I have awoken from my hibernation (a clean, restful 10.5 hours … heaven), and I’m ready to get back to business.

And I woke up to see this pile of crap.

The only salvation that I can take from the game, apparently, is that Adrian Cardenas preserved the Cubs’ streak of not being no-hit for the longest stretch in baseball (some 47 years).

  • Myles

    Welcome back, and thanks again for all you did yesterday! You are our ace blogger

  • CubFan Paul

    Good job yesterday

    • hansman1982

      Agree, this was my first BNBLOGATHON BLOWOUT SPECTACU-STRAVAGANZA and it was:


      • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

        Thanks, gents. And everyone else, as well.

  • Ron Swanson

    Welcome back to the living, Brett. You didn’t miss much.

  • Fishin Phil

    Kind of like Deadline Hangover, eh?

    Welcome back.

  • Mysterious4th

    Welcome back! I wish I would have been hibernating during that game. Coleman was terrible. But maine looked pretty good!

  • hansman1982

    Good to see Maine and Belliveau having a good game

  • Mdel78

    I blame Brett for the Cubs performance yesterday. It certainly looked like many of them were up on Bleacher Nation for the 30 hour blog-a-thon! Damn you for being so entertaining Brett!

    • Don


  • EQ76

    hate to say it but Cardenas probably should have been called out looking on a questionable call by the ump.. but, I was happy nonetheless.

    • ChiTown

      Those pitches were close but on the electronic strike zone they were all just outside of the box

      • fortyonenorth

        Agree. Good calls by the ump. And good job of hanging tough by Cardenas.

  • Tim

    during the game brenly was talking about the dempster trade and was talking about how it all went down. he said demp was sitting on the couch in theos office watching television while theo and jed were on the phones working on a trade for him. how tough could that be…. how mad he made everyone, gotta feel for him

    • fortyonenorth

      You have to wonder whether a bit more pressure from Theo and Jed – as opposed to the white glove treatment – might have served us better.

  • Curt

    ditto everyone else Brett welcome back and now tht you are back can Casey Coleman really be the best option in the minors, not anyone down there who could learn on the job , Coleman stinks, he’s a long reliever at best,

    • Don

      I’m with you Curt. How many opportunities is that bum going to get to show that he doesn’t belong in the rotation? I know our SP in the minors is supposed to be thin, but c’mon, isn’t there somebody that deserves a chance? Shoot, call Chris Rusin up from Iowa, I don’t mind, at least let us see someone else other than crappy Casey Coleman.

    • Spriggs

      Kind of speaks to just how bad the pitching talent is in upper levels of the minor league system. I’m sure we’ll get a look at Raley and Rusin before too long, and then, I’m afraid we’ll all understand why Coleman is the man right now.

  • rick

    According to pitch trax only one pitch was in the zone for a strike in that at bat give cardenas some credit he smoked that ball

  • AD

    If the Cubs can find a way to trade Soriano in August that would put this trading deadline over the top. I think that the Cubs Front Office did a solid job. While they may not have made any blockbuster deals (Matt Garza) they made some nice moves that netted the Cubs some up-side prospects.

    • TakingWrigleyToSaoPaulo

      Given the Dempster saga which threw everything off, I have to agree. Overall it was a nice audible.

      However, it would have been great to see what they would have produced if Dempster had accepted the trade early on.

      Brett great coverage and thanks…

  • rcleven

    The box score doesn’t tell the whole story on Coleman last night.
    2 hits that never left the infield a walk and then the HR.
    Kid must have been way over pumped not knowing if was even going to pitch. Then he settled in.
    Out side of the first inning I was pretty pleased with what he accomplished.
    He had some control issues with four walks but I think he earned a chance at a second start.

    • JoeyCollins

      I totally agree on Coleman. He had a rough start but you can hardly be upset about that considering the situation. I’m just glad he setteled in and found a rythym. Hope his next outing starts better than this one.

      • mudge

        seemed like some excellent D settled him down. Rizzo is really superb in the field.

  • Don

    Under the old regime, Hendry would’ve held onto Dempster or signed him to a huge extension, so the fact that Theo & Jed got a couple pretty good prospects is a win for me. Not to mention trading Soto for anything other than ‘future considerations’ was a STEAL.

    • djriz

      Prediction: come next May, people will be begging for Soto to come back.

      • Sosa23

        no they wont

        • hogie

          Maybe not begging for his return, but I won’t be suprised when catcher is a very upgradeable position. Either way it was worth it just to see what we have, because Soto was certainly not the answer.

      • rcleven

        Change for the sake of change is not good.
        Clevenger had done an decent job as a b/u receiver on the D side.
        Castillo may be better offensively but from what I have seen of him he is a passed ball waiting to happen. Soto will be missed.

        • Sosa23

          rcleven. soto was never going to return to his old 2008 self..

      • Don

        I doubt that. Only 2 truly good seasons. Lets see what the young kids can do. We are headed in the right direction.

        • anotherjp

          Plus we have some other good catching options coming up in the minors (& Brenly isn’t one of them). I think these next two months are ideal to see what our two guys can do.

          • djriz

            who are these catching prospects?

  • CastrotoBarneytoRizzo

    Anybody have any information on Barney after getting hit in the head? I know he seemed to want to stay in the game (good sign), but you never know…Holding my breath that this does not affect his approach at the plate like it has others…

    • fortyonenorth

      Sounds like they were going to run tests for a possible concussion – results today. Brenly said MLB instituted a new 7-day DL for cases like this – so that teams wouldn’t make a poor decision to play a guy with a possible head injury simply because they didn’t want to do the 15-day DL. Let’s hope Barney’s OK and returns to the lineup soon.

  • Steve

    It dawned on me last night….How many minor leaguers do you have to go through to get one….one major leaguer??
    How many pitchers do we have down on the farm…50-60? And of those 50-60, maybe we get 2-3 that actually appear in the show, with less than that being above average.
    We traded 4 MLB players and what did we get back?
    I’m not hating, I just feel a little down after yesterday.

    Someone make me feel better about this.

    • AB

      Why were you down on what the Cubs got??

      The Cubs didn’t even move their main piece and got 2 top 100 prospects (ok, Villaneuva was 100) and three guys that can help the pitching staff either this year or next.

      • JP cubed

        I agree for what we traded we got a pretty good return. Trying not to complain but not trading Garza was either a mistake or horrible injury luck. A lot of his appeal is gone where he’ll be a year older and won’t have another year of team control anymore.

        • anotherjp

          More bad luck I believe. Snakes were apparently trying to snag him yesterday but couldn’t make the deal. Somehow Garza might have more suitors in the off-season, which is when I think he’ll be dealt. Don’t believe we’ll get back quite what we gave up to get him though.

    • Sosa23

      Well we freed up salary space a lot for everyone who doesnt understand that, sori and garza will most likely be gone by next year and we will sign some aces and bats just wait. Nobody seems to realize the grand scheme was to free up money.

    • AB

      Baseball America’s top prospects traded at the deadline:

      Vizcaino #3
      Villaneuva #5

  • rbreeze

    Steve, this may not make you feel any better but I heard a radio interview ahile back with an old long time scout for the Phillies. He said that for every 10 pitchers that are acquired by an organization, you will get one pitcher actually make it to the show and make a contribution in some way, whether its as a starter or reliever. That’s why Theo and Jed are after pitching, pitching and more pitching.

  • RY34

    welcome back and well said as in this pile of crap! Wood needs to man up today so we can win this series!