Travis Wood wasn’t terrible.

The end.

There isn’t much more in the way of compliments to be doled out from this one. And, an¬†over-reactionary¬†enhancement …

  • Frankum

    Jackson looks great….ha

  • Eric

    Jackson strikes out four times. Awful. It’s hard to take anything positive away from a game like this.

    • Eric

      Please don’t confuse this Eric with that Eric. Jesus as soon as I change my name back to Eric thinking the other Eric is gone you show back up.

  • this old cub 2

    Wow…these guys cant hit their way out of the “proverbial bag”….just like the beginning of the season. For the most part, we traded pitchers, not hitters. When does the cry for a new hitting coach start?

    • Pat

      They have already fired one hitting coach this year, that’s pretty much the limit. No one fires two in a year, because at that point you just have to accept it the hitters and not the coaching.

  • Fishin Phil

    itty bitty frickin sample size.

  • ron

    Every other teams rookies are batting .350 and play gold glove defense…the cubs suck and its all Jim Henry’s fault!

    • Rick

      * Hendry

  • Master Dan

    Growing pains…, can’t wait till 2018…

  • JP cubed

    It’s only one game but damn Kjax! 4 k’s in 4 ABS.

    • Fishin Phil

      Apparently it has happened often enough to others that they made a nickname up for it.

      “The Golden Sombrero”

      No mas pantalones.

    • OCCubFan

      The Golden Sombrero

      • EQ76

        The Dirty Sanchez

        • beerhelps

          The Delicious Burrito

  • dabynsky

    This isn’t going to be the last 4 K game Brett Jackson is going to have, and probably isn’t the only one this season. He is going to see a lot of pitches, play good defense, hit for a little power and strike out a lot. The sooner everyone accepts that fact the happier everyone is going to be.

  • EvenBetterNews

    0 for 8, 6 strikeouts, and 5 LOB. What a day. I don’t know if I have ever seen a worse day for two newcomers. Wonder if Sveum will watch the video with them sober or not.

  • Myles

    I know it doesn’t fit with your narrative, but Barney and Castillo should be highlighted too, seeing as they are both young and cheap.

    Jackson 23
    Barney 26
    Rizzo 22
    Soriano 100
    Castro 22
    Castillo 25
    Vitters 22
    Mather 29

    It’s pretty cool that we have 4 players under 24 in the lineup (the ones you highlighted), but Barney and Castillo are certainly pre-peak also/

    • dabynsky

      It also is interesting to see a Cubs lineup that features 7 players that were in the Cubs farm system. It wasn’t that long ago that we were talking about Mark Grace being the last position player that the Cubs developed.

      • Pat

        I wouldn’t really count Mather. He was drafted by STL and was with them until a year with Atlanta last year. I’m not sure he has ever been in our minors (didn’t he make the team out of ST?). In any event, he didn’t develop there. Your point remains though, that is still a lot of homegrown players in the lineup.

        • dabynsky

          Wasn’t counting Mather, but was counting Rizzo who was only added this year so maybe that is a bit of a stretch.

          • dabynsky

            That and my math was off. Though technically all I said was players in the Cubs farms sytem and Travis Wood was there this season.

    • Brett

      Yeah, that wasn’t the joke, but they’re also a little bit older than the highlighted group (Jackson is 24, but he literally just turned 24 a couple days ago).

  • Leroy

    I have said this before. The Cubs slogan should be “The Cubs: Making Ordinary pitchers look like Cy Young Winners since 1909.”

    • EQ76

      truest statement of the day…errr,….uhhhh… century

  • SouthernCub

    3rd overall pick in 2013 draft is firmly in our grasp

    • BD

      I’m still optimistic that we can move up to #2.

      • jp

        I’m impressed with the Astros’ GM. He’s made some savvy moves to really distance them from us in the reverse standings. Any pieces of their team that had shown a pulse (Lee, Rodriquez) he got them out of town with the quickness. Im determined unless they hire Lou Brown as the manager in the last 50 games of the season their owner Rachel Phelps will have got her wish.

        • JP cubed


        • DocPeterWimsey

          The Astros are a special kind of bad: they were scuffling early and losing fewer games than they should have given their performance, but they’ve hit the afterburners over the last month plus. However, the Rox also are a special kind of bad; it will be tough for the Cubs to make up that 4 game difference.

          The team really getting screwed is Cleveland. Their record should be as bad as the Cubs if not worse, but a 15-7 record in 1-run games has totally sabotaged their draft chances without leaving them anywhere near being in contention.

          • JP cubed

            Doc just to let you know about that photo shopped pic I found was by accident, I was looking from just one from the movie major league and that was about the 3rd most popular one. They have been impressive

  • RY34

    can you say mailed it in already! pathetic all the way around and to think we have to endure 55 more games of this kind of bullshit!

    how many hitting coaches do we have fire before we realize that we just don’t have any consistent hitters, go out and search for a few big bats should be the priority this offseason; guys that can actually hit with consistency, move runners along, do the simple freakin fundamentals that the cubs have been lacking for years.

    • dabynsky

      This is far more exciting to watch then previous years were we get to watch retread veterans play out the string. There are going to be ugly games like last night, especially in the new Polo Grounds that is Petco. But there are players that actually have a legitimate chance of getting better with this playing time.

      Given what you want my suggestion would be to skip the rest of the year and probably next year as well because it is going to be about getting the kids playing time from this point on.

  • Fishin Phil

    “This is far more exciting to watch then previous years were we get to watch retread veterans play out the string.”

    Agree whole-heartedly! This beats last year all to pieces!

  • North Side Irish

    Lots of focus on the lack of offense and Jackson’s Ks (and there should be), but I was glad to see Travis Wood have a good outing again. If they can get some consistency out of him, he could be a solid #4 starter going forward. Just feel like his outing was being a little overlooked.

    • dabynsky

      I like Wood’s chances of being a solid back end of the rotation starter, but Petco is the perfect place for an extreme flyball pitcher like Wood to pitch. I am hoping he finishes the season strong, but I will wait for outings in less friendly environments to get excited about it.

  • Reed

    Can we talk about Castro hitting 5th? That sucks… and he clearly hates it. Why can’t we put him in the 3 hole?

    • Richard Nose

      Someone else important hits there. I agree, 5 hole is not for him.

    • Drew7

      Nothing is “clear” after 9 PA’s

      • DocPeterWimsey

        Well, obviously it makes Castro patient with a walk rate of 11%. If I remember my Star Wars films, then that means that Castro either does not hate it at all or he’s given in to hate….

    • Chris

      Why does Jackson have to leadoff? A lineup like this: DeJesus, Castro, Rizzo, Soriano, Jacson, Castillo, Vitters, Barney, would be much better. On days Clevenger plays, switch him in the order with Vitters.

      • Drew7

        I think the better question is, why not have Jackson leadoff?

        I agree with one thing, though: If Dejesus is starting, he needs to hit 1 or 2.

  • die hard

    Soriano for leadoff…could steal 25 by end of season…would show the yuggins how its done…