A source tells me the Cubs and Tigers have been working away at a deal for Alfonso Soriano for some time. The Tigers are looking for a middle-of-the-order bat, and wouldn’t mind picking up a bench piece like Tony Campana in the process. The Cubs would love to move Soriano in the right deal, but actually aren’t all that crazy about including Campana as a throw-in. They’d rather include someone like Luis Valbuena.

The money is obviously a significant hurdle in the deal, as are Soriano’s no-trade rights. At this moment, it is unclear whether Soriano would waive his no-trade rights in a deal to Detroit (though the Cubs do know which teams Soriano would go to).

Although Soriano is the kind of player who could be moved in August, you have to make the deal when it’s available to you. The Tigers, for example, might move on.

As a bit of confirmation, 15 minutes after I reported the above on Twitter, Dave Kaplan reported the same. We must have good sources.

UPDATE: MLBN now talking all about this rumor (from Kap, not me, which is totally fine).

UPDATE 2 (at 2:24pm CT): Bob Nightengale says the deal won’t happen before the deadline, but talks could continue into August. It was going to be very tough to put this together today.

  • JP cubed

    Ahhhhh!!!! I have to be at work at 4:30 CT!!!! I’m going to miss it all!, or nothing…

  • butlerdawgs

    Soriano to the Orioles for Brian Roberts

  • TonyP

    Not happening

    • TonyP

      Today at least

  • Sheppard

    Why trade a guy that is playing well and going have to pay anyway…he is not blocking anyone ?

    • hansman1982

      because there will likely never be a better time to move him. GM’s will be afraid that his bat will cool next year and if they can at least get 1 playoff run out of him hitting .280/.350/.450 they will be willing to pay a few extra bucks.

  • Garrett

    he’s not blocking anyone now, but next year he will be blocking jackson, any of our outfield prospects and now his value is as high as its going to get.

  • Sheppard

    I thought Jackson was a center fielder ?
    so moving who to left? DeJesus?

  • cubbiechubbie

    Fonzie is no use to us. It makes no sense to win 72 games instead of 66. I’d rather have a better draft pick next year for that alone. Let alone, it frees up a spot to plug someone in to increase their trade value in the future.

  • Tony

    Dempster still a Cub. Yankees holding firm. Dead deal.

  • Jim L.

    Still too early to say anything is dead. Back in 2004, when we got Nomahhhhh, Gammons was reporting it as not happening and a few minutes after the deadline passed, it was announced. So anything can still happen.

  • ISU Birds

    Sigh. Nothing is gonna happen Brett go to bed. I am disappoint.

  • SouthernCub

    Brett, you must seriously be enjoying the heck outta this, I know I’m enjoying it from this end