We’re 20 minute away from the Trade Deadline. Deals can still trickle in for a while thereafter, so this is the home for anything else today, on all players.

Here we go.

  • Ryan Dempster has pre-approved a deal to the Dodgers and Yankees (and possibly others), according to Jim Bowden, so the Cubs can take this to the last second.
  • George Ofman says the Cubs are working feverishly to get Dodgers deal done for Dempster. Yankees appear to be back-up.
  • Tim Brown reports that the Dodgers are out on Dempster, according to a source.
  • That would probably leave the Yankees, unless there’s a surprise. Still nothing confirmed on Dempster, or anyone else for that matter.
  • The Rangers are still in on Dempster and Garza, among others as of this second.
  • Multiple reports say Dempster is going to RANGERS, not Yankees. No confirmation anywhere yet. Lots of smoke.
  • Ok, safe now to say: the Rangers have acquired Ryan Dempster.
  • With no reports (yet) on Garza, it’s pretty safe to assume he was not dealt, despite authoritative statements from pundits. The Cubs could still deal him in the offseason.
  • Based on a tweet from Garza, it looks like he hasn’t been traded.
  • anotherjp

    Dempster would rather go to Rangers other than Atlanta… maybe his ex’s family being there did matter. Hope we didn’t get some lame consolation prize in return for him. Glad that guy is gone.

    • Cyranojoe

      His ex’s family is where, Atlanta or Texas?

  • Dan

    I’m seeing reports that we had all but put paperwork in for Dodgers and backed out b/c of Texas’ offer

  • lucas

    whod we get

    • Ralph

      Perhaps Roman Mendez… was once in Red Sox system, but traded for Saltalamacchia?

  • Austin

    Jim Bowden has to be THE worst reporter out there. Come on Dude, what was it? 3 or so trades he said happened that didn’t. PATHETIC

  • Sean

    What about Garza?

  • Edward

    2 single A players per Rosenthal – one pitcher

  • Cooper

    they better be some high upside Class A players, or my disgust with Dempster will know no bounds

  • Edward

    Gotta admire Jon Daniels approach. Stayed out of the drama and stepped up at the last minute.

  • Picklenose

    Wow, Dempster nearly became the Cubs version of Dwight Howard.

  • steve

    So what did we get for Dempster? Did Garza or Soriano get moved?

  • patirck

    Demp is a Ranger! On ESPN

  • Josh

    Brett is now passed out on his keyboard

  • Picklenose

    With Carlos Zambrano going to the bullpen, can we conclude that some trades really are lose-lose?
    I am hoping this round of trades is much better for us.

  • Brad

    Brett, you are the man! From a true fan!

  • cubsin

    Nighty-night, Brett. A job well done.

  • Bric

    But Garza’s still on the team…

  • Jeremy

    What a fail of a deadline… Demp really screwed us.

    The fact that guys like

    are still on the team is a major major fail by the FO. The best guy we got (while it was a great deal) is coming off Tommy John and could end up in the bullpen in the long run. We seriously got nothing that will make an impact in 2013.

    • J R

      Yeah I don’t get why Camp, Baker, Russel, and those type of players didn’t get traded. There must have no market or something. Soriano will probably be dealt thru the waiver process, so I am not worried about him.

    • Smitty

      everyone but Garza on that list can and would probably clear waivers, so to say they have failed is a bit of an overstatement. Still time to trade those last 3. FO knew it and wanted to keep them in case they were needed to sweeten a deal with a team. I will be surprised if Camp and Baker are on the team in a month. Soriano we knew would be a tough sell.

      • Frank

        Agreed–I’ve said this before, but I don’t mind not trading Garza. He’s still young, and can be a building block. It makes no sense to trade him unless it’s for a great return. If the return isn’t there, don’t trade him.

  • Cheryl

    The FO did well. They had a major obstacle but dealt with it in a class manner. Thanks.

    And Brett, Get some sleep!!!

  • Cubs23Ryno

    I thought there’d be a few more deals done today. That said I think the FO did well to get some talent into the system. I think theyre gonna look to move Soriano in the next month and maybe try to extend Garza or move him in the off season.

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        You said “frackin,” ha!

        • TWC

          So say we all.

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