Another day, another embarrassing offensive performance. And this one didn’t even feature Brett Jackson striking out four times.

Jeff Samardzija was pretty great today, allowing just six base runners and one run over seven innings. But, even that wasn’t enough, because, like, your offense has to score at least one run to even have a chance of winning.

I’m gonna catch some hell for this enhancement, but since I drew it with my own two hands …

  • Cub Style

    Ann Arbor is a… Oh you all know.

  • IrishCubColt

    Now come on Brett, Irish all the way. Cant wait till night game at Nd though, have tix, hopefully nd can stop denard this time

    • Brett

      You can’t stop Denard, you can only hope to … well, yeah, you can stop him. Mostly by injuring him.

      • someday…2015?

        Brett, you think Bama’s gonna stop Denard? Its going to be a hell of an opening game. I got Michigan winning in an upset 35-34.

        • Ben

          You have someone scoring 35 on Bama’s D? I want whatever you are smoking!

          • someday…2015?

            Before I explain myself let me say im a Michigan fan so im definitely bias. :) I look at a 35 point output like this. Denard might be better then any other QB/athlete Bama saw last year. Michigan is a veteran, experienced team. Bama lost a lot of defensive players to the NFL this year. I think 35 is very possible, but like I said bias mind talking here. I also think the 35 would have to be scored in multiple OTs. Michigan 35 Bama 34 in triple OT.

            • Ben

              Denard is a badass. I guess we shall see in a few weeks. It will certainly make the September Cubs more bearable to watch with college football simultaneously going on

        • Brett

          I think Denard will get his – not a dominant game, but some yards, and some throws – but I have a hard time seeing Michigan winning. Defensive line is rebuilding.

          • Smitty

            If Iowa’s defense can contain him, I think Bama should be just fine holding him in check. Just saying.

            • nkniacc13

              especialy with 6 months to prepare for him

              • someday…2015?

                Good point. Bama/Saban with 6 months of preparation might mean a long day for Shoelace.

            • Brett

              By that logic, how many other teams should have easily held him down last year? Isn’t it just as possible he had a bad day?

              I did say that I think Bama will roll, so I’m not sure what else is expected of me here…

        • magilljl

          Haha, yeah…. Bama 34 Blue 10 likely.

        • spearman

          Roll Tide, they’re are some Alabama Cub fans.

      • nkniacc13

        Brett Iowa kinda did

        • Brett

          It was pretty clearly a joke…

        • Dougy D

          I say that Denard Robinson goes down in the 2nd quarter against Iowa. Still a close game though as Iowa will have -2 running backs on the team by then.

    • Pat

      I was at the first ever ND night game. That was also against Michigan. I want to say 81 or so.

  • BetterNews

    In the prophetic words of Big Z, “We stinks!”

  • ReiCow

    Saturday, October 27th, mark it down. Your blue falls to my huskers!!


    • Brett

      It’s marked.

      • ReiCow

        I invite you out to Casa de Moo for the game, but that requires your coming to RI. My house does have a Cub flag on it, though! In the middle of Red Sawx Nation!


        • SFC-Cubbiesfan

          GBR! We will be watching from VA.

          • Richard Nose

            GBRRRRRRRRRRRRR. in the words f Bart Scott, CAN”T WAIT.

  • EB

    Boy, I bet Rizzo and the Cubs are ready to leave San Diego. Actually, make that the West Coast all together, as they were 0-12 against the NL West on the road this year.

  • Ben

    Brett I am a huge Bama fan…..I like our chances against you guys! It will definitely be the biggest game of week1!

    • Brett

      Michigan will almost certainly be without their top running back, Fitzgerald Toussaint (DUI, sigh), which sucks. But, yeah, Bama was likely to roll UM anyway.

      • Ben

        Yeah I saw that about Toussaint… never know after 2009 everyone had Bama beating everyone bad and it was a bad year…..I am hoping this yr is not like that but Bama lost 5 guys in the first 35 picks :( I guess the silver lining is the whole team is 4 and 5 stars and it might be the fastest defense I have ever seen in my life (college) I wanted to go to the game in Dallas but certainly can’t afford that ticket price + flight + hotel

  • Dan

    Notre Dame!
    Go Irish!

    • calicubsfan007

      No, go Trojans!! We got a helluva running back from Penn State, Mr Redd! Barkley for Heisman!!! (=

      • King Jeff

        ND got a helluva running back from USC, Amir Carlisle. I don’t think he’s eligible this year though. CIERRE WOOD FOR HEISMAN!!!!

        • Richard Nose

          TMagic 4 Heisman

  • EB

    Goooo Irish!

  • Josh

    We are sooooooo bad. Jackson and Vitters won’t change much at all. We need to sign some players in the offseason just so we aren’t so pathetic as we continue to rebuild. Next difference maker in the lineup to come from the farm is still at least a year away in Baez.

    • BetterNews

      Theo said bad before better. Remember that quote and it is not as heartbreaking. I have been going through this longer than you have probably lived.

    • Ben

      Yes,, I am certainly keeping my eye on his Daytona results. That might be the most important thing left in the season.

  • hansman1982

    Michigan SUCKS – GO BLACK AND GOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Whiteflag

      Hail, Hail to old Purdue
      All hail to the the old gold and black…

      • Spencer

        Hail hail to Old purdue our friendship may she never lack

        • King Jeff

          Awww, you guys are so cute when you sing in harmony.

    • Bazfan1234

      That’s right go black and gold…Appalachian State! Beating Michigan at the big house and getting paid a bunch of money to do it.

      • Jason

        Possibly the best moment in college football history.

  • TJ

    In 4 plate appearances Vitters saw 8 pitches. Fool proof.

  • dudeski

    the cubs seemed determined to catch up with the astros in the reverse standings

    • calicubsfan007

      @dudeski: The race for Appel! Ha! I hate Appel!! I would be so pissed if we drafted that greedy jerk!

      • BetterNews

        Hi Cali-I don’t as strongly as you do do about Appel, he does know business apparently. Not saying it is right, just business as usuall these days. I got knocked for a $25.00 late fee for .02 seconds late on my credit card.

        • calicubsfan007

          Hey Betternews, sure Appel might secretly be a financial guru. I just cant stand guys who complain abut not getting enough money!

          • BetterNews

            Tell me about it bro. Would you not be satisfied with the MLB minimum sallary? I would be happy forever!

            • calicubsfan007

              @betternews: What is the minimum salary exactly?

              • BetterNews

                I believe about $400,000 a year.

                • calicubsfan007

                  @Betternews: Wow, one really can’t complain about that. Especially if that person lives in a no state income tax state, like Florida.

                  • BetterNews

                    Bennies on top of that cake too!

                    • calicubsfan007

                      @Betternews: Bennies?

                  • BetterNews

                    Yep! Full medical ,vacations, trips paid, pension, etc. Yes , set for life.

                    • calicubsfan007

                      @Betternews: Oh! I get what you are saying! *slaps myself to turn on the brain* Wouldn’t mind that!

              • BetterNews

                Yes about what Obama makes!

              • BetterNews

                Sorry Cali. (Benies)

                • calicubsfan007

                  @BN: Dude, not your fault there. I am just tired. To quote Ocean’s Thirteen: “I’ll see ya when I see ya.” Later!

                  • BetterNews

                    We’ll pickup at the next turn.

  • True(ly) Blue

    I understand why all Cub fans are now writing about football. Serious power and hitting outage. It seems that when Castro doesn’t hit the rest of the team is unable to pick him up.

  • SirCub

    Wow, didn’t think I could be any more disgusted after watching that game, but then I come here and see this.

    Excuse me while I go vomit. ; )

  • Internet Random

    Football is for people who don’t understand baseball.

    • Carew

      I understand baseball quite well and i play football :)

      • BetterNews

        Statistics are completely different.

    • Jonski

      If I had to be a Bears fan might feel the same way…You do have the Bulls though that is if they can get Rose back healthy before they get rid of another coach.Watch a real football team tonight on ESPN at 8:00 pm.

  • Daniel

    I have the personal conviction that Castro will be traded for a HAUL this winter.

    I have no facts, sources, or anything. Just a weird feeling.

    • BetterNews

      It’s a feeling reverberating through Chicago. Yes maybe to early, but the sirens are getting louder.

      • Kansas Cubs Fan

        The sirens in your mental ward? Because you’re crazy if you think Castro is getting traded.

        • BetterNews

          I not only think he will get traded, there are many that think this will happen.(o.k.give me a rubber room, I’m crazy)

    • josh2

      I don’t “think” he will be traded, but it wouldn’t shock me.

  • baldtaxguy

    Nice effort by The Shark. I saw Russell’s inning and looked liked he had to get 4 outs – not a good call at 2B on the bloop single. Also, half inning before, saw Barney take a called strike at the ankles. Must be me, but just seeing more umpiring inconsistency, anticipating calls before making calls.

  • Njriv

    I’m guessing this was the right time to miss two weeks of Cubs baseball, for a vacation in Puerto Rico.

  • Pepe Roni

    the game was so bad today that everybody decided to talk about foozball lol

  • jim

    BRETT JACKSON “strikes” out way too much. If this is really
    our future, then he better learn to at least make contact!
    I am sure that most of us agree that the CUBS “must” get
    their Starting Pitching straightened out for next year if they
    even want to be “competitive! They also need to LEARN how
    to play “small ball” & scoring runners that are in scoring position.
    This is ONLY my opinion but I do feel they ARE headed in the
    right direction! GO CUBS! AND to all you (wish again( MICHIGAN

    • Drew7

      1) if making contact could be learned, dont you think he would have learned by now?
      2) Brett Jackson is not *the* future
      3) Just my opinion, but “small ball” os innefective. What the *need* is more talent.

      • BetterNews

        Sadly, I think your comment is true, and Jackson will not play out. I know it’s a small sample size, but the kid just does not have it.(did he set the record for mos consecutive strikeouts?)

  • curt

    alabama best team boosters can buy, nick saban=slimy, go hawks baby , great time 2 be a badger isnt it, penn st wont win frever , osu another slimy one on probation , i can live with hawks or wolverines.

  • hu-man

    i expected bad, pretty much knew, despite the talk in ST about being competitive, that this year was a trial run for new regime, but c’mon we are not kc or pittsburgh. we are the fricken cubs…probably the most popular team in america with boatloads of cash. i’m cool with the prospects thing, even though they’re no guarantee to anything. we need some beast players whose mere presence screams ‘we’re coming bitches’. do not wish to be oakland or tb or any of these little engines that think they can, think they can, lets emulate the big boys…yanks, angels, texas, etc. i know, i know they were built from the ground up with core guys but we got that with rizzo, castro. hopefully we can depend on soler, almora, etc but logically speaking those guys will probab ly amount to nothing special. aside from the strasburgs, harpers, etc there are no can’t miss guys in baseball. usually , it turns out some guy picked in the 64th round becomes the next big thing not the guy picked 6th overall, as i was saying about the new regime, we give them this year but are we truly expected to just give them the benefit of the doubt indefinitely? please make some major moves this off season. i’m not condoning selling off the future but being a joke is not the new cubs way i was hoping for. surely to god there are 3 competent outfielders and more importantly 3-4 competent starting pitchers in this years free agent market that could be signed without destroying the ‘plan’. chris volstad? casey coleman? ian stewart? david dejesus? to name a few….suck. honestly we cant upgrade above these guys? WE ARE THE CUBS, not some podunk , b.s., team that hasnt a fan base or a large enough market. We should OWN the national league or at least always, always be in the discussion. the division should be a joke…shouldnt even be close. on average over the course of every decade we should win 50% of the division titles. BASEBALL IS BETTER WHEN YOU WIN…no more nostalgic shit about wrigley, ernie, day games, whatever. JUST WIN, for the love of god WIN. not all their fans are young. some are 66.76,86 and may not have time to see the fruition of a 5 year plan…WIN,WIN,WIN….no more talk of assets and sunk costs, supposedly every year is sacred. that shit sounds good, but just WIN

    • Jimmy james

      ? Wha…….

    • John

      Nice rant, but no, no there are not 3 competent outfielders or 4 starting pitchers available. Hell I don’t see one outfielder I would really want on this team on the 2013 list. Teams are keeping their young talent now. You tell me:

      • BetterNews

        You keep telling the truth and MG will will be all over you.

  • Leroy K.

    Clayton who? Oh well….anyway, Go Northwestern!!!!

  • rick

    Best thing about being a cub fan is it does not interfear with football season. Ok why call up vitters and not play him?

  • Idaho Razorback

    Michigan beating Alabama, Ha! SEC Football Rules.

  • Doctor_Blair

    Not cool… Not cool at all.

  • Big Joe

    False. Lights were put in at Notre Dame around 1987. They were originally put up to facilitate the Special Olympics that were held in South Bend (how ironic). The first night game was between Notre Dame and Michigan St.. I live next door, in Elkhart…about a 15 minute drive. I’ve had to listen to “blah, blah, blah ND” my entire life. Funny how a school that hasn’t won a championship in almost a quarter-century, still views itself as a member of the “elite programs”. Don’t worry. They’ll be pre-season top 25, and finish 4-7…just like most years.

  • Big Joe

    To carify…the lights for the game in 1982 were portable, and thus, not permanent. They were brought in by NBC, which owns exclusive rights to the ND football broadcast. A one time event, until lights were installed a few years later.

  • calicubsfan007

    I actually like Notre Dame, but let’s be honest, besides Joe Montana, what QB has Notre Dame given the NFL? Brady Quinn? Jimmy Clausen? Or, my personal favorite, Rick Mirer? I respect the team and I would have no problem having some one prove me wrong.

    • BetterNews

      Cali- My wife is related to Joe Montana, no lie!

  • Stu

    As long as the sabermetrics look good, who cares about wins and losses.