We’re 20 minute away from the Trade Deadline. Deals can still trickle in for a while thereafter, so this is the home for anything else today, on all players.

Here we go.

  • Ryan Dempster has pre-approved a deal to the Dodgers and Yankees (and possibly others), according to Jim Bowden, so the Cubs can take this to the last second.
  • George Ofman says the Cubs are working feverishly to get Dodgers deal done for Dempster. Yankees appear to be back-up.
  • Tim Brown reports that the Dodgers are out on Dempster, according to a source.
  • That would probably leave the Yankees, unless there’s a surprise. Still nothing confirmed on Dempster, or anyone else for that matter.
  • The Rangers are still in on Dempster and Garza, among others as of this second.
  • Multiple reports say Dempster is going to RANGERS, not Yankees. No confirmation anywhere yet. Lots of smoke.
  • Ok, safe now to say: the Rangers have acquired Ryan Dempster.
  • With no reports (yet) on Garza, it’s pretty safe to assume he was not dealt, despite authoritative statements from pundits. The Cubs could still deal him in the offseason.
  • Based on a tweet from Garza, it looks like he hasn’t been traded.
  • coby

    Calm before the storm

    • atfinch

      There better be a storm! I can’t necessarily blame Theo/Jed, but not trading any of the Dempster/Garza/Soriano/Camp/Baker group before deadline would be a huge disappointment.

  • A_Mazz_ing


  • Heybails91

    i feel like i’ve worn out my refresh button

  • Dan

    Come On Theo!

  • TheJDawg

    thanks for your time and efforts Brett!! We all appreciate it!

  • CubFan Paul

    Fingers crossed

  • T Wags

    I have to poop but I can’t leave my computer!

    • The Pubic LaHairs

      You’re gonna need a manpon…

  • Shane McConnell

    Come on Trade Dempster for Bugs Bunnny….

  • Cyranojoe

    Hamina hamina hamina….

  • Tim

    Will I remember the last several hours ten years from now? I hope so.

  • Tom

    Anyone else feel like George Clooney staring at the bright sunshine of hope – right before the giant wave comes crashing down on you?

  • ISU Birds

    I think that we are done trading. Let’s just give Soriano an extension to stir up things.

    • Shane McConnell

      i just wanted to say go Cyclones baby…..

  • Cooper

    Looks like you are going to survive, Brett! Great job! Now we need some late action!

  • WiscoCubbie

    left work an hour early just to sit on bleacher nation and twitter. excellent call.

  • The Pubic LaHairs

    How many hours are you going on Brett?

  • Tony

    Down to the wire…cubs whiff? Cubs hit a home run? Can’t handle it.

    • Dan

      *Len’s trademark voice*

      Count is 3-2. Theo steps up to the plate….

      • Dan

        where is an edit button!!?

  • kubphan82

    Take it to the last second all they want… Just get the deal to the commish before 4:00:01…

  • JB88

    Honest question but has Jim Bowden actually broken ANY news during this trade season? He seems like he has nothing new and is merely retweeting things that Joel Sherman or David Kaplan or Ken Rosenthal tweeted minutes before …

    • Cooper

      Agree on that assessment. Bowden never seems to have anything useful to contribute. Except made-up trade proposals that don’t make any sense for one of the two teams on which he is speculating. Not sure how he was ever a MLB GM. Or maybe this is why he is no longer a MLB GM…

  • Tony

    Kenny Rosenthal has NUTHING! Cmon Kenny. Give us something. Us Cubs fans have only the trade deadline. Commercials, nooooooooooooooooooooooo!

  • Fishin Phil

    Thank you Brett! This has been much more fun than last year. And now, back to Twitter.

  • Doug

    Dempster to the Dodgers for a Fungo bat and B.P. Balls.

  • Turn Two

    Only Cub fans can be enamored for several months to see three role players traded for two longshot prospects and a guy recovering from Tommy John.

    • Timmy

      so so true

    • beerhelps


  • duck

    Tim Brown says Dodgers out on Dempster

  • donnie kessinger

    Take us home Brett… I nominate you as CUB FAN OF THE CENTURY!

    • Dan

      Hear, Hear!

  • Alex

    Jerry, it’s Frank Costanza! Mr. Steinbrenner’s here, George is dead, call me back!

  • johnbres2

    Too bad the Cubs can’t create this much drama on the field.

    • Shane McConnell

      we could if we still had Zambrano….

    • kubphan82

      To bad you’ve missed the Cubs 2012 season… The drama has been there in early season tough losses… No drama during the horrible losing streak… But there’s been a bit of drama since Rizzo came up too…

      Cubs are doing just fine in the drama department this season.

  • EB

    10 minutes left! Come on Theo!!!

  • Ari Gold

    So it kind of sounds like Garza isn’t getting traded. That sucks. Was hoping for a trade to the Blue Jays for some young pitching.

  • logan

    i saw a perot that yankees got him for dellin betancis and other…….. take it for whats it worth

  • rbreeze

    This is our World Series!!! Bring it home FO!!!