Travis Wood wasn’t awful today, but he wasn’t economical, and he could go just five innings … which was unfortunate, because the bullpen got slapped around. Unfortunately it was Shawn Camp on the receiving end of most of the slapping, taking his erstwhile pristine ERA all the way up to the mid-3’s.

Alberto Cabrera saw his first action and struck out two while cleaning up Camp’s mess.

The offense didn’t much feel like showing up until the 9th (when the Pirates did the old closer-in-a-non-save-situation thing), outside of Starlin Castro’s first inning homer.

I arguably could have highlighted LaHair here, and the Marmol highlight is with the understanding that McCutchen’s hit was a little dribbler on a good pitch…

  • Matt

    Please let Beef Welington get the majority of playing time.

  • Abe Froman

    I get how the waiver process for Soriano will go down, we put him through waivers and GM’s smash their phones with a hammer in the event they claim him during an Ambien induced sleep-walk waiver claim. He clears waivers, then trade happens (potentially). I’m really curious as to the value with the FO eating 95% of his contract.

    But with Baker how does it work? We put him on waivers and the first team that claims him we negotiate with and if we do not like what they are offering we pull him back and do not have another chance to trade him?

    • rcleven

      Paying 95% on Sorri’s contract depends on what the Cubs can get in return. Kind of line buying prospects on a two year payment plan.

    • Polar Bear

      C. Correcto.

    • Brett

      I think he makes too much money, for what he is, to be claimed.

      Full August trade waiver write-up thingy coming tomorrow.

      • MoneyBoy

        Ah, I see you’re fully awake … “thingy.” Technical term!! Well done young man.

  • 7eleven

    does Baker’s two steals not warrant a highlight?

    • Brett

      We’ll call that a “d’oh.”

  • Dan

    Charles Barkley: “Camp was turrible.”

  • MightyBear

    Boy this is exactly why I was hoping they could trade Camp. His numbers were good. Note: were.

  • MightyBear

    I would like to note to everyone that I am the only person on this site that has a Bleacher Nation t-shirt on in my avatar. I would like to throw this challenge out to my fellow BN’ers. Buy a t-shirt, take a picture and use it as your avatar. Show some BN pride folks. I would especially like to see some of the ladies in a BN t-shirt as well. Thanks for your time.

    • Ian Afterbirth

      I’m wearing mine right now!

      • MightyBear

        I don’t see it in the picture.

  • Evenbetternewsv2.0

    Well over/under on wins anyone?

  • rcleven

    Listening to a pod cast with asst GM with Texas. Texas picked up Soto to speak Spanish.

  • St Anger

    Call me crazy, but I was enjoying the winning since late June. Not enjoying the prospect of watching Cubs go down the toilet while the rest of you dream of 2014.

    • Brett

      Watching winning is always more fun. It’s not about “enjoying” the Cubs losing and playing like crap – it’s just about accepting that reality, and hoping that it serves a purpose.

    • DocPeterWimsey

      Although the Cubs have obviously weakened their 2012 team, I would not put any stock into 2 games.

  • Brian Peters

    Just googled theo and found a recent article where he says Dempster didn’t deserve to be criticized. I know you HAD to say that, Theo, but in the future, can you please think before you speak. We fans have a right to criticize anyone we want–except for those who injure themselves on the field like bosox fans booed beckett.

    • Dan

      I wouldn’t look to much into Epstein’s statement. He is only trying to remain professional and not burn any bridges with Dempster on his way out.

    • jr5

      Nowhere in those quotes does Theo say fans have no right to boo or criticize a player, or anyone else. He just said he finds that criticism undeserved and unfair. That’s not the same thing.

      • Bacboris

        Wow, Jr took the words right out of my mouth.

        You/Brian (as a fan) have the right to do whatever you want. But deserve? As my good buddy Clint would say, “deserve has got nothing to do with it”

  • Stu

    Nice to see Cardenas in his usual PH role. NOT. Are the CUBS auditioning Baker for a trade or are they trying to win games? I get so confused these days.

    Are we playing for what should happen in 2014 or are we trying to put the best possible team on the field for this year? Does anyone have a clue?

    • RY34

      even the cubs dont have a clue what they are playing for.

  • Rich

    ah Mighty Bear wants to see women in shirts?
    try something a bit more with the internet..
    No just kidding….I am holding out for the I HEART BRETT t’s

  • jim

    I just had a flashback to 1980 cubs. They lost 98, but bleacher seats were a buck. And lynn mcglothen wasnt that bad.

  • die hard

    let Baker play 3B rest of season…could be set there for 5 yrs is my hunch..