Gordon Wittenmyer just tweeted that Jeff Baker has been traded, and more moves are coming. There’s one of your Jackson/Vitters roster moves. I’ll update this post as more comes along.

Baker, a free agent after this season, is a guy I targeted late last week as a possible August trade, thanks to his versatility and value off the bench. I wouldn’t expect the Cubs to get much for him, but a low-level, modestly intriguing (though not “exciting”) prospect is conceivable.

UPDATE: Baker is going to the Tigers for two Players to Be Named Later. As you know, PTBNLs are generally not top prospects, but they aren’t always scrubs. The fact that the Cubs are getting two PTBNLs, however, suggests that neither is particularly outstanding. On the balance, given Baker’s value, though, I would be surprised if the players are completely forgettable when we finally learn their identity (PTBNLs can be named up to six months after the trade, though, in this case, I’d expect it to come soon after the minor league seasons end).

UPDATE 2: Baker had a nice run with the Cubs. Originally acquired from the Rockies in the hopes that he could emerge as a starter at second base, Baker fell into a solid, inexpensive utility role. I hope he does well with the Tigers.

  • atfinch

    Sweet! More prospects! I know, not much return for Baker but at least it’s something for the future.

  • Carew


  • Crockett

    I’ll take Mick Bastellenos and Lew Myly please.

    • atfinch

      Sounds like names you’d hear in an old school sega genesis or super nintendo game.

      • fromthemitten


  • nkniacc13

    Now can we get a Lahair waiver deal.

  • TonyP

    Best of luck in Detroit Jeff

  • Dan

    No more Baker. THANK GOD!

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  • http://www.bleachernation.com Luke

    It will be interesting to who takes Baker’s job as a utility infielder next season. He’s a good guy to have on the bench, and I imagine the Tigers are pretty happy to have him on theirs.

    • KidCubbie

      I could see them going with Cardenas to fill in at the beginning of the year. Not sure what they are going to do for a lefty killer though.

  • Crockett

    I would not be surprised if these PTBNL aren’t shipped to San Diego in exchange for Hoyer. Just makes more sense to me given Baker’s value.

  • nkniacc13

    I wonder what other moves maybe coming?

    • Jared

      me2. i think there almost has to be another move in the works….

  • Leroy K.

    Good luck in Detroit Jeff. The dominoes keep falling…..

  • Turn Two

    Surprised Campana instead of Mather. Mather hasn’t hit anything and we already have Lahair, Valbuena, Cardenas on the bench for the power hitter model and we have absolutely no speed on the bench. Not to mention he has more trade value than Mather.

    • BluBlud

      I couldn’t agree more. I still think Campana can contribute as a starter, but as a bench guy, he’s at least twice as valuable as Mather. Maybe they move Mather, or at least try, and see Campana as part of the future, which would then explain the move..

      • Drew7

        What makes you think Campana could start?

      • Alou and Vinegar

        Mather isn’t much of a player, but he has more value on the bench than Campana due to his being able to play 5 positions. Granted, he doesn’t play any of them well, but neither does Campana. Campana needs to go back to Iowa and learn how to be a better outfielder and a better bunter. Campana is fun to watch run the bases, but not fun to watch do anything else.

        • Bric

          Baker has the destinction of being one of the few positive trades Hendry made in his final 3 years. BTW- Awesome screen name- High five! no, wait a second, nevermind, just in case.

  • anotherjp

    Just keep cleaning house Jed. If we can just deal Sori and Marmol the transformation will be complete.

  • Adventurecizin’ Justin

    I’ve always like Jeff Baker…but I am very happy that they are giving our youth a look-see!

    • Spriggs

      Me too. I hope Baker does well in Detroit. Good guy.

  • J R

    Who would have thought a few months ago Jeff Baker would be regarded as more missed than Dempster to some Cubs fans? I know I am one person who will miss him more than Dempster.

  • Adventurecizin’ Justin

    I would now like to see a bit less of Valbuena and a bit more of Cardenas!

  • Crockett

    Agreed. Would like to see Cardenas get more ABs, but I’ve been saying that since May. Unlikely with Vitters up, unfortunately.

  • EditorSlaw

    though, in this case, I’d expect it


    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett


  • John

    re: mather–unlike campana, he can play 3rd and 1st. re: call-ups– i wonder if there is some value in getting jackson and vitters some reps in the bigs so that they have a gauge for the level before returning them to aaa to start next season. seems to have worked for rizzo.

  • Ben

    It could be 2 guys from the 2011 draft that signed after today last year….they would still have to be PTBNLs….I guess I am just hoping that is the case for some reason….Would rather get 2 18-20yr olds with some upside than a 25yr old and a 23yr old with no chance :)

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      That’s conceivable. I tend to think it’s just your usual “we want time to evaluable this batch of low-level, weak-ish prospects.”

      • Ben

        You are probably right but they did need a middle infielder pretty bad ,even after acquiring Infante…..I doubt that factors into the price though since there are 1000 Jeff Bakers around

  • Cheryl

    Any chance they’ll get Collier and Avilla?

    • Cheryl

      Should clarify – its Nick Avila a pitcher, not the Avilla we usually hear about.

  • Glen

    I, for one, am going to miss Baker. The man killed left handed pitching……but I cant tell you how excited I am to see how Vitters and Jackson are going to handle the show !!!! (Good luck in Detroit, Jeff!!!)

  • Dustin S

    I am definitely excited to see them, but with Jackson it kind of seems like they’re gambling that he somehow figures out the strikeout problem in the bigs. Does anyone have some more background on what has been causing his high number of strikeouts? His unusual line makes it looks like he tears up the fastball but can’t hit another pitch (off-speed or breaking ball) with a whiffle ball bat. MLB pitchers are going to key on whatever it is fast.

    • Glen

      Maybe he should offer Joe Boo some Rum and a Cigar !!!!

  • BD

    I could be wrong, but does this end the possibility of Soriano to Detroit?

    • nkniacc13


    • Featherstone

      I dont think so. Detroit wanted a middle of the order bat and Baker is definitely not that. Detroit is in a win-now mode given the age of the owner and the moves made recently. Good bench pick-up for Detroit, good deal for Cubs. Happy all around.

  • Stinky Pete

    I get the significance of there being 2 ptbnl’s, but just for giggles, can anyone name any ptbnl’s with success in the majors? Just curious.

    • Flashfire

      Depends on your definition of success, but I think John Halama was a PTNBL in the Randy Johnson to Houston deal.

    • BD

      Gio Gonzalez was a PTBNL. I think these guys were as well: David Ortiz (although he wasn’t quite a star yet), Jason Schmidt, Moises Alou. So there is a small, remote possibility that it could be somebody who ends up as a good player.

  • nkniacc13

    Im not going to be surprised if we see atleast another deal in Aug. I wonder if marmol, lahair and dejesus have been put on waivers

    • Cheryl

      Good question. Hope so.

  • https://twitter.com/cubsfantroy @cubsfantroy

    Good riddance!

  • nkniacc13

    I know that Baker won’t get anyone on the 40 man but isn’t it that if they are on the 40 man they would have to pass thru waivers if traded but if they wait till after year they are fine? I know these 2 PTBN will be named by Oct 31

  • Timmy

    Campana better be called back up in September. I love that guy’s speed and heart.

  • calicubsfan007

    I am so glad Baker is gone! I am psyched that we got more than one guy in return too.