I have a couple Cubs/Astros bleacher tickets to next Wednesday’s game (August 15 at 1:20 CT), but, unfortunately, I won’t be able to use them. Rather than sell them, I’d like to give them to one of you. Who wouldn’t want to see a battle to the bottom?

Instead, here’s how I’m going to do it. See that there forlorn picture of Dale Sveum? It’s begging for a caption.

So, to win the tickets, this is all you have to do: head over to the BN Facebook page, “like” it, and drop a comment on this picture on the wall offering your caption. The comment with the most thumbs ups by Friday, August 10 at 2pm CT wins the tickets. It’s kind of like a democratic way of settling which caption is the best. (Or, which commenter has the most friends they can cajole into a thumbs up).

I’ll leave the tickets for you at will call, but make sure you respond to my Facebook message promptly if you’re the winner.

Because of the mechanics of this contest, you’ve got to be on Facebook to enter and win (my apologies). You can still offer your caption in the comments for fun and posterity, but you won’t be entered to win.

  • Jackalope

    “Is Pierce Johnson ready yet?”

  • BetterNews

    “I gonna have to give Piniella a call. I’m lost.”

  • MichiganCubbie

    “What would Alan Trammell do right now?”

  • Chicubs14

    This is my starting rottation,can I go to Atlanta?

    • Chicubs14

      Meant rotation.

  • Wilbur

    A left fielder who can’t field – $18 mil
    The owner’s dad making a political commercial that pisses off the Mayor – $20 mil
    The only stud pitcher I have hits the DL

    Seeing your season go down in flames – priceless.

  • walterj

    Is that a man or woman wearing a dress?

  • Lance Mattingly

    We’re gonna need a bigger boat

  • Chicubs14

    How many days until October 3 ?

  • Jimbo

    They put WHAT in the gatorade cooler?

  • Dan-0-mite

    Look at them over there… Must be nice to win.

  • Keith Franson

    What the hell did I get myself into

  • cRAzYHORSE ……..

    We traded Dave McKay for Lorenzo Bundy ? am I next?

  • Ogyu

    “Damn, that’s a big rat in that bullpen…”

  • cubsin

    Volstad or Raley? No, wait! Volstad, Raley or hari-kiri?

  • LAF

    We’re bringing up players from Peoria September 1st?

  • Frank

    “My mother told me there’d be years like this.”

  • Matt R.

    How many strikeouts does that make for Jackson now?

  • Flashfire

    So this is why Lou’s hair turned grey.

  • BetterNews

    “Did somebody call me Q-ball?”

  • Mysterious4th

    That’s it I am going to get a job with pirates or nationals, atleast they’re winning

  • Zakkyboy126

    Where’s my effin beer?!

  • BetterNews

    “I paid you the child support!”

  • BetterNews

    “Can I still do the bunting tournament?”

  • BetterNews

    “I thought I could manage a Big league team.”

  • BetterNews

    “we’re only 20+ games under .500. a hot streak and you never know what might happen. Oh shit, Quade used that line!”

  • BetterNews

    “Dempster, I will track you down like the dog you are.”

  • Mysterious4th

    There’s NO crying in baseball!

    Wait….did I miss dempster actually getting traded?

    Did they have a buy 1 get 1 free on rookies this year?

    • BetterNews

      Ha! Like^^^

    • Mysterious4th

      Were not in kansas anymore toto!

      I didn’t just compared to quade, difference between us…I would have played colvin

      I could go on for days

  • BetterNews

    “Damn! Did I leave the keys in the Benz, Caddy, or Range Rover? They could be on the boat too.”

  • Jed

    Golly, I mean…gee, I wonder how the Maddux brothers would be doing this year. Golly…

  • BetterNews

    “O.K. Cubs fans, I fed you a lot of shit, but Theo made me do it.”