The Chicago Cubs did something pretty special for a young fan named Luke Strotman, who is battling leukemia:

Awesome, both in content, and in what it represents.

It would have been very easy for the Cubs to produce this video, and then send it out to the four corners of the media for some easy PR. But they didn’t. You can see there who posted the video – a user named MarkStr20, whom I’m guessing is Luke’s father (UPDATE: It’s his brother, and see below for more info). In other words, the Cubs made this video especially for Luke, sent it to his family, and left it at that. It’s only because Luke’s brother posted it that we get to see it (and we thank him).

The Cubs didn’t make this video so that they could get some positive buzz. They didn’t make this video so that people like me would praise them. They made the video so that a little kid named Luke would have a hell of a great day.

That makes me feel pretty good about the organization, and makes me proud to be associated with them as a fan.

And, of course, to Luke: we’re all looking forward to seeing that first pitch at Wrigley Field.

UPDATE: From BN’er Marco, in the comments:

I’m a friend of Mark Strotman, Luke’s brother, and he’s been actively getting the word out and supporting his brother’s cancer fight.

What a tremendous gesture by the Cubs. Brought me close to tears.

Please visit his Facebook site

Keep fighting, Luke!

  • Ben

    Thanks for posting that it is very touching…..I can’t wait to see Luke throw out the pitch

  • J R

    Very cool piece. A reminder there is much more important stuff than Dempster blocking a trade.

  • baldtaxguy

    Wow !! Absolutely a cool, human thing. The fact it happened as a private message really says a lot about the organization. I’ve just now signed a long-term deal with the Cubs – I’m committed as a fan now beyond my death..

  • terencemann

    It’s been a hard year to be a Cubs’ fan but I have never been more proud of a Cubs team. They have weathered this year with a great attitude and rarely acted as though the losing was getting to them.

    To see the way the team rallied behind Soriano throughout the year and the fact that 3 guys who were traded at the deadline made it clear that they’d be happy to come back really says a lot about what’s going on behind the scenes with the Cubs.

  • Katie

    This is truly wonderful. It definitely makes me proud to be a Cubs fan, through thick and thin.

  • Jack Weiland

    Finally got a chance to watch this. Go Cubs, and more importantly, Go Luke.

  • Julie

    This makes me proud to call myself a Cubs fan. Through thick and thin, good times and in bad…I will bleed Cubbie blue! Keep fighting Luke!