Take that, elderly lady with the flu and a limp!

Yes, even the Cubs can beat up on the Astros this year, and so it was this evening. Anthony Rizzo busted out the four-hit game, and Darwin Barney and Alfonso Soriano busted out the bombs.

I don’t even care that he was facing a lineup decorated by guys who may have been invited to try out for the team earlier today; Jeff Samardzija was dominant tonight. Think of it this way: the Astros would be a really good AAA team, and I would be impressed if Samardzija dominated a really good AAA team like that on a nightly basis.

  • Zogie

    Advanced Box Score
    It is shark week and Jeff Samardjiza did not disappoint. 11K’s in 7 innings. A dominant performance. Russell and Beliveau both had a good outing as well. The cubs offense came alive tonight as well. Great pitching and a lot of runs put together an easy win. DeJesus 0-3 2BB was patient as always, but he struggled yet again with runners on base. He just has a rough time making things happen with RISP. I like his all-around game, but his clutch hitting just is not there. Vitters 0-4 Sac Fly. I know it is still early with a very small sample size, but Vitter’s plate discipline looks pretty rough. You don’t see him chasing balls in the dirt, but I have seen a lot of his ABs where he expands the zone resulting in easy groundouts. Rizzo 4-5 RBI K had a solid night. Soriano 1-4 HR 2RBI BB K had a productive night with his 2-run HR. Castro 1-3 BB looked good at the plate today, but he needs to be consistent. Castillo 1-4 RBI was a little lucky with his RBI Single. Jackson 0-4 2K still is having a rough time adjusting, but failure teaches us valuable lessons. Barney 2-2 HR 2 RBI 2BB erupted tonight. Mather 1-1 but had a baserunning error. It was not a terrible error since he was just trying to be aggressive on a high throw. The defense just made a better play. As I said before, it is shark week and Samardjiza was dominate, so he receives my shout out for the day. Feel free to follow me on twitter @Zogie. I could talk about cubs baseball all day.

  • mudge

    seven walks by the cubs.

    • CubFan Paul

      I took seven shots.

  • rcleven

    When do we start to get concerned with Jacksons contact skills.

    • oswego chris

      when he was drafted

      • Tommy

        when he was drafted


      • Steve

        Jackson’s career over before it starts. Oh well… bring on Solar and Almora.

        • Noah

          That’s a significant overstatement considering he has played one week of games, although it is clear it’s going to be very difficult for Jackson to succeed with that K rate. I did not think Jackson was ready. To me, the only way the Jackson call up made sense was to let him see that his approach will not be successful in the Major Leagues, and then to send him winter baseball to work on changing that approach and try to apply it next season.

          Vitters makes more sense to me. If he shows he is ready, great. If not, maybe the Cubs consider bringing back Stewart on a cheaper deal after non-tendering him to see if he can be more successful after having the wrist surgically repaired.

    • Josh

      I always have which is why I believe Sczur, Almora, and Soler is the OF of the future.

      • Jesse

        ^ Agree.

        • Eric

          Likely only one will make it. But I can’t help it the homer in me tells me that Almora will make it and be an above average exciting CF and Soler will be Sammy Sosa part 2 in RF.

    • João Lucas

      I was already worried, but now that I’m getting to actually see him play rather than just look at his numbers, I’m starting to think it’s almost hopeless, mainly because Sveum’s thesis that it’s a matter of approach (“swing at strikes, take balls”) now sounds like b.s. to me. Jackson seems to have a nice eye for the zone and good patience. He just swings through a lot of hittable pitches in the zone. Hopefully there’s something to be corrected mechanically, but maybe he just doesn’t have the hand-eye coordination that it takes to be a decent starter at the bigs.

      • DocPeterWimsey

        mainly because Sveum’s thesis that it’s a matter of approach (“swing at strikes, take balls”) now sounds like b.s. to me. Jackson seems to have a nice eye for the zone and good patience. He just swings through a lot of hittable pitches in the zone.

        How does this falsify Sveum’s premise? If Jackson is missing strikes, then shouldn’t he fare even worse on non-strikes?

        Now, Sveum’s premise probably is wrong: it should be: “if less than two strikes, then swing only at pitches you can drive.” However, just getting Cubs to stop swinging at pitches out of the zone is step #1.

        • João Lucas

          How does this falsify Sveum’s premise? If Jackson is missing strikes, then shouldn’t he fare even worse on non-strikes?

          Yes, he should. My point is that his approach is not the main issue here. Even if he manages to never swing at pitches outside the zone, I believe he would still struggle. Jackson seems to swing through a lot of pitches with which a guy like Starlin Castro would be able able to make good contact (not just any kind of contact).

          Of course, this is just my impression after the handful of ABs he’s had with the big team. Hopefully he’ll prove me wrong.

    • Doctor_Blair

      I got to watch Jackson a fair amount at AAA – I am in Omaha, and the Royals AAA team plays them a few times a season..

      That said, almost every at-bat seems like a head game with the guy. His interviews don’t help, he sounds like he’s an egomaniac.

      I could be wrong, but if 2 years from now he’s selling insurance, I won’t be surprised.

  • Leroy K.

    Uggh Rizzo had a strikeout!!! LMAO!!!! Good game Cubs!!!!

  • Jason

    Jackson’s struggles, to me, are much more concerning than Vitters. At least Vitters made solid contact a few times tonight. Then again, I’m not sure what management thought was going to happen when they brought up a .255 hitter who was striking out as much as Adam Dunn in triple A to the MLB. Plus, there’s much more infield depth in the Cubs system than there is outfield depth.

  • Segal27

    Jacksons struggling is scaring the crap out of me, i have watched him since college and followed him through the minors and i think he is way better then this. I am going to the game wednesday and i will be watching him extensively and ill tell you guys what i see. I think its a mental problem not a mechanics problem.

    • calicubsfan007

      @Segal27: If it is mental, we may have a huge problem. If it is mechanical, I wouldn’t be worried.

  • calicubsfan007

    Is it time to press the panic meter yet with Jackson? For some reason, I am not too worried yet.

  • http://bleachernation.com someday…2015?

    That was an enjoyable game to watch. 11ks from our future # 1/2. 4 hits for Rizzo. Good at-bats from Vitters. Great game from Barney! That kid is the real deal and the Cubs will pay if they get rid of him in the future. Soriano obviously loves seeing Gallaraga on the mound. Flat out crushes him. Go Cubs go!… I did want to add that i’v been watching Brett Jackson and I have been trying to figure out where the holes are in his swing. I dont see many holes in his swing but their are a few things that I have noticed and I see others have noticed. Someone said above he is swinging through pitches in the zone. In baseball when you’re swinging through good pitches it probably means you’re doing one of two things, or both. Number one, you’re guessing. If your up at the plate looking for one pitch and you keep getting another pitch your never going to hit it. Number two, you’re pulling your head out as you swing. Jackson has been pulling his head away in some at-bats. That has got to stop! In spring training when Dale Svuem said he was one of the most impressive minor league players he’s ever seen I think he was seeing a different player. Now all that being said I do believe those mistakes he’s making are correctable. If Jackson can stand balanced in the box, swing through pitches without pulling out, and go up their trying to “see the ball, hit the ball” instead of guessing I believe Cubs fans and Jackson will see the player they expected to see.

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  • Crockett

    I get a good chuckle from the ones of you who seem surprised by Jackson so far. A) His stats in the minors showed this was possible, if not probable. B) You were warned by many, many people that Jackson’s CEILING was an average CFer. And the reality was more likely a 4th OFer. C) On this board, a few of us, including myself said that he wasn’t close to ready and likely never would be since his skill deficit is essentially unfixable.

    • MichCubFan

      Many people said his ceiling was low but others said he would be a good major league starter. That is just a matter of opinion…everybody has opinions, but not everybody knows what they are talking about.

    • AB

      do you want a congratulatory prize??

  • http://bleachernation.com someday…2015?

    5-6 tonight for Almora. He is now hitting .347. I know he’s only 18 but I think a promotion is possible this year.

    • Flashfire

      Yeah, after being overshadowed by Baez for most of the summer both Soler and Almora are showing why they were so sought after, too.

  • Chef

    How many more Jackson 0-fors does the FO need to see before bringing up Dave Sappelt for a look?

  • Richard Nose

    not interested.

  • Deez

    Over/Under Brett Jackson 50Ks by the end of the season