jon Morosi: “No agreement yet in Ryan Dempster negotiations. Hardball going on with less than 3 hours before deadline.” Natch.

UPDATE 7 (at 12:30pm CT): Bob Nightengale says that the Cubs and Dodgers are talking, but other teams remain involved with Dempster. Is that posturing by the Cubs, or did Bowden jump the gun?

UPDATE 8 (at 12:52pm CT): Aaaaaand, take-back-sies. Jim Bowden now says Dempster to the Dodgers isn’t a sure thing, but you might be happy about the reason (you’ll have to forgive the frightful way he tweets): “Serious game of chicken between the Dodgers& Cubs on Dempster right now…Cubs believed to have found another team..LA blinks or loses him.” That one doesn’t feel like a shill for the Cubs.

UPDATE 9 (at 12:56pm CT): Tom Verducci reports on MLBN that the Cubs and Dodgers have disengaged, and the Cubs are in talks with the Yankees and a mystery team (Sweet Jesus…) on Dempster.

UPDATE 10 (at 1:07pm CT): Ken Rosenthal says that the Cubs have indeed talked to the Yankees about Dempster (and it was the Yankees contacting the Cubs). This is all very preliminary. At the same time, the MLBN crew is suddenly speculating that the D-Backs are in play for Dempster. Head = spinning.

UPDATE 11 (at 1:25pm CT): Jon Heyman cites a source who tells him Ryan Dempster has told the Cubs he’ll accept a trade to the Yankees. Dave Kaplan reported that earlier today, by the way.

UPDATE 12 (at 1:30pm CT): Joel Sherman, who’s a Yankees reporter, and who always seems to be right, says that although there have been talks, he can’t see the Yankees giving up much to get Dempster, who isn’t much of an upgrade. I just don’t agree with that, but, hey, he knows his stuff.

UPDATE 13 (at 1:35pm CT): Jim Bowden says it’s now or never for the Dodgers. Either they blink (presumably on Webster), or Dempster goes to the Yankees. Here’s the thing: I’m not so sure the return from the Yankees is going to be any good, either.

UPDATE 14 (at 1:45pm CT): Ken Rosenthal hears that Dodgers don’t even want to give up anyone in their top 7 or 8 prospects for a rental like Dempster.

UPDATE 15 (at 2:26pm CT): MLBN report has the Dodgers probably not getting Dempster, and him going to either the Yankees or Rangers. I still think he goes *somewhere,* but I don’t think we’re going to like the return.

  • LostInTheIvy

    Remember the other night when everyone was so DISSAPOINTED and UPSET with our front office because of the lack of moves…by no means was I expecting all of this action, but this is also why I said to remain patient! Takes time to feel out deals, and try to bring in new suitors, and etc. When they feel like they have the best deal they will pull the trigger! Theo and company are working hard behind the scenes, and if it is a move that puts us one step closer to their “vision” of where this team is going then they will make a move!

    • SouthernCub

      Lost in the Ivy…….Andre Dawson, is that you?!

    • DocPeterWimsey

      As always, people were forgetting the “It takes two to tango” axiom. GM’s cannot just “get it done”: 2 GMs need to do that, and given how little activity there was overall, that was not happening much.

  • anotherjp

    Dempster and Camp for Campos. Do it already.

  • The Show

    I don’t see Garza being traded, it seems like this Dempster trade is going all the way to the deadline. Even though there might be less suitors for Garza then Dempster the return is going to take a while to negotiate, and they are taking their time with Demp, I don’t see them having enough time to make a Garza deal.

  • Tony

    Yankees have ziltch as far as pitching prospects.

    • daveman

      Tony where are you getting that info from?

      Yankees have several SP in their farm system that are ranked in the top 100 prospects. Now, will have to see whether or not they would be willing to part with one of them or not

      • bbmoney

        They’ve all struggled or been hurt this year. But maybe we buy low on them because of that and get a deal.

  • Dan

    Ryan Dempster has agreed to go to the Yankees and will be traded within the hour.

    Dempster: Now hold on a second… Nevermind…

  • Njriv

    Man I though this deal was done at noon, just needed to finish details. I thought that put them at a good pace to make a good deal to trade Garza. Now with 80min left until the deadline this deal is still not done.

  • donnie kessinger

    Anything remotely good for Dempster would be acceptable… the guy will be a cub for only two months in what is a lost season. In his defense, the guy has pitched his can off this year only to hear guys like Sherman write “he isn’t much of an upgrade”. His numbers this year say otherwise.

  • Smitty

    Return would from Yanks will probably be just as crappy as the return from LA, but that would be the FO saying to Colletti’s crew…take a hike. We are done playing games with you.

  • Turn Two

    Does all this Demp stuff mean Jeff Baker is still on the team tonight?

    • hansman1982

      guys like baker and camp will make it through waivers, since we weren’t getting much anyway no huge pressure to get the deal done.

      • Turn Two

        I know, I’m just ready to close the door on that era now.

  • socalicubsfan

    Sanchez from the Yankees wouldn’t be bad a bad score for the farm system, would it? An addition of a relief pitcher might mean a better bounty coming back in terms of a few young pitchers….

  • JP cubed

    I know this is juvenile but i don’t care if we get garbage from NY just don’t get strong armed intO sending him to LA.

    • Brad


  • Sosa23

    garza jackson and baker for upton and bauer. dempster and camp to yankes for prospects. if i was gm those would be done

    • Njriv

      If you were the GM, the Diamondbacks would have hung up on you.

    • North Side Irish

      So you’d be the GM of both the Diamondbacks AND Yankees?

      • Sosa23

        yes, yes i would be. no throw in lake! get upton! a proven vet in the laegue instead of some young kid!

        • Cyranojoe

          I… you… what…?

          You are funny. I hope.

  • Mick

    Ever see that scene in Scanners when that dude’s head blows up?

    • Hee Seop Chode


  • Sosascorkedbat

    Watching this dempster saga unfold is like getting stuck watching a really bad soap opera, i would try and think of a funny name for it right now but my brain is totally fried from all this.

  • Roy Hobbs

    This trade deadline will have cost me my sanity, but since I’m already a lunatic I’ll consider it a small price to pay..

    My grandma asked what I was so obsessed about, staring at my computer for the last 30 hours.

    I told her if she ever got lippy like that again during deadline day I’d hide her dentures and golden girls DVDs.

    If the cubs get upton I promised to take her to ihop to celebrate.

    She said what’s an upton, and I told her to get the fuck outta my room..

    None of this is true, but these are an example of some of the damage the deadline has done to my brain. Probably best the cubs don’t get upton because my head would probably explode.

    • The Pubic LaHairs

      That was funny. Thanks for the laugh in this time of severe anxiety.

  • someday…2015?

    I know it mind sound crazy but maybe Demp for Banuelos?? I know Banuelos has struggled this year. Maybe Banuelos’s struggles and the Yankees need for another arm could lead to a Demp for Banuelos trade. Im guessing thats not even feasible.

    • Cooper

      Banuelos or Bettances are likely too rich for Dempster, but you never know… they have both really struggled this year and the shine is off both guys to some degree. Highly doubt it, but always dare to dream…

      • someday…2015?

        Yeah and if any team is willing to go for it all its the Yankees.

  • MichiganGoat

    Can’t believe no rumors about Camp

    • anotherjp

      I hear he’s messing around with ex-Mrs. Dempster.

      • Sosa23

        hahah he is

  • Dan

    We should get on the horn with the A’s for Jeff Baker

    • Sosa23

      and get what in return a bat boy?

      • Hebner The Gravedigger

        A ball girl from the 1980’s would do it!

        • Sosa23

          this is truee

  • IncredibleCub

    Take the low-ball offer from the Yankees. Don’t give into the Dodgers who seemingly haven’t dealed in a fair manner, trying to over-play their leverage.

    • Cooper


    • atfinch

      You take the better of the 2 offers. Don’t take the worse offer out of spite. You make decisions for the good of your organization. If LA gives a better deal, take it and run.

      If this was the Cubs in the Dodgers spot, would you expect any difference? I want as much as I can get for as little as possible. Can’t blame the Dodgers for that.

      • Mdel78

        ^^ This ^^

      • Brad

        No, long term advantage is more important in terms of negotiation power.

  • Cheryl

    Whatever the cubs get or don’t get for Dempster is okay, just so it isn’t a deal with the dodgers

  • Internet Random

    More Tidrow coverage, please.

  • The Pubic LaHairs

    I think there is still value in dealing with the dodgers, if just so that the diamondbacks panic.

  • IncredibleCub

    BTW, I mean if both clubs are only offering marginal return, I’d rather it be the Yankees than the Dodgers, purely out of spite. :)

  • Adam

    Dodgers claim they haven’t given up any of their top 7-8 prospects for players. I guess Eovaldi would be surprised to hear that.

    Cubs front office knows their being low balled. We also know what Dempster otherwise would have brought (Delgado), so value is established, even if Dodgers disagree. Given the two offers if they are relatively equal I send him to the Yankees and tell the Dodgers to go hump the freeway.

  • Jack Weiland

    Three team trade. Dempster to NY for Banuelos. Banuelos to Arizona for Corbin, and Corbin to the Yankees for Dempster.

    • The Pubic LaHairs

      Had to think about that one for a sec…

      • EQ76

        I think he meant Corbin to the Cubs.

        • Jack Weiland

          Didn’t. Twas a joke, sir.

    • David

      Hey, now, wait a minute…

    • Jack Weiland

      At the very least we would know it was a fair return on Ryan Dempster!

  • JP cubed

    Where is a good assman22 when you need one!!!!

    • Ogyu

      Come to think of it, has anybody ever seen the Assman and Theo in the same place at the same time???

      • Dan

        We need “The Ass Signal”

        • Jack Weiland

          This made me LOL. Well done.

  • HateDemp

    Would love to see the Dodgers get no pitching. Would take less from Yankees to mess with the Dodgers and send Dempster to NYC.

  • SouthernCub

    I think its time the FO tells magic and the Dodgers to Elf (F’) themselves

  • atfinch

    The people saying don’t trade him to LA out of spite need to wake up. You take the best deal you are offered no matter who it’s from.

    If this was the Cubs in the Dodgers spot, wouldn’t you expect Theo/Jed to lowball as well? Life isn’t fair, Cubs got dealt a crap hand, now they have to do whatever they can to get as good of a return as they can for Dempster. That’s what hopefully Theo/Jed think – who cares what team you are dealing with, you get the best return possible.

    • Cyranojoe

      Atfinch is right. Take the best deal you can make/get. This is a new era — Jim Hendry might have made deals and contracts out of friendship and spite, but we’re now in the big leagues. It’s business time. Sure, crack heads and all, but when the chips are down, you take the best you can get.

      I just hope that the best — or equivalent — either isn’t with the Dodgers, or that we at least get Webster. But that’s personal desire, not smart negotiating.

  • anotherjp

    Hearing Dante Bichette II for Demp… a 3B and not exactly the best return from the Yanks

    • EQ76

      so we’d have Bichette Jr, Dunston Jr, Gretzky Jr… wow.