The wind was nuts today at Wrigley Field, but that wasn’t the only reason the Cubs went all Benny Hill on the field, booting the ball all over the place while they scampered about to saxophone music.

There aren’t too many games this year in which the Cubs will score eight runs and still lose (not because the Cubs’ pitching is so awesome, but because that fact is true of pretty much every team in baseball), but this was one of them. How is it possible, you ask?

  • Scott

    Hey, when is the winner of the tickets going to be announced?

    • Brett

      The winner has been contacted, just waiting to hear back.

      • Dan

        Who won?

      • Jacob

        Brett, I just went and checked and unless I missed something I’m pretty sure I had the most likes. Maybe I’m wrong though…

        • Brett

          Maybe you didn’t get my earlier message. Trying again …

          • Jacob

            Ya, I never got a message. If I get this one I’ll reply pretty quickly, because it gets sent to my phone.

            I did win right? Like I’m not mistaken and confusing the hell out of you, am I? lol

            • Brett

              You did. But my Facebook message to you is much nicer.

  • TWC

    Don’t forget about the 2 wild pitches. Not Wellington Castillo’s best day behind the plate.

  • Flashfire

    Nice to see all of the youth movement worth together on the errors. I think this one can best be filed under “growing pains.”

    • Flashfire

      Work, not worth. Another error to celebrate the game!

  • Spencer

    This was pretty close to unwatchable. In one inning, a Reds batter checked his swing. The ball went into the dirt, Castillo called for time, got a new ball from the umpire, then appealed to the first base umpire on whether or not the batter went around. There was a left handed batter at the plate. That’s pretty much the epitome of the season.

  • mudge

    germano had a 9 pitch ab resulting in a single. can he play 3rd base?

    • Zogie

      it was actually 10 pitches. HAHA. He also saw 6 pitches in the 2nd inning before striking out.

  • Zogie

    Advanced Box Score
    This game should not have been even close. The cubs were kicking the ball all over the infield. Castro, Vitters, Rizzo, Castillo, Jackson all had errors allowing Cincy to gain multiple runs. Not only were there errors, but Castillo had passed balls and wild pitches that he should have got to. Castro had a baserunning blunder and contently was taking his eye off the ball while fielding. Lastly the outfielders had a rough time with a few fly balls and one fell in resulting in Jackson and Castro colliding. The pitching was not too good either. Germano did a decent job, but Cabrera allowed this game to get out of hand. Beliveau had a good game, but Corpas and Camp both gave up insurance runs. DeJesus 2-4 2B BB RBI had another consistent game. Barney 3-5 had a good game all around. He played good defense and hit the ball the other way effectively. My last post I said he was more of an 8 hole hitter. I still believe that because of his low OBP, but for a weak offensive team, he is a 2 hole hitter because he can do the little things. Rizzo 1-4 BB, K had a decent performance. You cannot expect him to be RizzOMG every day. Soriano 1-5 2B 3RBI 2K had another big RBI day, but that is what a clean-up hitter is supposed to do. Castro 2-4 2B 2RBI, BB, K had a good game offensively for the first time in weeks. Let’s see if he can get hot after his long slump. Vitters 1-5 1K had another great defensive play, but he did commit an error. He does not see many pitches, but it is still early to evaluate him. Way too small of a sample size. Jackson 0-3 BB 2K. Jackson had a good approach today. I like how he sees a lot of pitches, but again he needs to work on discipline. If he starts making more consistent contact and lays off balls out of the zone then he could be a very special player. Castillo 2-4 2 2B, 2RBI had a great day with the bat, but a lousy day with the glove. LaHair and Valbuena both 0-1. Even though the cubs played bad baseball, they never gave up and made a game out of a disaster today. My shout out goes to Darwin Barney today. He had a great opposite field approach today and played was the only infielder without an error today. Feel free to follow me on twitter @Zogie for any Cubs analysis.

    • FFP

      Thanks, Zogie

    • baldtaxguy

      Thanks for the summary

  • Luke D

    Why does Shawn Camp pitch in every game?

  • die hard

    Memo to Theo: Play Vitters and Jackson every inning from here on out to see what they have….then next year Vitters wont have the jitters and Jackson wont be lackin…

  • Flashfire

    Sullivan has a tweet up where he says Sveum was angry after the game. (1) Good. (2) I wonder what, if anything, this means about lineups in the future.

  • socalicubsfan

    I may be in the minority here, but I’m pleased with how Dale has handled Vitters and Jackson to date. Yes, they need to play more – I think they will. I’d LOVE to see them parked near a veteran while on the bench.

  • DocPeterWimsey

    The wind made the radio broadcasts extremely amusing. The announcers were having a heck of a time describing flyballs and popups because the balls were drifting so far and so fast that they were stumbling over their own words to describe where the balls were going.

  • Canadian Cubs Fan

    Starlin got faked out by Phillips, then made the brilliant decision to try for third anyway, and was out by 5 feet. However I LOVE that Soriano stole third.

    • Can’t think of a cool name

      Payback is a mother. Castro did that to someone last week. The favor was returned today

  • Cheryl

    Even with a bad wind there shouldn’t have been that many errors IMO. Jackson and Castro didn’t communicate too well I gather. I wonder what Sveum will say to them. Vitters will probably sit for another game or two, but Castro is the one who needs to get a break. I’d put Barney in for him for one or two games and put someone else at second.

    • DocPeterWimsey

      If you are referring to the 9th inning play, then there should not have been any “communication,” at least not in terms of “I’ve got it!” You don’t call for a ball until you know you have it. If you call for a ball and then have to dive for it, then that is when the manager should speak to you, even if you catch the ball. If you say “I’ve got it!” then you darn well better be standing when you glove it.

      As for the wind, it clearly was affecting a lot of fielding on both teams. Both teams were (for lack of a better word) clumsy on the field: at least 3 DP were not turned because fielders did not grab balls cleanly, several throws were missed and then fielded gingerly. It was like the players were never quite certain where the ball was.

      All in all, it was a goofy game. Neither team really deserved to win, but just like one team has to get an L the 1-0 game, somebody had to get a W in this one.

      • Cheryl

        Just a question, Doc. When the wind is that much of a factor isn’t there some type of communication that takes place in fielding other than “I’ve got it!”? I would assume there must be. Fielders can lose track of where a ball is in those circumstances and it could be dangerous for them not to be aware of another fielder going after the same ball.

  • TKO

    I think they called Jackson up too early. His AAA numbers weren’t good enough. Why would we think they’d get better in the bigs?

    • Jimmy james

      Not sure if they think he will…might be they think he wasn’t going to get any better at either level ( at least the k aspect)

  • Can’t think of a cool name

    I don’t think Sveum says anything about the play were Castro and Jackson collided. Both players went all out to catch a pop up thatwas perfectly placed between them. May bad plays in the game but that was not one of them. All out hustley both players IMO. I would not sit Castro, he looks like he may be coming out of his slump. 4 for 11 the last 3 games with 2 walks. Would have had 2 homers (one last night and one today) except for the wind.

  • fortyonenorth

    Wow. Baltimore’s Machado 2-3 tonight with 2 HR and 4 RBI; 2 hits last night, including a triple, in his debut.

  • CubsFan4Life

    Paul Maholm just threw a complete game 3 hit shutout with 5 strikeouts and no walks for his first win since the Cubs traded him to the Braves.

  • Ajbearsfan

    I wasn’t too sure where to ask these questions so I chose here. Didnt the cubs sign a Cuban pitching prospect before soler? I haven’t heard anything about him. And do you guys think coach sveum is in the appropriate position with the cubs? I’m not asking that question due to our record but I almost feel like he isn’t managing these young guys too well. (ie benching a guy who needs playing time to gain experience) and I don’t think he has produced any results in any particular players performance.

    • MichiganGoat

      Gerardo Concepción – he’s not exactly impressing anyone but he is young and the hope is he will continue to develop

      • Flashfire

        I believe he’s out with mono at the moment — apparently the Cubs need to have a session with new signees about the dangers of kissing groupies.

  • ReiCow



  • Mysterious4th

    The 2 things I will take away from this game…

    1) Barney did NOT have an error

    2) Castro had 2 hits, 2 RBIs, and a walk. (Granted he had an error)