The Cubs lost a back and forth battle, featuring crappy bullpens, exciting come backs, 9th inning homers, and Cubs youngsters being awesome. Brett Jackson’s debut was a success, with a walk, two singles, and a run scored (and, hey, only one K … ). It ended with a Hanley Ramirez walk-off single in the 9th, though. Grumble.

Justin Germano had another nice start – short, low-scoring, keeps the Cubs in the game. He’s never going to be more than a 5th starter type (in fact, that’s probably the best you could hope from from the soon-to-be 30-year-old), but it would be nice to have him in the mix next Spring coming off a quality two months here at the tail end of 2012.

  • J R

    So Garza’s going to the DL… The whole forearm/tricep strain type things scare the hell out of me.

    • calicubsfan007

      @J R: I really wonder though if this is the Cubs’ way of protecting Garza’s arm in order to make him tradable this offseason.

      • Pat

        It’s much more likely that he’s actually injured.

        • calicubsfan007

          @Pat: You are probably right, it really is more curiousity on my part.

          • SplitFinger

            How you doing bro?

            • calicubsfan007

              I am golden. Why do you keep changing your name?

              • SplitFinger

                Well, GoldFinch didn’t sit well with some people. Bubby sounded too puppy like(Thats our dogs name) So I went with a truly baseball name.

                • calicubsfan007

                  How was Myrtle?

                  • SplitFinger

                    O.K.. Not what we expected. Good time nonetheless.

                • MichiganGoat


                  • Bric

                    I didn’t get a hurumph out that guy…

                  • Drew7


                  • Steve

                    Hurumph ! hurumph!!

        • SplitFinger

          I thought he was good for next start. Just got back from Myrtle, sorry.

  • Drew7

    Duane Underwood now taking the mound in AZ for the 1st time!

  • SplitFinger

    I am reverting to physics. The further the head of the bat is from the incoming pitch, the less speed the bat will hit the ball, ultimately the less force and a weaker hit.

  • MoneyBoy

    Anyone have any clue why Germano was pulled after only 77 pitches? I thought he’d done very well .. 3 hits, no walks 3 strikeouts!!

    Garza? DL? OMG I never expected a “Cubbie Occurrence” to happen in the E/H&Co era!!

  • BleedingCubbieBlue

    Can I ask why hasnt Soler been in the lineup?

    • SplitFinger

      He’s not allowed.

    • HackAttack

      Unknown illness (according to someone at nsbb).

    • SplitFinger

      Hasn’t played American ball.

  • Dwight Schrute

    Garza to DL is just for “paperwork”… something fishy going on.

  • Mike S

    Not trying to worry, or panic but, WHY HASN’T SOLER PLAYED IN 3 DAYS!!!???

    • Flashfire

      Probably Mono. His career’s over.

      While we’re panicking, let’s take a look at future ace Duane Underwood’s debut. He’ll make a good batting practice pitcher, anyway.

  • Leroy K.

    what’s the record for blown saves in a game? Jeesh…

    • calicubsfan007

      @Leroy: I only know the record for a season, owned by the 96 Colorado Rockies at 39 BS.

  • Master Dan

    Ugh, I go to great america on Sunday and I miss so much. I think I missed more this past Sunday then I missed on my entire week trip to Jamaica.