Matt Garza will head to the disabled list today, as the Cubs call up AAA lefty Brooks Raley to take his spot in the rotation. The injury is a “stress reaction” in Garza’s right arm, and the Cubs aren’t sure when or if he’ll return this season. He won’t pick up a baseball for at least two weeks, and the Cubs will see where they stand at that point.

“We’ll keep re-evaluating him and will make that decision when he picks up a ball and starts throwing again,” Cubs GM Jed Hoyer told the media. “To speculate right now on his status for the season wouldn’t be right. Today, we got the diagnosis, talked about it and we’ll make a decision when it’s right. It’s too early to speculate on the remainder of the season or when he’ll start throwing.

“He felt really good, as he told [the media] on Saturday, and that’s the surprise of it. Matt’s a competitor and he’ll want to get out there and get going. He’ll be eager to get back and we’ll wind up holding him back to an extent.”

For now, Hoyer says he expects Garza to be a part of the Cubs in 2013. If he doesn’t pitch again in 2012, that’s a very likely possibility.

But how likely is it that he won’t pitch again this year? Just how serious is this “stress reaction” injury thing?

All the media is pointing to Blake Parker – remember him? – who last pitched on June 1, when he suffered a “stress reaction” in his elbow. Parker just made his first appearance yesterday after rehabilitating. Against that backdrop, how can we possibly think Garza will return before the end of the season?

But, wait a minute. Doesn’t “stress reaction” sound like the kind of thing that’s sufficiently vague to cover a wide range of problems and recovery times? Just because one pitcher missed two months with a “stress reaction,” how can we assume the same thing of another pitcher with a “stress reaction”? What the hell is a “stress reaction” anyway? Garza’s elbow got a big test next week? Is it hive-y? Does it have pimples?

I’m no doctor, but I am a licensed Googler. From digging around, a “stress reaction” is some kind of irritation at the back of the ulna bone (the long, forearm bone on the inner side of your arm) – called the olecranon – from bumping into the humerus (the upper arm bone). If the stress reaction gets bad enough, it can result in a stress fracture, which can require surgery. Apparently, it’s frequently associated with young pitchers.

Hearing that description, it’s easy to understand why Garza had trouble articulating just what was wrong in the “back” of his arm a few weeks ago. The pain wouldn’t have been quite in the part of the elbow you associate with serious problems.

The good news – again, I’m not a doctor and I don’t have access to anything in Matt Garza’s medical file other than the words “stress reaction” – is that this is a bone problem, not a ligament problem. The possibly bad news is that the affected area is right there next to where the ulnar collateral ligament (the Tommy John surgery one) attaches in the elbow. Is there a greater risk for injury to the UCL when you have this kind of irritation in the elbow? I haven’t the foggiest, and I’d be a grade A quack if I tried to suggest a connection. All I’m saying is that to suggest Garza’s injury is limited to the “back” of his arm, and not at all related to his “elbow” would strike me as imprecise.

Like the Cubs, we’ll just have to see where things stand in a few weeks. Hopefully – for the Cubs, for Garza, for the fans – Matt is able to make a handful of starts before the end of this season. And hopefully he looks good doing it.

  • Fishin Phil

    I keep waiting for a member of the Cubs to fall victim to spontaneous combustion.

    • Brian Peters

      Can that Cub player be Soriano, so we won’t have to pay him anymore???

    • ottoCub

      I believe Milton Bradley ‘retired’… but anything is possible!

    • cubmig

      I think many of us fans already have……..we have the burn scars to prove it….

  • Miller

    I wonder what deals the Cubs had on the table before the season started for Garza…and I bet they are kicking themselves for not taking the deal then.

    • hansman1982

      eh, its the Cubbie way – try to maximize an asset and they proceed to asplode.

      I think this puts anything but the most team friendly of extensions out the window.

  • Dustin S

    Easy to armchair quarterback on this one, but can’t really blame the Cubs for not predicting his elbow problems. It’s just part of sports and bad luck. Same (although much less of a blow) with Boston taking Chris Carpenter for Theo comp who’s been out for the year.

  • Crockett

    Orthopedic PA here. This is bad news. Not quite “fully torn UCL”, but definitely in the “partial tear” neighborhood.

    Stress reactions are when repeated motion causes inflammation and stress on the periosteum and bone itself. This is the beginning of a positive feedback loop that can end in a stress fracture or normal fracture depending on the location.

    Typically, it takes patients 4-8 weeks just to reduce the inflammation. Given that Garza is an athlete and will receive elite day-to-day rehabilitative care helps. Realistically, he’s probably done for the year.

    • Brett

      Thanks, Crockett – that was the question in my head after researching: if the problem is caused by the repetitive motion, how do you, like, stop the problem while still doing the motion?

    • TonyP


    • J R

      Crockett, just curious. But when you say it’s in the “partially tear neighborhood,” can this be fully fixed by just rest? Or do you expect at some point over the next several years Garza will have tore his UCL fully? Sorry, I am a little slow with all this lingo..

      • Crockett

        I was simply saying it’s more comparable to a partial tear as far as severity. The injuries are not related and while this type of injury can re-occur, it is much less likely to do so than any ligament damage occurring again.

    • Flashfire


  • TheJDawg

    So Cubs….deep exhale….

    sadly I have gotten used to this type news in 33 years.

  • Kyle

    Can we still blame Dempster for this? If Dempster accepted the trade to Atl would Garza have been traded pre-injury? Are people sick of hearing the name Dempster? Is Dempster the goat of the 21st century? Will the next generation be talking about the curse of Dempster?

    Feel free to add more ridiculous questions so that we don’t need to blame losing on bad luck and lack of talent…

    • Fishin Phil

      I don’t blame Dempster, I blame Dusty Baker. I’m not sure how, but he must be responsible for this.

      • SplitFinger

        Ha! Good one.

        • http://bleachernation loyal100more

          i still blame bartman…even when i stub my toe its his fault!

          • SplitFinger

            How does one put away a memory like that? It still haunts me even though I know thats not the reason the Cubs didn’t advance.

            • http://bleachernation loyal100more

              i blame bartman for the economy

              • SplitFinger

                I blame Dempster for everything BAD that happens from now on! If only he agreed to the Atlanta trade. Boy we got screwed. How did Dempster out-think our billion-air FO?

    • Bric

      I still blame him for Hurrican Katrina.

    • scorecardpaul

      I for one sure hope we don’t have to apologize to Dempster and invite him back to parade around Wrigley Field. On second thought….. I might pay to lead him around if he has a collar on, and I get to lead with the rope!! just jokes folks

    • stillmisskennyhubbs

      I blame blame.

    • TWC

      I blame Hendry.

  • Rich

    I would say equivalent of an ankle sprain. With any sprain there is micro – tearing of the fibers. I say more like 6-8 weeks minimum time unless you use specific measures to improve blood flow to the area without increasing superficial soft tissue swelling. ( which most offices do not use ). Injections can help with inflammation but too many will actually weaken soft tissues with repeated use.

    I would also bet that most pitchers arms and elbows would produce similar studies on an MRi.
    I would love to see him pitch this year and be traded in the off season, but that remains to be seen.

    He is young but as a precaution, I bet he does not pitch until spring training and the blog-a-thon will have an interesting deadline. ( again )

    • Crockett

      I don’t know your background and am not trying to be a jerk, but a comparison to an ankle sprain is a poor one. Bone tissue reacts/heals much differently than soft tissue. The typical anti-inflammatory therapies aren’t utilized because they typically fail. Rest is really the most certain cure.

      • Flashfire

        But if we just want him to look good for five or six starts so we can trade him — and then his arm falls off — are there any untraceable horse steroids we can shoot him up with?

  • JP cubed

    Bartman hadn’t of interfered in that foul ball….ect ect dumpster wouldn’t be here and we’d have gotten max value for Garza

    • Hee Seop Chode

      If Bartman hadn’t interfered in that foul ball…a lot of things. The lease of which a pair of #3s.

      On the plus side for him, I bet he doesn’t get updates on his phone that so and so non-friend from high school uploaded a picture to facebook.

      • Flashfire

        If we’re going to blame one guy for costing us the series, why not Alex Gonzalez? If Bartman hadn’t interfered, there were a dozen other people reaching for that ball. Gonzalez wasn’t on that team for his bat.

        • Hee Seop Chode

          I agree Flashfire. Remember when people talked about Gonzalez’s “gold glove defense” after he was acquired?

          • dabynsky

            He was a pretty special defender when he was in Toronto. His range seemed to be a lot lower once he got to Chicago. In 2003 he did lead the league in fielding percentage.

          • Turn Two

            He did have 4 homeruns and a 341 obp in the playoffs that year. Everyone tries to find “the goat” for that game. It was a team loss, just as all wins are team wins.

  • Spriggs

    So if you’re a draft pick deciding between the Cubs and a given college — or if you’re a free agent star who gets a great offer from the Cubs… how can you ignore this type of thing? As much as I hate to say it, it seems like only the ignorant or the arrogant would choose the Cubs.

    • Hebner The Gravedigger

      Or those that want a lot of money (I.E. professional athletes).

  • CubsFan4Life

    I’m not a doctor, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night !!!

    Garza is done for the year, because it is not worth the risk to spend weeks rehabbing this injury just so he can pitch a couple of meaningless games at the end of September.

    • Brett

      It absolutely is worth it if the Cubs hope to trade him this Winter (and, until this, they certainly did).

      • J R

        Brett, have you heard if this Garza injury has anything to do with his arm problem last year? Or is it different, in that is only bone related? Just checking to see if there is some sort of pattern.

        • Brett

          I haven’t heard anything like that, but you’ve got me at least wondering. I’ll look into it.

      • CubsFan4Life

        Brett, I agree with you regarding the previous plan of trying to trade Garza this winter, but I am definitely concerned that the repetitive motion of pitching could make this problem worse unless they give it enough time heal completely. ESPN originally reported that Garza had a stress fracture, and we don’t want that to happen. I think at this point they will probably let him recover during the offseason and come to spring training healthy, so the Cubs can trade Garza at next year’s non-waiver trade deadline.

        • nkniacc13

          Im not sure the Cubs will get to the trade deadline with Garza if he doesn’t comeback this year I think if he shows he’s healthy in ST then before the year starts I think he gets traded because that allows the aquiring team to get a draft pick if he leaves.

  • Rich

    I see Brett’s question and Ortho Pa…
    The pitching motion is really not a normal motion. and applies stress to the ligament. Now I am a chiro, but in my office we do rehab and have a MD that comes in for something that helped me. Prolo Therapy ( specifically PRP grafting ) …

    Here’s the link:
    ( for those that want to read about it )

    It is really kind of amazing. Instead of just removing inflammation, ( and inflammation is there for a reason )…you actually repair and regrow the tissue to make it stronger. We offer a ton of nutrition to accelerate soft – tissue repair. Hard tissues heal fast anyway.

    Anyhow, my 2 cents: Of course I would grab Garza’s elbow and adjust that elbow and get him pitching by next week. ( No just kidding – about the next week part )

    • Brett

      I’m just afraid this is a rock and a hard place situation: if the Cubs change his process, he might not be nearly as effective.

  • SplitFinger

    Is it possible the Cubs DO catch the Astro’s for the worst record? It does now seem conceivable.

    • Flashfire

      The Astros are currently playing .327 ball with 52 games remaining. Even though the Astros have traded away their entire team, assume they keep playing .327 ball. that gives them another 17 wins and brings their season total to 53. The cubs currently have 43 wins, with 55 to play. Given the astros at 53, the Cubs would have to win no more than 10 of their remaining 55 games — a .182 winning percentage — to catch the Astros. As bad as the Cubs are, that seems like an extreme longshot. And, remember, that is kind of a best possible scenario for the Astros. It’s entirely possible that team doesn’t win 10 more games this season.

      • SplitFinger

        As much as hate to say this, I believe the current team might not win 10 more games. We are basically playing with a triple a team. The Cubbies have traded away almost the whole team also.

        • J R

          Yeah, the outlook for the rest of year is pretty scary. I was wondering has an MLB franchise ever had the worst record with the major league and AAA teams in the same season?? Now thats a scary thought. If that happens we should receive some comp picks or something..

        • Flashfire

          Look at the lineups the Cubs are and Astros are fielding. As badly as we feel about the Cubs, they are, simply, better at every lineup hole except leadoff (Altuve) than the Astros. #3 and #4, assuming no Soriano deal, are substantially better (Ben Francisco and Brett Wallace).

          I’m not saying the Cubs are good, I’m saying the Astros are substantially worse.

        • Patrick G

          They traded the whole team? They traded 2 starting pitchers, utility outfielder, platoon catcher and utility infielder. I wouldn’t say they traded their whole team. The line-up got better since the trade deadline, and Garza unfortunately got hurt. They will not only not catch the Astros, they will probably have a better record than the Rockies and Padres.

          • SplitFinger


          • Flashfire

            Ugh, I hope you’re wrong. The Phillies and the Marlins are making a run at us, too. We’re gonna need some truly terrible pitching to hold them off.

            • J R

              Yeah, the Astros are train wreck bad and are going to be tough to catch. But our Iowa team knows how to lead the league in losses with the best of them.

          • SplitFinger

            Have you fogot all the other trades? Zambrano, Fukodome, Byrd, Ramirez, Marshal, etc…

            • Patrick G

              I must have forgot all those trades because 1.) Ramirez wasn’t traded 2.) All of those trades where in the offseason or early in the season and have NOTHING to do with the Cubs record now or moving forward.

              • TWC

                Pat, kid, it ain’t worth arguing with Better News (or his nom du jour “SplitFinger”).

                • Patrick G

                  Ah didn’t realize. thanks

              • SplitFinger

                Abolutely has impact moving forward!

          • Chris

            I wouldn’t say the lineup got better. It’s more exciting to watch, given the young players, but probably not better. But the reason the Cubs climbed out of the basement in the first place was clutch pitching by Maholm, Dempster, and Wood. 2 of those guys are gone, and Wood has regressed. Samardzija is hit or miss. Garza is now out. Germano is Rodrigo Lopez part two. The way they looked last night against an average pitcher, they may not win another game this season. I kid about that one, but I think my point was made. They have a shot to catch the Astros for worst record. If the starting pitching is bad, it taxes the bullpen. If the bullpen is taxed, they’re bad too. While I don’t hope for losing, I think that’s what we’re going to see plenty of. And if Soriano is moved, it’s going to get real bad. But I’m fine with that. This is the rebuild that should have happened 6 different times in my lifetime. I look forward to the future, and hope the Bears are good this season so I have something to get excited about.

            • SplitFinger

              Go Bears!!!!

      • DocPeterWimsey

        The Astros would have to improve to play 0.327 ball the rest of the way. Since the end of May, they are 14-45. Yup, they are losing 3+ games for every one that they win. They could easily lose 110 games: in fact, they’d have to start winning more frequently to lose only 110 right now!

        The Rox also attaining new depths of putridness, going 18-39 over that span.

        The Cubs, on the other hand, have been a reasonably hoo-hum 25-32 since the start of June. They’ll have to really collapse to play down to the Rox and ‘Stros levels, never mind make up the lost ground.

        • Flashfire

          We’re on the same side here. I was making your argument — just pointing out even best possible case you can make for the Astros it’s going to be difficult for the Cubs to have a worse record.

          • DocPeterWimsey

            Oh, I was just taking your argument a step further. It’s the old: “But wait! There’s more!” I’ll let someone else bring in the glass cutting….

            • Flashfire

              I have to tip my cap to the Astros — *this* is how you rebuild. Two straight years of #1 draft picks — Correa and McCullers already with #1 draft slot bonanza Bud has set up. Then dump the entire team this year to get some really interesting prospects.

              • SplitFinger

                Makes you wonder, for sure.

              • J R

                It also didn’t hurt that their trade-able players didn’t have full NTC’s either.

              • North Side Irish

                They’re going all out…did you see last night’s game versus the Nationals? Winning run scored from 1B on a BUNT. That is dedication to the cause…

                • Flashfire

                  OMG. Thank you for telling me about that — just watched it. It does my heart good to know that teams that aren’t the Cubs do that.

                • CubsFan4Life

                  I agree, that play was unbelievable. Did they have 2 or 3 errors on that game losing play? There is no way the Astros can lose the number 1 draft pick if they actually practice plays like that. It reminded me of the worst little league team I ever played on.

              • nkniacc13

                and they did agree to go to the AL

  • Curt

    The next. diagnosis will be dateline Chicago ” according to David Kaplan Matt garxas arm fell off today ” it’s just a flesh wound . I hope garza gets better but he’s fine one day the next it’s very mysterious I hope he gets all the way back and dominates.

  • RY34

    just par for the course as a cub fan!

  • MichCubFan

    The rest of the year is audition time, not exactly winning time. Lets just take it in stride and enjoy watching the young players play.

  • 5412


    I went to high school (1950’s) with a guy who actually broke his elbow throwing curve balls constantly. It must put a whole lot of stress on the elbow, wow!

    At the same time, I offer some perspective. We got Rick Sutcliffe at the trade deadline and he got us in the playoffs. One pitcher; particularly Garza, is not going to keep us from achieving our goal…..unless he is pitching against us.

    Hopefully the day will come when we are thankful for the injury as Garza perfroms in the clutch as he has done in the past.

    If memory serves me correctly, in 2008, Lilly, Dempster and Zambrano cratered in the first round of the playoffs. We might come to be thankful we have Garza on the team who can handle the pressure.


    • Crockett

      Well, he was probably throwing them wrong. Correctly thrown, a curve has drastically less torque on the elbow than a slider does. Incorrectly thrown…it’s a nightmare.

      Garza’s injury is more a case of general overuse with likely structural issues.

    • SplitFinger

      I don’t think Lilly got a chance to pitch. You sure you are thinking of Jason MarQuis or Harden? I could be wrong.

  • #1lahairfan

    He might be able to make 3 starts how much could he lower his era?

  • #1lahairfan

    If he gives up 2 runs in 6 innings in all 3 starts he will bring his era to 3.79 and hopefully his record to 8-7.

    If he gives up 3 runs / 6 innings in all 3 starts his era will go up to 4.09.

    The least his era could possibly be would be 3.12 but that is nearly impossible.

    Hopefully he can stay under an e. r. a. of 3.90 and bring his record to 8-5.

    I hope he realistically would have an era of under 3.75 and a record of 7-7 at the end of the season. I hope that is decent trade value.

    Right now he is 5-7 with an e.r.a. of 3.91.

  • #1lahairfan

    Could we get bradley and chafin from the diamondbacks for matt garza?

  • pouncey

    could have been a disaster if we had extended him. he actually might end up being a bargain now this winter for us. hope he gets well soon.

  • Mush

    We spend a lot of time and angst on a team that has not won in 104 years. What is wrong with us?

    • Carne Harris

      It’s. all. we. have.

  • Carne Harris

    With all these young pitchers throwing gas like never before, I wonder if this is going to become more and more common. I wouldn’t be surprised if in 20 years pitching coaches do a Verlander and try to get their pitchers to stay away from the extra stress of a 96-97-98 mph fastball and just have them throw a solid 92-93-94.

  • cubzforlife

    Spent some time with the Kranester (my pet name) at the season ticket holder event on friday. I don’t get all the hate but respect ones opinion of my new BFF. Kraney took me for a private tour under the bleachers to show me the sad shape the park is in and showed me the ridiculously small weight room the team shares with the visitors. I also got a first time look at the visitors clubhouse. Pearls of wisdom from the Kraneman:
    On the Maholm trade “Theo told me I can get a Maholm every year”
    On the ballpark rebuild ” If we play April/May home games in Milwaukee, and play fewer games at reduced prices we can rebuild in 2 to 3 off seasons.If no Milw. rebuild will take 4 to 5 off seasons.” Has to be Milw. cannot afford a rainout. No Sox park.
    On the City and the money,” The Mayors on board, city councils the problem”.
    KK gives the impression there is no firm commitment from the city contrary to what was written last week. Krane was a really cool dude and was willing to spend as much time kickin the bobo as I wanted.We did a manhug when I left and I assured him I would be renewing my tickets for next year. Love or hate this guy he has one of the best jobs in the world.

    • Brett

      I’m surprised he was so candid. Did he say why the Cubs can’t play at the Cell, but could play in Milwaukee?

      • Diesel

        Could it be that rainouts would be almost impossible to reschedule and in Milwaukee they can close the roof preventing rainouts.

    • TWC

      On the Maholm trade “Theo told me I can get a Maholm every year”

      Theo told Kenney that? Kenney, who has nothing to do with baseball operations? Kenney “gets a Maholm every year”?!

      I might have knocked his fracking teeth out after hearing that.

      • Brett

        I was hoping that was just an unintentional short-hand or a missing quotation, where like, what he meant to say was Theo said he can get the Cubs a Maholm every year. (“Theo told me, ‘I can get a Maholm every year.'”)

        • TWC

          Crane Kenney gets no benefit of the doubt. Ever.

        • Ogyu

          That was how I understood it.

        • TWC

          But you’re probably right.

    • 5412


      What was the season ticket holder event? I am a season ticket holder and was unaware of anything.

      Wanted to take some family to the shindig where you go all over the field etc. but have not seen any announcement for it.


  • Sean

    I think people are looking at this all the wrong way. Instead of looking at this as a zero-sum game, are opponents loss is are gain or vice versa, an enormous opportunity just opened up for the Cubs. If Garza is unable to pitch the rest of the season, which based on the orthopedic expertise of Crockett is looking like a real possibility, Garza will go into the offseason with a lot of question marks, which will reduce his value to other teams in the trade market. This leaves the Cubs with an enormous opportunity to resign Garza. Assuming Garza and his agent logical, the Cubs could offer Garza an extension of 3-4 years at 7.5-10 million dollars with incentives if he pitches well. The Cubs will have all the leverage in this situation for Garza. If Garza chooses to walk away from the contract he will go into 2013 making 9.5 and will half to prove he is completely healthy in order to command full market value in free agency. Assuming he is a rational person it would be tough to walk away 34 to 40 million dollars and it leave his with the opportunity to get one last big contract before he leaves his prime at 32. This leaves the cubs with a cost controlled asset that has extra years of control, which makes him valuable in the trade market if they want to go that direction, and has manageable contract.

    Suddenly the Cubs would have a rotation for the next years of #1, Garza, Viczaino, Wood, Samardzija, and with a top 3 pick in next years draft the Cubs will have the opportunity to take one of the top flight pitchers in next year’s draft (Stanek, Appel, Manea). With a growing core of prospects that seemed to be blocked at certain positions (Vogelbach, Canderilio, Torreyes, Szucur, Amaya, and possibly Vitters). Will have the ability to Trade for a number 1. All in all, lots of opportunities for the Cubs.

    • nkniacc13

      You should have included Lake in the blocked prospects. I think a few get moved but maybe not for 2 offseasons so the cubs can figure out which ones have value to the Cubs but also some just won’t pan out

      • Sean

        I definitely did forget Lake. The Cubs have tons of positional players in the low minors that I can see having ton’s of value in 2-3 years. Thank you for the observation.

        • nkniacc13

          I wouldn’t be shocked to see lake or barney traded this offseason. Lake to move to 2nd if barney is dealt

          • Sean

            That wouldn’t surprise me either. I do like Barney a lot but he is a very replaceable in the grand scheme of things, if he wins a gold glove he’ll have a lot of value on the market. I’m not to high on Lake, I think he’ll end up being like a super sub but other teams may see him as a starter at 3rd base. Ultimately, I think the “second baseman of the future” is either Torreyes or Amaya both those guys can flat out rake.

            • nkniacc13

              I think either of those 2 will b he 2nd baseman of th future unless Villanueva gets moved from 3rd there that’s th only other one looking at it at this point

  • nkniacc13

    well Vizciano will be in the minors to start the year

  • Pasadena Cub Fan

    Any thoughts on whether Garza hurt the elbow from falling on it during the play at first or was this unrelated to that?

  • thejackal

    “a licensed googler” lmao priceless brett care if i borrow that line?

  • die hard

    glad he was not traded because the commish would have ordered an investigation into if and when Cubs knew he was a result, Cubs would be embroiled in long drawn out he said/she said like with Boston during off season…Cubs would have lost credibility at a time when trying to regain it…shut him down til next All-Star break and he will return a 20 game winner for next 5 years…poor kid overthrows..somebody like Fergie Jenkins or the other Maddux needs to work with him to “stay within himself’ to maximize his stuff..

  • Front Office Sucks

    Do ya still think the cubs win a series in epstiens 5yr contract with all these mistakes he keeps making?……………if you do please get off the drugs and get to rehab

    • Leroy

      what mistakes? Please enlighten me. Other than the Colvin trade which is still up for debate, and the Wood trade which still gets into big arguments on these boards, the FO has done a pretty DAMN good job with what they have been given. If you don’t think we’ll be in the playoffs within 5 years YOU need to get off the drugs.

    • beerhelps


    • baldtaxguy

      Probably need to “go to rehab” in order to “get off the drugs…,” no? You had the order reversed. And who uses “ya” anymore? Also, the punctation is just all over the place – please clean it up next time. Thanks!

    • Jonski

      You sure bet…they have put more top prospects in the Cubs minors in 6 months then Mr.Hendry did in what 13 years.Then again that might not be fair because he would just trade prospects for high price veteran’s.What the hell was the front office spose to do the window closed on the 07-08 roster and 08 -09 it failed not to mention we were to right handed in the lineup.To bad there isn’t mulligans in baseball so we could put every lazy ass mind f#ck back on the roster just so I could see all the wishy washy Cub fans bitch about that too!

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