So, I have a confession: I’m without my computer today, so I can’t prepare the EBS as usual. You’ll have to use your imagination.

Would I highlight the score, and say something about how you can’t lose them all? Would I just lulz at the fact that the Reds extended their losing streak while the Cubs ended theirs?

Would I highlight Brett Jackson’s line, and note that he struck out only once?

Would I highlight Alfonso Soriano’s 20th homer?

I might’ve highlighted Carlos Marmol, who, in Carlos Marmol fashion, converted his 14th consecutive save opportunity.

I probably would’ve at least noted in the text that Anthony Rizzo had a great game, and that Chris Volstad had his second consecutive quality start.


  • Caleb

    I love using my imagination. Way better than an actual girlfriend!

  • JP3

    This vitters situation is riDiculous…why on earth would they bring him up to sit him vs every right hander on the planet. His righty lefty splits are fine so WTF gives. “ALL YOU DID WAS WEAKEN A COUNTRY TODAY CAFFEY!!”. Ok that’s the last time I rant about this

    • stillmisskennyhubbs

      That’s another thing we have to look forward to….
      Actually, the Cubs FO and marketing people are in control of the Vitters situation. They are slowly feeding us Inspiring Debuts: Rizzo, Jackson; Vitters in the hole. We can’t take too much excitement all at once, you know.

    • Dustin S

      It does make you wonder what the deal is. Did the FO ask to work Vitters into the lineup slowly? Does Sveum just personally not like Vitters for some reason? It happens, I think everyone has had a teacher or boss somewhere along the line that is like oil and water. Sometimes there are more to these things than just on the field. Not that it’s right or good for the team, but it’s the way it goes.

      It’s hard to believe that it’s purely on trying to win games with Valbuena’s rocking .207 average.

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  • ferrets_bueller

    I would just like to point out the fact that Starlin Castro has a lower OBP than Soriano.


  • Stu

    Its going to be hard to overcome the Astros for the number 1 draft pick. It really is hard to not win 1 out of every 3 games over an entire season. 43-119 Detroit Tigers has already been beaten with the Cubs 44th win.

    Interesting trend for Detroit from 2003-2006:

    2003 43-119
    2004 72-90
    2005 71-91
    2006 95-67

    So if the Cubs follow a similar trend, 2015 should be the Cubs year. I wonder what ticket prices will be like then.

    • DocPeterWimsey

      This Astros team really is as bad as the ’03 Tigers. Somewhat ironically, the Astros are sort of the anti-Tigers this year. People thought that both teams would have superlative years, but both “sputtered” a bit in the first half. However, the ‘Stros at least have put on the afterburners and truly played to their potential since the end of May. (I think that the Tigers were over-esteemed: despite adding Prince, there were some holes in their lineup and people were looking for too much gelling and too little coasting from the pitchers.)

  • Leroy

    how bout the fact that we beat Marshall!!!! Lolz….

  • Zogie

    Advance Box Score
    I must apologize for my absence with the ABS. I have watched the cubs terrible losing streak and I really could not continue writing about all of the poor at bats I saw. The cubs end the losing streak tonight, so hopefully good baseball will continue. DeJesus 1-4 2B has been consistent even during the losing streak. He has played great defense all over the outfield and again keeps getting on base. Barney 1-4 K really is not a 2 spot hitter. He is a 8 spot hitter, so you cannot blame him for not producing. His glove will keep him an everyday starter. He produces enough with the bat to keep playing every day. Rizzo had a great game tonight. 2-2 2B, RBI, 2 BB. He was patient and hit pitches hard all night. He had one lucky RBI single, but sometimes you will have those. Soriano 1-4 HR 2RBI 2K came through with a go ahead 2-run HR in the 8th. WOW! Castro 1-4 2B 2RBI had a clutch 2-run double as well tonight. It is great seeing the middle of the order produce tonight. Valbuena 1-3 1BB 1K had a good night, but the guys behind him could not move him. Jackson 0-3 K still can’t stop swinging at balls below the knees. Good patience but bad discipline. Clevenger and Castillo 0-3 3Ks. No production tonight from the catchers. Rough night. LaHair 0-1 K continues to slump. I have always been a fan of LaHair, but he still is slow on the fastball and in front of the off-speed. On a good note, the bullpen was great tonight and Volstad avoided the big inning which plagued him all year. Too bad Volstad is still winless. He has pitched well his last 2 starts. My shout out goes to Alfonso Soriano. Clutch 2-run HR! Rizzo was also RizzOMG tonight. Feel Free to follow me on twitter @Zogie.

  • Picklenose

    Brett – How dare you come to the blog without the proper materials, pencil, paper, computer. How do you expect to succeed without the proper materials and preparation? Young man, you must stay in from recess today and clean the litter pan to help you remember be better prepared for blogging in the future.
    Sorry Brett, just goofing with you. I used to be a high school teacher and always thought that was one of the more ridiculous of the teacher speeches we were expected to make. We appreciate you doing best even when the unexpected happens.