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Fresh on the heels of being named the 15th best prospect in baseball by Kevin Goldstein, and fresh on the heels of being named the Cubs’ player of the month for July, shortstop/baseball-destroyer Javier Baez has been promoted from A-ball Peoria to High A-Daytona.

Baez, 19, made short work of pitching in the Midwest League, hittingĀ .333/.383/.596 with 12 homers and 20 steals. He also surprised scouts by playing fairly well at shortstop, despite his larger frame. The thinking is that he won’t stick at shortstop long-term, but the move to third base is easy enough that the Cubs would be best served letting him stay at shortstop as long as possible.

This front office has, historically, been slow and methodical in its promotion decisions, so it wouldn’t have been a surprise to see Baez stick at Peoria for the full year. The fact that he’s getting this promotion right now is a bit surprising, and a bit exciting.

The climb up the ladder could have ramifications throughout the system, as it opens up a spot at Peoria for someone to come up, and it also potentially displaces surprise break-out Daytona prospect Arismendy Alcantara, who has been out for some time with a leg injury. Hopefully this doesn’t mean Alcantara’s injury is serious, and instead is simply a reflection of the Cubs’ desire to challenge Baez.

  • Stu

    The FO just wants players to prove that they deserve to be promoted. I can’t blame them on that. If you have any holes in hitting/fielding at a lower level, it will probably show up more in a higher level. Look at Jackson now. I can’t see how he is successful in the majors if he can’t cut down on the K’s. Vitters defense hasn’t wowed anyone and will show up worse in the majors.

    The current state of the Cubs is a reflection of the previous management. They drafted horribly, signed free agents to contracts that were way above market rate (who were they outbidding for Soriano?) and developed players like a bunch of good-old boy drunk ex-jocks with no master plan. At least this management is putting a lot more thought and discipline behind decisions.

    I still have a problem with the attitude that current paying fans have to endure trash for their money. I think you can still field a more competitive team today while stockpiling for the future.

  • notcubbiewubbie

    hopefully this is good news only hope eventually we can flip garza for more front end prospects like biaz, so when we r good we will have an awesome lineup. losing now is a good thing.

  • mark

    Nothing should be less surprising than moving Baez at this point. Keeping him at Peoria would only hold back his development, and development is what it’s all about. If some player is forcing the issue, this FO won’t stand in his way and won’t let lesser players do so, either. I suspect that, now with a bit of time to catch their breaths, the FO will be reevaluating the entire system, how individuals have fared under new instruction, who’s on the same page with “The Cub Way” and who’s not, etc. There will be guys who’ve been around for years who will be given their walking papers to make room for guys who have more potential. Some guys will be ticketed for Wrigley, and others will become chips to help fill holes in the roster.

  • http://bleechernation frankhutch

    soler looks like a beast. Vogelbach gonna get traded for a blockbuster deal with multiple other prospects winter 2013 for king felix. Im predicting it now

  • EvenBetterNewsV2.0

    I can’t see the FO promoting a top prospect from low A to high A because of injury.

  • Babe Ruth

    This is great news!! I was already planning on going to Daytona from we’d until sun now I get to watch Baez!! Wooohooo does anyone know any good cheap websites to order prospects photos from?

  • Sam

    ladder* not latter. Sorry just wanted to help you out there Brett

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