As noted this morning in the Bullets, Rule 5 draftee Lendy Castillo was expected to be activated this weekend from his months-long sojourn on the DL with some kind of groin strain (it was actually an acute case of gaming-the-Rule-5-rules-itis (I wonder if he, too, had to wear a lame wrist brace)). And, indeed, he was activated today, just in time for this afternoon’s game against the Reds.

Castillo, 23, had ugly numbers across the board for the Cubs in his seven appearances earlier this year – kind of what you’d expect from a converted shortstop who hadn’t pitched above A-ball. He was, however, lights out across three levels over the past month or so during his rehab. Between stops at rookie ball, High-A, and AA, Castillo put up a 0.90 ERA and a 0.950 WHIP in 20 innings, striking out 22 and walking just 6. Were he just a pitching prospect, and not a kid that you had to bring back up to the bigs like a lamb to the slaughter, you’d be pretty encouraged by what you were seeing. In other words, don’t expect to see anything too great from him this year, but he could be a legit pitching prospect for the Cubs in 2013.

Maine continues to go up and down between AAA and the Cubs. Since coming up in mid-June, Maine’s been pretty meh – posting a 4.20 ERA and an .804 OPS against in 15 innings of work. He continues to strike tons of guys out (16 in that stretch), but he walks almost as many (9). If he could just sort that issue out, he’d be a great reliever. But, unfortunately, it’s been an issue for him for a while.

Castillo will head to the bullpen, and, if he stays healthy the rest of the way, the Cubs will get to keep him after the season without offering him back to the Phillies. That would qualify as “nicely done” by the front office.

  • nkniacc13

    As long as he doesn’t get hurt hes safe. i wonder wih the youth movement if he will see any more time than he did early this year

  • Dan

    Will he be available tonight?

    • Dan


  • DocPeterWimsey

    Just for show, the Cubs should wheel him out to the pitchers mound on a gurney the first time with a couple of Einstein-haired guys with white lab coats and bow-ties, plug in some machines that make flash lots of gratuitous electricity, and then have Castillo rip the belts out and lumber on to the mound. That should remove any doubts about him really having been hurt all year.

    • MXB

      Then Jim Ross takes the announcer’s mic “Good GAWD, it can’t BE?!!…Its Lendy CAS-TILL-OOOO!!!”

  • J-Nasty

    I’d like to see him starting in AA to start next season. Looked good as a starter, but needs a little more development.

    • Luke

      I’d be on board with that. Let him spend a year closing in Tennessee next season, then see what he can do in spring training 2014.

  • Kevin

    Totally off topic but worthy of discussion.
    Not a lot of news regarding renovating Wrigley Field lately. It would be nice if something can get worked out so renovations can begin. Nobody expects the Cubs to be competitive the next 2 years and it really makes sense to have the renovations behind us once the Cubs are competitive again.

  • art

    what ever happened to “it’s his game to won or lose”? we have robot managers. 99 piches by Wood and gets yanked.

    • DocPeterWimsey

      Too many owners got mad at too many GMs because they were paying pitchers rehabbing from Tommy John or who dramatically lost their stuff. GMs pass the blame to the managers. It’s the American Way!

  • Mr.Boring

    I’ve missed listening or watching the Cubs five times in two years. I’m to the point with this “Dale Quade” goofy moves where I don’t watch anymore. I started mowing my yard at game time so I wouldn’t ruin my afternoon with this crap. This isn’t MLB baseball. This is minor league managers trying to out-smart the game. What a joke. Lefty against all righties in a tight game late??????????????

    I live in a small town in Iowa and our High School coach could out manage the past two managers. I understand rebuild, but I don’t understand against the book WHEN YOUR DALE SVEUM. Look at your record Dale, your not even in Dusty Baker’s league. Or for that matter, your in Mike Quade’s league. Shoot, you might be in my league.

    It will never change until 39,000 fans stop rolling into Wrigley for the weekend party. Word of advice, go fishing and enjoy a beautiful day and save a $100 bucks. Enjoy the rest of the season fellow Cubbies.

    I’m out………… Thank goodness it’s football season.

  • Mike S

    Team I could see getting Soriano through a trade would be the Oakland A’s…they are hitting .230 as a team and would fit nicely into their DH spot.

    • nkniacc13

      he only would approve a trade west to the dodgers

  • Fastball

    Maine throws across his body he wont be consistent with his current mechanics. He stikes hitters out cuz when you throw across your body you will have ball movement but he cant throw a stike when he has too because he basically has no control because of his mechanics. He short arms his pitches a lot when he starts aiming.

  • Fastball

    Sori has saud no to San Fran he sure wont say yes to Oakland its a crap hole.o

  • Steve K

    How many players can a team send to Arizona fall league? Would Lendy Castillo be a player the Cubs would consider sending? Our best SP prospects are in the very low levels in our system, the players that are next in line at the MLB level are at best no. 4 or no. 5 rotation guys, with seemingly similar repertoires…what are the chances the Castillo (or Alberto Cabrera) gets an opportunity to be a starting pitcher?

    • AB

      I’m not sure. Somebody else probably has better info or analysis, but to me there’s two questions:

      First, is Castillo’s stuff good enough for a starter?? he’s already 23. Using guys like Spencer and Burke as comparable, they are more potential LOOGYs than anything else.

      Second, how fast can he get his total innings pitched stretched out to?? If he can get stretched out to 120 or so next year, he can probably compete for an MLB starter the year after. I guess it all depends on how his stuff looks as a starter. Burke has struggled at A+, I’m not sure if its because he’s fatigued, or his stuff is getting exposed at a higher level.