Travis Wood was brilliant today, but unfortunately the Cubs’ bats weren’t able to put up enough runs to overcome the bullpen meltdown.

It came mostly courtesy of one terrible outing …

  • Skooter

    Buzz, your girlfriend…

  • Canadian Cubs Fan

    Russel’ inning would’ve been worse if Ludwick hadn’t gotten picked.

    Great to see Wood puttin up some pretty decent starts lately!

  • RY34

    what elsecan you say, another day another cub embarrassment! thank god only 50 more “tear your guts out” performances to go! everyone must be told before the game to go out and do your worse, we are playing for the number one pick remember!

    • Featherstone

      Sad part is, I dont think we are catching Houston. I dont think anyone is. So we are “playing” for second pick, which is very attainable.

      • RY34

        with the cubs, anything is possible, we definitely suck enough to catch them.

        • DocPeterWimsey

          No, the Cubs really do not suck enough to catch Houston. Houston has attained a level of “bad” not seen since the ’03 Tigers, and maybe since before that. Indeed, if the Astros keep playing at the pace they’ve played since the end of May (2+ months!), then they’ll lose 120 games: the same number as the ’62 Mets! (I doubt that will happen: that would require both very bad play and very bad luck;

          • Ron

            and they have a few more with cubs so….you know we could play for a split!

    • EvenBetterNewsV2.0

      Oh, more than that. There is always next year! We may be worse next year.

      • Carew

        I believe the FO had a hunch this was gonna happen, and they wont allow it to happen again

        • nkniacc13

          I’d b shocked if they did’t think this was going to happen based on Theos comments before the season

  • calicubsfan007

    I love Skooter’s “Home Alone” quote! Love that movie! RIP John Hughes!

  • Joepoe321

    Soler hit a grand slam!

  • Sparks

    I am not surprised at the Cubs performance today. I’m sure it will continue for the rest of the season,
    I am surprised that there has not been more discussion about how much the new “slotting” rules can have an impact on pennant races. Before the new rules there was an incentive for a poor team to lose enough games to get a higher draft choice. With the new rules and spending “quotas”, there is much more of an incentive. Not only do they get a higher draft choice, but they also are allowed more money to sign them.
    I haven’t looked at the schedule (and don’t intend to), but it appears to me that especially in NL, the team that has the most games remaining against the Cubs, Rockies and the Astros has a real advantage. I guess I really believe that any rule that rewards losing is wrong, and should not be allowed. Thank you, Mr. Selig. It is really not in the best interest of baseball. To be clear, I do not think the players try to lose. By trading away the better players, management puts the players in a position that it makes it very difficult to win. MLB has caused team management to benefit by losing. That is wrong.

    • Ben

      I pretty much agree with everything you just said. Right On!

    • 5412


      I disagree with you. I think the slotting system is really good. It allows the poorer teams to compete with the better teams on an even keel. It then allows big market teams like the Cubs to free up more cash to keep their good players or buy them on the open market.

      Unlike football or basketball where the #1 pick is generally a lock, except in the case of a few idiots; baseball is not quite that exact a science. If we got any pick in the top five, with our current scouting system, we should be just fine. In basketball a dominant center, or football a spectacular quarterback can make all the difference. The best pitcher only pitches every fifth day. The best hitter in baseball, Ty Cobb, still made out 2/3 of the time.

      The only advantage I see of finishing worst in baseball is hopefully Ricketss will be humiliated and make sure it never, ever happens again.


      • Flashfire

        Actually, everything else aside, there’s a part you’re missing. The team that finishes last gets a larger budget for international free agents. So, all else equal, teams that lose more can sign more players. Given the talent that’s come out of international free agents just recently (Chapman, Cespedes, Soler, etc.), that’s a significant advantage.

        • nkniacc13

          yes getting more money to sign international and draft picks based on where you finish is big. It allows you to take a couple of easy to sign draft picks and a bunch of tougher to sign to help get that talent into your system. With the IFA it allows you that option to be able to sign higher ceiling players if you want.

          • Flashfire

            The second a draft class like 2011 rolls around again the entire system is going to collapse on itself.

            • nkniacc13

              well get ready for 2014 then

            • Turn Two

              I disagree, I think it simply prevents real deep draft classes. The studs will still be at the top with few problems. Everyone not in the elite that has the ability will choose to play in school (probably on scholarship) and the guys with no leverage (college senior, etc.) will sign lower. You should get your top guys, guys you want to “save up” and overslot for (which will be few) and then some fairly polished college seniors who otherwise may have slipped.

              • Flashfire

                But think about this: if you’re Javier Baez, do you take the Cubs offer or wait until next year to be the #1 pick — and get a couple million more. That decision has to be made by every pick in the first round. On top of that, the teams need to draft knowing that every guy is making that decision. You are inevitably going to wind up with a lot of guys not signed — and a real disaster on your hands.

                • Turn Two

                  I just don’t think thats a disaster- you get a more polished product several years later when they enter the system. More college guys drafted and less high school busts getting paid huge dollars for numbers they put up against high school teams at the age of 16. The real good ones meanwhile, the Javier Baez’s as you bring up, will still get drafted with the money we overspend on them, then we will underslot some college seniors who normally would never have been looked at but will take the spot for less.

    • mudge

      great post, thank you. providing incentive to lose is indeed a betrayal of the integrity of the game.

  • Ron Swanson

    I was at the game today. Possible the worst part of it was the large Reds fan contingent. It had to be close to 50-50 and they were very loud as Chapman finished it off. I understand why this happens but it sucks to be at Wrigley feeling like the visitor.

    • 5412


      That is the general complaint of most of our opponents, Cub fans flock to their park. Good part is when the team is winning, they won’t be able to get tickets; and those who manage to do so will pay dearly for them.


  • Drew7

    Great start by Wood today. Nice not to wade through 50 comments about how bad he sucks.

    • fortyonenorth

      Agree. Wood did a great job today. Would have liked to see another inning. Also, good to see DeJesus squaring-up on the ball again.

    • MichiganGoat

      But but but Sean Marshal rabble rabble rabble

      • hansman1982

        actually, the correct line of thinking now is:

        1. Sveum = Quade and will be dumped after the rebuilding process ends for Tito
        2. Theo is a bumbling idiot
        3. Castro is going to be traded for anything because Theo wants his peeps in when they win it no the best players
        4. Ricketts is dumb
        5. The Cubs are worthless to the city of Chicago

    • Flashfire

      Sean Marshall would have thrown a perfect game for 15 innings and struck out every batter. I don’t see why you keep trying to defend Travis Wood.

      Oh, and Ronald Torreyes has been slumping for the past week, so he sucks, too.

  • @cubsfantroy

    At least they didn’t make any errors today…

  • RicoSanto

    Sveum handling of the bullpen is by far his biggest weakness. When you ae winning you make 2 or 3 changes if necessary to win the game.Russel sometimes should only face 1 or 2 batters, With 2 on,no one out and Ludwick , who is killing the ball,up You HAVE to go to a RH.If they did the game would have bee tied. Just like in LA when he left Camp in.I think he worries about getting pitcers up.WHO CARES as long as you win.

    • Drew7

      I agree that he stays with pitchers too long sometimess, but saying “the game would have been tied” if he’d gone to a RH is a stretch. Odds are, with 2 on and 0 out, the Reds are gonna take the lead there.

  • cubsin

    Appel was the only first round pick that didn’t sign this year. I expect future drafts will be similar. Yes, the #1 pick might be able to sign for $7 million and the #10 pick may only get $2.5 million. But it would take a gigantic ego for the #10 pick to assume he’ll get more if he waits a year or three. If he’s injured or performs poorly, he might get nothing at all, except a lifetime of regrets.

    • Flashfire

      #1 pick will get 5 mil — like Correa did this year. There’s a beautiful little economic hitch in the rule that guarantees it. So, the #1 team gets an extra 2 mil to spend on other players. It’s just one of the many beautiful things in this agreement. (I actually put that on my Econ 101 test as a question. 9 of 10 college freshmen and sophomores got it and Bud Selig didn’t. Amazing.)

  • Mr.Boring

    I bleed Cubbie Blue. But we are this stupid.? Watching the same over and over and paying for it.

    Fill Wrigley tomorrow Cubs fans. Spend hundreds watching a turd team with a minor league manager guide us to defeat. And then tell us all how much fun you had. I’ve been there since 1984. But his is circus stuff. Benny Hill thanks Cub fans. We are the clowns.

    • Eric

      Either you are a hater of the Cubs who enjoys trolling a team when they are losing. Or you just don’t understand how exciting this new plan is. And you just don’t understand how you have to build the farm up to actually sustain a powerhouse team that is always good every year. And we FINALLY have a god damn plan. In the last 10 months the current front office has added FOUR prospects that were better than our previous BEST prospect. Imagine what they can do by this time next year. It’s actually good to be losing now. If we can pick 2nd or 3rd in next years draft and have an extra 2 million to sign some hard to sign talented players then we will have another very successful draft next year.

      • Kyle

        It’s very possible to understand the plan and still not like it. You don’t have to buy the hype entirely.

        Many excellent teams with sustained success have been built by building a farm system while simultaneously putting together a good team. Losing a billion games is not the only way to build a good farm system.

        • fortyonenorth

          “Many excellent teams with sustained success have been built by building a farm system while simultaneously putting together a good team.”

          Hopefully that will characterize the Cubs over the next 2-3 years. I know it’s an overused analogy, but like remodeling the house, the first year is a killer. After the gut job, you can live with the unpainted sheetrock and plywood floors. It’s not pretty, but it’s shelter. It only going to get better.

        • hansman1982

          How many excellent teams started with garbage, built a great MLB team and a great farm system at the same time? How many teams had 30-40% of their payroll tied up in underperforming assets and built a WS contender that following year after decades of ineptitude?

          I think the Nationals are an apt comparison of what we can expect from the Cubs – a couple crappy seasons to build the farm system and then you start adding the A and B level free agents once you have a solid core around them.

          • J R

            Yeah there is no way the Cubs could compete for a World Series and build the farm system with the damage Hendry did. Hopefully in a couple years the Cubs can win and maintain a strong farm system. That’s the goal anyways..