However you feel about Ryan Dempster’s departure, it’s generally nice to see when athletes (or executives, as was the case with Theo Epstein) thank the fans of their former teams.

Here’s what Ryan Dempster had to say in a full-page ad in the Chicago Tribune today:

Thank you Chicagoland!

Thank you for welcoming me, my family and the Dempster Family Foundation with open arms. Your support over the years means the world to us. We will always have fond memories of our years in Chicago.

A special thanks to the Ricketts family, the Chicago Cubs organization and my teammates — past and present — for their support over the years as a member of one of the greatest sports franchises in the world.

Although I will be playing baseball in another city, our Foundation remains committed to our mission here, and we look forward to being a part of this community for years to come.

Chicago has always been my kind of town.

  • Idaho Razorback

    Thank You Ryan.

  • TWC

    I’ll bet he wrote that intending it to be read in his (awful) Harry Caray voice.

    • Cyranojoe


    • gratefulled


  • Jackalope

    Peace out.

  • J R

    Don’t let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya..

  • Leroy K.

    I’ll miss you Ryan…Good Luck in Texas—hope you get that ring—but I doubt it.

    • yoga master

      I don’t think dempter is going to have ring on his finger. His old lady is pissed!

  • Scotti

    I wish him well and hope he remains a part of the community (local and Cub). I’m also guessing this thread will get a lot of flame and even some rabid speculation as to why X wasn’t thanked… Good luck Ryan.

  • Jonski

    After that start last night Ryan really needs a hug…Maybe Soto changed his diaper for him and gave him a pep talk after the game.

  • Leroy K.

    so much hate….sigh…

    • Jonski

      I think he was a outstanding teammate and a decent person on and off the field .He was a average pitcher that got overpaid and it depends how you value him .I always saw him as a 3 and in the AL he might be a 4.I I hold nothing against him for the trade for the first week I did until I started reading some of Scoti’s post lol.

      • Scotti

        I think he’s been better than a 3 and who knows if he could have been even better without what he and his wife have gone through with their daughter. I honestly have no idea how guys like Dempster and Wood showed up to work and busted their respective tails while going through what their families went through.

  • @cubsfantroy

    Nothing like people hating because he used a right he earned.

    I have nothing bad to say about Demp and hope he does well in Texas.

    • Bob

      So you shouldn’t hate racists, exercising their right to free speech?

      • Edwin

        I think there might be a difference between using 10-5 rights and being a racist.

        • Bob

          A keen observation.

          I would say its an irrelevant observation, however, when the argument is “you can’t dislike a guy for doing what was his right.”

          • Scotti

            One of the MANY differences is that Dempster and the other 10-5 guys EARNED their rights through hard work, plus performance and, often, extending before they hit the market.

            Some ass spouting hate didn’t EARN the right of free speech–that was won FOR him by our Founding Fathers and all of the Patriots who faught and/or died to free us from tyranny.

            Given the circumstances around our right to free speech we should always be careful when excersizing that right. Acting a fool hardly brings honor to those who risked all for us.

            But some dude using the 10-5 rights that he himself earned from his own hard work? He’s earned it.

            • MaxM1908

              Dempster didn’t EARN his 10/5 rights any more than an average citizen has earned their right to free speech. A very powerful players union inserted a contractual obligation into a collective bargaining agreement which binds teams to honor certain perks for players. Dempster simply met the qualifications for it, just like citizens or residents who enjoy free speech meet the qualifications by residing in the United States.

              But, once again, I’d like to point out–whoever said or justified that exercising a right is a shield from all criticism? A right gives you the freedom to DO something–it doesn’t absolve you from criticism or blame if appropriate. Let’s look at it in another context. How about voting rights? With voting rights, you have to live for at least 18 years (so, it’s a time qualification much like 10/5 rights). If you exercise your right to vote, does that mean NOBODY can criticize you for whom you cast your vote? If someone criticizes you for voting for a pinko-commie or a conservative despot, you simply get to point to the 15th and 26th amendments and say, “Stop talking please. I’m free from all judgment because it’s my right to vote.” Nobody can say you CAN’T vote, but they can certainly say “you’re an idiot” for HOW you voted. How about running for public office? It’s a right with qualifications just like 10/5 rights. Does this mean that as soon as someone stands for office NOBODY can criticism them for their views and stances on the issues or even their decision to run? I’d love to see a politician run and say, “But you can’t criticize me! It’s my RIGHT to run for public office.” Rights simply grant us the ability to do something free from obstruction. To argue that it absolves someone from all criticism in their conduct is just silly.

      • ColoCubFan

        Where in the world did that come from???

    • baldtaxguy

      I am hater-lite on Demp, a bit tapered down since readig Brett’s fine analysis, making reference to unknown, likely personal motovations on his behalf. And I agree that he had “the right,” that he had “the right” to use But, no matter his circumstances that I can assume, I have to believe he used that right “badly.” Whether it was not thoughtful planning, or simply being reactive.

      • aCubsFan


        Like him allegedly cheating on his wife with the nanny? Like the reason for his time on the DL was not injury-related but more likely likely marriage-related?

        Like he claimed he was blindsided by the Atlanta trade news? But Theo refuted that yesterday. Like he claimed he didn’t have time to make a decision on that Atlanta trade? How much time does he need, especially when he knew at the beginning of June he was being traded?

        I don’t begrudge him using his 10-5 rights, but don’t be lying to the fans as to why you turned down the trade.

        Was he getting bad intel from his pal Ted Lilly about how badly the Dodgers wanted Dempster? Was he that naive that the Dodgers were negotiating with the Cubs; that the Dodgers weren’t going to give up any prospects of value for him? Reports over the past few days showed the Dodgers didn’t give up any thing of value in any of the trades. Reports were for weeks now that the Dodgers weren’t going to give up anybody of value on a rental.

        mmmm…shouldn’t that have been a hint to Dempster that the Dodgers weren’t going to re-sign him for next season, especially when Dempster put it out in the media that he wanted to return to Chicago.

        Good for the Cubs brass for holding their line. I hope they continue to hold their line and never bring him back to Chicago.

        • Scotti


          Like him allegedly

          That’s just funny. Some thing that is alleged definitely falls into the unknown. Anyone anywhere can allege anything about anyone.

        • Boogens

          Couldn’t have said it better. You nailed it. All of it.

          I’m really sick of hearing the argument that we shouldn’t be angered by Dempster for invoking his 10/5 rights (which technically he didn’t do; he just dragged his heels long enough to make the Braves back out). I can’t help but feel these people are largely uninformed and that’s why your comments nails it.

          If it was a simple as fans being angered by his invoking his rights (instead of how badly he handled the situation) then why isn’t there a big backlash on Soriano for invoking his rights to refuse a trade to the Giants? Because Soriano made the decision right away and didn’t mislead anyone.

          • scorecardpaul

            nicely said Boogens

          • baldtaxguy

            Where did I say I was not angry, or that one could not be angered by his misuse of his rights? “Hater-lite” includes hate. Its just behind me, done with it. You have my permission to still be angry.

            And I understand all of the facts and allegations that aCubsFan regurgitates – I simply bundled them all up in his “misuse of his 10/5 rights.” We are not saying anything different, other than I ackowledge there is likely something involved that we don’t know about – aCubsFan must believe everything he has read represents the entirety of the story. I don’t.

            • Boogens

              Hi baldtaxguy,

              Sorry that my comments came off to you as directed towards your comment. They weren’t. They were meant as support for the in-depth comments made by aCubsFan. We’re all saying basically the same thing and aCubsFan wnet into more detail to explain his perspective so I made my comment in support of his detailed view.

              I agree that you and I are looking at this the same way. They only difference is that I wouldn’t say I’m a “hater-lite”. I’m not a hater at all and like you I am really pissed off by the way Dempster mishandled this whole situation. The difference being that I’m pissed off enough that it has permanently stained his legacy for me. I hope he falls on his face wherever he goes, I will be rooting against him, and I don’t ever want to see his disingenuous face anywhere around the Cubs again. Even at a Cubs Convention in the year 2020.

    • Jonski

      Hate is a strong word …he did himself in and I like the propsect’s we got back from Texas and Atlanta.Ryan Dempster won’t make it in AL his era will be at 4.00 by years end.

    • Internet Random

      Nothing like people hating because he used a right he earned.

      Unless it’s people attacking straw men because they have to response to the real issue.

      • Internet Random

        That should be “have no response to the real issue”.

    • Cooper

      This seems not that dissimilar to the LeBron James situation, at least from my perspective. My view on LeBron – I don’t blame him for going to a different city and I certainly don’t blame him for selecting a scenario that allowed him to win a national championship. What I very much dislike is the way he went about it.

      Same for Dempster – I certainly don’t begrudge him the use of his fairly earned 10-5 rights. I just don’t like the way he went about it. I have always liked Dempster and actually think he has been underrated as a Cub. He served the team and the City well. I just find it disappointing that he flip-flopped at a crucial time for the Cubs FO. I still wish him well, but I am a Cubs fan through and through, and the Cubs come first.

      I do appreciate that he shows class on this way out. Sure, these full page ads are often marketing/PR spin, but who cares. He at least has made an effort to thank those of us that have cheered for him the last 9 years, and that means something to me.

  • Fishin Phil

    I still like him, but I sure am glad that whole mess is over with.

    • MichiganGoat

      Exactly, time will heal the wound but there will always be a scar. Time to move on best of luck Ryan- classy move.

      • Boogens

        Phil & Goat,

        I almost always agree with your posts and your comments usually put a new perspective on things or, at the very least, put a funny spin on things. In this case though I can’t agree with you. I will never be able to look at Dempster again without feeling anger about how badly he handled things here. He’s shown himself to be a self-serving putz. Even his thank you ad is self-serving.

        • Fishin Phil

          I honestly think the whole “Thank You Full Page Ad” thing has run its course. The first couple of times it was done, it was a refreshing change of pace. Now it seems to have become obligatory to the point you almost question the sincerity.

          • aCubsFan

            He should have said…”Thank you to all the fans for paying me over $60 million for being an average pitcher at best.”

          • baldtaxguy

            I agree, its tired, not believeable.

  • Spriggs

    You’re welcome, Ryan. Now go help Texas win the world series this year!

  • Jason

    Dislike the guy. Game 1 of NL 2008 playoffs was good enough for me. Lol

    but really he was holding the Cubs hostage until Theo and Hoyer let him in their office to see that the Dodgers weren’t going to work out

    • CarneHarris

      Yup, that’s the crux of it right there. Not the time to think thing, or the personal issues apologists speculate about. The fact is he wanted to go to LA and strong armed the FO badly, diminishing their negotiating leverage… and eventually their return.

  • Lucas

    Always nice to see a guy on his way out, thank the fans that helped pay his salary.

    I’m still a little bitter about his (in)decision and at the end of it all, I guarantee he regrets not going to an NL team.

  • Internet Random

    I’m not impressed by the ad.

    If he wants me to have good memories, he should acknowledge that going back on his word was not honorable and that he hurt the Cubs’ position in doing so.

    It’s amazing what people will forgive you for when you tell them that you understand why they’re upset, that you made a mistake, that you don’t intend to behave that way going forward, and that you are sorry.

    That’s really all it would take for me.

    • Cubbie Blues

      Exactly this.

      By the way, I haven’t seen the ad, but how did that text take up a whole page?

      • Fishin Phil

        It included a big-ass picture of Dempster in his Cub uniform.

        • Cubbie Blues

          Yeah, that definitely doesn’t sound self-centered.

          • Atfinch

            And multiple mentions in it of his foundation? I get it, it’s a good thing he’s doing there using his name for good but it still rubs me the wrong way. Did Kerry Wood mention his charity? I’m curious

            • Internet Random

              Even if he did, it wouldn’t have come off as self-serving showboating if Wood did it.

      • TWC

        He used Comic Sans 144-point font.

        • CarneHarris

          I’m reserving judgement till I know what color.

        • Cubbie Blues

          I’m more of a sans serif guy myself.

          • TWC


  • Timmy

    Committed to Chicago for many years to come, but not committed to it’s sports fans.

  • Dan

    Good Luck in Texas, Ryan!
    He always will be one of my Favorite Cubs Ever.

    • Caleb

      Me too

    • LeotheCub

      He was a pro and a very good Cub. Most of the negative comments are way over top.

  • donnie kessinger

    I am glad we traded him before his season fell apart… I get the feeling he may struggle the secon half. I think we got a decent return, and I wish him the best.

    • Atfinch

      Agreed. For as good as his first half was, it was obvious it was bound to change in the 2nd half.

      Which to me means Theo/Jed deserve a good amount of credit here. To get Villaneuva/Hendricks out of this situation after the way things went down? Not too shabby

  • Nathan

    I hate what Ryan Dempster did and I think he showed that it doesnt really matter how nice you are, but that you will make decisions that help you first and people second. He was a great Cubs;however, and I will welcome him back with open arms when the time comes.

  • Tommy

    Good luck to Demp. I hope he gets a ring with the Rangers.

  • bluekoolaidaholic

    Millionaires can afford full page ads. No big deal for him. And he’s already shown us that he says what we want to hear and then doesn’t back it up.
    Sorry, he’s still a jerk.
    I hope Texas is as inconvenient as he thought Atlanta would be.
    I hope he gets shelled just like yesterday for the whole 2 months if Nolan Ryan will put up with it.

    • aCubsFan

      I find it sad that he used the ‘foundations’ information. Another attempt to get fans to give up their hard earned money.

      It does beg the question. Did Dempster himself pay for the ad or did he run it through the foundation to get a lower ad rate and a tax write off? If it was the latter, was that really a wise use of their funds?

  • Flashfire


  • IACub

    He was a good Cub, but it should have been a big screw saying, “Sorry about the whole Delgado thing”

  • Cheryl

    Dempster is no longer a cub. Let’s move on. He has and we should also!!!

    • Flashfire

      it would be easier to move on if he didn’t things like take out full page ads thanking the fans — after stabbing the fans in the back.

  • paul

    he f—ed us hope you fall on your face

  • die hard

    Dempster is a little full of himself….after first start with new team he oughta concentrate more on pitching and less on promoting….notice how he didnt follow through with his pitches…signs of a bad back..DL after next start?..NR would demand trade be nullified…LOL

    • Flashfire

      Probably; I’m just starting to like the Villaneuva kid.

  • Dan Pastor

    He already has a ring

    • yoga master

      His wife is giving that ring back.

  • yoga master

    After the past two weeks who is more full of shit?
    Dempster or Jim Bowden

    Who has Dempster screwed the most?
    cubs fans
    cubs FO
    the Nannie
    his soon to be x-wife

    • Flashfire

      I really shouldn’t have laughed at “the nanny” — since this is a family being completely ripped apart — and, yet, I totally did.

  • yoga master

    Jim Bowden is reporting that Dempster is taking a full page Ad out for the rest of the week. Sources say low self esteem, bad moral choices, relocation, and VooDoo will be addressed.

  • Jed

    Man, with the way people are railing on Demp, you’d think Sosa, Zambrano, or Bradley just left. Ryan Dempster, I wish you the best of luck. You gave this team everything you had and did everything we asked. I only wish you could have won it all here in Chicago. I will always remember you as the great person you are and the great player were with Chicago. Go get it this year, Rangers!

  • Rich

    This is going to be my first post, but have been reading articles on this website for a few months. As soon as I found this website, it instantly became my favorite. I have told everyone I know about it. Before I make my post, I really want to say that the people that post on this site, know what they are talking about. I really appreciate that. I have been to other websites and listened to the radio, where dump asses call (or post) stupid stuff that makes me scratch my head and wonder. Also, I want to thank you Brett for all the hard work you put in to this. Anyway here it goes.

    Hope you don’t beat me up too bad

    I have had my ups and downs with my feelings towards Dempster (past and present) but I truly liked him over all. I wish him the best and he will always be a Cub to me. I wouldn’t mind seeing him back in Cubbie blue, which I really don’t think will ever happen.

    • Scotti

      Thanks for posting, Rich.