Matt Garza’s arm issue got worse every time we heard more about it. First it was just triceps cramping and a precautionary removal. And then there was fluid buildup and a missed start. Then there was stiffness and another evaluation. And then there was a “stress reaction,” a DL trip, and a possibly ended season.

Don’t worry, there isn’t any additional bad news here today.

Garza, for his part, is determined to return this year, and even fought with the Cubs about the current course of action – apparently Garza must not have thought his elbow issue was as serious as the Cubs did.

“I just feel out of it,” Garza said yesterday, according to CSN. “I don’t like not playing. I’m not here to just watch. This is the toughest thing for me to face, not being able to do anything [and] holding back from going out there and wanting to throw. That’s why I fought so long with them. They just said they’ve had enough and let’s see what else is in there. It’s nothing bad. It’s just the doc said a little rest and [let’s] just get it over with.”

In the interim, Garza isn’t thrilled about being forced onto the sidelines.

“It sucks, man, they’re not letting me throw a ball,” Garza said. “It’s not fun to come here and sit down. Yeah, I get to work out and ride a bike and watch a ballgame. But it’s still not what I like doing. I like being out there taking control of my game and being able to do what I get paid to do.”

Garza suggested that he could pitch through the issue even now, but obviously nobody wants to see a “stress reaction” become a stress fracture or worse, a UCL issue.

For now, the Cubs and Garza will have to hope that a couple weeks of rest will clear things up, and that he can come back for about three starts at the end of the year.

  • ichabod

    love this guys whole outlook and attitude. hes a keeper.

  • jr5

    He’s certainly a gamer. I do love that about him.

  • Lifepainter

    Maybe he can come back as a knuckleballer, you don’t have to throw very hard, easier on the arm.

  • MichiganGoat

    Makes you happy Dusty is no longer the manager, he’d pitch him 8 innings and 120 pitches e every game.

    • 100 Years of Tears

      Last night on the radio during the delay, Kaplan was asking why everyone hates Dusty so much. He had no idea why. When a caller told him it’s because he destroys pitchers, Kaplan replied that he had no problem with how he used pitchers… ugh, sometime Kaplan is a moron. More than sometimes.

  • nick cafardo

    Garza to the red sox for kevin millar. Done deal. Millar got a stress reaction in his ass back in 2001.

    • Ogyu

      This joke just gets funnier and funnier. [insert sarcasm emoticon]

  • thejackal

    this goes out to brett luke or any of my BN brothers or sisters. WHAT TE HELL WE GONNA DO ABOUT VOGELBACH true hes only in rookie ball . i thnk he could be somebody. dont see how he fits the cubs plans bengs hesblocked by that one guy at 1st so wat we gnna do tradebait?

    • Drew7

      “true hes only in rookie ball”

      I think you just answered your own question.

    • dabynsky

      The rookie ball part is really important though. We’ve got three or more years til there has to be a decision made. A lot can happen between now and then in terms of development for Rizzo and Vogelbach. If there is a decision to be made that is a good thing because then one can be traded. Also not the most likely scenario, but I think the NL adding the DH in the relative near future isn’t out of the realm of possibilities.

    • Internet Random


      WE GONNA wait and see how he develops.

    • Jim L.

      By the time he is ready for the majors, the NL will have the DH forced on them by Bud & Jerry.

      • Edwin

        That would be awesome.

  • thejackal

    dudes a beast john kruks son llol

  • CubFan Paul

    He’s kicking himself for not signing that John Danks-ish extension (5/$65M) the Cubs offered. He may never get a 5yr offer ever again

  • Rich 1908

    I bet he gets a 5 year deal easy

    • CubFan Paul

      Not if he needs tommy john or exploratory arthroscopic surgery

  • Rich 1908

    exploratory? that means…we dont know, lets take a look…

    but true if that does occur

  • Flashfire

    The quotes tells you why other GMs want this guy so badly, even if the numbers aren’t where you’d expect from a top of the line #2 starter.