Gordon Wittenmyer just tweeted that Jeff Baker has been traded, and more moves are coming. There’s one of your Jackson/Vitters roster moves. I’ll update this post as more comes along.

Baker, a free agent after this season, is a guy I targeted late last week as a possible August trade, thanks to his versatility and value off the bench. I wouldn’t expect the Cubs to get much for him, but a low-level, modestly intriguing (though not “exciting”) prospect is conceivable.

UPDATE: Baker is going to the Tigers for two Players to Be Named Later. As you know, PTBNLs are generally not top prospects, but they aren’t always scrubs. The fact that the Cubs are getting two PTBNLs, however, suggests that neither is particularly outstanding. On the balance, given Baker’s value, though, I would be surprised if the players are completely forgettable when we finally learn their identity (PTBNLs can be named up to six months after the trade, though, in this case, I’d expect it to come soon after the minor league seasons end).

UPDATE 2: Baker had a nice run with the Cubs. Originally acquired from the Rockies in the hopes that he could emerge as a starter at second base, Baker fell into a solid, inexpensive utility role. I hope he does well with the Tigers.

  • RY34

    quite the birthday present hearing that baker is no longer a cub. now if only mather could be traded/released and valbuena sent packing to iowa, it would be a great birthday trifecta!

  • thejackal

    i hate detroit but good luck baker

  • thejackal

    send maine back down he never was any good

    • http://bleachernation.com someday…2015?

      Send him down? Ugh. A release would be better.

  • http://Bleachernation Jay

    Soft spot in my heart for Maine…..he gave my 6-yo daughter & my 3-yo son balls last month in ATL.

  • steve

    I’m excited to see what Vitters & Jackson add to this team. With Castro & Rizzo entrenched as 2 of our nucleus, these two can hopefully added to the youth movement we slowly have begun. Jackson K’s a lot but has good offensive & great defensive potential. Vitters I think will be a very good offensive player, his defense will be rough at times. But we do have Valbuena for the late inning defensive replacement. Sveum has helped Castro & Soriano with their defense I’m sure he’ll help Vitters too. I can’t wait to see these kids grow together.

  • Jimmy james

    Little worried about vitters being platooned….I think if you call him up, you play him everyday and take your lumps while he learns

  • BlueHorizons

    I’m hearing that Garza is now heading to the DL?! WHAT?! Last I heard his side-sessions went well and he was planning a Tuesday (tomorrow) start. Did I miss something?! I haven’t seen one of those frightening “God’s Wrath” postings on the main boad….